Immortals Fenyx Rising Trophy Guide

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Immortals Fenyx Rising is one of the more exciting titles to come out of Ubisoft in recent years. While it did incorporate the open world that many of the studio’s franchises have adopted, the design of that open world is more reminiscent of the physics-based interactions found in Breath of the Wild rather than the likes of Assassin’s Creed or Far Cry. For fans of Nintendo’s sprawling RPG, it is a fantastic option to check out while waiting for its proper sequel. However, players who have never journeyed through Breath of the Wild can still find a lot to love in Immortals‘ comedic writing, infusion of Greek mythology, and an impressive variety of gameplay across its base game and DLCs.

The game is also a great contender for us players who are obsessed with collecting all of the game’s achievements/trophies. It only demands a reasonable 80 or so hours to get the Platinum. It is a very entertaining experience to run through, especially once the game’s three DLCs ultimately turn it on its head. To make it even better, you can set the game on the easiest difficulty without impacting your ability to unlock trophies at all. This way, if you have a hard time with the game’s combat or want to get the Platinum as fast as possible, you can breeze through it, or you can turn that difficulty up if you want a more challenging experience along the way.

Bottom Line Up Front

For any of you out there who want a surface-level look at whether or not you wish to undertake this Platinum, here is what you need to know:

Genre: Open-World RPG

Difficulty: 4/10

Number of Playthroughs: 1

Time to Complete: 80+ hours

Number of Trophies: 69

Average Platinum Percentage: 7.1%

Roadmap To Success

Immortals Fenyx Rising Trophy Guide

Before we dive into the specifics of each trophy in Immortals Fenyx Rising, it is helpful to take an overall look at the process ahead of you. Not only will this help break up getting the trophies into more palatable sections, but it also will optimize your trophy hunt and make sure you don’t miss any missable ones as you go. So, here is the roadmap of how you’ll be completing Immortals Fenyx Rising:

Step One: Fenyx’s Odyssey

Trophies Included

  • The Giving Tree
  • Big Chicken
  • The Iron Giant
  • Sassy, Lost Child
  • Don’t Shoot the Messenger
  • From the Ashes
  • God of War
  • Goddess of Wisdom
  • Messenger of the Gods
  • Goddess of Love
  • God of the Forge
  • Brother Battle
  • Mission Complete

Most of these trophies can be completed in any order, as the game is structured for you to freely explore the regions of the map, discover a god and then complete three quests for them to help free them. However, before you get the Mission Complete trophy, you will be warned that it is a point of no return just before you beat the game. You have two options here, either get all of the other trophies after you free all of the gods but before you face the final boss, or what I would recommend is making a manual save at that point and finishing the story before loading to that save and then completing the rest of the Platinum. Going through the story is pretty straightforward, but here are some tips to help you along.

Binoculars Are Your Friend

Far Sight will be one of the earliest tools you receive in your playthrough. Activating this vision will allow you to look far across the map and tag collectibles so that they are easier to track down. You should do this frequently throughout your playthrough, and make sure to do it on the highest areas of the map to help you see as much as possible. Far Sight will even pick up on collectibles through cliffs and structures. When you use it, your controller will vibrate when you get close to a collectible, and then you just press a button to tag it. Whenever you unlock a new region, I recommend doing this to mark as many collectibles as you can so that you can grab them as you complete quests to cut down on grinding for them later in the playthrough.

Vaulted Treasures

Whenever you complete the vaults spread throughout your playthrough, you will be rewarded with an item known as Zeus’ Lightning. Collecting it immediately teleports you back to the main map, but before doing so, make sure you explore behind it in the Vault. Typically, the further reaches of the Vault beyond the lightning will have an extra puzzle or chest that you can collect, which can be very easily missed.

The Powers That Be

As you play Immortals Fenyx Rising, you will have many options for how you level up your character to suit your preferences. However, in particular, three powers will help make your time in the game easier. Two of these are godly powers that will play a significant role in combat, and the third is an upgrade for Phosphor that will help you a lot with the puzzles you’ll come across. The two godly powers are Ares’ Wrath and Athena’s Dash. Investing heavily in these will help you avoid taking damage while also allowing you to make jumps that you otherwise wouldn’t have. Phosphor’s upgrade that you should grab as soon as possible is Phosphor’s Clone. This ability allows you to create a heavy statue of Phosphor that you can move around, which makes activating the many pressure plates in the game’s puzzles a lot easier.

Potion Addiction

Combat in Immortals is on the easy side once you get the flow of it down, but it can be made even easier if you invest heavily in brewing potions. Getting high-level potions is amazingly powerful, with the Thorns tree bordering on overpowered. With Thorn potions, Fenyx will deal damage back to enemies every time they hit him up to 2140 damage, which will make just about any combat encounter in the game trivial. However, to level up your potions, you’ll need a lot of Golden Amber. You’ll mostly get this resource from opening chests, but you can also find it when cutting down trees. As you play, make sure you keep your eyes out for trees with a tiny glow at the bottom, which indicates that chopping it down will net you a valuable Golden Amber.

Step Two: The Extras

Trophies Included

  • Logs and Monsters
  • Bird’s-Eye View
  • Tippy-Top
  • The Floor is Lava
  • Oceancookie
  • Among the Stars
  • Projectile Pro
  • Your Own Medicine
  • Look, No Hands!
  • Wraithless in Battle
  • Shard Miner
  • Moonlight Treasure
  • Toot or Boot?
  • One Chore Down
  • Toil and Trouble
  • Join the Creed
  • Beauty’s in the Eye
  • Photobomb

These trophies are ones that you will likely complete or primarily complete as you play through the story. The only two trophies to pay special attention to are Tippy-Top and Look, No Hands! You’ll want to get Tippy-Top right after you unlock Brother Battle above. After you beat the boss needed for that trophy, you’ll see a golden eagle statue nearby. Just climb on top of that before you do anything else, and the trophy will pop. For Look, No Hands! You have to kill ten enemies with traps in the game’s Vaults of Tartaros. There are a limited number of these, so make sure you start doing it once you find ones with traps to get it out of the way before it’s too late. It would help if you got these trophies done once you finish up the story so that you’re as ready as possible before tackling the more grindy trophies in the next step.

Step Three: Grinding

Trophies Included

  • Fenyx the Horseman
  • To Good Health
  • C-C-C-Combo
  • It’s A Bird!
  • Ornithology
  • Wing Nut
  • Who’s the Boss?
  • Hades’ New Neighbor
  • Armed and Dangerous
  • Servant to the Gods
  • More than Twelve Labours
  • Potion Professional
  • Powered Up
  • Show Your Moves
  • Weapon Master
  • Fully Charged
  • Last Hero Standing

This stage will end up taking up most of your time. To make it go as quickly as possible, you’ll want to start with More than Twelve Labors, which requires you to complete 36 different tasks from Hermes’ Heroic Tasks Board. Doing this first will help you make progress towards a lot of these other grindy trophies, but it will also give you a lot of resources that will help you work on the others. Once you’re done with these, you’ve completed the base game, and it’ll be time to move on to the DLCs.

Step Four: DLC

Trophies Included

  • Better Luck Next Time
  • Putting in Overtime
  • Overblessed
  • Wardrobe Warrior
  • Zoomies
  • Tested and Approved
  • The Last Warlord
  • Lighter Than Air
  • The Goddess of Creation
  • Balanced
  • Divine
  • Stuff of Legends
  • Masochist
  • Stomp-A-Mole
  • Ash the Leech
  • Opportunist
  • Full House
  • The Ultimate Price

Most of these trophies will be earned simply by playing through each of the story quests in the three DLCs. As you play through each of the stories, make sure you keep your eye out for the collectibles to wrap up their associated trophies for fully getting upgraded and collecting everything possible. Each DLC then has a final challenge that you can complete after getting all of their other related trophies to cap it off. The trophies for the first DLC, A New God, are exceptionally straightforward, but the final two have a few that you’ll have to keep an eye out for.

Myths of the Eastern Realm

As you play through the main quests of Myths of the Eastern Realm, you’ll reach a point where you will get a side mission to fly over to Bu Zhou and look for a character known as Gong Gong. Once you have that side quest make sure you follow it and complete all three of Gong Gong’s missions to unlock The Last Warlord and Lighter Than Air. Then, continue through the main quest and make sure you save before you do the mission after the point of no return. After you finish the story, you just have to complete the last Myth Challenges you have and then a couple of Ruins of Heaven.

The Lost Gods

As you play through The Lost Gods, you can primarily focus on the main story quests, but you’ll want to make sure you use Heroic Gifts as you go to lose 20 health chunks and gain ten health chunks for Masochist and Ash the Leech, respectively. After you’ve finished the DLC’s main quests, you then want to tackle the Nymph side quests for Opportunist. As you play, make sure you keep your eye out for large crystal shards to upgrade your gear for Full House fully. Then, you can take on the DLC’s final challenge, and you’ll be done with your quest for completion.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Trophy Guide

The Giving Tree

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Meet Aphrodite in Immortals‘ main quest

Big Chicken

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Meet Ares in the Immortals‘ main quest

The Iron Giant

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Meet Hephaistos in the Immortals‘ main quest

Sassy, Lost Child

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Meet Athena in the Immortals‘ main quest

God of War

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Complete the Ares Quests

Tips: This requires you to finish three quests: Jaws of War, Pecking Orders, and Nest Egg

Goddess of Wisdom

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Complete the Athena Quests

Tips: This requires you to finish three quests: The Good, the Bad and the Tiny, Do Hero Things!, and Judgement Day

Messenger of the Gods

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Complete the Hermes’ requests

Tips: Hermes is unique because he doesn’t have his questline. Instead, this trophy will unlock more than Twelve Labors when you unlock the trophy.

Goddess of Love

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Complete the Aphrodite Quests

Tips: This requires you to finish four quests: From Pain Comes Beauty, A Crying Shame, One Bad Apple, and Mean Goddesses

God of the Forge

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Complete the Hephaistos Quests

Tips: This requires you to finish seven quests: Who Art Thou?, Fan Service, Light My Fire, Churned on, Shaken to the Core, A Breakthrough, and Dark Arts

Brother Battle

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Defeat the boss Ligyron in battle

Tips: By the time you reach Ligyron, you’ll be pretty powerful, which would make the boss battle an easy task. Just ensure that you unlock Tippy-Top right after the fight.

Mission Complete

Rarity: Gold

Description: Defeat the final boss, Typhon

Tips: This is the game’s final boss, and you will receive a point of no return message. Make sure you save before you go past that point to have a save file you can load to get the remaining trophies. Leading up to the boss, you will have to go through the longest Vault in the game, so make sure you bring plenty of potions, Pomegranates, and Blue Mushrooms along with you.

Logs and Monsters

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Rewarded for chopping down 100 large trees

Tips: Thankfully, this trophy is not nearly as much of a grind as it seems at first. You’ll get your first heavy weapon called the Axe of Atalanta early on in the game. You can then use this to chop down trees for Golden Amber as you play, or just go into a mass of trees and start chopping.

Bird’s-Eye View

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Clear the fog from the entire map

Tips: There are seven regions across the map that have to be unfogged by climbing atop statues or mountains viewpoints. These are marked with an icon, which makes this a lot easier. You should naturally get this trophy as you progress through the main quests.


Rarity: Bronze

Description: Get to the highest point of the entire map

Tips: You’ll want to grab this trophy right after killing Ligyron. The battlefield has a golden statue of an eagle above it, and all you have to do is climb on top of it.

The Floor is Lava

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Complete a glide of 1,000 meters

Tips: Before attempting this trophy, make sure you have unlocked the Glide Boost skill and have a lot of Stamina. Then climb to the top of Hephaistos’ statue in the Forgelands. Then, just jump off and glide to the lowest point you can see within the canyons.


Rarity: Bronze

Description: Tame a mount of Epic rarity.

Tips: See Fenyx the Horseman

Among the Stars

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Finish a Constellation Myth Challenge

Tips: You’ll unlock this naturally during the story quests.

Fenyx the Horseman

Rarity: Silver

Description: Tame all 25 mounts in the game

Tips: The location of all 25 mounts are:

  • Aethon – A pit behind the enormous throne room in War’s Den
  • Alabaster – By tall rock pillars to the west of Gaia’s Soul tree
  • Anemone – Directly behind the Hall of the Gods
  • Antikythera – Bottom of a cliff to the west of the Arena of Bravery Vault in The Forgelands
  • Asphodel – Near waterfalls at the end of a valley to the east of the start of the climb up King’s Peak
  • Bolt – North of the Big Lyre in the Eternal Spring
  • Cypress – Northeast of the statue of a woman with a bowl in one hand that is north of Aphrodite’s Bewilderment Vault
  • Everlast – West of The Archives in the Grove of Kleos
  • Guardian – At the bottom of an archway in the northwest corner of the Grove of Kleos
  • Hellebore – In the rive near the start of the path to climb up King’s Peak
  • Indika – South of the Gaiag’s Soul Tree in the Eternal Spring
  • Itea – Near a golden pillar of pegasos on the southern border of the Grove of Kleos
  • Khroma – Northern-most island in the northwest corner of The Forgelands
  • Krater – North corner of Ajax’s Fort in War’s Den
  • Krystalline – North of The Aquaducts in The Forgelands
  • Larkspur – Around a pond just northeast of a farm on the border between the Grove of Kleos and the Gates of Tartaros
  • Laurion – Found in the northeast region of the large Southern island in the Clashing Rocks
  • Muse – In a field directly North of the Sanctuary of Erebos Vault in War’s Den
  • Paragon – Within the two ponds in the Northeast part of War’s Den
  • Ptilon – Northeast of Zeus’ Throne at the top of King’s Peak
  • Quicksilver – Corner of the Western border south of the giant lake in the Grove of Kleos
  • Sepia – To the north of the Hall of the Gods in the Eternal Spring
  • Sheena – North coast of the Grove of Kleos to the est of the Solos’ Stage of Trickery Vault
  • Tyrian – In a meadow at the most southerly point of Eternal Spring’s coast
  • Xenippos – Northwest of the Protector Drakon Ismenios Fast Travel point in War’s Den

To Good Health

Rarity: Silver

Description: Have fully upgraded health

Tips: You can upgrade your health by using Ambrosia. Ambrosia can be tagged with Far Sight to help you find it on the map. They are usually found in high places of cliffs and buildings.

Projectile Pro

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Kill a flying enemy with a thrown object

Tips: To kill a flying enemy, use the Herakles Braces to pick up a rock or other large object and throw it at a flying enemy like a harpy to kill them.


Rarity: Bronze

Description: For having a combo hit, the final Combo stage

Tips: You can only do this after completing the Ares questline. This is easiest down with a fully upgraded Athena’s Dash since it hits enemies many times with each use. The easiest way to get this trophy is to set the difficulty a bit higher so that enemies have higher health and then use Athena’s Dash into a large group of bigger enemies until you get 84 hits.

Your Own Medicine

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Kill an enemy using their own thrown projectile

Tips: You do this by parrying projectiles, which will send it back to the attacker.

It’s A Bird!

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Get a combo of 25 hits while in the air

Tips: To make this trophy easier, unlock Aphrodite’s Kiss, Ares’ Command, and Herakles’ Leap. To get this, find a group of flying enemies, leap to one and then leap to another after you kill the first one before you hit the ground.

Look, No Hands!

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Kill 10 enemies with Vault traps

Tips: This is the only missable trophy in the entire game, so make sure you work towards it immediately when you find a Vault with traps in it. This is easiest done in arena vaults that give you three waves of enemies to kill in arenas with traps in them. If you need to get the trophy and only have one of these Vaults left after you complete it, fast travel out before opening the chest in the Vault. This will let you do the Vault again while the progress still counts toward the trophy.

Wraithless in Battle

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Kill a Wraith

Tips: See Last Hero Standing


Rarity: Silver

Description: Obtain every Phoenix skins

Tips: There are 17 skins in total that you will unlock via playing the story and obtaining the other trophies.

Wing Nut

Rarity: Silver

Description: Obtain every set of wings

Tips: There are 19 wings in total that you unlock via story missions and defeating Lieutenants scattered across the map. The Lieutenants you have to kill are:

  • Lieutenant of Hybrids – West of Gates of Tartaros viewpoint
  • Minotaur Lieutenant – Where the borders of The Forgelands, Grove of Kleos, and Gates of Tartaros meet
  • Hound of the Underworld Lieutenant – East of the viewpoint for Gates of Tartaros
  • Lieutenant Euryale – East of Athena’s Library
  • Lieutenant Gyges – South of the statue of Ares
  • Lieutenant Briareos – West of the Protector Drakon Ismenian in War’s Den
  • Lieutenant Okypete – Northeast of Gaia’s Soul
  • Lieutenant Aello – Northeast of the Hall of the Gods
  • Lieutenant Stheno – On the west side of the lake in the Grove of Kleos

Who’s The Boss?

Rarity: Silver

Description: Kill all four Mythical Monster bosses

Tips: You should not try to kill these bosses until after you’ve done just about everything else in the game, as they are the most challenging content on the map. The four are:

  • Kottos the Hekatonchires – At the top of Ajax’s Fort in War’s Den
  • Medusa the Gorgon – Island on the top left of the Grove of Kleos
  • Ozomene the Harpy – Island to the southwest of the Valley of Eternal Spring
  • Polyphemus the Cyclops – Island to the Northeast of The Forgelands

Hades’ New Neighbor

Rarity: Silver

Description: Finish 25 Vaults of Tartaros

Tips: There are a lot more than 25 Vaults in the game, so completing 25 of them should happen naturally.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Meet Hermes in the main quest

Shard Miner

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Destroyed 10 Shard Clusters

Tips: You will find Shard Clusters as you play that can be destroyed with melee attacks to upgrade your gear. You should break all of these immediately when you see them, and you’ll have no problem reaching 10.

Armed and Dangerous

Rarity: Gold

Description: Have everything at the Forge of Hephaistos fully upgraded

Tips: This is done by collecting shards from chests, Hermes’ tasks, and Crystal Shards. You will likely get this naturally as you do the rest of the trophies.

Moonlight Treasure

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Find and open a Night Chest

Tips: Night Chests can be found with Far Sight and can only be opened at night after defeating the group of difficult enemies defending them. This trophy is pretty easy to get, especially when you mark everything with Far Sight.

Toot or Boot?

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Have a matching armor and helmet equipped

From the Ashes

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Meet Phosphor in the main quest

Not Too Close to the Sun

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Equip a set of wings other than the starting set

Servant to the Gods

Rarity: Silver

Description: Finish the side questlines of the gods

Tips: These quests will only unlock after you complete the main quests for each god, as well as defeating all four Wraiths. The quests you need to complete are:

  • Aphrodite – Saving Our Hides
  • Ares – Hot Pot, Pot Ajar, Pay-Bagock
  • Athena – Ozo-meanie
  • Hephaistos – Forged Friendship, Spring Hope Eternal

One Chore Down

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Finish a task from Hermes’ Heroic Tasks Board

Tips: See More than Twelve Labours

More than Twelve Labours

Rarity: Silver

Description: Finish 36 tasks on Hermes’ Heroic Tasks Board

Tips: These challenges will have you complete most of the game’s collectibles and side activities. Luckily, they can be done at any time, so you don’t have to worry about missing them, and you can do them in your own time.

Toil and Trouble

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Craft a potion

Tips: You will do this during the main quests

Potion Professional

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Unlock all upgrades in the Potion tree

Tips: To upgrade potions, you need to find Golden Amber, which can be found in some trees or chests as you play

Powered Up

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Unlock all upgrades in the Godly Powers tree

Tips: To do this, you’ll have to get 186 Charon coins by completing myth challenges.

Show Your Moves

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Unlock all upgrades in the Skills tree

Tips: To do this, you’ll have to get 83 Charon coins by completing myth challenges.

Weapon Master

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Upgrade one weapon to its final tier

Tips: You have to unlock either the sword or the axe to its final tier using blue and red adamantine shards for this trophy. You’ll get enough of these by playing and getting the other trophies as they are rewards for slaying bosses and regular enemies as well as opening chests.

Join the Creed

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Kill 10 enemies with Stealth Attacks

Tips: You have to sneak up on enemies and follow the button prompt to do this. You don’t have to kill the enemies; you have to damage them with the attack.

Fully Charged

Rarity: Silver

Description: Have fully upgraded Stamina

Tips: To do this, you have to collect Zeus’ lightning bolts from Tartaros Vaults scattered across the map.

Down in Flames

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Finish all of Phosphor’s quests

Last Hero Standing

Rarity: Silver

Description: Kill all 4 Wraiths

Tips: There are 4 Wraiths total that appear to you in the open world. After killing them, you have to locate their lair and defeat them again. There you fully kill them. The four Wraiths are:

  • Achilles – North of the Hall of Gods in the Valley of Eternal Spring
  • Atalanta – West of the lake in the Grove of Kleos
  • Herakles – Northwest of Ares’ statue in War’s Den
  • Odysseus – Top of the aqueducts in The Forgelands

Beauty’s in the Eye

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Customize your appearance

Tips: Once you are taken to the Hall of Gods in the main quest, there is a salon chair you can use to customize your character.


Rarity: Bronze

Description: Take a photo with photo mode

A New God Trophy Guide

Better Luck Next Time

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Fail the initiation trial

Tips: At the start of the DLC, you will do a Trial of Hermes. Just walk off the nearby edge to die and get the trophy.

Putting in Overtime

Rarity: Gold

Description: Find and finish the secret trial

Tips: Talk to Hermes at the center of Olympus to get the sidequest It Belongs in a Museum err Pantheon. This will task you with completing 24 trials to obtain a relic from a chest within them. Once you have all of them, return to the center of Olympus and place them on the empty chairs. This will unlock a cutscene and the secret trial. Then, just complete that trial.


Rarity: Silver

Description: Get all of the DLC’s blessings

Tips: Complete the six trials for Aphrodite, Athena, Ares, and Hephaistos to get each of their blessings.

Tested and Approved

Rarity: Silver

Description: Earn a promotion for Fenyx

Tips: This is a story-related trophy you will unlock naturally

Wardrobe Warrior

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Obtain every piece of gear

Tips: You will earn seven of the eight new pieces of gear naturally while playing, but you have to collect four Hipposandals to unlock the new mount Arion. These chests are all located behind each god behind a door you need the god’s new skill to unlock.


Rarity: Bronze

Description: Fully master fast transportation

Tips: Finish Ares’ quest Trial of Rampage’s Initiation

Myths of the Eastern Realm Trophy Guide

The Goddess of Creation

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Finish all of Nuwa’s Quests

The Last Warlord

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Finish all of Gong Gong’s Quests


Rarity: Bronze

Description: Finish the all of the Ruins of Heaven

Tips: Complete all 5 Ruins of Heaven in the DLC. They are:

  • The expanse of the King Amongst Clouds: At the Unity Shrine
  • Chong Raises the Skies: North of the Peace Forge
  • Path of Tai Yi’s Tribute: At Jian Mu Tree
  • Tutelage of the Black Emperor: North of the Watchtower at the Gates
  • Li Quells the Horizon: North of the Hall of the Yan Di Clan

Stuff of Legends

Rarity: Silver

Description: Finish every Myth Challenge

Tips: There are 17 of these total that you can find across the map with Far Sight.

Lighter Than Air

Rarity: Silver

Description: Use an Air Ring 20 times without landing

Tips: This is a missable trophy that you can complete during the quest Divine Wreck-oning. You can repeatedly grapple to the Air Rings during the arena fight until you get the trophy to pop.


Rarity: Gold

Description: Complete the Tao Wu boss fight in the story quest

The Lost Gods Trophy Guide

The Ultimate Price

Rarity: Gold

Description: Complete the DLC’s main questline


Rarity: Silver

Description: Obtain all of the Heroic Gifts

Tips: To do this, you simply have to complete all of the quests and Nymph sidequests.

Full House

Rarity: Silver

Description: Have fully upgraded Gear

Tips: Keep your eye on your minimap for blue, grey, and gold dots. They denote resources you need to upgrade your gear, so ensure you collect all of them as you play, and this trophy won’t be an issue.


Rarity: Bronze

Description: Use Heroic Gifts to lose health 20 times

Tips: To make this trophy easy, unlock Rise of the Hero and Demeter’s Efficiency. Then add a purple essence enchantment to it and use the power as you play to drain enough health.


Rarity: Bronze

Description: Kill 10 Abas

Tips: You will unlock this during a story quest.

Ash the Leech

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Use Heroid Gifts to heal ten times

Tips: Again, unlock Rise of the Hero, but instead use it with Boreas’ Devastation and add a purple essence to it. This will allow you to heal each time you use the power, so do so, and you’ll get the trophy.

Fenyx Has Risen

Most Immortals Fenyx Rising‘s trophies are pretty straightforward to get. Most of the challenge of earning the platinum trophy comes from spending enough time to find all of the collectibles and do all of the content the game’s enormous open-world holds. It seems like it will take a little too long for your liking. You can always set the difficulty down as easy as it goes and only raise it when you need to for specific trophies.


Question: How Big is the Map in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

Answer: The map is 27km². This puts it smaller than Mafia but larger than Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Question: Does it Matter Which Gender you Play as in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

Answer: The canon gender of Fenyx is female, but players can play the game as either male or female Fenyx without any impact on the gameplay or story.

Question: What Difficulty Settings Does Immortals Fenyx Rising Have?

Answer: There are four difficulties when you first boot up the game: Story, Easy, Normal, and Hard. However, after you finish it, if you’re looking for more, a fifth difficulty unlocks for a subsequent playthrough. +

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