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Vampyr is an exciting action RPG that sees players controlling a doctor turned into a vampire at the height of a pandemic. Conflicted between their Hippocratic oath and their needs as a vampire, players have to decide whether or not to relieve their hunger by feasting on the city’s people. The city and story of Vampyr also react to the player’s decisions, meaning that eating or killing a person will permanently alter the story and world of the game. This makes the game’s story extraordinarily dynamic and exciting, but it also is a great game to chase the platinum trophy for.

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Key Info Up Front

Genre: Action RPG

Difficulty: 3/10

Number of Playthroughs: 1 using saves

Time to Complete: Approximately 30-40 hours

Number of Trophies: 29


For your playthrough of Vampyr, there are a few things to be aware of. Firstly, you have to play on Normal or Hard difficulty. Normal is the difficulty that the game was released with, while Story and Hard were added in a patch later on. Story difficulty locks you from getting certain rewards, which prevents you from getting all of the trophies, so you’ll have to do a second playthrough if you play on that one.

You’ll also have to do a pacifist run, which means not feeding on any characters. This makes the game harder since feeding on people is the primary way of gaining experience points, but it is necessary.

To save points, you’ll want to make a backup save right after starting the quest. Take me to a Hospital in Chapter One. Play through the chapter until you get the option to feed on a character named Clay Cox. Feed on him, and then load the save and spare him to continue your pacifist run.

The second backup saves you’ll want to make in Chapter Six before you go into the sewers to face the final boss. Before you face the boss, you should collect the game’s collectibles, but don’t worry yet about turning the districts or collecting every weapon in the game just yet.

I would advise playing the game naturally without worrying too much about collectibles. Vampyr has a lot of exploration built into its experience, and just playing through will help you find a lot of them while enjoying the game as much as possible. After you defeat the final boss, you’ll reload the save file you made in Chapter Six, and then you can hunt down the last weapons you need while you get the last few trophies as well.

All in all, it is a relatively easy Platinum trophy that shouldn’t be too hard for you to get your hands on as long as you prepare yourself before boss fights and make the right decisions.

Pacifist Run

As you progress through Vampyr’s main quest, you’ll have to make numerous decisions that impact the story and your pacifist story. To make sure that you keep your pacifist standing, you’ll have to refrain from embracing anyone throughout the game. Also, make sure that you don’t kill the Vicar during Mary’s boss fight. However, this can make maintaining a decent level challenging since embracing gives you a ton of XP. If you are having a hard time keeping your level up for the boss fights throughout the game, here are the best ways to gather XP during your playthrough:

  • Explore as much as possible to discover locations
  • Gather collectibles (see Lore Keeper below)
  • Complete main quests and investigations
  • Discover hints
  • Defeat enemies that aren’t human

As you level up, you can build your character’s abilities however you wish, but there are some options you can pick to make your playthrough as painless as possible. These are:

  • Body Condition to get more health
  • Physical Prowess to get more stamina
  • Blood Barrier to help you soak a few hits in boss fights
  • Autophagy to recover your health
  • Abyss Ultimate for a high amount of damage
  • Big Thirst to get more blood from bites in combat
  • Medical Bag to have more healing items during boss fights

You’ll also want to upgrade your weapons as much as possible to keep yourself dealing as much damage as possible to end fights quickly. You can go with whatever weapon you like best, but I would recommend opting for a two-handed weapon like a Mace to keep your damage output as high as possible. These weapons also have very high stun, allowing you to stun enemies and bite them during fights to increase your health.

vampyr gameplay

Collecting Weapons and Turning the Districts

Once you finish the game and reload your Chapter Six save, you’ll be able to start collecting every weapon in the game and turning all of the districts hostile. To do this, you’ll have to kill specific citizens to get their unique weapons, which should get most of the districts at least close to turning hostile. If killing the typical citizens is not enough to turn a district hostile, you can go back to the district and kill any remaining citizens you can find there. Just make sure to sleep after getting the weapons to see which districts turn hostile. The weapons and where you need to go to get them are below.

Weapon Type Location Name Details
Melee Southwark Used Machete You will get this weapon through the story
The Docks Used Scythe Pinned to a wooden window near where you start listening to William and Sean
Used Bludgeon Found on William Bishop’s corpse
Common Mace In the hideout at the Sewer Skals Territory
Booth’s Axe Kill Booth Digby
Seymour’s Bludgeon Kill Seymour Fishburn
Archer’s Hatchet Kill Archer Woodbead
Rodney’s Scythe Kill Rodney Grader after finding him in the sewers during the Hide and Seek quest.
Pembroke Hospital Used Hacksaw In the surgery room right next to your room
Barbed Cudgel Near the entrance of the Sewers
Clay’s Hatchet Kill Clay Cox
Newton’s Saber Kill Newton Blight
Rakesh’s Surgical Saw Kill Rakesh Chadana and loot his tent’s chest
Samuel Connor’s Mace Kill Dr. Corcoran Tippets and use his key to open the locker in the doctor’s office to get a key to unlock a chest in the Old Morgue’s basement.
Whitechapel Used Hatchet On the second floor of one of the warehouses in the Northern Docks where you fight a Beast
Joe’s Barbed Cudgel Kill Joe Peterson to get a key for his chest on the second floor of his house.
West End Remarkable Saber Unmissable story reward
Common Axe In the sewers between Dawson Estate and the Temple Church near the exit after you fight Leon Augustin
Louise’s Machete Kill her after rescuing her during the Like father, like daughter Investigation.
True Dragonbane See the trophy Bloody Roots below
Ranged Southwark Used Revolver Unmissable story reward
The Docks Used Lupara When playing in Chapter One, you will cross some water in the Northern Docks. Find this weapon on the second floor of the second warehouse in a chest.
Common Parabellum Pistol The reward for fighting Jimmy “The Spark” in Chapter Three
Tom’s Revolver Kill Tom Watts
Edwina’s Double-Barreled Shotgun Kill Edwina Cox
Pembroke Hospital Milton’s Shotgun Kill Milton Hooks or buy it from him
Whitechapel Joe’s Semi-Automatic Pistol Kill Harry Peterson
Albert’s Revolver Kill Albert Palmer
West End Remarkable Pump-Action Shotgun Located on the second floor of the eastern house you are sent to while investigating the source of the epidemic.
Good Double-Barreled Shotgun On the second floor of the marketplace
Clarence’s Parabellum Kill Clarence Crossley
Off-Hand Southwark Used Stake Unmissable Story Reward
The Docks Sabrina’s Dagger Kill Sabrina Cavendish
Ichabod’s Stake Kill Ichabod Throgmorton
Giselle’s Dagger Kill Giselle Paxton
Pembroke Hospital Used Liston Knife The basement of the Old Morgue
Thoreau’s Surgical Knife Kill Thoreau Strickland to get a key for a container in his office on the second floor.
Gwyneth Surgical Knife Kill Gwyneth Granagan
Whitechapel Used Truncheon Dropped by Toby Sheen and Vincent Sheen in Chapter Two
Cristina’s Dagger Kill Cristina Pop
Used Priwen Stake In a safe on the second floor of the second outpost, you’ll visit during the Wrong Target Investigation.
West End Good Dagger On the second floor of the Ascalon Club
Charles’ Truncheon Kill Charles Jerome Albright
Charlotte’s Stake The reward for completing the Emily is missing Investigation


From Here to Eternity From Here to Eternity

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Complete the game’s prologue

At Dawn We Row At Dawn We Row

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Unlocked in Chapter One after defeating your first boss

Just Take a Bite Just Take a Bite

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Embrace Clay when you first meet him

Tips: Make sure you make a save before you do this so that once you get the trophy, you can load that save and continue your pacifist run.

Merciful Release Merciful Release

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Spare Clay when you first meet him

Tips: Do this after taking a Bite above and reload the save.

Pest Control Pest Control

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Eat a total of 10 rats

Tips: Rats are an excellent way to get blood, so you should be doing this throughout the game anyways, and you will get ten before finishing it.

Unlife is Strange Unlife is Strange

Rarity: Silver

Description: Save a dry plant with water

Tips: To get this trophy, you have to save the dry plant in your office at the hospital. You need to do this with an item called pure Water, which you can get once you gain access to West End in Chapter Four from the building in front of where you rescue Kimura Tadao. Then, use the water on the plant, and in three days, it will be alive and well. You have to interact with the plant again then to get this trophy.

The Tools of the Profession The Tools of the Profession

Rarity: Silver

Description: Find every melee weapon

Tips: See the collecting weapons table above.

Keep Your Distance Keep Your Distance

Rarity: Silver

Description: Find every ranged weapon

Tips: See the collecting weapons table above.

Weapons of Choice Weapons of Choice

Rarity: Silver

Description: Find every off-hand weapon

Tips: See the collecting weapons table above.

bloody roots Bloody Roots

Rarity: Gold

Description: Complete a puzzle to find the recollection of Paulus Aurelianus

Tips: This is a missable trophy that is pretty lengthy. You have to find Usher Talltree in the West End district to start it. You have to get this trophy to get the weapon True Dragonbane, but to get it; you have to make your way into Usher’s chamber. Before attempting the puzzle, you must first find every collectible in the game (see Lore Keeper below). Each collectible has a randomized clue to this puzzle.

Also, note that when you complete the side quest Pandora’s Box and get Usher’s notebook, do not open it; otherwise, you will lose the collectible. To solve this puzzle, you have to step on each of the pressure plates in front of Usher Talltree’s chamber in the correct order.

Each pressure plate has a random symbol associated with it, found on the collectible The Origin of the Brotherhood. Other collectibles in the game will then randomly reveal which order to step on those symbols, which is always as follows:

  • Fish
  • Circle
  • Square
  • Circle
  • Fish
  • Diamond

Lore Keeper Lore Keeper

Rarity: Silver

Description: Get every collectible

Tips: Every collectible you need to find is listed below:

Name Location
The Blood Goddess Heresy Inside the lab accessed by giving Mason Swanborough all of the braille tomes during the Eye of Occultism Investigation
The Myuth of the Horned Vampire In the sewers before the final boss fight
The Vampire Knight In a safe in the basement of the theater
History and Purpose of the Ascalon Club On a desk on the right side of the first floor of the club
The Vampire Club Inside of the hideout across the river to the west of Pembroke Hospital
Vampire Factions and Skals It can be purchased from Martin Nightingale after visiting him a few times
Extermination of the Rodents Next to a corpse by some barrels in the Stonebridge Sewers
Origin of the Skals On top of a barrel by the gate of the Night Asylum in the Western Docks
The Ichor’s Threat It can be found in the plaza behind the theater after you encounter Doris Fletcher
Supremacy of the Ekons In the room where you meet Harriet Jones in the Sewer during the story
Rare Species of Vampires On a desk in Dr. Swansea’s office
The Violence of Vulkods Dropped by a boss during a story quest in Chapter Five
Of the Recreational Use of Blood In the basement of the Ascalon Club, which can only be accessed with a key found on the second floor
Blood as Addiction In the hideout in the southern region of Whitechapel
Vampires Feed on our Soul Inside Mason Swanborough’s house
About the use of Garlic and Wooden Stakes On a desk next to Thelma Howcroft’s bed in Pembroke Hospital
Holy Symbols and Orichalcum Off the jumpable ledge in the eastern part of Stonebridge Cemetery
Fire and Sun On a bookshelf in the first hideout in Southwark
The Blood Night Tragedy On the second floor of Lady Ashbury’s mansion
The Crime of Lost Knowledge On the Usher Talltree’s desk
Hail to our Fallen Inside a safe during the Investigation Wrong Target
Laughing at the Guard In a small office at the foundries in Southwark. Before accessing, you must kill the Beast to get the office key
Professional Vampire Hunter On a desk on the second floor of Peterson’s House
New Practices, New Tactics Found on a corpse near a bonfire while tracking the killer in Chapter One
The Heresy of the Pure Blood One a desk in West End by where you rescue Kimura Tadao
The Antique Figure of the Vrykolakas On a shelf in Darius Pretrescu’s house
Fertile is the Belly of the Beast On the desk in the apartment you visit during the Investigation Burn After Reading
The Ban of the Dragon One a corpse in the sewers below Pembroke Hospital
Origin of the Brotherhood Reward for completing the Investigation Occult Oculus for Usher Talltree, but only if you don’t read his notebook
The Lost Library In a drawer on the second floor of Venu’s house

Hippocratic Oath Hippocratic Oath

Rarity: Silver

Description: Heal 10 citizens

Tips: Citizens will get sick with various ailments as they play through the game. To cure them, you have to determine what type of illness it is (physical, pulmonary, or brain), and to heal them; you have to perform a medical check while talking to them.

That's Better That’s Better

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Upgrade a weapon with a module

Tips: You will get this naturally during your playthrough.

Work in Progress Work in Progress

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Upgrade a weapon

Tips: You will get this naturally during your playthrough

Solid Metal Gear Solid Metal Gear

Rarity: Silver

Description: Get a weapon to level 5

Tips: You will get this naturally during your playthrough.

Interview with the Vampire Interview with the Vampire

Rarity: Silver

Description: Decide what to do with Dorothy

Tips: This is a story trophy you’ll get at the end of Chapter Two. You can spare or charm her, but sparing her is recommended for a pacifist run.

Sacrificial Lamb Sacrificial Lamb

Rarity: Silver

Description: Decide what to do with Sean

Tips: This is a story trophy you’ll get at the end of Chapter Three. For this one, you’ll want to turn him into a vampire. To do this, you have to have gotten both of his hints by talking to Tom Watts and Ichabod Throgmorton about him beforehand.

Prepare to Die Prepare to Die

Rarity: Silver

Description: Decide what to do with Aloysius

Tips: This is a story trophy you’ll get during Chapter Five. For this one, you’ll want to Charm him as turning him takes 2,000 experience, which is a lot to ask when you’ll already not have too much during your run. To charm him, you have to unlock both of his hints by talking to Carolyn Price and Usher Talltree about him beforehand.

The Dying Swansea The Dying Swansea

Rarity: Silver

Description: Decide what to do with Swansea

Tips: This is another story trophy unlocked during Chapter Five. For Swansea, you’ll want just to let him die. This will not void the pacifist achievement and save you the massive amount of experience required to turn him.

Anarchy in the UK Anarchy in the UK

Rarity: Silver

Description: Make a district hostile

Tips: See Collecting Weapons and Turning Districts above

Taste for Blood Taste for Blood

Rarity: Silver

Description: Finish the game

Not Even Once Not Even Once

Rarity: Gold

Description: Complete a pacifist run

Tips: See Pacifist Run above

Defeat the Beast Defeat the Beast

Rarity: Silver

Description: Beat the boss during Chapter Three quest Give a Dog a Bad Name

Tips: This boss fight is not too bad but is level 18, so make sure you’re at a reasonable level to contend with that before heading into the sewers during this quest.

hail mary Hail Mary

Rarity: Gold

Description: Beat the boss during Chapter Three quest Forgetting about the past

Tips: This boss will be level 21, so make sure you are at a high enough level before going to the cemetery during this quest. This fight is generally pretty tough, so make sure to have your weapon well upgraded and bring plenty of healing serums as well. Also, make sure you don’t feed off the priest during the fight, as that will void your pacifist run.

Death on Stage Death on Stage

Rarity: Silver

Description: Beat the boss during the Chapter Four quest Grand Guignol.

Tips: This boss will be level 27, so make sure you’re at a high enough level before you enter the theater.

Bury the Hatchet Bury the Hatchet

Rarity: Silver

Description: Defeat the boss during the Chapter Five quest And by the Sword You Die

Tips: The boss here will spawn at level 33 and is often considered one of the hardest in the game. To make it easier, stock up on serums beforehand, and make sure to bring a well upgraded ranged weapon with you, as the boss is particularly weak to them.

Unnatural Disaster Unnatural Disaster

Rarity: Gold

Description: Defeat the boss during the Chapter Six quest Guinea Pig

Tips: This boss spawns in at level 35 with another leveled combatant depending on your level. As long as you are of a decent story and bring upgraded weapons with plenty of serums, you should be fine.

London's Burning London’s Burning

Rarity: Gold

Description: Make every district hostile

Tips: See Collecting Weapons and Turning Districts above


Vampyr is a very unique and exciting game that offers players a fun story and interesting mechanics to play around with. It also is not a very difficult Platinum to chase, and the journey to do so lets you experience everything the game has to offer, which is always lovely. The Pacifist run can be challenging to deal with because of how little experience it gives players. Still, it also lets you see the best possible results in the game’s story before you ransack the city to get the last few trophies, which is pretty satisfying in the end.


Question: How do you Get the Best Ending in Vampyr?

Answer: Thankfully, if you follow this guide, you’ll get the best ending, as it requires you to complete a pacifist run of the game.

Question: Is Vampyr and Easy Platinum?

Answer: Vampyr is a bit on the easy side of getting all of its trophies. Some of its boss fights can be challenging, but, overall, the combat isn’t too brutal, and everything outside of that is just exploration and making the correct decisions.

Question: Is Vampyr a Horror Game?

Answer: Vampyr does have horror elements since it deals with vampires and supernatural powers, but it isn’t focused on scaring the player. It does have tense moments and graphic imagery, but it is playable by those who usually avoid horror games.

To get more trophies check the links below:

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