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God of War Ragnarok Trophy Guide: A Thrilling Norse Platinum Adventure!

God of War Ragnarok is the refined sequel to the 2018 God of War by Sony under Santa Monica Studio. The first game won the Game of the Year award and relit the dormant passion for this mythical and notoriously ruthless action series.

Ragnarok met players’ high expectations in 2022 with an equally jaw-dropping adventure with plenty of achievements to unlock. The critically acclaimed sequel was praised for its exquisite story-telling, deep characters, & breathtaking environments.

God of War has been honed with sharp precision and is magical in modern gaming. It has always been an exciting and addicting game, but Ragnarok makes you feel like you’re living the story seamlessly with fantastic mythical Norse trials and epic journeys!

I remember even the old games being captivating because no one understood what a game could be. As Kratos raised his son Atreus, I’m your God of War platinum expert who will set you on the right path, but you must take the steps.

Kratos said, “Wars are won by those willing to sacrifice everything.” You sacrifice a lot of time in this case, but they’re well-spent hours. With Ragnarok, you will experience arguably the best God of War game ever made, as it makes many of the previous titles look like weak mortals compared to a god.

The platinum will sometimes be difficult, and a grind, but playing the game is a bloody blast, so earning each trophy will go by fast. I’d wager you’ll play the story again even after completing the platinum; it’s that incredible.

Bottom Line Up Front

You need diligence and patience to attain the God of War: the Ragnarok platinum trophy. The first step is to play through the story while optionally collecting everything. I know this can be burdensome for certain players to keep track of a guide in their initial playthrough, but I suggest doing it for the sake of time if you’re an achievement hunter.

Next, you’ll collect any miscellaneous trophies, which will be what you missed. The last step is the dreaded grind, where you’ll earn The Collector trophy.

  • Genre: Action-adventure
  • Difficulty: 4/10
  • Average time: 50+ hours
  • Total Trophies: 36
  • # Of Required Playthroughs: 1

God of War: Ragnarok Platinum Trophy Game Plan

god of war ragnarok the librarian trophy

You’ll need to establish a path before starting, and I’ve already paved the way for you. Here is the platinum roadmap to unlock something to be proud of.

With this game, it won’t feel like an arduous task. If you’re like me, you’ll crave the next achievement when working on this thrilling challenge based on intriguing Norse mythology.

Step One: Play the Story at Your Own Pace while Using a Collectibles Guide

There is no rush to complete the story for this step. Go at your own pace and try to absorb this masterpiece while earning all the story-related trophies and collectibles at various locations.

This will be tedious, but you will have taken a massive chunk of the platinum if you follow a full collectibles guide while playing to avoid missing anything.

If you rush through, it will take around 20 hours, but a solid playthrough with a few side quests will take approximately 30 hours or more.

Trophies Unlocked

  • The Librarian
  • The Curator
  • How It Started
  • Spit Shine
  • Spartan Ways
  • Full Belly
  • Knock off the rust
  • Phalanx
  • Dragon Slayer
  • A Grizzly Encounter
  • Blood Debt
  • Backyard Brawl
  • Root Of The Problem
  • The Cauldron
  • Off The Leash
  • Comeuppance
  • Better Together
  • Ragnarok

Step Two: Get the Miscellaneous Trophies

Now it’s time to earn miscellaneous trophies from the campaign you probably missed. Of course, this will vary according to how you conducted your first run, but my advice is to list the ones you missed and track them down one at a time.

You could also track These tasks in your first playthrough, and there’s no chapter selection, so that’s something to consider.

Trophies Unlocked

god of war ragnarok how it's going trophy

  • How It’s Going
  • Ready for Commitment
  • The Florist
  • Funeral For a friend
  • Rebel Leader
  • New Friends
  • Full Gufa
  • Making Amends
  • It was a good day
  • Invasive Species
  • Besties
  • Rightful Place
  • Pure Of Heart
  • Trials By Fire
  • Grave Mistake
  • The True Queen

Step Three: Focus on Grinding for The Collector Trophy (Most Likely the Final Achievement)

This trophy is the rotten banana of the bunch, but a specific guide and my advice will turn it into banana bread for you. It doesn’t seem so bad at first, but it ends up being a grueling chore that requires you to do many side missions and collect the secrets from each realm.

These secrets yield the necessary items for the award to unlock, but it takes eons. We will discuss the relics & sword hilts in more detail later, and I’ll guide you through the last trophy with some tips.

Trophies Unlocked

  • The Collector

God of War Ragnarok Trophy Guide

god of war ragnarok the bear and the wolf trophy

Let’s explore what it takes to unlock each Ragnarok trophy in depth so you can attain the platinum. It’s a straightforward process, and I’ll explain the facets of every achievement so you can succeed!

The Bear and the Wolf

Collect all other Trophies In Ragnarok

  • Grade: Platinum
  • Player %: 49.11%

The outstanding final award you earn for unlocking every other trophy in God of War: Ragnarok, and it’s a platinum to be proud of, undoubtedly.

The Librarian

Collect all books

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 52.19%

You can collect 14 books in the game, and they are Kvasir’s Poems you’ll obtain while hunting for the Curator trophy. These collectibles are labeled under “artifacts.” Collect all the books, and that earns you the award.

The Curator

Collect every artifact

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 51.19%

You can uncover 38 artifacts in the game, located throughout the various realms, with some being trickier than others. Following a guide is the key here, so you don’t miss anything. Make sure you have one that covers all the various collectibles, and it can cover many trophies. 

How it Started

Equip one enchantment

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 82.19%

During the story, you’ll come across the Amulet of Yggdrasil. This is where you can equip enchantments and buff your stats to perform better against aggressive imposing foes. Equip one enchantment, and you’ll earn this award immediately after.

Spit Shine

Successfully upgrade a piece of armor

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 90.53%

Eventually, you’ll meet Sindri, where the fun begins for upgrading your equipment to be more resilient and effective. Upgrade your armor and increase the level as Kratos; it will unlock this trophy easily.

However, you must have the necessary resources to do this upgrade. Utilize red crates and lizard loots so you have enough to upgrade a single piece of armor.

Spartan Ways

god of war ragnarok spartan ways trophy

Remember the Spartan teachings

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player %: 77.18%

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed. It is unlocked after Kratos learns the last Spartan Rage and will pop up when the cutscene ends. 

Full Belly

Get all of the Apples of Iðunn and the Horns of Blood Mead

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player %: 54.99%

As you might remember from the 2018 game, you can also discover Nornir Chests in Ragnarok. All of these chests are locked, and there are various ways to open them. You can locate them throughout the different realms; they either contain apples or horns.

Open all chests to collect them and unlock this trophy. Following a guide is your best strategy for speed and precision. You aim to open 35 of these Nornir chests to earn the medal and boost your stats.

Knock Off the Rust

Buy a single skill

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 93.18%

When you reach the Lower Wildwoods, you’ll have the opportunity to get a skill using your available XP. Select an ability to purchase, and then the trophy is yours.


Acquire all shields

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player %: 60.15%

You’ll need to find five shields total to get this. There are three methods for obtaining them: story, crafting, & legendary chests.

To make this easier for you, I will include all the shields and their exact locations so you can breeze through this and have the information on-hand while playing. Here are the five sturdy shields and where they’re acquired in the game:

  • Dauntless Shield: You can find the blueprint for this shield at Brok & Sindri’s shop. You can then craft the shield here.
  • Stone Wall Shield: Craft this shield using one of the blacksmiths at any point during the game
  • Shatter Shield: During the campaign, you’ll reach Vanaheim and eventually travel through an Abandoned Village where at the end, you’ll be taught about totem poison poles. If you toss your Leviathan axe at the totem, you can drop down and open a chest containing the shield.
  • Guardian Shield: Obtained through the story when Kratos returns to Midgard.
  • Onslaught Shield: In Helheim, at the Vadgelmir docks, there will be a legendary chest on the main road after defeating Garm. The onslaught shield is inside. This one is hard to miss.


god of war ragnarok collector trophy

Acquire all sword hilts and relics

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player %: 49.60%

You need to complete countless epic tasks for this trophy, and it’s the platinum roadblock in the game, mainly because it seems like it never ends while going for it.

You will find yourself collecting more and doing tasks that might seem tedious. Explaining everything here would be too much, so following a sword hilts and relics guide is the best option for specifics.

You’ll be doing some objectives like collecting many Odin’s ravens to unlock a relic and others. Keep your eye on the prize and enjoy the game because this will be most players’ home stretch in the endgame.

There are only 14 sword hilts and relics, but you’ll earn your keep with this achievement. My advice is to keep jumping through the hoops with your eye on the prize.

Dragon Slayer

Successfully make the Dragon scaled armor set

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player %: 58.16%

Brok will eventually expand his blacksmith shop when you’ve made significant progress through the game and return to Vanaheim for your second time. Some new wares will be available, but the one you want to focus on is the Dragon Scaled armor set.

It has three pieces: bracers, a breastplate, & a girdle. You’ll need some money and dragon pieces to craft it. Killing dragons can help you collect the necessary materials from forging this set. Successfully craft the Dragon Scaled armor, another trophy for the books!

How it’s Going

Fully fix the Amulet of Yggdrasil

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player %: 57.22%

Remember the Amulet of Yggdrasil we discussed earlier? Well, it has seven additional slots that are broken, and they can be fixed by obtaining a “Jewel of the Yggdrasil” located in the realms.

Use an all-jewels location guide; you’ll quickly have seven to fully restore the Amulet at a blacksmith and unlock the trophy.

Ready for Commitment

Fully upgrade an armor set

  • Grade: Gold
  • Player %: 54.11%

For this trophy, remember that it’s not talking about any set of random armor. It has to be a matching set that’s fully upgraded for it to count. The side quest titled “In Service of Asgard” will yield you a decent set of armor that can then be upgraded to the max for unlocking the trophy.

There are twelve armor sets in Ragnarok, and they all look amazing, but you only need to upgrade a single one here fully.

The Florist

god of war ragnarok The Florist trophy

Acquire a flower from the nine realms

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 52.31%

This trophy is directly related to the side quest called “Nine Realms in Bloom favour.” Here you will be tasked with finding nine flowers across the nine realms.

Once again, it’s best to pull up a separate guide with all the flower locations to make this much faster and more comprehensive. Acquire a flower from each realm, and you’ll be more traveled and have another trophy.

A Grizzly Encounter

Fight the bear

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 96.39%

Never assume the bear will keel over with a few hits for this encounter. Try your best to roll out of the way and get in attacks sparingly to prevent getting mauled. Please don’t be greedy during this bear fight; he’ll be down before you know it.

It would be wise to pay attention, especially in his final phase, where he gets more tricky. Patience pays off because he’s not your average easy animal encounter in many video games. 

Blood Debt

Fight the god of thunder

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 95.44%

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed. The first fight revolves around you blocking attacks and being patient like the bear while getting in hits here and there.

The second phase requires you to watch Thor’s attack patterns because he gets more aggressive and threatening. Consider a YouTube video or lowering the difficulty setting if you’re having trouble with this boss.

Backyard Brawl

Fight the mysterious Valkyrie

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 83.40%

This is a story-related achievement and cannot be missed. This epic battle resembles the first game, with a few additional elements.

Rolling and dodging attacks is highly important, and it’s easy to get distracted by how captivating it looks. Complete all three phases of the fight, and it won’t be that bad.

There are also checkpoints, so you don’t have to repeat the battle. During the last phase, she will start spitting poison, and you would be wise to roll back away from this or take damage.

Root of the Problem

Battle Níðhögg

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 82.19%

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed. Nidhogg is the boss in question, and it’s not hard to beat him. Focus on the patterns and study his visual cues; it should be straightforward. When he raises his shiny claw, roll out of the way in preparation for a ranged attack

After this, go in for the kill while he’s vulnerable and keep attacking until he tries to lash at you with a bite. Dodge this with a roll. The final phase consists of his red attacks.

The first can be dodged by rolling back, and the second requires you to double-tap the shield to break, giving you an opening to strike.

The Cauldron

god of war ragnarok the cauldron trophy

Destroy Grýla’s cauldron

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 83.55%

This is a story-related trophy that can’t be missed. During this unique fight sequence, you must shoot the cauldron while potentially stunning Gryla with candles in the surrounding area. When you finish the fight, there will be a cutscene, and the trophy will unlock shortly after. 

Off the Leash

Fight Garm

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 76.95%

This is a story-related trophy that can’t be missed. It’s an easy fight where you’ll need to strafe right and left while using roll to avoid ice waves.

He will eventually lunge at you for a bite, and when you prevent it, he will be stunned so you can go in for some damage. He will fling the chain into the ground, and using your ice axe on it will shake him for longer to get more damage.

He will eventually get the high ground and start shooting ice at you. Keep avoiding it, and watch out for when he re-enters with a shock wave. At low health, he will continue whipping with chains where you can interact and conclude the battle.


Battle Heimdall

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 75.85%

This is a story-related trophy that can’t be missed. You will run into Heimdall when traveling through Vanaheim. The first phase isn’t bad, but use the spear after the first checkpoint, or it can be difficult.

There will be a point where he can catch your spears, and that’s when you start aiming at his feet instead. Filling the stun meter is your primary objective to down him in this battle.

Better Together

Battle Mist and Hrist

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 74.45%

This is a story-related trophy that can’t be missed. When you reach the end of the Muspelheim quests, you’ll inevitably run into two Valkyries to battle, unlocking the trophy.

Funeral for a Friend

Go to the Funeral

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player %: 65.53%

This trophy is directly correlated with “A Viking Funeral” sidequest, and it can be completed when you complete the last main quest. Go to the inn in Nidavellir within Svartalfheim and then to the Sverd Sands to attend the funeral, and this trophy will conveniently unlock to soothe your sorrow.

Rebel Leader

god of war ragnarok rebel leader trophy

Go back to the Hammer of the Rebellion

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 67.65%

Dragon Beach is near the Bay of Bounty to the southeast, so head there. You will travel here for the “Hammer of the Revolution” sidequest to retrieve the hammer.

When you arrive, go up to the platforms and examine the blue rune slate revealing text on the hammer and chest. Inside is the mighty Hammer of Revolution. Durlin will be in Nidavellir at a pub, so return it to him, and this will unlock the trophy, concluding the quest.

New Friends

Retrieve Lúnda’s orb

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 72.48%

When you reach the Freyr’s Camp after slaying Nidhogg, talk to Lunda, the other blacksmith. She will give you a task known as the “The Mysterious Orb,” where you will locate it on the beach within The Veiled Passage. Once retrieved, return it to Lunda, now located in the River Delta Region.

Full Gufa

Free the Hafgufas

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player %: 68.78%

This quest starts in Alfheim when you’ve entered through the Temple of Light. A new area will open where you will walk a path to Sindri, who will give you a quest known as “The Secret of Sands.”

The next quest here is “The Elven Sanctum.” Once you finish these, The Forbidden Sands within Alfheim become open to you. The path will open, and you’ll get the “Songs of the Sands” favor. Finish these questlines, and the trophy will unlock.

Making Amends

Free the Lyngbakr

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player %: 74.98%

Visit the “Bay of Bounty” to trigger the “The Weight of Chains.” Set sail to the Watchtower, which is south of the Bay. There will be a locked door there that needs a key.

From there, you will head to an island that contains the key and start “The Weight of Chains” side quest. Here you will cut through three chains in Lyngbakr Island and head to another section of the island by boat, and the trophy will be yours.

It was a Good Day

god of war ragnarok it was a good day trophy

Retrieve Mardöll

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player %: 71.60%

After completing most things in Vanaheim, you’ll eventually return to Sindri’s house, where there are some more optional side quests. Using a sonic arrow, clear the water path, and then Freya will inquire about help with the “Freya’s Missing Peace” side quest. Complete it and assist her.

You’ll need to head to Cliffside Ruins and set the bramble on fire at the drop, which drops a chain down. Climb it to interact with the magic chisel and blue rune to complete the quest. 

Invasive Species

Finish all the Crater Hunts

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player %: 56.67%

The crater can be found north of Vanaheim, and you need to do a couple of things before getting there. First, you must complete “Creatures of Prophecy” from the main story. Next, you need to have completed the “Scent of Survival” favor.

You will be looking for “Dragon Hunts” & “Epic Hunts” in the menu, which are the criteria for these specific Crater Hunts. You must complete seven dragon hunts along with two epic hunts. Here are the locations and the corresponding tasks:

  • The Plains: 2 Dragon Hunts & 2 Epic Hunts
  • The Sinkholes: 2 Dragon Hunts
  • The Jungle: 3 Dragon Hunts


Pet Speki and Svanna

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player %: 68.54%

In the Midgar chapter, the favor known as “Animal Instincts” is what you’re looking for here. Completing this involves clearing out some camps and then defeating a boss. After, you’ll need to interact with the wolves there to unlock the trophy.

Rightful Place

Return Lindwyrms to Ratatoskr

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player %: 57.13%

At some point, Ratatoskr will give details about escaped Lindwyrms that must be caught. He will provide you with all the necessary tools to complete “The Lost Lindwyrms” questline and return them to Ratatoskr.

They are located within the Yggdrasil Rifts, and it’s easier to use a guide to snuff them all out quickly. This is because not all the rifts have Lindwyrms, only six out of the fifteen. Discover their specific locations to knock out this trophy and call it a day with a new award.

Pure of Hart

Return the Stags of the Four Seasons

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player %: 57.99%

To the north of Vanaheim, a Crater area with an available sidequest called “A Stag For All Seasons.” Here you must find all four Stags within the world tree. A stag location guide will make this trophy very easy. Once four have been returned, then the trophy will be yours for the taking.

Trials by Fire

god of war ragnarok trials by fire trophy

Finish the Trials of Muspelheim

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player %: 53.85%

First things first, you’ll need Muspelheim Seeds to enter the Trials. Fifteen challenges await you here, and they have different themes. Some are easier than others, but you should prepare for a tough battle.

It won’t be too bad on standard mode, so I suggest going for it without stressing much with more complex difficulties. If you’re struggling, fully upgrading weapons can help tremendously and get you through.


Fight the All-Father

  • Grade: Gold
  • Player %: 74.03%

This is a story-related trophy that can’t be missed. You will eventually battle the All-father in the late game, and this trophy will automatically unlock.

Grave Mistake

Battle King Hrólf

  • Grade: Gold
  • Player %: 52.18%

You will own the Inert Hilt of Skofnung midway through Ragnarok, allowing you to gain access to Berserker Gravestones throughout the nine realms.

There are some enemies at each of the stones that you need to defeat, and this will earn you an audience with King Hrolf to do battle.

These can be some plaguing challenges if you are ill-prepared. Ensure you have a resurrection stone and some enhanced weapons that are preferably fully upgraded to handle the overwhelming number of enemies.

The True Queen

god of war ragnarok the true queen trophy

Battle Gná

  • Grade: Gold
  • Player %: 51.99%

Go to the Muspelheim, drop two levels, and go right under a crawlspace within the rocks. Keep grappling on the rocks until you come to another arena area. This is where you will fight Gna, and it can be a difficult battle, so prepare accordingly.

Regarding yellow-range attacks, it’s better to block them instead for this encounter. Sidestep her lunge attacks consistently, and keep your distance to gain more time to avoid her spamming. Defeating Gna will unlock the hard-earned trophy!

God of War Ragnarok Trophy Guide: FAQs

Question: Does Earning the Ragnarok Trophy Feel Like a Chore?

Answer: Not a chore because this is a captivating masterpiece with a story that will make you crave to learn more. There is a grind, but most gaming is a process of some sort in the first place.

It won’t be overly dull or tedious, and you will enjoy a fluid, enriching experience that will pass the hours as if they were minutes. Hunting for the platinum is just as engaging as the game itself, and you’ll have fun immersing yourself in the best refined GOW title to date.

Question: What’s the most Challenging Part about Going for the God of War: Ragnarok Platinum Trophy?

Answer: There aren’t any difficulty-related challenges, and that’s nice. There also aren’t technically any trophies you have to keep an eye on when playing the first time because all awards can be attained later.

Many collectible items and related quests will take time, but most of them you’ll collect in the first playthrough using a 100% collectibles guide for Ragnarok.

Question: Is Ragnarok a Challenging Platinum Road?

Answer: Overall, this is a more common platinum and not that difficult to get. Sometimes, it can be a grind, but the game is so outstanding that you’ll want to do all the extras. 

The Collector trophy will take you the longest and will likely be the final trophy you unlock. Time Trials and bosses are complex, and you’ll be doing challenging tasks that test you, but it’s still manageable, especially for experienced GOW players.

God of War: Ragnarok Platinum Trophy Completed!

  • Title: The Bear And The Wolf
  • Grade: Platinum
  • Player%: 49.11%

Congratulations! You’ve persevered through this incredible game and seen all it offers by earning the God of War: Ragnarok Platinum Trophy.

I’m sure you will agree with me and many other fans that the effort was worthwhile. God of War games keep improving, and the future holds more heroic adventures with more awards!

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