Playstation Trophy Level Explained

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Since the PS3, Playstation consoles have had trophies, ranging from Bronze to Platinum. While you may believe these trophies to be arbitrary, you’re also given a Trophy Level on your profile, correlating to the number of trophies you’ve collected across all games.

In this guide, I intend to quickly explain all the trophy levels, what amount of points you need to get them, and how many points each type of Trophy is worth.

Playstation Trophy levels go from 1-999, with every 100 levels taking longer and longer to achieve. For example, getting Platinum on a single game should get you to level 23 on its own, but if you want to hit level 999, that’s the equivalent of earning 107910 bronze trophies.

It’s mostly there for bragging rights and has some correlation to the PlayStation Stars loyalty program. It’s primarily a status symbol for trophy hunters to show off and display all their trophies in an easy-to-digest and compare number. If you’d like to learn more about this system, read on as we’ll have everything you need to know about Playstation Trophy Level explained.

What do Trophy Types Mean?

Trophy Types Playstation
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Each type of Trophy should generally correlate to the rarity and difficulty of achieving it. If this logic follows suit, bronze will be the least difficult, but Platinum will be the hardest.

  • Bronze is earned by accomplishing basic tasks within the game. These are not always things early in the game but are simple and done naturally.
  • Silver is usually reserved for achievements that take a little effort; you could do them naturally but might need to go out of your way for them.
  • Gold is meant for all those tasks that can take a while and are usually somewhat tricky. Either they’re optional and out of the way, or they’re on the main path but way later in the game.
  • Platinum is exclusively reserved for trophies you get by unlocking every other Trophy in the game. This can occasionally be very easy with extremely short games with few trophies, but it can be an absolute nightmare for other games with hundreds.

These all contribute different amounts to your total Trophy Level; a Bronze trophy only awards 15 points, Silver gives 30, Gold gives 90, and Platinum gives 300 points on top of all the points you earned by obtaining that Platinum in the first place.

Point Levels, Explained

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Point levels tie in directly to PlayStation Stars, the loyalty program at With this program, the trophies you collect and games you buy will allow you to get some fun collectibles, games, or just extra money for the PS store.

The way levels were earned was adjusted in 2020 but is still almost the same. All that practically changed was Platinum being given more weight, making it exponentially more worth it to get every single achievement in any game.

Levels themselves are optionally displayed on your profile and primarily exist for clout. You’ll find your level out when hovering over trophies on the menu; for example, mine is level 126. You can increase these levels by earning trophies according to the points I listed. However, you should be aware that every 99 levels, it gets harder to level up.

  • Levels 1-99 only take 60 points to level up, or 5940 total points to reach level 99.
  • Levels 100-199 take 90 points per level up, 14850 total points from level 1.
  • Levels 200-299 take 450 points per level up, a stark increase. That’s 59400 points in total.
  • Levels 300-399 will take 900 points each, at 148500 total points.
  • Levels 400-499 will be 1350 points each level up, for 160650 total points.
  • Levels 500-599 will be 1800 points per level up, at 338850 total points.
  • Levels 600-699, you’ll need 2250 points for every level up and 561600 points total from level 1.
  • Levels 700-799 take a significant 2700 points per level up, nine platinum trophies on their own. That’s 828900 points in total.
  • Levels 800-899, you’ll need 3150 points every level up and 1140750 total points.
  • Levels 900-999, you need a whopping 3600 points for every rank up; that’s 1497150 points total.

I think you shouldn’t aim to get your score to massive heights like level 999 if you want to live a healthy lifestyle. However, if you want more math, know that level 999 means 107910 bronze trophies or 49905 silver trophies, 16635 gold trophies, or 4990 platinum trophies.

Even if you only spent an hour getting all of those platinum trophies (and really, is it even worth doing if the game only takes an hour to get Platinum?), you will have spent 207 days or about seven months getting all of those. In my opinion, not too worth it for a number.

Playstation Stars

Playstation Stars Trophy Level Explained
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That rewards program is the only reason to go for this level of grinding. I increased my level by about 10 when I got Platinum and a few other trophies on a game, making me a level one PlayStation star. While the primary way to get points is by buying games, getting achievements works too.

This service can be accessed via the PlayStation mobile app and will give you a few points depending on your trophy level. The higher your trophy level, the more points you get, and the more money or games you can get using those points. I’d recommend setting up this loyalty program if you’re already trophy hunting.

Questions and Answers

Question: How do I find my PlayStation Trophy Level?

Answer: Hovering over the trophies icon on the home screen will show the Trophy Level and how close you are to level up.

Question: What do PlayStation Trophies get me?

Answer: Besides increasing your trophy level, you can sign up for Playstation Stars and get money and games for trophies.

Question: How do I quickly increase my Trophy Level on PlayStation?

Answer: The easiest way to gain rapid levels is by finding shorter games and getting Platinum in them. You will reap the rewards of gold trophies, and Platinum trophies give exponentially more points than others.


Trophy level is a neat little system that is another way to show off to your friends. Of course, you don’t need to worry about it if you want to casually platinum a few games, but if you’re dedicated to achievement hunting, that level will show off just how much progress you’ve been making.

The rewards system and other things that Sony has been providing are mostly just icing on the cake for this. While you can get money by getting trophies, you’ll barely get anything from that service unless you buy all your games digitally. By and large, trophy level is just a status symbol.

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