Evil West Trophy Guide

Evil West Trophy Guide

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Evil West, or as I like to call it, “What if Red Dead Redemption and God Of War had a baby?” is a third-person shooter/adventure and action game developed by Flying Wild Hog and published by Focus Entertainment.

The game puts you in the skin of Jesse Rentier, the main agent of the Rentier Institute, run by William Rentier, Jesse’s father.

The reckless Rentier Institute is in charge of the defense of the United States, but not as you might think, as this institute has the arduous task of dealing with vampires, the real enemy of humans in this world. 

In one of his usual explorations with his sidekick, Edgar Gravenor, Jesse discovers that a vampire clan named “The Sanguisuges” plans to infect all of the United States with leeches that will turn every human in the country into vampires.

The Sanguisuges are ruled by Peter D’Abano, a Vampire Highborn, and his creepy daughter, Felicity, the brute force of the team.

With that in mind, Jesse departs on an adventure full of challenges, harsh battles, and, of course, many trophies to collect.

Evil West is a complicated game. It’s not as hard as others of the same genre, such as Elden Ring (it’s way shorter and simpler. In fact, I can say Evil West is a casual approach to Role-playing Action games), but it offers a big challenge. 

The trophies of Evil West are based on Story, Collectible, and Combat-related quests, and then, we have the most difficult ones, like the Bossfight-related Trophies, which will take you a lot of time and, if you are prone to rage, a lot of controller smashes. Welcome to a Evil West Trophy Guide.

Quick Facts

  • Genre: Third-Person Shooter, Action. 
  • Difficulty: 7/10
  • Number of playthroughs required: 2. 
  • Time to complete: 25-30 hours. It’ll depend on how well you adapt to the game. 
  • Number of Trophies: 30. 13 Bronze Trophies, 11 Silver Trophies, 5 Gold Trophies, and a Platinum Trophy
  • Percentage of Players with Platinum: 19.62%

The Roadmap to Success

Step 1: Story and Combat-Related Trophies

evil west slam champion trophy

For this first step, I want you to get used to the game and its mechanics. It’s not a game with complex mechanics, but you must learn how to use every weapon and combat resource to make things easier. 

As you have to be an expert on this game, for this first step, you’ll be focusing on beating the game (so you get all the story-related achievements) while also trying to complete all the combat achievements you can complete on your first run.

I recommend you beat the game in Normal or Hard, as these difficulties will help you adapt to what you’ll find in the Evil difficulty. Playing in Story mode is okay too, but it makes the game very easy (and boring, in my opinion), so it’s better to start learning to make it out alive from sketchy situations as early as possible. 

Here’s a list of all the trophies you’ll get in this step:

Story-Related Trophies

  • Calico
  • A Spark of Hope
  • Ticks & Leeches
  • Adapt or Die
  • Drop of Blood
  • Ancient Blood

Combat-Related Trophies

  • Monsterball
  • Slam Champion
  • Pointless Violence
  • In the Feels
  • E-Rodeo
  • Mighty Mitten
  • Chewing Volts
  • Sever Forever

Step 2: Time to Grind

Now that you have explored every nook and cranny of the game and have beaten it for the first time, it’s time to complete the game again, but this time on an NG+ run in Evil difficulty.

Your aim on this run is to get all the collectible and upgrade-related trophies and, as you beat the game again, get all the difficulty-related achievements. The collectible and the upgrade-related trophies are related to each other, as the collectible of this game is money, the same money you use to buy upgrades.

Also, there are two hidden Perk Points and eight hidden Perks that you need to find to complete all the Perk charts. You have to try to get all of that in this run.

It’s fair to say that this will be a longer run as the Evil difficulty is, as its name says, evil and very less forgiving than Normal and Hard difficulty. You’ll get killed by only receiving two to three hits, and your weapons deal less damage, making this game more of a patience task than a skill-based challenge. Elden Ring players can relate to this.

Here is a list of all the achievements you’ll try to get during this run:

Collectible and Upgrade-Related Trophies

  • Boys’n’Toys
  • Pew Pew Die
  • Field Agent
  • Chest Nuts

Difficulty-Related Trophies

  • Novice
  • Adept
  • Expert
  • Weird West Superhero

Step 3: Bossfights Challenges

evil west sanguis aeternus trophy

Lastly, when you are a complete expert on the game and know you can beat it with your eyes closed, it’s time to take on the boss fight challenges. I didn’t include these in the previous step because you can replay chapters, so the idea is to go through all of these trophies one at a time, only focusing on beating them.

It doesn’t matter if you beat these challenges on Normal or Hard difficulty, though; that’s why I prefer to leave them last. 

After completing all the Bossfight-related trophies, you’ll receive Sanguis Aeternus, the Platinum one, meaning you’ll have all the trophies of Evil West. 

  • Bio Friendly
  • Bleed You Out
  • Father’s Day
  • Beat the Beast
  • Sanguis Aeternus

Evil West Trophies

We only have 30 trophies to get in this game, but let me tell you, it’ll be a hell of a ride. Let’s get started! 

Sanguis Aeternus

  • Rarity: Platinum
  • Average Percentage: 19.62%
  • Missable?: Yes.
  • Difficulty: 10

This is our objective, the trophy of all trophies! You’ll get Sanguis Aeternus as soon as you get all the remaining 29 trophies of the game. It’ll not be an easy task, and you’ll spend a lot of time grinding and getting killed by Vampire Highborns or by the really annoying Bruch over and over again, but in the end, it’s a very satisfying trophy to get. 


  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Average Percentage: 44.12%
  • Missable?: No.
  • Difficulty: 2.

Novice is a difficulty-related trophy you’ll get by completing the game on Story difficulty or higher. You’ll get this one on your first playthrough, no matter which difficulty you use to finish the game. 


  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Average Percentage: 77.58%
  • Missable?: No.
  • Difficulty: 1

The Calico trophy is Story-related and will pop up on your screen the first time you put a step on Calico Town. This will happen on your first run of the game as soon as you get to Chapter 5, The Devil’s Pass. 

Adapt or Die

evil west adapt or die trophy

  • Rarity: Silver
  • Average Percentage: 50.22%
  • Missable?: No.
  • Difficulty: 5

You’ll get the Adapt or Die trophy by beating The Bruch for the first time. The Bruch is one of the four bossfights you’ll find in the game; it’s exactly the second one, and you’ll meet her in Chapter 10, Bats in the Belfry. 

How to Beat the Bruch

You can beat all the bossfights of the game with a simple strategy (except for The Parasiter, but I’ll talk about that little guy later). The idea is to keep them far away from you, so they’ll use their ranged attacks, which are very easy to avoid, and you can land shots with the Rentier Rifle (or the X-Bow, as you wish), dealing constant damage. 

With that in mind, let’s talk about The Bruch. This witch-like monster has two types of attack patterns; the one when she’s on the battlefield and the one she uses when she retreats to heal herself. 

  • If The Bruch is on the battlefield, try to be away from her. Meanwhile, shoot at her with the Rifle and dodge her ranged attacks. Your damage-dealing resource will be the Crippling Rod. As you use it, every enemy in the field will get stunned, so use it and then dash toward The Bruch to do an E-Combo to her. As soon as you finish the E-Combo, try to give it a shot with the Boomstick. This is what I like to name the “Crippling Rod + E-Combo attack” (or Shocking Combo, which sounds cooler), and you’ll use it a lot during your adventure in Evil West.
  • If The Bruch leaves the battlefield, she summons their annoying minions and bug-clones and will heal herself. The good thing about this is that she’ll reveal a Weak Spot whenever she starts healing, so you can shoot her three times to stop her while also dealing some damage. Try to have an eye on The Bruch when she leaves the field, put a bullet on her whenever she reveals her Weak Spot, and you’ll be fine.

Ticks and Leeches

  • Rarity: Silver
  • Average Percentage: 60.15%
  • Missable?: No.
  • Difficulty: 4.

To get the Ticks and Leeches Trophy, you must defeat The Parasiter, the first boss fight of the game. You’ll find this apotheosic beast in Chapter 7, Smoke and Mirrors. 

How to Defeat the Parasiter

The Parasiter is a mutant leech with two arms/claws that can shoot big green slime balls at you and will stomp on you whenever you try to attack them with the Gauntlet. You can chop off these two arms, and when you do, The Parasiter will open its mouth, revealing two Weak Spots where you can shoot.

After that, The Parasiter will shake the tree fastened to it, making some rocks fall from the sky (That doesn’t make any sense, though).

Then, The Parasiter will pop out its arms again, so the cycle repeats. Remember: Chop arms, shoot Weak Spots, avoid rocks, and repeat.

Drop of Blood

  • Rarity: Silver
  • Average Percentage: 45.02%
  • Missable?: No.
  • Difficulty: 7

You’ll get the Drop of Blood trophy by defeating William Rentier, The Sanguisuge. Daddy William will be the third bossfight you’ll have in the game, and it happens during Chapter 14, A Son’s Duty. 

How to Defeat William Rentier

This bossfight is a bit different from the other ones, as William Rentier doesn’t have strong melee attacks except for a pounce he does to the floor. This pounce isn’t hard to avoid, as you can see the whole area that deals damage. Here’s when your skills with The Gauntlet will shine!

William Rentier has three phases. On the first one, he’ll shoot at you with his weapons, revealing Weak Spots to shoot at. There will be moments when he stops moving while taunting you.

At these moments, you’ll have to dash toward him and start throwing punches like a madman. After that, you can stun him with a dash or the Crippling Rod, followed by an E-Combo, and lastly, an Explosive Bundle. 

On the second and third ones, he’ll release some tentacles and start spamming a ranged attack that consists of swarms of leeches running at you.

You can avoid them by always dashing to the left or the right (depending on your position). Continue hitting them with The Gauntlet and stunning them with the Crippling Rod, and you’ll eventually defeat him. 

Ancient Blood

evil west ancient blood trophy

  • Rarity: Gold
  • Average Percentage: 44.18%
  • Missable?: No.
  • Difficulty: 8

You’ll get the Ancient Blood trophy by defeating Felicity D’Abano, which marks the end of the game. You’ll battle against her in Chapter 16, The Grand Finale. 

How to Defeat Felicity D’Abano

This battle is another endurance test; it’s all about avoiding her attacks, using the Crippling Rod + E-Combo attack, and throwing an Explosive Bundle at her when you can.

Felicity’s battle has three stages. In the first stage, Felicity mutates into a feral beast that dashes fast, leaving fire traces that deals damage to you. She’ll execute melee-ranged attacks, like pouncing at you, but she also has a ranged attack that will reveal a Weak Spot at the end.

You must deal damage with the revolver when she’s near you, and if you have the chance, shoot a couple of Rifle shots at her. It’s hard to keep the aim on her because she’s like a kid with a sugar rush; you can’t catch her! 

In the second stage, she gets bigger and faster (and more annoying). She’ll have the same attack patterns. The only difference in this stage is that she’ll jump at the walls while punching them to make some rocks fall, like The Parasiter. Keep following the same strategy, and use the Gatling Gun when you can.

In the last stage, the battle gets a bit easier, as she’ll get giant, and all her attacks will consist of pouncing at you and spamming ranged attacks. She’ll also punch the floor, which will make some rocks fall.

These rocks will stay on the field and will be helpful because Felicity will start throwing wooden planks at you after that. So, to avoid getting your bones crushed by these wooden planks, you must stand behind the rocks.

Lastly, if you use the Crippling Rod on her, she’ll let you perform a finisher. This finisher won’t kill her, but at least will drop Heal and Energy Pickups. 

Spark of Hope

  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Average Percentage: 77.26%
  • Missable?: No.
  • Difficulty: 1

Spark of Hope is a story-related Trophy you’ll get as soon as you activate the Supercharged Mode for the first time. You’ll get access to the Supercharged Mode in Chapter 5, Remote RI Outpost.


  • Rarity: Silver
  • Average Percentage: 35.54%
  • Missable?: No.
  • Difficulty: 0.

You’ll get the Adept trophy by beating the game in Normal difficulty or higher. You’ll automatically get this trophy alongside the Weird West Superhero trophy when you complete the game for the second time. 


  • Rarity: Gold
  • Average Percentage: 22.40%
  • Missable?: No.
  • Difficulty: 0.

This trophy works the same as the previous one. You can get it by beating the game in Hard difficulty or higher, but you’ll automatically get it after completing the game on your second run. 

Weird West Superhero

  • Rarity: Gold
  • Average Percentage: 20.95%
  • Missable?: No.
  • Difficulty: 10

You’ll get the Weird West Superhero Trophy by beating the game in Evil difficulty. 

evil west difficulty

Let me tell you something; this game is very complicated, as you’ll die pretty easily, and you’ll take more time than usual defeating the bossfights. It’s more of an endurance test than a skill challenge. But here are some tips you can use to make your experience more enjoyable, or at least not as frustrating as it can be: 

Combat Style

You’ll survive the Evil difficulty of this game by developing a safe and secure combat style. You must always try to keep your enemies far away from you, and the only instances when you can be near them is if you pull them with the Zapper to perform a Cannonball at a bigger enemy.

This move also does good crowd damage, which works to clean minion waves.

The bossfights don’t change at all aside from dealing more damage in Evil difficulty, so you can use the same strats you used before to take them down. Remember to use the Crippling Rod constantly, and you’ll be safe.

Perks and Upgrades

For the Perks and Upgrades, focus on getting the defensive ones rather than the close combat, melee ones. All those Perks that can heal you will be excellent on this run. 

After that, try to get all the Perks and Upgrades that help you deal crowd damage. They’ll help you clean minion waves without any risks.

Let me give you a list of Perks and Upgrades that helped me the most during this endurance test. I recommend getting these first! 


evil west upgrades

  • Gauntlet, Great Finish
  • All Crippling Rod Upgrades: Do Not Disturb and Amp Snack
  • Rentier Rifle, Free Bullet
  • Rentier Gatling, The Cocoon
  • Explosive Bundles, Lightning Tornado


evil west perks

  • Bait & Switch
  • Pump Jack
  • On The Spot
  • Vital Superpowers
  • Death Defied
  • Pick It Up
  • Extra Juice
  • On a Row
  • Cannonball Explosion


  • Rarity: Silver
  • Average Percentage: 21.23%
  • Missable?: Yes.
  • Difficulty: 5

For this trophy, you must buy all the Upgrades for all the weapons in the game. You can’t get this trophy on your first playthrough because you don’t get enough Cash to unlock all the Upgrades; that’s why you’ll have the chance of getting this trophy on your second playthrough. 

Pew Pew Die

  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Average Percentage: 21.09%
  • Missable?: Yes.
  • Difficulty: 5

To get the Pew Pew Die Trophy, you’ll have to kill 30 enemies with all the electrically-augmented weapons.

evil west electrically-augmented weapons

You can only get this trophy during your second playthrough, but first, on your first playthrough, you must get all the Electric Upgrades of all the weapons. These are the Upgrades you find on blueprints throughout your first time playing the game.

After that, wait until the start of your second playthrough. Here’s when you must kill the 30 enemies with all your weapons, except for the Scorcher, because it doesn’t have an Electric Upgrade. 

Field Agent

  • Rarity: Silver
  • Average Percentage: 23.44%
  • Missable?: Yes.
  • Difficulty: 4

Field Agent is a Collectible-related trophy you’ll get after collecting all eight hidden Perks. These Perks are hidden inside the big Chests you’ll find during your adventure. 

Chest Nuts

  • Rarity: Bronze 
  • Average Percentage: 22.48%
  • Missable?: Yes.
  • Difficulty: 4

Another Collectible-related trophy. For this one, you must get all the Cash Bags of the game. There are 312 Cash Bags in the game; most aren’t very hidden at all, but there are well-hidden Cash Bags that will force you to explore the maps. 

evil west collectible trophy

Weren’t You Listening?

  • Rarity: Silver
  • Average Percentage: 22.89%
  • Missable?: No.
  • Difficulty: 7

This trophy will be yours after beating The Bruch on Evil Difficulty. It’s a tough challenge, but you can follow the same strategy you followed when you killed her for the first time. 

Minor Deity

  • Rarity: Silver
  • Average Percentage: 24.38%
  • Missable?: No.
  • Difficulty: 6

The same goes for this trophy, which you’ll get after killing The Parasiter on Evil Difficulty.

Then You Died

  • Rarity: Silver
  • Average Percentage: 22.11%
  • Missable?: No.
  • Difficulty: 8

Lastly, you’ll get this trophy for killing Daddy William Rentier on Evil difficulty. 


  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Average Percentage: 68.99%
  • Missable?: Yes.
  • Difficulty: 2

Monsterball is a very entertaining and satisfying trophy, as to get it, you must kill 50 enemies by Cannonballing them. I recommend Cannonball enemies towards dynamite or spikes with barrels until having the Cannonball Explosion Perk.

After that, you can Cannonball the enemies toward other enemies! 

Slam Champion

  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Average Percentage: 26.81% (people don’t like to slam in this game)
  • Missable?: Yes.
  • Difficulty: 3

You’ll get this trophy by slamming 100 enemies into the ground. 

evil west slamming 100 enemies

I know that slamming 100 enemies sounds like an arduous task, but in reality, you don’t have to kill them with the slam, which means you can slam the same enemy two to three times in a row, making the task way easier than it sounds. 

Pointless Violence

  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Average Percentage: 87.51%
  • Missable?: Yes.
  • Difficulty: 1

This one is a very easy trophy to get, as all you have to do is perform 15 finishers on enemies.

evil west pointless violence trophy

In The Feels

  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Average Percentage: 76.03%
  • Missable?: Yes.
  • Difficulty: 1

This trophy is also very easy. Your task here is to shoot enemies in their Weak Spots 45 times. My tip is not to focus on doing this challenge; you’ll pull it eventually during your first playthrough. 


  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Average Percentage: 73.91%
  • Missable?: Yes.
  • Difficulty: 1

This trophy will be yours after killing 20 enemies with the E-Combo. There’s not much to explain here. 

evil west e-combo

Bleed You Out

  • Rarity: Silver
  • Average Percentage: 21.42%
  • Missable?: Yes.
  • Difficulty: 8

Let’s take on the Bossfight-related trophies you’ll get in Step 3. The first one is Bleed You Out, and you’ll get it by killing The Bruch while preventing her from healing herself. 

Remember that The Bruch will leave the battlefield to heal herself while summoning some minions to distract you. When she heals herself, she’ll reveal a Weak Spot that you hit several times to cut her healing efforts.

Bio Friendly

  • Rarity: Silver
  • Average Percentage: 25.48%
  • Missable?: Yes.
  • Difficulty: 8.5

To get the Bio Friendly trophy, you’ll have to kill The Parasiter without killing any minions.

Remember that The Parasiter will set some meat sacks that will spawn minions after a while. You can break these sacks before they pop, so you don’t get minions in the field annoying you during the battle. 

Father’s Day

  • Rarity: Gold
  • Average Percentage: 28.64%
  • Missable?: Yes.
  • Difficulty: 6

You’ll have to kill William Rentier in less than 6 minutes to get this trophy. To do it, set the game in Story difficulty and kill your dad as usual. It won’t take you more than 5 minutes!

If you want to cut some time, start the battle with the Gatling Gun and then a Supercharged Mode attack. It’s a pretty kickass combo to kickstart the bossfight. 

Best the Beast

  • Rarity: Gold
  • Average Percentage: 22.68%
  • Missable?: Yes.
  • Difficulty: 8

This is an arduous Trophy to get, as you’ll have to defeat Felicity D’Abano without healing yourself with the HP Dispenser. 

Yes, it’s a hard trophy to get, but at the same time, you’ll have all the Perks and Upgrades available to you, which means you have access to Perks like On the Spot, or Life Support (which is a hidden Perk), so you’ll get healed constantly and you will not depend on the HP Dispenser as much as you think.

Mighty Mitten

evil west mighty mitten trophy

  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Average Percentage: 76.46%
  • Missable?: Yes. 
  • Difficulty: 1

You’ll get this Trophy by killing ten enemies in a row, but only with the Gauntlet and after receiving the Revolver, which happens in Chapter 1.

There are many ways to get this Trophy; you can do it as intended, by killing enemies by punching them, or you can wait to unlock the Supercharged Mode and then wait to be in a battle against a big wave of Vampire minions. Pretty easy if you ask me. 

Chewing Volts

  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Average Percentage: 70.31%
  • Missable?: Yes.
  • Difficulty: 1

This one is another Combat-Related Trophy you’ll get during your first time playing the game. To get it, you’ll have to use 15 Energy Charges. The easiest way to get this achievement is by playing as usual until unlocking the Supercharged Mode.

Using the Supercharged Mode will spend three of your Energy Charges, so you have to use it five times to get the trophy. Simple math!

Sever Forever

  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Average Percentage: 43.18%
  • Missable?: Yes.
  • Difficulty: 4

This trophy can be a bit more complicated than the rest of the Combat-Related ones, as the challenge here is to tear off 100 limbs from minions. The trick to getting the trophy quickly is to aim at the minions’ arms. 


Question: Why can’t You Get the Pew Pew Die Trophy on Your First Playthrough?

Answer: This happens because you unlock the Electric Upgrade of the Gatling Gun shortly before facing Felicity, so you don’t have enough minions available to kill.

Question: Which is the Hardest Trophy of Evil West? 

Answer: For sure, Weird West Superhero. Beating the game on Evil difficulty is an arduous task. I had to do it in several sittings because I was getting stressed out very quickly!

Question: Are the Evil West Trophies Easy to Get? 

Answer: Evil West can be a good introduction to the world of grinding trophies of hard games, but if you want to start on the world of trophy collection, I don’t recommend starting with this game. Others, such as Gotham Knights (as an example), are a better introduction to this world.
It’s a game that will take you a long while, has Combat, Collectible, and Story-related trophies, and it requires some skill to get them all, so yeah, it’s a great introduction!

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