Gotham Knights Trophy Guide

Gotham Knights Trophy Guide: Earning The BatPlat

Gotham Knights is an expansive open-world action RPG that centers around the legendary Batman DC comics and highlights the role of his supporting cast after the Dark Knight passes.

Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Red Hood are tasked with restoring balance to Gotham after a criminal upheaval once the news of Batman’s death circulates the city.

You traverse the streets playing the distinct roles of each while taking out enemies, exploring the environment, and taking down cunning iconic villains to keep the crime-infested city safe.

Each character gives you opportunities to earn various trophies, which are all rewarding and memorable. I’ve always been an obsessive Batman fan, and I know I’m not alone. Notably, all the games have been outstanding and exciting while getting more refined over the years.

This modern adventure is no exception; earning the platinum doesn’t feel like an arduous chore and doesn’t take too long. All trophies can be unlocked on the easiest difficulty, and nothing is missable.

Some awards require completing complex puzzles, but informative solutions can easily be found online. In this Gotham Knights Trophy guide we’ll descend to the depths of the Batcave to decipher the trophy requirements and help you earn the Batplat!

Bottom Line Up Front

You must complete the main story to achieve the Platinum trophy in Gotham Knights. From there, tackle the lesser side quests, villain cases, & collectibles in the second step. Then farm crimes and enemy trophies while crafting the legendary set.

Finally, you’ll need to continue playing in New Game+ to max your level to get all the achievements. Completing these steps will unlock the “Heir To The Cowl” platinum, which can be done in approximately twenty hours of gameplay.

Before you fight the deadly villains of Gotham city, Here’s some essential platinum info:

  • Genre: Action Role-Playing
  • Difficulty: Moderately Easy 3/10
  • Average 100% Time: 20-25 hours
  • Total Trophies: 49 (1trophy , 2trophy , 7trophy , 39trophy )

A Batmap to Success

gotham knights loose ends trophy

Step 1: Complete the Main Story (Around 6 Hours)

Your first task is to play the Main Story casually, where you will unlock a series of mission cases. It’s important to remember that you can freely switch between characters because your overall level doesn’t change.

After Ras Al Ghul infiltrated the Batcave and defeated Batman, he had no choice but to trigger the self-destruct mechanism, and the hideout collapsed.

The main story starts with an instructional video from Batman to his proteges and a solemn farewell from their leader, mentor, and friend, who gave them an alternative base to operate from with the necessary files and equipment to guard Gotham against looming sophisticated crime networks and even supernatural threats.

It’s time to face them head-on in story mode without thinking about trophies. You naturally unlock these main story mission achievements in your first playthrough:

  • Loose Ends
  • Whispered Words
  • Lock & Key
  • Bad Apples In Every Orchard
  • From Inside Gotham’s Walls
  • Voiceless
  • Seeking Asylum
  • Gotham Knight

Step 2: Side Quests, Villain Cases, & Collectibles (6-7 hours)

You won’t get access to this additional content until you beat the main story. These side quests enrich the experience and give the game replayability and something more to accomplish. They are necessary for earning the platinum trophy.

Villain Cases & collectibles are also unique and worth finding. One hundred fifty-four collectibles seem like a lot, but following a guide doesn’t take long. Here are the respective trophies you’ll need to earn for each category.

40 Side Quests

  • Gotham City Confidential: 12 Bruce Wayne’s Hidden Audio Recordings
  • Bat Out Of Hell: 7 Batcycle Time Trials
  • Solid Alibi: 5 Secret Identity Compromised
  • Practice Makes Perfect: 16 Training Arena Exercises

3 Villain Cases

  • Harley Quinn: Universal Health Scare, Get ReQ’d, & Working Hard or Harley Working
  • Mr. Freeze: Cooldown, To The Victor Go The Spoils, Quartzer Life Crisis, & Snow Problem
  • Clayface: Something In The Clay, The Show Mud Go On, & Rock and a Hard Place

154 Collectibles

  • 60 Batarangs: Batarang Collector
  • 42 Historia Strigidae Pages: Read Owl About It
  • 40 Landmarks: History Major
  • 12 Street Murals: Claiming The Mural High Ground

Step 3: Farm 250 Crimes, Enemy Trophies, Modchips for Mod-fusions & Craft Full Legendary Set (5-6 hours)

gotham knights whispered words trophy

You will likely need to farm some crimes at this point and reach 250 to unlock the trophy. Doing this will also unlock enemy trophies where you kill different types a certain number of times.

Be diligent and keep grinding random crimes. Remember that the map will only display red crimes completed when your night is over. Allow me to clarify that you can complete white crimes also, and they do count. Go for these because they are much easier and save time.

The enemies you defeat during this grinding period will also drop enough mods for your mod-fusions. Crafting the complete legendary set is trickier, but you’ll get through just fine. To make this set, you must get high-quality legendary materials.

The most efficient way to attain them is to tackle high-difficulty premeditated crimes, which will help you reveal Gotham’s Most Wanted enemies. They have the potential to drop 250+ crafting materials when defeated, which can then be used to craft the suit along with a melee & ranged weapon. These are the trophies you will earn:

  • Fusion Expert
  • Dressed To Impress
  • Expert Crime-Fighter
  • Family Meeting
  • Shock Til They Drop
  • Drone You Out
  • Bulldozed
  • Out Of Their League
  • The Man-Bat Family
  • Talonted
  • In Your Element
  • Not On My Watch
  • Protector Of Gotham

Step 4: Starting a New Game+ to Achieve Max Level (2-5 hours)

To continue leveling up, you’ll need to begin a new game on your same file, which should take less than five hours. Start your new game and play like usual to achieve the max level and unlock the final trophy.

On your first playthrough, the level cap is at 30, but then the second time, it increases to 40. Reaching the cap will unlock the “He’d be so proud of you” trophy, and this is your last step!

Gotham Knights Trophy Guide

gotham knights heir to the cowl trophy

We don’t have time to lose, so let’s hustle through all the individual trophies in Gotham Knights. This particular platinum is not tricky, and it’s a rewarding pursuit that gives you the whole gaming experience.

The only obstacle that might be problematic is some of the puzzles and investigative solutions. If you want to save time, other guides can find these sequences.

Otherwise, you’ll figure it out because they don’t twist your brain too much like you might expect from the Joker or Riddler. Let’s piece together these achievements to form a proud platinum picture!

Heir to the Cowl

  • Grade: Platinum
  • Player %: 26.99%

Heir To The Cowl is what you aspire to unlock and is earned by unlocking every other trophy in Gotham Knights. Keep in mind that additional DLC trophies are not needed.

Loose Ends

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 74.29%

Unlock the Loose Ends trophy by completing Main Case #1, Batman’s last case. This will automatically be earned after completing Case 1 in the main story.

Whispered Words

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 62.89%

Completing Main Case #2: The Rabbit Hole will automatically unlock the Whispered Words trophy during your playthrough.

Lock & Key

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 59.44%

Lock & Key is another story-related trophy that unlocks after completing Main Case #3: In The Shadows and can’t be missed.

Bad Apples in Every Orchard

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 56.03

This story-related trophy is rewarded for finishing Main Case #4: The Masquerade and will be automatically unlocked when progressing.

From Inside Gotham’s Walls

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 52.84%

After completing Main Case #5: The Court Of Owls, you’ll unlock From Inside Gotham’s Walls trophy—another easy one under your belt.


gotham knights trophies

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 49.72%

The Voiceless achievement is unlocked after you complete Main Case #6: Jacob Kane.

Seeking Asylum

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 48.42

Seeking Asylum is unlocked for completing Main Case #7: The League Of Shadows. This is a unique and exciting chapter.

Gotham Knight

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 47.16%

Gotham Knight is unlocked by completing Main Case #8: Head Of The Demon, and this concludes the story-related trophies you earn for simply playing the game.

To the Victor Go the Spoils

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 66.84%

You must discover a new issue at the S.T.A.R. lab for this trophy. It can be earned during the Mr. Freeze Side quest called “Heist at S.T.A.R. Labs.”

You must complete this questline, and To The Victor Go The Spoils will unlock after finishing the first sub-chapter. As you continue playing the main story, you will notice the side quest appear in your case files to do at any time.

Quartzer Life Crisis

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 57.45%

This trophy description states you must Investigate a concerning disturbance at Quartz Labs. Follow the Mr. Freeze mission, and it will naturally unlock.

Snow Problem

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player %: 55.58%

For Snow Problem, you must keep your head cool and weather the storm within Elliot Center. This is rewarded automatically during the Mr. Freeze side quest as you progress. 


  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 48.83%

You will get this trophy after completing the sixth subchapter of the Mr. Freeze side quest. This will be completed in step two of this guide when tackling the side quests. 

Har, Har, Har, Very Funny

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 75.64%

Here you are visiting the intimidating Blackgate Penitentiary to uncover a source, and the trophy is earned once you finish the prison section. Har, Har, Har, Very Funny is unmissable and unlocked during the main story.

Get ReQ’d

gotham knights get req'd trophy

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 64.67%

For this trophy, you are asked to look into a shady self-help program and the cheerfully psychotic crimes of Harley Quinn. The relevant crimes are marked orange if you’re examining the map. Once you solve three of them, you will unlock Get ReQ’d for progressing through this side quest. 

Working Hard or Harley Working?

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 58.67%

You will interrupt a presentation held at the Monarch theater for this trophy. Keep working your way through the Harley Quinn side questline, and the subchapter is called Dr. Q at the Monarch Theater.

Universal Health Scare

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player %: 52.15%

Universal Health Scare is unlocked During Harley Quinn’s sidequest subchapter, Chaos In General. Once you finish the boss, you earn this trophy.

Something in the Clay 

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 57.22%

For this trophy, you unearth a mysterious and lethal villain called Clayface. It’s automatically awarded for completing the Malleable Mugger subchapter.

Make your way to the district in the west end and scan for crimes, of which you’re looking for some clay mimics harassing dismayed civilians. After defeating them, you will notice they leave a clay residue that can be collected.

As you progress, continue scanning and locating the different clay mimics in the same area and complete five. These are always near the orange crime icons on the map, not red or white ones.

Their locations vary, and it will be different for each playthrough. You unlock the “Something In The Clay” trophy for collecting five clay samples.

The Show Mud Go On

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 53.34%

You will infuriate the director and crash a meticulous set to earn this trophy. Unlock it by completing the Clayface subchapter, “Disturbance At Dixon Docks.” It will be awarded automatically for defeating Clayface in the final boss fight of his side quest.

Rock and a Hard Place

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player %: 48.31%

You will solve the mystery at Gotham reservoir while earning this trophy. It’s unlocked after completing the Clayface subchapter called Rumble At The Reservoir. After defeating the boss in this second sequence, you’ll earn it and get out alive.

End of an Era

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player %: 46.94%

You need to complete all villain casefiles by defeating some classic adversaries, including Clayface, Harley Quinn, & the chilling Mr. Freeze. Harley & Mr. Freeze are automatically unlocked according to the story’s progression.

However, you must search for the orange crimes to initiate Clayface’s sidequest. Completing all three Villain Case Files will unlock the “End Of An Era” trophy. You can’t miss these; they can be completed when freely roaming Gotham.

The Batman Family

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 64.23%

The Batman Family consists of Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Red Hood; according to the description, it insinuates you must play as all members. This isn’t technically true because you can cycle through them in the Belfry, which counts towards this trophy.

Their suits are found on the left side of your base and only take a minute to explore. Going through all of them will unlock The Batman Family.

Practice Makes Perfect

gotham knights practice makes perfect trophy

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 33.99%

Now it’s time to complete sixteen training exercises; It’s not like joining the Marine Corps, I promise. Once again, this trophy can be earned in the Belfry, the main operational headquarters for the Gotham Knights.

On the left side, you can examine the workout equipment and take on the training exercises; all sixteen must be completed.

Gotham City Confidential

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 47.55%

Unlock this trophy by discovering all of Bruce Wayne’s secret audio recordings. Twelve secret stashes contain these recordings, and a comprehensive guide online to find them all quickly. They’re very intriguing audio files.

Solid Alibi

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 43.36%

You will earn Solid Alibi by protecting Batman’s secret identity. There are five side activities in Gotham Knights, named “Secret Identity Compromised.” Locate and complete them all to earn the trophy.

Bat Out of Hell

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 36.12%

This trophy will become available when you complete Main Case #3, requiring you to play through and finish every Batcycle Time Trial. You must go through seven trials to unlock the achievement.


  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 67.22%

In the challenges menu, you will notice that there are “Knighthood” ones you can complete. This trophy states you must attain the rank of Knighthood with all characters. Each member should meet the following tasks to achieve the rank of Knighthood.

  • Timed Strike Training: Begins at the Belfy at the training area.
  • Defeat three Mini-Bosses: These are easily located by completing premeditated crimes.
  • Prevent ten premeditated crimes: You must track down red crimes for this section. You can either collect clues that will later appear on the map or actively scan the area to pinpoint red crimes. Interrogation is also a valuable mechanic for extracting information on premeditated crimes.

Examine The Objects & Batman’s Mask

For each of the Knights, you must complete the three challenges and return to the Belfry base to examine the items marked with their distinct icons.

They are scattered throughout the area, so get them all. Afterward, there’s a door where you exit the room and interact with Batman’s Mask. From there, it will trigger a cutscene that will grant you Knighthood.

A Worthy Successor

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 40.73%

This trophy requires you to unlock every knighthood ability for only one family member. First of all, you must reach Knighthood to make this trophy accessible.

Within the abilities menu, you will observe there are unique Knighthood options, and they are unlocked through skill points. You may need more points earned in a new game to unlock all seven Knighthood abilities. 

First Step Into The Knight

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 93.53%

This achievement is earned early in your first playthrough, where the game requires you to purchase your first ability called “Perfect Evade,” which will help you through the next area after getting acquainted with the Belfry. This is the first trophy you earn in the game, and it’s impossible to miss.

He’d Be So Proud of You

  • Grade: Gold
  • Player %: 30.58%

Reaching the maximum level for any hero will unlock this trophy. This is impossible in your first playthrough because the level limit is only 30.

It increases to 40 after venturing to a New Game+, and you have the choice of playing casually or doing 250 crimes as a way to kill two bats with one stone. Even collectibles give you a fair amount of XP that inches you closer to this Gold Trophy.

A Momentum Occasion

gotham knights a momentum occasion trophy

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player %: 34.94%

This trophy unlocks by doing all Momentum abilities challenges for one of the main characters. Here I will lay out the different challenges and their requirements for you.

First, open the challenges menu and scroll to locate them. These will give you specific tasks that test your precision for different categories. Each challenge is the same for any given character, and they include:

  • Ferocious: You must eradicate 15 Feral Talons, and their faction is in Northern Gotham.
  • Guard Breaker: Take Down 5 Freak Bulldozers. Look for larger enemies with shields within the Freaks Faction in Northern Gotham.
  • Shadowed Perk: Eradicate 2 Owl’s nests which is a premeditated crime. The best method is to keep some crimes from happening while collecting clues and advancing to the following night at the Belfry. Spawning them might take a few times, so repeat as necessary until you can locate and destroy two nests.
  • In Plain Sight: You must defeat five shadow assassin’s from the League for this challenge. The story will introduce them, and they are later discoverable in the Tricorner Island district.

Each of these becomes available while moving through the main story. You’ll dive into the various enemies that Gotham Knights offers. Under Abilities, you can locate Momentum Abilities to monitor your progression and see what you’ve yet to unlock. Remember that it’s only necessary to complete all for one character, so go with your favorite one! You can’t go wrong, though; my favorite is Nightwing.

Unstoppable Force

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 56.34%

This is one of those pleasant trophies you won’t have to worry about because it automatically unlocks when you reach level 20. Unstoppable Force will unlock while pursuing Knighthood and completing challenges.

Family Meeting

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 35.05%

Family Meeting requires you to defeat 30 Mob Godmothers from the Mob faction throughout random locations in Gotham. These are prominent mob women with impressive amounts of health. If the Mob is occupying a district, then that’s where you’ll find these enemies.

The gangs will change their locations every night, but your map will reveal them with a distinguishing icon. Dealing with 250 crimes will unlock this more than likely, but you can continue farming them in Mob areas if you don’t have enough until you kill 30 Mob Godmothers.

Shock Till They Drop

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 44.75%

Shock Till They Drop requires you to defeat 45 regulator shockers, mini-bosses in the Regulator faction. If you see an imposing enemy resembling a bouncer or bodybuilder with a mechanical arm, these are the foes you’re hunting.

Search for districts with regulators, and you’re bound to run into them. If you’re having trouble, remember to reset the night at the Belfry to randomize spawns while keeping a vigilant eye on your map.

Drone You Out

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 39.19%

Drone You Out requires you to take out 30 Drone Masters within the “Regulator” faction. Their distinct feature is they can summon drones to attack you. Killing thirty of them shouldn’t be a problem, and if you can’t find any, accelerate the time at the Belfry.


  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 43.49%

Defeating 30 Freaks Bulldozers will unlock this trophy. They randomly spawn in the districts where there are Freaks. Most notably, they can be discovered in Robinson Park. Check the north on your map to see it there. Kill thirty of them to scoop up another achievement.

Out of Their League

gotham knights out of their league trophy

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 39.03%

This trophy requires you to kill two types of enemies, 45 League Assassins accompanied by 30 Rocketeers. Thankfully, these are the lesser enemies of this faction, and it won’t take long to fill the seemingly intimidating enemy quota.

Watch out for the Rockateer’s ranged attack from far away when farming these kills. Search for districts the League occupies, and you’ll find some spawned there. 

The Man-Bat Family

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 30.31%

It’s time to hunt 10 Man-Bats, which are hard to miss. They are also members of the LOS Faction. The story will require you to kill half of these, leaving only five needed to complete The Man-Bat Family.

The Elliot Center in the financial district is where you first encounter one. Head there again and check on the roof to exterminate another after the story. Or you can grind through the main story again and kill five more Man-Bats. Here are all the locations where they spawn:

  • Elliot Center: In the Financial District
  • Gotham City General Hospital (Located in the West End)
  • WayneTech (Southside)


  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 28.92%

The Talonted trophy requires you to kill 15 Hunter, 40 Feral, & 25 Gladiator Talons. To condense this for you, these are all common enemies in the Court Of Owls. Find them in crime districts where they lurk, but you’ll most likely get them all when hunting for the Expert Crime Fighter trophy.

In Your Element

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 48.01%

This trophy requires you to use Elemental Effects to damage enemies 50 times. Continue inflicting these effects until you reach the final goal. These are the five elemental effects:

  • Frost
  • Electric
  • Toxic
  • Trauma

As you perform regular attacks, the elemental icon will increase until complete, which triggers the effect. Of course, this will depend on the weapon you have equipped.

Different weapons have varying elemental properties, but electricity is the most efficient for earning this trophy. It builds up exceedingly fast and effectively stuns multiple foes if they’re close.

Shoot for a ranged weapon equipped with two mod slots, and an electric elemental effect can be made at the crafting table if you don’t have it. The two mods you equip should both have elemental effect buildup.

Any character can achieve this, but long-ranged is best suited for Red Hood with his accurate firearms. Remember, the best strategy for this trophy is to have elemental weapons with preferably two elemental mods before attempting.

Claiming the Mural High Ground

gotham knights claiming the mural high ground trophy

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 34.42%

You must find all Tim’s Street Art murals to earn this trophy. All mural locations can be easily found in a comprehensive guide for unlocking this trophy. Even so, I’ll tell you the areas, so you know where to go for each one.

  • Street Art #1: The Cauldron 
  • Street Art #2: The Cauldron 
  • Street Art #3: Financial District 
  • Street Art #4: Old Gotham 
  • Street Art #5: Tricorner Island 
  • Street Art #6: Bowery 
  • Street Art #7: Otisburg 
  • Street Art #8: West End 
  • Street Art #9: West End 
  • Street Art #10: Gotham Heights 
  • Street Art #11: Robinson Park 
  • Street Art #12: Bristol 

History Major

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 30.66%

There are a lot of landmarks, and I won’t list them all, but they’re easy to find. Just follow a Landmark guide and locate all in Gotham City to unlock History Major. The information you find during this is worth diving into after collecting.

Batarang Collector

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 31.23%

If you collect every hidden Batarang in the game, then this will unlock Batarang Collector. None of the 60 batarangs are missable; you’ll get them all soon. This game allows you to see which collectibles are still available in any area, making tracking collection progress easier.

Read Owl about it

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 29.86%

You must find all the lost pages from the Historia Strigidae to earn this trophy. There are 42 of these, which can be located with a special symbol on your map.

Once you collect them all, they are worth reading to enrich your experience with new information. Remember that the white x, which marks the Historia pages, is often on the roof instead of the ground.

Expert Crime Fighter

  • Grade: Gold
  • Player %: 33.66%

The unlock Expert Crime Fighter, you must thwart 250 crimes in Gotham. Start by using your scanner in any location to pick up crimes. There are always crimes nearby, and they’re shown to you on your map with triangle-shaped icons.

Expert Crime Fighter is a big farming trophy, but it shouldn’t take you too long if you hunt for exclusively white crimes. They go by faster and are easier to complete while counting toward your goal.

If you run out of crimes, go to the Belfry to randomly respawn them. I suggest putting the game to Very Easy so you can grind the white crimes faster than ever.

Not on my Watch

gotham knights not on my watch trophy

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player %: 53.05%

This trophy is unlocked after you successfully halt all Premeditated Crimes in only one night. You will find that premeditated crimes will be marked red on the map, so start by preventing crimes and gathering clues until you hit the limit.

Now go to the Belfry and time travel. After they’re collected, the crimes will be located on your map after being discovered, and you must pursue them to earn your prize. If you don’t earn the medal after completing all marked premeditated crimes, drive and scan the area for more. 

Protector of Gotham

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 51.68%

For the Protector Of Gotham Trophy, you must complete fifty challenges. There are many opportunities to finish challenges; this trophy will earn itself if you follow my roadmap.

Their requirements can be viewed in the menu at all times. You will complete ones from varying categories on your road to completion, and here they are:

  • Mission-specific
  • Momentum Abilities
  • Knighthood
  • Basic Training
  • Gotham’s Most Wanted
  • Crafting
  • Collectibles

Fusion Expert

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 39.44%

Attain 50 Modchips through mod fusion to earn Fusion Expert. Head to the gear menu, then mods, select four of them, and hold X to obtain a new mod chip. After farming all those crimes, you’ll have more than enough to do this 50 times to earn this trophy.

Dressed to Impress

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player %: 32.90%

To unlock Dressed To Impress, you must Forge a full Legendary gear set. Gather the legendary resources from Gotham’s Most Wanted to forge legendary equipment in each class for a complete set.

After reaching level thirty, you should have enough to craft everything and earn this trophy. Contact challenges can also randomly drop legendary resources, but there’s no guarantee with this method.

Batplat Trophy Completed!

gotham knights dressed to impress trophy

  • Title: Heir To The Cowl
  • Grade: Platinum
  • Player %: 26.99%

Congratulations! You have earned the platinum trophy for Gotham Knights! Phew, that was a journey, but in the words of Batman from this particular game, “I know what’s coming won’t be easy, but then, nothing we do is easy.

I prepared for it as best as I could.” Just as I have been honored to prepare you for this journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Gotham Knights a Difficult Platinum Road?

Answer: Overall, the game is comprehensive, and easy to earn the platinum because you don’t have to stress about achievements requiring harder difficulty settings. It has limited nail-biting moments, and the platinum is rated at around a three or four out of ten.

Question: Can I Earn the Platinum in Only One Playthrough?

Answer: Unfortunately, you can’t earn the platinum in one shot because you must start a new game+ to achieve max level. You’ll want to play through it again anyway, and it won’t feel like a chore because the graphics and gameplay are incredible.

It will take around four hours to max out in a new game plus, and it’s not a problem.

Question: What is the Most Difficult Part of Attaining the Gotham Knights Platinum Trophy?

Answer: You can earn the platinum trophy without issues if you enjoy the game on the easy setting. The most difficult part of this trophy is being patient to grind max level.
There are zero missable trophies, so you won’t have to start over or waste significant time. It will only take you around twenty hours to earn the platinum. Note you will reach the max level before the end of your second playthrough.

Summary: The Gotham Knights Platinum is Straightforward & Worth the Effort!

Now you have the information needed to complete the platinum for Gotham Knights confidently and swiftly. This is an attainable goal that can be completed rather quickly.

Batman games contain incredible lore, secrets, and challenges that keep gameplay interesting while trophy hunting. This distinct Gotham experience puts the Bat Family in the limelight and gives them a chance to shine under your control.

 If you tread the completionist path, you’ll get the whole experience, and I encourage you to finish it 100% after reading this. Would Batman leave any stone unturned? Certainly not.

Completing this game is worth the effort while being highly manageable. That being said, it was my pleasure to forge this guide to help you achieve success!

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