50 of the Best Gaming Trophy Hunts on PlayStation

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    Platinum trophies are no small deal to a completionist, even if it takes less than an hour to get them. These achievements are proof of a player’s perseverance, diligence, and dedication when tackling challenges that are often separate from the games themselves.

    Trophy hunting is like playing a game within a game. Not only can trophy hunting be fun, but it can also give you that hit of serotonin you need to keep playing the most complex games.

    Most of the games on this trophy list are easy to beat or take less than ten hours to obtain. I consider the following games the peak of trophy hunting, not due to their difficulty, but how fun they can be to complete. Here are 50 games you can play to fill out your trophy list.

    1. The Little Acre (PS4)

    The Little Acre

    • Number of Trophies: 28 (1,305 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 2 Hours
    • Difficulty: 1/10

    Although 12 of its 28 trophies are missable, you’ll have an easy two hour platinum if you follow a guide. This point-and-click adventure game is fun in its own right, and the trophies make you do mundane things like close the blinds ten times or ask for a solution to a puzzle.

    2. Megamind: Ultimate Showdown (PS3)

    Megamind: Ultimate Showdown

    • Number of Trophies: 26 (1,320 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 3 – 6 Hours
    • Difficulty: 1/10

    Play solo when getting your trophies, as the co-op player won’t net you anything. There are ten levels, and most can be completed in 30 minutes. On level 1, beat it without dying, and on levels 3, 6, 9, and 10, beat the boss without dying. None of these trophies are difficult or missable.

    3. Terminator: Salvation (PS3)

    Terminator: Salvation

    • Number of Trophies: 12 (1,290 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 4 – 8 Hours
    • Difficulty: 3/10

    An incredibly dull but easy to platinum game with one missable trophy, Terminator: Salvation has nine trophies that require you to beat levels on any difficulty, while the other two are difficulty related. Start the game in hard mode from the select screen to get every trophy in one run.

    4. BFF or Die (PS4)

    BFF or Die

    • Number of Trophies: 14 (1,350 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 30 Minutes 
    • Difficulty: 1/10

    A super simple game that only takes 30 minutes to platinum; most trophy hunters complete this game without meaning to. It has simple to complete challenges, like dying five times, rescuing 33 Orbees, completing zone 5 while touching the floor buttons, and stepping on a single switch.

    5. Inksplosion (PS4 and VITA)

    Inksplosion (PS4 and VITA)

    • Number of Trophies: 14 (1,350 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 30 Minutes 
    • Difficulty: 2/10

    This 30-minute platinum can stack six times, one for vita, one for PS4, and four times for VITA and PS4 in the EU and Asia versions. It will take you three playthroughs to platinum this game, and you can get the majority of the trophies playing classic mode, arena mode, and hard mode.

    6. Of Tanks and Demons III (PS4)

    Of Tanks and Demons III (PS4)

    • Number of Trophies: 18 (1,350 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 30 Minutes 
    • Difficulty: 1/10

    A lot of trophy hunters will use a code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Right, Left, Left, Right Square) at the title screen after selecting a New Game to activate God Mode. From there, all you need to do is reach level 23 and buy the tanks in the correct order to avoid a trophy glitch.

    7. Road Bustle (PS4)

    Road Bustle (PS4)

    • Number of Trophies: 22 (1,350 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 5 Minutes 
    • Difficulty: 1/10

    Road Bustle stacks three times: EU, NA, AS. If you have each version, you can get three platinums in under an hour. All you need to do is reach a score of 16,000 to unlock all the trophies, which can be done by running up against the left-side red building. It’ll take you 5-10 minutes.

    8. God of War Saga (PS3) (VITA)

    God of War Saga

    • Number of Trophies: 176 (6,750 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 52 Hours
    • Difficulty: 5/10

    God of War Saga includes five full God of War games: I, II, III, Chains of Olympus, and Ghost of Sparta. The high difficulty comes from specific bosses and the missable trophies, which are collector-specific. If you follow a guide, you’ll find all missable power-ups and get the platinums. 

    9. Untitled Goose Game

    Untitled Goose Game

    • Number of Trophies: 25 (1,350 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 3 Hours
    • Difficulty: 3/10

    A fun game that lets you take control of a goose wreaking havoc on a small town. Half of the gold trophies are obtainable by beating each level’s to-do list, while the other half asks you to complete each level in under six minutes. The other trophies are for easy-to-finish challenges.

    10. Marvel’s Spider-Man and Miles Morales (PS4) (PS5)

    Marvel’s Spider-Man and Miles Morales (PS4) (PS5)

    • Number of Trophies: 124 (3,315 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 45 Hours 
    • Difficulty: 2.5/10

    The original edition of Marvel’s Spider-Man has 74 (51 for platinum) trophies, and Miles Morales has 50. All 124 trophies are super easy to get; it just takes a while. There are no missable trophies, and Marvel’s Spider-Man takes longer because you have to complete it on the hardest difficulty.

    11. Gravity Rush (PS4) (VITA)

    Gravity Rush

    • Number of Trophies: 64 (1,830 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 15 Hours 
    • Difficulty: 4.5/10

    What separates you and the platinum is your skill in this game. You have to complete Gold on all challenges, but if you upgrade your skills throughout the game, you’ll have an easier time. Other than that, just play through the story, reach 40,000 Gems, and complete challenges.

    12. Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4)

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    • Number of Trophies: 79 (1,785 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 35-60 Hours (35 if you skip cutscenes) 
    • Difficulty: 4/10

    It takes 56 trophies to get the platinum in Horizon Zero Dawn; 23 belong to The Frozen Wilds DLCs. The Frozen Wilds trophies are much harder due to the Feats, but if you want to just get the platinum, you only have to worry about collectibles, side quests, and errands. 

    13. Grim Fandango Remastered (PS4) (VITA)

    Grim Fandango Remastered

    • Number of Trophies: 48 (1,260 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 13 Hours
    • Difficulty: 1/10 

    The classic point-and-click adventure game, Grim Fandango, is easy to platinum if you have a guide. Without one, it may take you 25 hours to complete. Make sure to change your controls to “Tank” in the settings the moment the game starts and save at the beginning of each year.

    14. Until Dawn (PS4)

    Until Dawn

    • Number of Trophies: 19 (1,320 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 15 Hours
    • Difficulty: 2/10

    You need about one and a half playthroughs if you follow a guide for the collectibles. In your first playthrough, keep everyone alive, but in your second playthrough, starting at episode 6, kill everyone to get every decision-based trophy and the ending trophy, “This is THE End.”

    15. Telltale Visual Novel Games (PS3) (PS4) (VITA)

    Telltale Visual Novel Games (PS3) (PS4) (VITA)

    • Number of Trophies: 511 (17,865 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 112
    • Difficulty: 1/10

    Not every Telltale game has a platinum, but 13 of them do. The Walking Dead: The Final Season and Back to the Future: The Game are the most difficult to get due to their large number of missable trophies, but you can complete most games in ten hours by completing the story.

    16. Seasons After Fall (PS4)

    Seasons After Fall

    • Number of Trophies: 22 (1,290 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 8 Hours
    • Difficulty: 2/10

    A tiny, lesser-known game but still quite cute and fun to play. None of the game’s trophies are missable, so you just need to play through the game without worrying about collectibles until you earn “A return.” After gaining this, all areas in the game are unlocked for you to explore.

    17. The Bunker (PS4)

    The Bunker (PS4)

    • Number of Trophies: 29 (1,305 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 1 Hour
    • Difficulty: 1/10

    No one would say The Bunker is a great game, but it takes one playthrough to get this platinum. Keep in mind that 14 of the trophies are missable, all of which involve you finding toys. If you miss anything, it will only take another hour to get through the game on a second playthrough.

    18. Blackwood Crossing (PS4)

    Blackwood Crossing

    • Number of Trophies: 23 (1,305 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 2 Hours
    • Difficulty: 1.5/10

    A nice, short, single-player game that won’t give you too much trouble, but without a guide, you may skip over the 15 missable trophies. There’s no chapter selection available, so I recommend rushing through this one with a guide for the collectibles. Most of the puzzles are pretty easy.

    19. Her Majesty’s SPIFFING (PS4)

    Her Majesty’s SPIFFING

    • Number of Trophies: 26 (1,260 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 45 Minutes 
    • Difficulty: 1/10

    With 19 missable trophies, it’s highly recommended that you use a guide. With one, you can complete this point-and-click game with an easily digestible story. Similar to Blackwood Crossing, there is no chapter selection, but the game is super short if you do miss anything.

    20. Lara Croft Go and Hitman Go (PS4) (VITA)

    Lara Croft Go and Hitman Go

    • Number of Trophies: 35 (2,565 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 6 Hours
    • Difficulty: 1/10

    Both Go games are strategy-based, but you can easily find the solutions online. Since there’s no difficulty setting and the AI reacts to your movements in a predictable way, Lara Croft Go and Hitman Go can be completed in six hours. If you make a mistake, go to chapter select and restart.

    21. Cat Quest I and II (PS3) (PS4)

    Cat Quest I and II

    • Number of Trophies: 43 (2,595 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 22 Hours
    • Difficulty: 2/10

    Cat Quest I and II are entertaining games, but Cat Quest II can be completed with a co-op partner. There isn’t much to say about these platinum trophies, as nothing is missable, but if you’re able to equip the Willpower weapon, Faith headgear, and the Courage armor, the game is easier.

    22. Astro’s Playroom (PS5)

    Astro’s Playroom

    • Number of Trophies: 46 (1,545 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 8 Hours
    • Difficulty: 2/10

    If you’re a proud owner of a PS5, you’ve probably played this game, as it’s included with every system. Astro’s Playroom is more than just a demo; it’s actually really fun. You can platinum this game in 43 trophies, nothing is missable, and most of the trophies are collectible-based.

    23. Maneater (PS4) (PS5)

    Maneater (PS4) (PS5)

    • Number of Trophies: 45 (1,515 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 12 Hour
    • Difficulty: 2/10

    Maneater is a unique game that has some decent swimming controls. As a ShaRk-PG, you kill sea creatures to level up and find collectibles. You’ll get most of the trophies from swimming around and beating the game as long as you complete everything you find on the map.

    24. Lego Adventure Games (PS3) (PS4) (PS5) (VITA)

    Lego Adventure Games

    • Number of Trophies: 1,159 (34,400 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 600 Hours (25 per game)
    • Difficulty: 2.5/10

    Most Lego games have a platinum, but some of them are easier than others. The Ninjago series and Legends of Chima will take you the least amount of time.

    There are currently 24 Lego adventure games, and most of them stack between consoles. Use a guide for every Lego game.

    25. South Park Games (PS3) (PS4)

    South Park Games

    • Number of Trophies: 87 (2,655 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 40 Hours
    • Difficulty: 3/10

    Fractured But Whole and The Stick of Truth are endlessly entertaining RPGs that take 20 hours to platinum each. Fractured But Whole has no missable trophies, but out of the 51 in Stick of Truth, 21 of them are easy to miss. Use a guide for Stick of Truth, especially for collectibles.

    26. The Spyro Collection (PS4)

    The Spyro Collection

    • Number of Trophies: 108 (3,945 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 25 Hours
    • Difficulty: 3/10

    The Spyro series is one of my favorites, and if you haven’t played these gems in the past, I highly recommend them. Not only are they easy to platinum, with or without a guide, but the varying gameplay will keep you entertained for the 25 hours you’ll need to get three platinums. 

    27. Persona 3, 4, and 5, Rhythm Games (PS4) (VITA)

    persona 5

    • Number of Trophies: 125 (3,975 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 30 Hours 
    • Difficulty: 2/10

    As the three easiest Persona games you’ll ever find, Dancing All Night, Dancing Moon Night, and Dancing Star Night have no missable trophies and take ten hours each to complete. The Persona games have incredible soundtracks, so you’ll probably enjoy getting these.

    28. Yooka-Laylee (PS4)


    • Number of Trophies: 36 (1,290 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 20 Hours 
    • Difficulty: 4/10

    Inspired by Banjo Kazooie on the N64, Yooka-Laylee is a decent “sequel” to the series. Although the game near its end feels incomplete, there’s a lot to do in 20 hours, and hardly any of it is boring. You probably won’t need a guide to get every Quill, but keep one handy.

    29. Ratchet & Clank (PS4)

    Ratchet & Clank

    • Number of Trophies: 47 (1,350 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 20 Hours
    • Difficulty: 2/10

    This 2016 remake of the first Ratchet & Clank is pretty incredible and isn’t challenging to platinum. I found that the original game was grindy at the end to get the R.Y.N.O. gun, but in the remake, it’s much better. The Ratchet & Clank HD collection also has three easy separate platinums.

    30. Bad Apple Wars/Visual Novel Games (PS3) (PS4) (VITA)

    bad Apple Wars/Visual Novel Games

    • Number of Trophies: 20-40 (1,305-1,350 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 3 Hours Each (on Average)
    • Difficulty: 1/10

    Games like NORN9 Var Commons, Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds, and Period Cube: Shackles of Amadeus are ridiculously easy to platinum. There are way too many to name, but most of these games have a skip or auto feature that lets you run through the story in hours.

    31. The Legend of Korra (PS4)

    The Legend of Korra (PS4)

    • Number of Trophies: 31 (1,260 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 15 Hours
    • Difficulty: 4/10

    There are two weird/hard trophies in this game. The Jill of all Trades will be missable if you don’t complete every tutorial that flashes on the screen, so pay attention. Completing the Pro-Bending League can also be “pull-you-hair-out” frustrating, depending on how the AI is feeling.

    32. Dark Cloud (PS3) (PS4)

    Dark Cloud

    • Number of Trophies: 28 (1,290 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 25 Hours
    • Difficulty: 4/10

    A lesser-known RPG title that’s only difficult to platinum if you’re not paying attention to your weapon’s health. Don’t let your weapon break unless you want to start with an awful sword halfway through a dungeon. There’s also a fishing minigame trophy that relies on RNG.

    33. Sly Cooper Trilogy (PS3)

    Sly Cooper Trilogy

    • Number of Trophies: 108 (3,975 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 45 Hours
    • Difficulty: 3/10

    The Sly Cooper Trilogy are well-known platinum farms, but not just because they’re easy. Sly Cooper will be a walk in the park if you’re good at platformers. If not, you’ll probably need a guide. Regardless, all three games are super fun and have a stellar voice-acting cast.

    34. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F and D 2nd (PS3) (PS4) (VITA)

    Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F and D 2nd

    • Number of Trophies: 57 (2,535 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 60 Hours
    • Difficulty: 4/10

    I find that rhythm games are easy to complete if you’re familiar with them, but the music pouring from your speakers often makes you want to play more. The Hatsune Miku rhythm game series does have incredible music, but they’re also simple if you use in-game help items and cheats.

    35. Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (PS3) (PS4) (VITA)

    Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

    • Number of Trophies: 39 (1,350 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 15 Hours
    • Difficulty: 2/10

    Although Jak 3 is an easier game to platinum by far, Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy is the only game in the series that’s a platformer. It’s a collect-a-thon, for sure, but a fun one at that, and you’ll be able to platinum this game without needing a guide or visual walkthrough.

    36. A Way Out (PS4)

    A Way Out

    • Number of Trophies: 15 (1,320 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 30 Minutes (By Invite), 5 Hours (Playing Normally)
    • Difficulty: 2/10

    If you already know someone who’s platinumed this game, they can invite you to each chapter where each trophy unlocks, and it will appear on your profile. If not, It will take five hours to platinum it if you play normally. You’ll have to play this game in co-op, or it won’t work.

    37. Donut County (PS4)

    Donut County

    • Number of Trophies: 21 (1,275 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 2 Hours
    • Difficulty: 2/10

    An adorable puzzle game you should play even if you aren’t trophy hunting, Donut County is kind of like Katamari Damacy if you’ve played it. You take control of a giant hole in the ground and swallow everything up. You’ll probably platinum this game on your own first try.

    38. Mr. Massagy (PS4)

    Mr. Massagy

    • Number of Trophies: 34 (1,350 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 15 Minutes 
    • Difficulty: 1/10

    A short, 15-minute platinum that’s funny in its own right, Mr. Massagy is a parody of dating sims that’s better than it has any right to be. Although you can’t skip text, you can use “O” instead of “X” to advance the text. This will ensure you don’t miss a choice when mashing the button.

    39. Jack N’ Jill DX (PS4) (VITA)

    Jack N’ Jill DX

    • Number of Trophies: 12 (1,290 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 15 Minutes 
    • Difficulty: 1/10

    Another easy and fast platinum, Jack N’ Jill DX, stacks six times across platforms, NA, EU, and HK. There are 140 levels, but you only need to beat 20 of them to get the platinum. Playing through the first world gets you seven gold trophies, while the minigames net you another four golds.

    40. Destroy All Humans (PS4)

    Destroy All Humans

    • Number of Trophies: 41 (1,290 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 15 Hours
    • Difficulty: 4/10

    The Destroy All Humans remake on the PS4 is just a lot of fun, but it also happens to have an easy platinum. You may find it challenging to complete all 24 challenges from the get-go, so wait until you have all or most of your upgrades. Use a guide to clean up the remaining trophies.

    41. Epic Word Search Collection 1 and 2 (PS4) (VITA)

    Epic Word Search Collection

    • Number of Trophies: 86 (2,610 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 2 Hours
    • Difficulty: 1/10

    Unless you’re awful at word searches, you’ll easily complete both games in two hours or less. To make things better, you can stack both games six times for a total of 12 platinums. There are many walkthroughs that show you the answers to each puzzle, so you’ll quickly complete these.

    42. Crypto By Powgi (PS4) (VITA)

    Crypto By Powgi

    • Number of Trophies: 33 (1,320 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 1 Hour
    • Difficulty: 1/10

    There are no missable trophies in Crypto By Powgi, but you should still use a guide if you want to complete the puzzles quickly. However, if you’re bold, you can still beat the game’s 32 levels in about 2-3 hours. Crypto By Powgi stacks six times for a total of six platinums across all regions.

    43. Rocket League (PS4)

    Rocket League

    • Number of Trophies: 88 (2,865 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 10 Hours
    • Difficulty: 2/10

    Rocket League has its fair share of DLC but originally had 34 trophies. 34 is all you’ll need to reach the platinum, but 32 of its trophies can be obtained in around two hours. The last trophy, Far, Far Away, is obtainable in eight hours. Use a rubber band to keep your car moving.

    44. Chickens on the Road (PS4)

    Chickens on the Road

    • Number of Trophies: 22 (1,350 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 10 Minutes
    • Difficulty: 1/10

    You need to get 1100 points in a single playthrough to platinum Chickens on the Road. The game is very easy because the traffic moves slowly, and you can drive your truck in any direction. You can even stop in the middle of the road. This game should take you 10-15 minutes to finish.

    45. Super Destronaut DX (PS4) (VITA)

    Super Destronaut DX

    • Number of Trophies: 14 (1,350 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 30 Minutes 
    • Difficulty: 1/10

    Super Destronaut DX is a retro space shooter that’s much easier than the game it’s based on. To unlock all trophies in 30 minutes, you have to get a score of 100,000 in Classic Mode, earn 1,000 points in Hardcore Mode, get 10,000 in time attack, and complete 12 challenges.

    46. Burly Men at Sea (PS4) (VITA)

    Burly Men at Sea (PS4) (VITA)

    • Number of Trophies: 25 (1,350 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 2 Hours
    • Difficulty: 2/10

    There are a total of 12 endings in Burly Men at Sea, each of which begins as the Barrel Ending, No Barrel Ending, and Wait Ending. There are four endings in each section. I recommend using a guide and saving at key decisions, like Win/Losing the race or Use/Not Using the raft.

    47. Storm Boy: The Game (PS4) (VITA)

    Storm Boy: The Game

    • Number of Trophies: 12 (1,290 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 30 Minutes 
    • Difficulty: 1/10

    Complete this platinum by finishing the story, but don’t forget to play every minigame along the way. You’ll need these minigames so you can access them from the Remember Menu. In the Remember Menu, play every single minigame again to get the last gold trophy. 

    48. Theme Park Simulator (PS4)

    Theme Park Simulator

    • Number of Trophies: 12 (1,290 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 1 Hour
    • Difficulty: 1/10

    There’s nothing better than a game with only gold trophies unless that same game takes around an hour to complete. Just like Storm Boy, you can complete Theme Park Simulator by playing through the game. Simply watch all 11 rides for five minutes each, and you’ll earn the platinum. 

    49. Day of the Tentacle Remastered (PS4) (VITA)

    Day of the Tentacle Remastered (PS4) (VITA)

    • Number of Trophies: 58 (1,275 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 5 Hours
    • Difficulty: 2/10

    If you skip the dialog, you can complete Day of the Tentacle Remastered in five hours, but I recommend listening to the story. Maniac Mansion, also included with Day of the Tentacle, is also a great, classic game that has two trophies attached to it. Most trophies are missable.

    50. Infamous: First Light (PS4)

    Infamous: First Light

    • Number of Trophies: 25 (1,350 Points)
    • Time to Platinum: 10 Hours
    • Difficulty: 3/10

    This stand-alone DLC to Infamous: Second Son is a brief but enjoyable story with its own platinum trophy. You can get most of the story mode trophies in no time, but unless you’re keeping up with the arena challenges, you’ll be in for a grind when you’re finishing up.

    FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: What is a Platinum Trophy, and How Do You Get One?

    Answer: A platinum trophy is the highest achievement a gamer can obtain in a video game, separate from the game itself. PlayStation’s Trophies are a reward system, similar to Xbox Achievements, earned by doing various tasks within a game. 

    Easier to obtain trophies are bronze, medium-difficulty trophies are silver, while the hardest to complete challenges award its players with a gold trophy. After earning every single bronze, silver, and gold trophy in a game, you get a platinum trophy in most cases. 

    There are some games that don’t award you a platinum trophy, which is different from Xbox Achievements, which all add up to 1000 Gamerscore. Besides bragging rights, getting a PlayStation platinum trophy serves no other purpose. At some point, PlayStation launched and disbanded a system called “Trophy Pass,” which attached money to in-game accomplishments.  

    Question: What are the Hardest to Platinum Games on PS4?

    Answer: There are several difficult to obtain platinums on PlayStation 3, 4, 5, and VITA, but the following games are nearly impossible to earn, even by the most talented gamers:

    The Last of Us Remastered: Hardest Trophies – Firefly/Hunter Trophies.
    • Furi: Hardest Trophies – That Was Intense, Furier than Ever, What a Thrill.
    • Grand Theft Auto V: Hardest Trophies – Solid Gold, Baby!, Career Criminal.
    • Persona 4: Arena Ultimax: Hardest Trophies – The Divine Way, Cleanup Grand Slam.
    • Super Meat Boy!: Hardest Trophies – Girl Boy, Impossible Boy, Zombie Boy.
    • Devil May Cry 5: Hardest Trophies – Worthy of Legend, Four Infernal Kinds.
    • Tetris Effect: Hardest Trophies – Seriously? Seriously., Combo Van Gogh.
    • Enter the Gungeon: Hardest Trophies – Gungeon Master, Lead God.
    • Next Up Hero: Hardest Trophies – Trail of the Champion, Mix N’ Match.
    • Earthfall: Hardest Trophies – Pro-Pain Accessories, Hard Boiled.

    Some would argue that the hardest platinums to get aren’t available anymore. For example, you can’t platinum Disney Infinity 3.0, Rock Band 3, Lost Planet 2, NBA Elite 11, Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Kerbal Space Program and Call of Duty: Black Op 2 due to server shutdowns.

    Question: Why Should I Earn Platinum Trophies?

    Answer: Although trophies don’t earn you any tangible rewards, that doesn’t mean that earning them isn’t fun. In rare cases, earning a platinum can give you an exclusive PS4 theme, icons, or unlockables. Trophies can help you get more mileage out of games that you would have otherwise shelved immediately after beating it, making your money go farther.

    From a developer’s point of view, trophies can help them understand who completes a specific task. When developing a sequel, they may add more similar tasks or remove them entirely depending on the popularity of said tasks. If players concentrate on beating the main storyline and nothing else, that indicates the side-content isn’t compelling or worth playing.

    Question: What Do the New Trophy Levels Mean?

    Answer: PlayStation recently retired their original trophy system, which included a level from 1-100. Now, the PlayStation trophy system looks as follows: 

    Levels 1-99: 60 points per level-up
    • Levels 100-199: 90 points per level-up
    • Levels 200-299: 450 points per level-up
    • Levels 300-399: 900 points per level-up
    • Levels 400-499: 1,350 points per level-up
    • Levels 500-599: 1,800 points per level-up
    • Levels 600-699: 2,250 points per level-up
    • Levels 700-799: 2,700 points per level-up
    • Levels 800-899: 3,150 points per level-up
    • Levels 900-999: 3,600 points per level-up

    PlayStation did this to make the system more inclusive. In the old system, you were more likely to see players who struggled for months to level up, only for their level to move slightly or not at all. 

    Until you get to levels 500-599, you’re guaranteed to level up every time you earn a platinum since most completed games award you 1,350 points. If you’re able to see your level move more often, you’ll feel like you’re accomplishing more, which benefits the trophy system. 

    50 Trophies are Only the Beginning!

    While I picked 50 of my favorite trophy hunts, there are still so many other games that are fun to platinum because they’re complex, simple, or quirky. For example, Resident Evil 5 is a fantastic co-op experience where you can play with your friends while earning a difficult platinum.

    A word of advice: Some fringe members of the PlayStation trophy hunting community discredit “easy to obtain” or “quick earning” trophies. My advice? Don’t listen to them. Not only is their opinion not necessary, but no one has the authority to tell you how to spend time with your hobby. As long as you’re having fun, that’s what matters.

    Have fun with your PlayStation trophy hunts, and let me know your Level in the comments!

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