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Death Standing Trophy Guide: Earning Every Achievement while Enduring Otherworldly Creatures

Death Stranding was a highly anticipated action game from Kojima Productions that lived up to modern gamers’ expectations with a stunning and meticulously forged world.

On the surface level, it’s full of delivery quests with some unique creature encounters that keep things interesting. Diving deeper into Death Stranding reveals engaging cooperative mtechanics where you can craft equipment to make the jobs easier.

Ultimately, it’s all about reconnecting the shattered world after disheartening explosions that give rise to deadly yet fascinating supernatural entities.

You will encounter many strange events, the Death Stranding, where rational analysis can’t explain the confounding occurrences and looming threats with each delivery. Earth is on the verge of becoming an extinct wasteland, but Sam has another vision to restore balance and prove that he’s no ordinary delivery man.

Norman Reedus has a survivalist charisma that people can’t get enough of, and I immensely appreciated his performance in this game. I’m your trustworthy trophy expert to guide you through this action experience so you can hit the bullseye for each achievement and unlock the prestigious platinum. Let’s over-deliver with this Death Stranding  Trophy Guide so the journey is easier for you!

death stranding

Bottom Line Up Front

Achieving the platinum for Death Stranding is easier when you have a plan of action. Like with most games, first, you should complete the story.

Next, you need to use premium orders to get five stars in every facility, upgrade structures, collect every memory chip, & complete the fabrication of all items. The final step is to sweep up the final awards you didn’t score. This is a long platinum, but the game is so interesting that one hour feels like ten minutes.

  • Genre: Action
  • Difficulty: 3/10
  • Average 100% Time: 100+ hours
  • Total Trophies: 63
  • # Of Required Playthroughs: 1

A Platinum Roadmap for Death Stranding

Step 1: Finish the Story

During your first playthrough, there are some details to remember. First, finish every “Order for Sam.” This will take a load off your shoulders while exploring the depths of other characters and their requests.

At a certain point, you will receive a warning not to kill any NPCs, and you’d be wise to heed it because there are counter-productive consequences to your trophy hunt. This also includes MULEs, so don’t get trigger-happy, or you’ll void out and have to restart your save.

The main story takes most people around thirty or forty hours to complete. You can play any difficulty you want and change it anytime. I recommend seeking out as many preppers as possible to recruit to the UCA. Establishing a comprehensive network of ziplines will also make unlocking trophies easier in the subsequent steps.

death stranding ending

Trophies You’ll Earn

  • Thank You, Sam
  • BB…
  • Sleep Tight, Little BB
  • “BB”
  • We’re Whole Again
  • Sixty Deaths and Sixty Births in a Day
  • Well Connected
  • Pumped Porter
  • Snooze ‘n’ Soothe
  • Like and Be Liked
  • A New Day for the UCA
  • I Won’t Break
  • Boots Are a Porter’s Best Friend
  • Catcher Crusher
  • The People’s Porter
  • Prominent Porter
  • Well-Traveled
  • Apprentice Builder
  • Rebuilding America
  • We Need You
  • The Custom Kid
  • Boots Are a Porter’s Best Friend
  • I’m Your Die-Hardman
  • Delivering Is What I Do
  • She’s waiting for you on the Beach.
  • Building Bridges
  • Bring Back My Baby
  • The Particle of God
  • Thanks for Everything
  • A Baby Blessing
  • Chiral Crafter
  • BBs: A Bridge Between This World and the One Beyond

Step 2: Utilize Premium Orders to Get Five Stars in Every Facility, Upgrade Structures, Collect Every Memory Chip, & Complete Fabrication of All Items

It would be best to play on Hard difficulty for the remainder of your expedition. This will aid in completing standard & premium orders. Getting S rank on twenty premium deliveries can be tricky, and they belong to four categories to earn the Growth of a Legend medal.

As you progress, you’ll need to discover the last six preppers who weren’t previously available in your first playthrough. Be mindful of enhancing the connection of each facility so you can eventually obtain five stars and fabricate items while growing resources to increase your influence. Collecting all 72 items is a prominent part of this step.

Building and upgrading structure types is another task you’ll accomplish in this step. You’ll also enjoy reading through the files and deepening the lore. Shooting for the platinum means learning much about this fantastic game and the worlds explored.

Trophies You’ll Earn

  • Birth of a Legend
  • Homo Faber
  • Great Deliverer
  • Everyday Delivery
  • Deliveries Done
  • Master Builder
  • The Automation Revolution
  • In Sam, We Trust
  • Growth of a Legend
  • Best Beloved
  • All Roads Lead to the UCA
  • The World’s Most Popular Porter
  • Good Samaritan
  • Pathfinder
  • A Thirst for Knowledge
  • Fount of Knowledge
  • The Post Guides the Present
  • The Past Guides the Present
  • Trail-Blazer
  • God Particle Go-Getter
  • Hooked on Delivering!?
  • Childminder

Step 3: Sweeping Up Any Miscellaneous Trophies Missed

As you probably know, not all cargo is consistently delivered. There are likely some things you missed, and that’s where this step comes in to sweep up the remaining achievements. You’ll have most of the trophies when shooting for five stars at each facility and a grade of 60 in your delivery evaluation divisions.

You’ve most likely overlooked a few trophies, and the potential ones are listed below. Everyone completes trophies at their own pace, so tie up loose ends according to your list, and after the previous steps, it won’t be long before you unlock the platinum. These are some of the trophies that tend to elude players.

Trophies You’ll Earn

  • I Couldn’t Hold it In!
  • A Shout in the Dark
  • Giver of Gifts
  • Soothing Sounds
  • Soak and Sigh
  • Rest In Pieces
  • Any Porter in a Storm
  • A Helping Hand
  • Public Service Porter
  • Greatest of Great Deliverers

Death Stranding Trophy Guide

death stranding trophy

Here I will examine each trophy with a comprehensive explanation so you can breeze through them and understand what it takes to unlock them all! There are 63 to cover, and by the end, you’ll be ready to earn them yourself and save the world from the supernatural threat looming known as the Death Stranding.

Greatest of Great Deliverers

Attain Every Death Stranding Trophy

  • Grade: Platinum
  • Player%: 14.76%

This platinum trophy is unlocked after you earn every other trophy in the game.

Everyday Delivery

Finish a standard order

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 71.11%

Please reference Deliveries Done for this achievement

Deliveries Done

Finish 36 standard orders

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 40.21%

Standard orders become available when you finish order nine while playing the main story. These can only be accessed within the post-game setting, and you must have it set to hard difficulty. They count as premium deliveries, so complete 36 to unlock it. Be advised that “Orders For Sam” are not part of this achievement.

Birth of a Legend

Finish ten premium deliveries with a result of “Legend of Legends” or “Legend” in every category

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 17.18%

Please reference Growth of a Legend to complete this trophy

Growth of a Legend

Finish twenty premium deliveries with a Legend of Legends result.

  • Grade: Gold
  • Player%: 15.30%

Within the order summary menu, you can complete premium deliveries. The way to get the Legend of Legends results is to set it to hard mode and achieve the rank for each. Make sure you have a comprehensive zipline network to make this faster.

They are more vigorous than the regular deliveries but manageable. The trophy unlocks after you complete twenty of them. These are the four types of orders:

  • Quantity Focused
  • Condition-based
  • Miscellaneous
  • Time-Based

A Helping Hand

Death Stranding Trophy a helping hand

Order your first request for supplies

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 37.10%

After completing order 10, you’ll learn to issue supply requests. These allow you to request various materials that can be delivered at your request at any given facility. It won’t be necessary to pick up the items for this trophy. Ordering your first supply request will unlock the trophy.

The Automation Revolution

Utilizing a delivery bot, complete a single standard order

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 58.55%

After completing order 24, a new option becomes available to conduct standard orders with a delivery bot. This will send out the bot with robotic legs to conduct a delivery, but it’s somewhat unreliable in the long run. Unless you want to be entertained, this is the last time you should utilize a delivery bot for this trophy.

Apprentice Builder

Build your first structure

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 86.90%

You can craft a climbing anchor or ladder when you move out with your first orders. Shortly after, you’ll need to cross a river or cliff, and using either will unlock the trophy. Later you’ll be granted access to PCCs or toolboxes that permit you to build bold structures. This trophy only requires you to craft your first structure and start earning likes from others.

Master Builder

Create one of each type of structure

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 22.89%

You must understand which structures must be created to earn this achievement. First, you must drop a ladder and anchor anywhere to get that done. Next, you must construct all seven PCC structures from levels one and two. One final task for this trophy involves making a road segment by contributing materials. Here are all the structure types for your reference:

  • Postbox
  • Watchtower
  • Generator
  • Time fall Shelter
  • Bridge
  • Zipline
  • Safehouse
  • Road Section (Order for Sam)

Well Connected

With a facility to reach connection level 3

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 80.22%

Progressing through the story will most likely earn you this trophy naturally. However, if you haven’t unlocked it after your first playthrough, then conduct standard orders on hard mode so you attain more likes and can boost a facility to level three fast.

Best Beloved

Reach max connection level with every facility

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player%: 15.94%

This arduous challenge is a massive part of the grind for the Death Stranding Platinum. If you have been adhering to the roadmap, then the S ranks for those twenty premium deliveries will have given you a significant headstart for this trophy.

Even so, you’ll have snags, including some demanding preppers and certain cities that can knock the wind out of you with strenuous work. My advice is to search for orders that give you the most rewards. From there, keep picking up premium orders to finish until you get the connection level to the max within all facilities.

Good Samaritan

Death Stranding Trophy good samaritan

For your first time deliver some lost cargo

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 95.99%

When you scan any cargo, it will give you valuable information about some lost cargo that is contained within. Choosing to deliver this personally will earn you more likes and unlock this trophy for not hiding behind a screen and doing right by their recipients.

Giver of Gifts

Make your first donation

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 64.97%

A Share Locker is presented as a selection when you’re located at the UCA facilities. Here you can donate various items to players. Add an item to the share locker, and the trophy will be yours.

The Post Guides the Present

Read 100 emails

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 31.29%

You will naturally receive many emails while playing through the campaign, but some you’ll discover in the post-game.

Acquire more emails to read by associating with the preppers and doing post-game deliveries. It’s vital to pay attention to what these say because there is delivery information about specific locations in some of them. Read 100 mail total, and the trophy is unlocked.

The Past Guides the Present

Read 100 interviews

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 21.18%

Interviews are in the same collectible category as emails, but they tend to be more lengthy and deepen the lore of Death Stranding. When playing the first time, you’ll get fifty of them, and many more will be unlocked when the game ends. However, you’ll need to progress through the post-game to read 100 of them and earn the achievement. Remember that some emails and interviews are tied to unlocking memory chips.


With BB reach max level of connection

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 29.91%

To get your Bridge Baby to maximum connection level, you must give it the attention you would a facility while giving it anything satisfactory. Certain things can help you increase the connection, including escaping from any location without attacks to earn more likes.

In contrast, BB can be “soothed” after an attack for more likes. Ziplines are the most convenient way to get them maxed out because BB loves these. Hot spring baths are also a good tool for this trophy to increase connection to the max.

A Baby Blessing

Receive a like from BB

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 83.55%

This trophy will naturally unlock after you play the story, discover BB, and get a single like from it.

Prominent Porter


Make it to grade ten in any of the delivery evaluation categories

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 82.06%

Please reference The Great Deliverer to get more information regarding evaluation categories. You won’t have to worry because it will unlock as you play the story.

Catcher Crusher

Death Stranding Trophy catcher crusher

Defeat a catcher

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 67.59%

Catchers will start appearing at the end of episode two and are strange-looking creatures resembling squid and other animals. To defeat them, you’ll need to utilize hematic grenades, which the game will introduce you to before the arrival of the Catchers. Blood-ammunition weapons are appropriate because they will eventually become crystalized through poison. Take down one, and then you’ll earn the award.

Snooze ‘n’ Soothe

Sleep and heal your very first time

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 71.25%

This is another natural trophy through playing the story. Upon reaching Knot City, there will be a chance to sleep in your private room. This refills all your stats and refreshes Sam, as you might expect. Note there are events where you’ll wake up in a rest room which will unlock this trophy without trying.

Boots Are a Porter’s Best Friend

Switch out your footwear for the very first time

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 78.05%

You’ll notice that there is a footwear gauge that tracks how worn your shoes are. This game requires you to change shoes a lot, and equipping a fresh pair found in your boot clip will earn you this trophy.

Hooked on Delivering!?

Successfully delivered 700 cargo items

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 27.04%

This achievement is keeping track of the cargo you deliver, not the number of orders undertaken. Your post-game grind will ensure you earn this, but it’s possible you can get it when playing the story. Standard orders will generally have eight cargo pieces. Deliver a total of 700 cargo items, and the award will unlock.

Pumped Porter

Deliver 3000kg of cargo

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 46.09%

The game is designed so you will likely have 3000kg when completing the main story. Working on standard orders will bump you to the requirement and earn you the award. Track them under Bridge Link and select orders to view your delivery progress.


Complete an order while traveling 80km

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 58.57%

Death Stranding is full of walking, so you should achieve this quickly between chapters three and five because that’s where you walk a lot. The rule of this trophy is deceptive, and it’s only based on your distance traveled, not while completing an order.

Rest in Pieces

Death Stranding Trophy rest in pieces

Sever an umbilical cord within a BT area without it noticing

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 46.13%

When you reach Chapter 5, Mama will equip you with a cufflink upgrade. It’s a knife that can be applied to sever the umbilical cord of a BT. Sneak up on one with the tool and cut without it noticing. You only need to cut one cord successfully to earn the trophy.

Any Porter in a Storm

Successfully conduct a trade with a porter for your first time

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 25.81%

Porters are more common when you begin extending your western network and are discovered by traveling to various locations on the road. It’s essential to go to your cargo menu and drop something before your trade. This ensures they will pick it up after.

You can choose any item for this trophy. When you drop an item, speak with them; they will give you something to pick up in return. When the trade is complete, the trophy is yours to take home.

A Shout in the Dark

Do a shout-out your first time and get one in return

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 77.67%

With online play, you can call out to another player’s ladder, climbing anchor, or structure. Doing so will make them call back, unlocking the trophy.

Public Service Porter

Dispose of chiralium-contaminated cargo for the first time in a crater lake

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 31.41%

The Chrial Artist’s station has a body of dark water near it. A hefty pile of cargo next to his station can be dumped in the water. Carry it by hand and toss it in. This will earn you the trophy for discarding the contaminated cargo.


Upgrade each structure type to the maximum level

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 16.36%

Seven PCC structures must be upgraded to the max level to unlock this trophy. Keep adding to the two core materials within each structure; they will be maxed out in no time. See Master Builder for the structure types, and note that roads are not a requirement for this achievement.

All Roads Lead to the UCA

Finish your first road

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 59.76%

Finishing each Sam order will naturally earn you this trophy. It’s optional, but you should do it in your first playthrough in chapter three within Lake Knot City. You will gain all materials required to build the road and earn the trophy.

Building Bridges

Death Stranding Trophy building bridges

Achieve Bridge link grade 1

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 80.14%

You can upgrade Bridge link through likes alone. These can be earned by delivering things for other players, using people’s structures, or them using yours. You’ll need an internet connection and an online subscription to gain this trophy.

Homo Faber

Get all weapons and equipment fabricated

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 15.18%

The chiral printer can craft 72 items in Death Stranding, which can be done while on the fabrication menu at a UCA facility. The items gradually become available, making this one of the final achievements you’ll unlock in your platinum journey. Finishing connections with facilities is vital to get this.

Delivering Is What I Do

Finish the prologue: Porter

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 96.66%

This story-related trophy for completing your first order as Sam can’t be missed.

Rebuilding America

Finish Episode One: Bridget

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 91.11%

This story-related trophy can’t be missed and is earned when returning to Captial Knot City.

We Need You

Finish Episode 2: Amelie

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 67.18%

This story-related trophy can’t be missed and is earned when you beat episode 2.

I Won’t Break

Death Stranding Trophy i won't break

Finish Episode 3: Fragile

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 54.91%

This story-related trophy can’t be missed and is unlocked after finishing episode 3.


Finish Episode 4: Unger

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 64.65%

This story-related trophy can’t be missed and is earned by finishing episode 4.

We’re Whole again

Finish episode 5: Mama

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 50.73%

This story-related trophy can’t be missed and is earned after finishing episode 5.

BBs: A Bridge between This World and the One Beyond

Finish Episode 6: Deadman

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 48.73%

This story-related trophy can’t be missed and is unlocked after completing episode 6.


Finish episode 7: Clifford

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 48.66%

This story-related trophy can’t be missed and is unlocked after completing episode 7.

Sixty Deaths and Sixty Births in a Day

Finish episode 8: Heartman

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 46.29%

This story-related trophy can’t be missed and is unlocked after completing episode 8.

The Particle of God

Finish Episode 9: Higgs

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 45.76%

This story-related trophy can’t be missed and is unlocked after completing episode 9.

I’m Your Die-Hardman

Death Stranding Trophy i'm your die-hardman

Finish Episode 10: Die-Hardman

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 45.47%

This story-related trophy can’t be missed and is unlocked after completing episode 10.

Bring Back My Baby

Finish episode 11: Clifford Unger

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 45.32%

This story-related trophy can’t be missed and is unlocked after completing episode 11.

She’s Waiting for You on the Beach

Finish episode 12: Bridges

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 45.10%

This story-related trophy can’t be missed and is unlocked after completing episode 12.

Thank You, Sam

Finish episode 13: Sam Strand

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 44.93%

This story-related trophy can’t be missed and is unlocked after completing episode 13.

Thanks for Everything

Finish episode 14: Lou

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player%: 44.59%

This story-related trophy can’t be missed and is unlocked after completing episode 1.

A New Day for the UCA

Recruit your new affiliate and connect them to the UCA

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 86.47%

This story-related trophy can’t be missed and is unlocked by progressing through the campaign.

In Sam, We Trust

Death Stranding Trophy in sam we trust

Link every facility to the UCA

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 16.43%

Thirty-six sites must be linked successfully to the chiral network as you progress. Playing the game will guide all of them except for six, which can be scooped up later. Preppers generally require more work to recruit, and you’ll have to solidify your partnership with them. Delivering lost cargo is an excellent way to increase connection and do miscellaneous tasks.

Like and Be Liked

Give your first like

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 91.14%

The Distribution centers and Knot City facilities are easy to get three stars from in your first playthrough. Conducting premium deliveries while in hard mode will give you more likes.

The People’s Porter

Reach 2400 likes

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 76.33%

Reference the World’s Most Popular Porter to get more information about likes. You will most likely accomplish this naturally when playing.

The World’s Most Popular Porter

Reach 50,000 likes

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 47.51%

When you give a like, you also receive one. Each time you make a delivery, it will inevitably earn you some likes that directly correlate to your connection rating at any given facility. Structures you forge in your game will also be chances to earn like other players utilizing them. Standard and premium order deliveries will aid significantly toward 50,000 likes during the post-game grind.

Chiral Crafter

Recycle chiral crystals your first time

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 78.08%

This story-related trophy is earned by recycling early on in episode 2.

A Thirst for Knowledge

Restore your first memory chip

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 65.44%

Please reference Fount of Knowledge for this achievement.

Fount of Knowledge

Death Stranding Trophy fount of knowledge

Restore every single memory chip

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 15.02%

Death Stranding has 56 memory chips to collect; you’ll need to find some hidden in each area. Note that some don’t appear until you’ve reached story requirements or have read an email that hints at where one is located.

I recommend you go for this trophy after you’ve conquered the story and have all facilities to five stars. You should also have read all interviews and emails to make this process smoother. There are memory chip signs to be aware of that other players post to lend a helping hand in your collection quest.

The Custom Kid

Attain your first piece of customization data

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 79.28%

Your first playthrough has many customization options; you’ll earn this trophy when playing the campaign. These can be applied to structures, gear, or backpack.

Soak and Sigh

Enjoy your first bath in a hot spring

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 47.41%

You can find seven hot springs, but only one is necessary to unlock this trophy. I’m confident you’ll find one. Pay attention when moving NPCs; this is an excellent opportunity to earn the medal. If you don’t know where to find one, here are the first three locations.

  • Northeastern Healing Spring
  • Crater Digestive Bath
  • World’s End Miracle Pool


Aid porters through a terrorist area or MULE for the first time

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 54.76%

This trophy is earned by using non-lethal weapons to remove all MULES in a particular camp to aid porters in their passage. From there, they will traverse the area safely without any MULE attacks. Getting each MULE at the base for this trophy is essential.

Great Deliverer

Within every delivery evaluation category, reach grade 60

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 15.30%

For this achievement, you must make it to grade 60 in the different delivery evaluation categories, including cargo condition, delivery time, delivery volume, & miscellaneous.

The level increases by the number of likes you earn for each class while completing deliveries. Delivery time will probably be your last one as it’s the rarest one to achieve. Look for time-based deliveries spanning long distances to reach grade 60 quickly.

God Particle Go-Getter

Discover Higg’s home

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 26.59%

For this trophy, you must find Higgs’s home within Peter Englert’s Prepper station, located in the area, when you pass the terminal. After you arrive at Peter’s station with a pizza, there’s a stairwell with an open door you can go down. Doing so will unlock the trophy.

Sleep Tight, Little BB

Death Stranding Trophy sleep tight little bb

Soothe a crying BB and stop the sobbing your first time

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 72.44%

If you get injured, or a BT grabs you, then this will put your BB in distress. From there, the game will teach you how to comfort BB, earning you the trophy when conducted the first time.

I Couldn’t Hold It in!

Urinate outdoors for your first time

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 75.32%

After taking control of Sam during the prologue for this humorous trophy, choose the picture of the peeing man to urinate outside and unlock the achievement.

Soothing Sounds

For the first time, use the music player

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 69.00%

The safe house has a UCA map on the left side of the wall. An additional selection reads music player, where you can listen to your unlocked music earned in story progression. Play the music player your first time, unlocking this trophy.

Death Standing Trophy Guide: FAQs

Question: Is Death Stranding a difficult platinum to obtain?

Answer: Overall, it’s not that hard to earn this platinum. Around 15% of players can get it with no problem. There is no difficulty trophy to obtain it, so that’s a good sign that it should be smooth sailing for you. You can alter the difficulty level anytime through the menu to make the road smoother. It’s more of a test of patience than a brutal game.

Question: What’s the most challenging part about earning the Death Stranding platinum?

Answer: You’re a delivery man with many missions in this game, and the most challenging part is staying focused without quitting due to its daunting nature. This is grinding platinum, and the facilities take forever. You won’t need to conquer anything too strenuous.

Question: Is Death Stranding worth the effort to complete fully?

Answer: If you are a loyal fan, investing 100+ hours shouldn’t be an issue, as it will only enrich your gaming experience with the masterpiece of Death Stranding. There are many trophies, but a good chunk of them unlock when completing the primary campaign.

Death Stranding Platinum Trophy Completed!

all trophies death stranding
  • Title: Greatest Of Great Deliverers
  • Grade: Platinum
  • Player %: 14.76%

Congratulations! You’ve unlocked the Death Stranding Platinum trophy, which took a lot of patience. You’ve successfully and admirably completed this lengthy yet memorable action title from the great Hideo Kojima!

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