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The Forest Achievements Guide: King of the Cannibals

If we look at traditional survival games as a collective, there tends to be a certain level of predictability when it comes to gameplay.

You can expect to find yourself awaken on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere. I can almost guarantee you that you will start the game with nothing more than the clothes on your back, and chances are, you will end up ignoring the main storyline in lieu of creating the biggest, most lavish base imaginable.

The same can be said about The Forest to some extent, but there is something quite special about Endnight Studios’ cannibal island epic.

You still have the base building mechanics and careful resource management to deal with. However, thanks to the underground cave network, the terrifying cannibals and mutants, and the amount of time you’ll spend roaming around in the darkness, this game doubles up as a spine-tingling survival horror.

Even as the player gets their hands on more weapons, resources, and builds a stronghold to lay their head for the night, there is always that thought in the back of your mind that the mutants are hiding in the bushes, waiting to strike.

It’s the ominous nature of your time in The Forest that makes progression in this game pretty tricky. Not to mention that the game doesn’t hold your hand at all, making you explore each terrifying cave thoroughly to find the tools you need to find your son.

Well, with that in mind, I thought I would offer all of you guys a handy achievement guide that walks you through each and every trophy you’ll need to pop to achieve 100% in this harrowing experience. The Forest is a spooky place, but with this guide, you’ll make those cannibals look like Care Bears. Without further delay, here is Avid Achievers’ The Forest Achievements Guide.

Quick Facts

  • Genre: Survival Horror
  • Difficulty: 3/10
  • Average Time for 100%: 50-60 hours
  • Total number of Trophies: 38
  • Playthroughs: Two (Minimum)

Road Map To Success

Step One: Casual Playthrough

The good news for all of you completionists out there is that none of the trophies within The Forest are tied to difficulty, so I would recommend that you play on the lowest difficulty possible during your first run through the game. For this step, all I will ask is that you take your time, play the game naturally, and finish the main story.

Playing naturally probably won’t net you all the miscellaneous trophies you need on the first attempt, but you’ll be able to clean up after you complete the game, so don’t panic; just enjoy your first adventure in The Forest. Here are the trophies you are likely to pick up through a natural playthrough:

  • Boy Scout
  • 5 Star Hotel

5 Star Hotel The Forest Achievements

  • Fisherman
  • Green Thumb
  • Choppy Chop
  • Naturopath
  • Longest Wall
  • Don’t Save The Forest
  • You’re A Fun Guy
  • Step Master
  • Gross!
  • Make it Rain
  • Big Spender
  • Daily Grind
  • Survive The Forest

Step Two: Easy Mode Clean-up

After you finish the game, you’ll have a number of long-term goals and miscellaneous tasks to complete. Now that you have unlocked Creative Mode, you might want to swap over to a new game to complete some of these, as unlimited resources, and no enemies can be a massive help.

However, you may have made progress on your maiden save file, so go with what makes the most sense for you. These are the trophies you’ll need to pop after you beat the game:

  • Unseen

Unseen The Forest Achievements

  • Good Father
  • Gabe Fan
  • Crafty
  • Spelunker
  • Trophy Killer
  • Get Closure
  • Major Cannibalism
  • Splatter
  • Commercial Fisherman
  • Monster
  • Bad Father
  • Birdseye
  • Demolition Expert
  • You Should Be Looking For Timmy
  • Handyman
  • Bite Me!

Step Three: Multiplayer Trophies

When you wrap these single-player trophies, the only solo trophy that stands in your way is the Vegan run, but before you start a new playthrough, you’ll need to get a friend to join a co-op session and do a few quick tasks to pop some multiplayer trophies.

These are all pretty simple, and should only take about 30 minutes to complete. Here are the multiplayer trophies you’ll need to pop:

  • Camp Out
  • Medic
  • Be Nice
  • Be Extremely Nice

Step Four: Go Vegan!

Then to wrap it all up and claim your platinum, you’ll need to complete an entirely Vegan playthrough, which essentially means that the player cannot kill or eat any animals. This can be done on standard difficulty, and provides a fitting challenge for The Forest veterans, but if you want to pop this trophy fast, we recommend playing in Creative Mode. Here is the trophy in question:

  • Vegan

The Forest Achievements Guide

Boy Scout

Boy Scout The Forest Achievements

Rarity: Bronze

Players Achieved (%): 55.1%

This trophy is earned by finding and equipping the compass. This is found in The Hanging Caves, in the area where you respawn after dying. The quickest way to get this is by dying and then collecting all the resources in the room when you escape.

5 Star Hotel

Rarity: Bronze

Players Achieved (%): 51.8%

This trophy will pop when players sleep in the Yacht, which is found on the southwest coast of the island. Players will need to swim out to the Yacht, so watch out for sharks!


Fisherman The Forest The Forest Achievements

Rarity: Bronze

Players Achieved (%): 60.3%

To earn this trophy, players will need to craft a spear by combining two sticks. Then they will need to find a small pool of water and use this spear to stab fish swimming in these ponds. These are dotted all over The Forest, so keep an eye out for one when setting up your base.

Green Thumb

Rarity: Bronze

Players Achieved (%): 22.2%

To earn this trophy, players will need to grow all three different types of plants by planting seeds. These are as follows:

  • Aloe Vera Seeds – Found on the ground
  • Blueberry Seeds – Found on Bushes
  • Coneflower Seeds – Found on Ground (Looks like Daisies)

When the player harvests seeds for each of these, they will then need to craft a Wall Planter or Garden and plant these seeds. When all three are in the Garden or Planters, the trophy will pop.

Choppy Chop

Rarity: Bronze

Players Achieved (%): 10.5%

To earn this trophy, the player needs to chop fifty body parts from Cannibals. Please note, despite the game’s trophy description, you do not need to kill 50x Cannibals to achieve this. You can chop two arms, two legs, and decapitate each cannibal to reach this tally. So you only need to kill ten cannibals to pop this trophy.


Naturopath The Forest Achievements

Rarity: Bronze

Players Achieved (%): 8.2%

This goes hand in hand with Green Thumb. Players will need to craft 10x Medicinal items to pop this trophy. This means players will need to craft either Herbal Medicine or Herbal Medicine+. These are the recipes to create each of these:

  • Herbal Medicine = 1x Marigold + 1x Aloe Vera
  • Herbal Medicine+ = 1x Marigold + 1x Aloe Vera + Coneflower

It’s much quicker to just focus on crafting Herbal Medicine, as Coneflowers are pretty rare. When you craft your tenth item, this trophy will pop.

Longest Wall

Rarity: Bronze

Players Achieved (%): 15.03%

This is a nice, easy one. All the player has to do here is place a blueprint for a long Custom Wall. This will not work if you select a Defensive Wall. When you place the blueprint, the trophy will pop. You don’t need to build a wall to achieve this trophy, so don’t go wasting your resources!

Don’t Save The Forest

Don't Save The Forest The Forest Achievements

Rarity: Silver

Players Achieved (%): 4.9%

This was isn’t for the environmentalists out there. To earn this one, you will need to chop down one thousand trees within one playthrough.

The best way to go about this is by using dynamite to cut down multiple trees in seconds, then rinse and repeat. Also, if you can get a friend to join you, their fallen trees count toward your total, halving the effort on your end.

Note: Sadly, this trophy is bugged, meaning that players will need to chop down one thousand trees in one sitting, as the timer resets when you re-load the game. Don’t panic, though, as with careful planning; a single player can do this in less than one hour in Creative Mode!

You’re A Fun Guy

You're A Fun Guy The Forest Achievements

Rarity: Silver

Players Achieved (%): 8.3%

Every master survivalist knows what mushrooms make a healthy snack, and which ones kill you in seconds flat. Well, this skill is needed to pop this achievement. The player will need to find all six different mushroom variants in the game. These are as follows:

  • Amanita Mushroom – A red mushroom with white spots. Think Super Mario.
  • Chanterelle Mushroom – A yellow mushroom with a lumpy head
  • Deer Mushroom – Similar to the Puff Mushroom but darker brown
  • Jack Mushroom – Similar to the Chanterelle Mushroom but with a flat, round head
  • Liberty Cap Mushroom – A brown, pointy mushroom
  • Puff Mushroom – A brown mushroom with a red tint in the middle

These do not appear in set locations, so you will need to explore the island and keep your head down to find them. When you eat all six, the trophy will pop.

Bad Father

Rarity: Silver

Players Achieved (%): 5.2%

This is a time-consuming trophy, but one that can thankfully be done while you are AFK if you so choose. This trophy sees the player survive a total of one hundred in-game days without saving their son. This equates to about forty hours of in-game time.

A lot of players will probably be close to this after completing all the trophies in the first playthrough. However, if you want, you can start a new save in creative mode and walk away, leaving the game time ticking. Either way, when you reach one hundred days, the trophy will pop.

Step Master

Step Master The Forest Achievements

Rarity: Silver

Players Achieved (%): 7.3%

To earn this achievement, the player will need to walk 50,000 steps. However, for these steps to record, you will first need to find the Pedometer that is found in Chasm Cave.

See this Caves Guide for more information on each cave. When you get your hands on this item, you will need to walk 50,000 steps, which is the equivalent of 4-5 hours of continuous walking. If you get this item relatively early, you should pop this trophy through natural play. 


Gross! The Forest Achievements

Rarity: Silver

Players Achieved (%): 14.4%

This trophy is earned by drinking from the water fountain containing a lawyer’s head. This is found in the end-game laboratory section not long after you enter. Simply interact with this fountain to pop the trophy. 

Make it Rain

Rarity: Bronze 

Players Achieved (%): 7.3%

This trophy is also earned in the end-game laboratory section. To earn this trophy, the player will need to start a fire in the facility, causing the sprinklers to set off. This can be done through the use of Fire Arrows or Molotovs, for example, and this can only be done in the Cafeteria area. 

Big Spender

Big Spender The Forest Achievements

Rarity: Bronze 

Players Achieved (%): 34.0%

This trophy is earned by purchasing a soda from a Vending Machine. These machines are found in the end-game laboratory section not long after you enter. Simply interact with these machines to pop the trophy. Note, you will need to have either cash or coins to purchase a soda. 

Daily Grind

Rarity: Bronze 

Players Achieved (%): 33.1%

This trophy is earned by brewing a coffee using a coffee machine. These machines are found in the end-game laboratory section not long after you enter. Simply interact with these machines to pop the trophy. 

Survive The Forest

Rarity: Gold

Players Achieved (%): 28.16%

To earn this trophy, players will need to beat the game. To do this, you will need a Climbing Axe, a Rebreather, and a Key Card to the Laboratory, which can be found in Cave 9 (Ledge Cave), Cave 5 (Lawyer Cave), and Cave 6 (Submerged Cave), respectively.

Make your way through the cave system to reach the bottom of the Sinkhole, and then dive into the pool of water at the bottom of the Sinkhole, which will lead you to the Laboratory. You will then need to decide Timmy’s fate and fight the mutant final boss. After you do this, you will earn this trophy. 


Rarity: Bronze 

Players Achieved (%): 48.9%

To earn this trophy, players will need to craft and equip Stealth Armor. This is crafted by combining Lizard Skin and 15x Leaves.

Leaves are very easy to come by in The Forest just by walking around. As for Lizards, these are a pretty common animal and can be killed through various methods, such as traps, with a bow and arrow, or with a blunt weapon if you are willing to chase them down. When you equip the armor, this trophy will pop. 

Good Father

Good Father The Forest Achievements

Rarity: Silver

Players Achieved (%): 11.6%

This trophy is achieved when the player locates all six missing pieces of Timmy’s robot toy. They can be found in the following locations: 

  • Head: Hanging Cave 
  • Torso: Dead Cave
  • Left Leg: Submerged Cave
  • Right Leg: Chasm Cave
  • Left Arm: Wet Cave
  • Left Leg: Chasm Cave

After you have collected all of these toy parts, all that’s left to do is use the crafting menu to put them all together. When you do this, the trophy will pop. 

Gabe Fan

Gabe Fan The Forest Achievements

Rarity: Bronze

Players Achieved (%): 14.3%

Another collect-a-thon. The player will need to track down all the cassette tapes to earn this achievement. These are found in the following locations: 

  • On the Yacht
  • Gravesite near the Yacht 
  • Hanging Cave (Near entrance by Cannibal Village)
  • Hanging Cave (Near Southern Entrance)
  • Waterfall Cave 


Crafty The Forest Achievements

Rarity: Silver

Players Achieved (%): 7.1%

To earn this trophy, the player will need to craft at least one of every item in the game. Take a look at this resource for all items and their respective recipes.

To cut down on the time taken to earn this trophy, consider reading these quick tips: 

  • Take time to hunt animals, as you will need various pelts, including animals like Raccoons that only appear at night
  • Be sure to harvest all seeds that you come across
  • Head out to Cannibal Camps to get Rope
  • You’ll also need to harvest mushrooms to craft Poison Arrows


Spelunker The Forest Achievements

Rarity: Gold

Players Achieved (%): 6.0%

To earn this trophy, the player will need to fully explore all ten of the caves in the game. Which can also include getting your hands on unique items only found in that cave. These are the caves you will need to explore: 

  • Cave 1 – Dead Cave
  • Cave 2 – Hanging Cave
  • Cave 3 – Wet Cave
  • Cave 4 – Hanging Cave II
  • Cave 5 – Submerged Cave
  • Cave 6 – Lawyer Cave
  • Cave 7 – Chasm Cave
  • Cave 8 – Sinkhole Cave
  • Cave 9 – Ledge Cave
  • Cave 10 – Waterfall Cave

You can use your in-game map when underground to see what paths you haven’t yet explored, and when the game deems that cave fully explored, it will cross this cave off your to-do list. 

Trophy Killer

Rarity: Gold

Players Achieved (%): 5.96%

If you want this trophy, you will need to turn your base into a hunter’s lodge by displaying the trophies of all the beasts you have taken down.

This is done by killing an animal, skinning it, and then retrieving its head. You will then need to create a blueprint for a trophy for each animal and add some extra resources to create a display mount. Here are the animals you will need to kill and display below: 

  • Boar
  • Crocodile
  • Deer
  • Goose
  • Lizard
  • Rabbit
  • Raccoon
  • Seagull
  • Shark
  • Squirrel  
  • Tortoise 

When you have created a trophy for each of your hunted animals, this trophy will pop. 

Get Closure

Get Closure The Forest Achievements

Rarity: Gold

Players Achieved (%): 5.8%

To earn this trophy, the player will need to track down all of the missing passengers from the crash. There are forty-three passengers to find. You will find a full list of all the passengers in your survival guide, and as you find them, they will be crossed off your list. Here is a complete list of all the passengers, and where to find them. 

Major Cannibalism

Rarity: Bronze 

Players Achieved (%): 7.9%

This trophy is best combined with Choppy Chop, as this will ask you to ‘eat an entire family.’ Which essentially translates to eating six arms, and six legs of cannibals. To do this, you’ll have to cut off their limbs, and then cook their limbs before eating each of them. When you eat six arms and six legs of cannibals, this trophy will pop.


Rarity: Silver 

Players Achieved (%): 14.9%

This isn’t one that you’ll likely do through normal gameplay, as it’s very easy to get a better weapon than a rock pretty fast. However, for this trophy, you will be required to use a rock to kill a downed enemy. You can knock the cannibal on their back using whatever weapon you want.

Then you will need to use a rock to finish off the job and cave in their skull. When you kill them through this method, the trophy will pop. 

Commercial Fisherman

5 Star Hotel The Forest Achievements

Rarity: Bronze

Players Achieved (%): 14.37%

To earn this trophy, you will need to use dynamite to kill at least six fish in one explosion. This can be done above ground in small ponds, but sometimes these ponds will only have 3-5 fish.

So if you want to guarantee that your explosion will do the job, you might want to head into Laywer Cave, where you will find larger pools of water with lots of fish, not to mention crates of dynamite if you happen to not have any on hand. When you kill six fish in one blast, this trophy will pop. 


Rarity: Bronze 

Players Achieved (%): 32.5%

To earn this trophy, you will need to kill a rabbit. This will be earned naturally if you intend to earn the Trophy Hunter trophy. Here’s a tip, the easiest way to kill them is with an animal trap. 


Birdseye The Forest Achievements

Rarity: Bronze 

Players Achieved (%): 19.7%

To earn this trophy, you will need to kill a bird with an arrow. This seems simple, but you need feathers to make arrows, and that requires the player to kill birds, or make a birdhouse. The easiest way to kill birds is by finding rocks and waiting for them to perch.

Then when you have feathers, combine them with sticks to make basic arrows. After that, you’ll need a bow that is crafted with sticks and Rope.  When you have all the necessary components, equip your bow, line up the shot, and kill a bird with an arrow, after which the trophy will pop. Note, you do not need to shoot the bird when in mid-air. 

Demolition Expert

Rarity: Bronze

Players Achieved (%): 10.6%

This is a trophy you will likely achieve when gunning for the Don’t Save The Forest trophy. To earn this one, players will need to feel six trees with a single stick of dynamite. Just find a location where six trees are in close proximity, and when the dynamite goes boom, the trophy will pop. 

You Should Be Looking For Timmy

You Should Be Looking For Timmy The Forest Achievements

Rarity: Silver

Players Achieved (%): 13.46%

To earn this trophy, the player simply needs to create a blueprint for a Gazebo and then build that Gazebo. This is best to do in Creative Mode to save time and effort. Also, this trophy will only pop when playing in Single Player mode. 


Rarity: Bronze

Players Achieved (%): 10.7%

This one’s a little specific, but by no means difficult. To earn this trophy, you’ll need to repair a Hunter Shelter. First, you will need to build a Hunter shelter, which requires six Rocks, seven Sticks, and seven Logs. When it’s complete, you’ll want to take a blunt weapon and give it a few bashes. This will mean that the structure is in need of repair. 

Next, you’ll need to craft a Repair Tool, which requires two sticks, one rock, two cloth, and ten sap. After you have crafted this, equip it, hit the Hunter Shelter, and this will repair the Shelter, causing the trophy to pop. 

Bite Me!

Bite Me! The Forest Achievements

Rarity: Silver 

Players Achieved (%): 6.7%

To earn this trophy, the player will need to kill a shark. These sea creatures appear when the player swims well out to sea and can be accessed if the player builds a raft. Then the player can use an assortment of arrows and bombs to kill the shark. 

That can be a big ask, so the easiest method to take down a shark is by entering Creative Mode and building a pontoon/dock near where you find the Yacht. This will allow you to create a very low platform, and if you build it just right, you can set explosive traps that the shark will trigger. 

Either way, when you kill the shark, the trophy will pop. 

Camp Out

Camp Out The Forest Achievements

Rarity: Bronze

Players Achieved (%): 80.8%

This trophy is earned by sleeping during a multiplayer session. This can be done by using The Yacht, a shelter, or a tent. When both players agree to end the day, the trophy will pop. 


Rarity: Bronze

Players Achieved (%): 16.7%

This trophy is earned by reviving players in multiplayer sessions ten times. This can be done through natural play. However, the quickest method is by enabling PvP damage in the options menu, and then downing and reviving your partner ten times in a row. 

Be Nice

Be Nice The Forest Achievements

Rarity: Bronze

Players Achieved (%): 56.2%

This is earned by sharing a food or drink item with a player in a multiplayer session. To share an item, the player needs to combine the item in the crafting menu with the Metal Tin Tray. 

Be Extremely Nice

Rarity: Bronze

Players Achieved (%): 32.2%

This is earned by sharing a weapon with a player in a multiplayer session. To share an item, the player needs to combine the item in the crafting menu with the Metal Tin Tray. 


Rarity: Silver

Players Achieved (%): 6.97%

Then finally, to earn this trophy, the player will need to complete the entire game without ever killing or eating an animal. Here are some tips to help you achieve this goal: 

  • Consider earning this trophy in Creative Mode, as hunger will not be a factor
  • Try not to cut down trees, as the falling logs may kill animals and ruin your run
  • Avoid using explosives where possible 

Island Life Ain’t So Bad!

As you can see, if you embrace life in The Forest and really hit the ground running, you can turn this cannibal-infested location into an island paradise in no time at all. I don’t know what Tom Hanks was complaining about in Castaway. He didn’t even have any mutants to contend with!

The Forest asks a lot of completionists, with a handful of challenge runs to complete, a litany of caves to spelunk, and an endless supply of mutants to take down, but with this guide, you should be able to fend them off, find your son Timmy, and you might even be able to create a home away from home on this deserted island.

I hope this guide helps you on your quest, and as always, thank you for reading Avid Achievers!

The Forest Achievements Guide: FAQs

Question: Does The Forest Have A Sequel?

Answer: Yes, the sequel to this game is called Sons of the Forest, and it is a game that is currently in Early Access. Players were able to get their hands on the Early Access version of this game on the 23rd of February, 2023, and the game continues to receive regular updates ahead of its full release. 

Question: How Long is The Forest?

Answer: As mentioned, the platinum process will take you anywhere from 50-60 hours. However, if you simply want to complete the main story, I would estimate that the average player will do this in around 10-15 hours. 

Question: Is The Forest Cross Platform? 

Answer: Sadly, no. The Forest is not crossplay compatible. 

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