Sonic Frontiers Trophy Guide

Sonic Frontiers Trophy Guide – Break Through All These Challenges

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Sonic Frontiers is the latest Sonic game, taking an open world (or open zone) approach to the 15-year-old boost formula. It is one of the best Sonic games in recent memory and has a boatload of bosses to fight, characters to find, and collectibles to pick up.

Sonic Frontiers is quite proud of its quick movement and snappy combat, and what’s nice about it is that the achievements follow this; there’s not too much that will take you too much longer to get if you have already finished the main game, and they’re pretty fun. I spent about 20 hours casually playing the game and still wanted to spend another 10 unlocking all the maps, seeing all the cutscenes, and completing every Cyberspace level.

Thanks to the decision not to make the same mistakes Unleashed did with its trophies, this shouldn’t take that long, especially if you’re already a fan of the series and skilled at Sonic gameplay. With some free DLC that will surely add to the list of things you can achieve, getting all the trophies in the base game is a fun way to thank SEGA for their apology for Sonic Forces. Welcome to a Sonic Frontiers Trophy Guide.

Key Info Up Front

  • Genre: Open-world Platformer
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Number of Playthroughs Required: 1 (with a lot of exploration)
  • Time To Complete: Around 30-40 hours
  • Total Number of Trophies: 41
  • Percent of Players with Platinum: 6.7%

Roadmap to Success

Step 1: Take Your Time

Sonic woke up in an unfamiliar location after escaping from a confusing retread of Green Hill for the hundredth time. While this intro might imply that you want to go and do whatever this mysterious voice tells you, it’s far more important to start your exploration journey before you go and tear down the walls between dimensions.

Every Island contains its secrets, collectibles, and massive maps to uncover. While you can go back to any island at any time, to cut your future self a break, you should try to solve every island mystery and reveal the entire map before leaving for the first time. Here’s every trophy you’re going to want to get on your way to the end of the game:

The Journey Begins Sonic Frontiers Trophy
  • The Journey Begins
  • Unknown Threat
  • Celestial Rain
  • Hermit Koco Encounter
  • Elder Koco Encounter
  • Speed Demon
  • Swath of Destruction
  • Ticket to Tranquility
  • Superior Ranking
  • Perfect Run
  • Combo Convert
  • Kronos Island Explorer
  • The Beginning
  • Ares Island Explorer
  • Ancient Defiance
  • Chaos Island Explorer
  • Futile Resistance
  • Ouranos Island Explorer

Step 2: The Clean Up

Now that you’ve gotten every Island unlocked and every map fully visible, it’s time to clean up some things that will be far easier with all the skill points, upgrades, and experience you’ve acquired.

You only have a few things left to do while trying to platinum the game, but most of them will take a while and mainly involve running around each map and fishing, so make sure you’re prepared for the long haul with this one.

  • Big Encounter
  • Angler’s Club
  • Kronos Island Memories
  • Kronos Island Expert
  • Ares Island Memories
Ares Island Memories Sonic Frontiers Trophy
  • Ares Island Expert
  • Chaos Island Memories
  • Chaos Island Expert
  • Ouranos Island Memories
  • Ouranos Island Expert
  • Expert Historian

Step 3: The Grind and The Finale

Now we’re at the last stretch; I will be clear, this is the absolute worst part of getting the platinum for this game. Most of this will just be fishing, waiting for the random Starfall event, fishing, and waiting a long time to level up.

None of this is particularly difficult, especially since we’ll be leveling up before doing the combat-related trophies, but it will take a long time, so strap in.

  • Hearty Hedgehog
  • Hypersonic Hedgehog
  • Herculean Hedgehog
  • Hardened Hedgehog
  • Koco Leader
  • Threats Identified
  • Easy Prey
Easy Prey Sonic Frontiers Trophy
  • Combo Crackerjack
  • Unrivaled Aptitude
  • Hope Across Ages
  • A Land At Peace
  • Trophies Completed!

Sonic Frontiers Trophy Guide

Now that you’ve got an idea of what order you can get these achievements done in, I think it’s about time we looked at all these trophies individually to break down the complicated ones and show the simple ones.

The Journey Begins

Sonic Frontiers Cyberspace Sonic Frontiers Trophy
Image by Monica Phillips
  • Rarity: Silver (somehow)
  • Player Earned %: 72.3%

This achievement is earned by simply completing the tutorials at the start of the game.

Unknown Threat

  • Rarity: Silver
  • Player Earned %: 87.1%

As Ninja is part of the tutorial, and you earn this by defeating your first guardian, this is also a free trophy.

Celestial Rain

Sonic Frontiers Trophy
Image by Monica Phillips
  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Player Earned %: 43.7%

This trophy is earned by the random Starfall event, which respawns every enemy and scatters star pieces across the Island. Therefore, it would be best if you collected as many of these as possible because they reward you with many purple coins.

Hermit Koco Encounter

  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Player Earned %: 59.2%

This trophy is incredibly simple, find Hermit Koco somewhere (He is usually in 2 separate locations and will be marked on the map if the map is revealed) and talk to him.

Elder Koco Encounter

  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Player Earned %: 53.4%

This trophy is the same as the above, just with Elder Koco instead of the Hermit.

Speed Demon

  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Player Earned %: 56.1%

This trophy can be done as soon as you earn Cyloop, use it while running in a circle, and you’ll quickly hit max rings.

Swath of Destruction

Sonic Frontiers Trophy
Image by Monica Phillips
  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Player Earned %: 47.5%

This is perhaps the strangest achievement in Sonic history; you need to break 100 objects, be it crates, weird cylinders, or anything else you can bust open. Of course, this is most easily done by sliding into many metal boxes strewn about Kronos Island.

Ticket to Tranquility

  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Player Earned %: 41.8%

As you may have encountered anywhere between zero to ten Starfalls at this point, the Ticket to Tranquility achievement entirely depends on your luck with that event. You can also try and scrounge up purple coins from around the Island, but they will come quickly from Starfall, so there isn’t much point.

Superior Ranking

Sonic Frontiers Trophy
Reminds me of the falls in Mystic Ruins / Image by Monica Phillips
  • Rarity: Silver
  • Player Earned %: 50%

This ranking requires you to get an S rank in a single cyberspace level, which is more than easy enough. Just choose whichever you like, I would go with 1-5, but you can pretty much go with anything besides 1-2.

Perfect Run

  • Rarity: Silver
  • Player Earned %: 44.9%

You can and should get this one at precisely the same time as the previous one. So go ahead and find every red ring in the level you S-ranked. Once again, I recommend 1-5 since every red ring is right on the main path.

Combo Convert

  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Player Earned %: 53.1%

Given that you’ve played the game for a while, you probably have enough skill points to unlock Phantom Rush from the same place you unlocked Cyloop; use it a single time outside the Training Simulator and get this achievement. Then, keep using this ability as you play the game for a separate achievement.

Kronos Island Explorer

Sonic Frontiers Trophy
Image by Monica Phillips
  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Player Earned %: 20.9%

You probably want to get on with the main quest, but you shouldn’t leave Kronos yet. If you take the time to reveal the entire map now, it will unlock fast travel to every portal on the map, even the locked ones. Then, simply doing every island mystery and challenge (marked by a “?” symbol) will reveal more of the map, showing you the locations of more mysteries and challenges.

Just be aware ones marked with a moon symbol can only be done at night, and Cyloop everything that looks suspicious, and you’ll be fine. It would help if you also kept on the lookout for every guardian that does not have a star on its health bar, as we will need to defeat every unique one.

Sonic Frontiers Trophy
Image by Monica Phillips

The Beginning

  • Rarity: Silver
  • Player Earned %: 38.6%

Now that you have all that prep work out of the way, it’s time to take on Giganto. Collect all six chaos emeralds by doing the story markers and head up the waterfall to face the Titan that threw Sonic into last week just earlier.

The fight is not hard. Every boss in Sonic Frontiers is mainly about spectacle over the challenge. Even on level 1 stats and Hard mode, this fight is primarily about listening to incredible music and enjoying it. So press buttons until you take the man down, and earn that trophy!

Ares Island Explorer

  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Player Earned %: 16.4%

Until we hit the 5th Island, we will mainly just be repeating the last two parts of Kronos. Uncover the whole map, do the story, fight the boss, go to a new island, and repeat.

For this trophy, once again, go to every “?” on your map, which will unlock new ones, and go until the map is fully revealed.

Ancient Defiance

Sonic Frontiers Trophy
Image by Monica Phillips
  • Rarity: Silver
  • Player Earned %: 27.2%

Taking out Wyvern is just about as easy as it was for Giganto. Just use your extremely forgiving parry on the missiles, and rock out to my favorite music in the entire game.

Chaos Island Explorer

  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Player Earned %: 12.8%

Rinsing and repeating are the name of the game. Find those “?” icons and clear the whole map. You know the drill.

Futile Resistance

Sonic Frontiers Trophy
Image by Monica Phillips
  • Rarity: Silver
  • Player Earned %: 20.4%

The Knight fight, like the others, is not very difficult, but it does have a gimmick that could catch you off guard. When it throws its shield at you, you need to parry it, then aim it at where he’s going, not where he is.

Otherwise, again, insanely good music, easy enough fight, and time for the next Island, a playable cutscene with no achievements.

Ouranos Island Explorer

  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Player Earned %: 12.2%

For the final time, hit up the “?” icons you see, clear the entire map, and don’t collect the 6th emerald just yet. We’ve got other things to do before we beat the game.

Big Encounter

Sonic Frontiers Trophy
Image by Monica Phillips
  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Player Earned %: 41.2%

You may have gotten this one already, but regardless, head back to Kronos and go to the left of that “cool giant mirror web thingy.” You’ll find a fishing portal containing the best character, Big the Cat. Complete the fishing tutorial for the trophy.

Angler’s Club

  • Rarity: Silver
  • Player Earned %: 20.9%

This trophy is easy but may take a while. You need to keep fishing with Big until you get every single catch in Kronos, which you can check by exiting and seeing your catch completion. This might take a while, so sit back and hear some lo-fi beats to fish/relax to.

Kronos Island Memories

  • Rarity: Silver
  • Player Earned %: 29.8%

Since you got your map completion out of the way, this should be pretty easy. Just go to every cyberspace portal that isn’t open and insert gears into them (which you can buy from the fishing shop!), and you’ll get this trophy. You do not even need to play every cyberspace level. (unless you want to.)

Kronos Island Expert

  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Player Earned %: 14.1%

The easiest way to get this trophy is by buying all the memory tokens you need from the fishing shop, then using your fast travel from unlocking the entire map to quickly go to every Amy and Sage icon, seeing all the cool cutscenes that come with them.

Ares Island Memories

Sonic Frontiers Trophy
Image by Monica Phillips
  • Rarity: Silver
  • Player Earned %: 14.8%

Once again, it’s time to rinse and repeat everything we did on the next Island, but that’s how this game goes at this point. So go fish (But you don’t need 100% completion this time), get gears if you need more, and unlock every portal on the map.

Ares Island Expert

  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Player Earned %: 12.2%

Just like Kronos, get Knuckles’ memory tokens, and find every Knuckles and Sage icon on the map, fast traveling and heading to them and watching all the cutscenes for a pretty easy trophy.

Chaos Island Memories

Sonic Frontiers Cyberspace Chaos Island
Image by Monica Phillips
  • Rarity: Silver
  • Player Earned %: 12.6%

Who would have guessed? This achievement consists of fishing, grabbing the gears you need, traveling to the portals, and unlocking them for the trophy. We’re almost done with this, I swear!

Chaos Island Expert

  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Player Earned %: 9.9%

Once again, get your tokens from fishing, talk to Tails and Sage wherever their icons are on the map, watch some cutscenes and get the trophy. Ever wonder why the Expert trophies are Bronze rarity, but the Memories ones are Silver? Yeah, me too.

Ouranos Island Memories

Sonic Frontiers Trophy
Image by Monica Phillips
  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Player Earned %: 10.3%

For the last time, go fishing, get gears, and unlock every portal. This time it’s a bit more strict since there are more portals, and one of them even takes three whole gears. Don’t go spending all your tokens yet. We need them for the rest of the trophies to come.

Ouranos Island Expert

  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Player Earned %: 9.9%

Use your tokens from fishing to buy Sage’s memory tokens, find each one of her map icons, watch the cutscenes, and get the final one of these trophies that they made a unique version of for every Island for some reason.

Expert Historian

  • Rarity: Silver
  • Player Earned %: 8.9%

This trophy requires watching every single side story, so you will have unlocked it by just doing Kronos Island Expert, Ares Island Expert, Chaos Island Expert, and Ouranos Island Expert as described previously.

Hearty Hedgehog

Sonic Frontiers Trophy
Image by Monica Phillips
  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Player Earned %: 10%

I wish I could have said the grind got easier after those last few, but it just gets more boring. So it is time to go fishing and spend half your tokens on Koco and the other half on seeds of power and defense. Then you go to the Elder Koco and level Sonic’s Ring Level up, opting for the “all at once” option.

This used to be an immense pain, but luckily Sonic Team has since patched this to make achievement hunters’ lives far more manageable. If you run out of purple coins, you need to wait for Starfall to happen again and then get as many purple coins from it as possible, and you will get this eventually.

Hypersonic Hedgehog

  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Player Earned %: 11%

The same as the one above, except you select speed instead of rings, with the same amount of fishing to boot! At least once you’re done with these, you get a fun Silver the Hedgehog reference.

Herculean Hedgehog

Sonic Frontiers Trophy
Image by Monica Phillips
  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Player Earned %: 11.6%

The Hermit Koco is much more based than the Elder and will do every level of strength and defense simultaneously. So bring the seeds of power and defense to the Hermit, and level up, and if you need to level more, just go back and fish!

Hardened Hedgehog

  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Player Earned %: 11.1%

The same as above, you’ll probably get it at the exact same time since the Hermit upgrades both. Again, if you need more purple coins, wait around for Starfall and maybe focus on other achievements while you wait.

Koco Leader

  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Player Earned %: 29.5%

This trophy is not hard at all, and you’ve definitely got it if you’ve gotten your speed or ring upgrades done since all it takes is 200 Koco, which are easily bought from the fishing shop.

Threats Identified

  • Rarity: Gold
  • Player Earned %: 9.4%

Here’s the big one! The DLC added a mode that has you go through every boss and enemy in the game, which will count for this achievement, but is only unlocked after beating the final boss. 

If you’d rather complete the game before the finale, then feel free to reference the list below. If you’ve been actively exploring and fighting every guardian you see, you might already have this one, but if not, then I’ve compiled a list of every guardian you can find on every Island, look at this list and if any of them seem unfamiliar, then go for them!

Kronos Island Guardians

Kronos’ Guardians are apparent and easy to find, namely Ninja, Tower, and Asura, which you fight during the tutorial.

  • Squid is the only Kronos Guardian you might not have seen, somehow. It’s constantly flying around both Kronos and Chaos islands, and you need to find a way onto its trail, running on it and dodging projectiles to catch up before it lets you land hits.

Ares Island Guardians

Ares contains four guardians, all of which are easy to miss.

Shark is one you might have gotten jump scared by. It’s right above the dead center of the map, near 2-4. However, the boss itself is easy. Wait for your chance to homing attack, go through with the prompts on-screen, then wail on it when it’s down.

  • Sumo is also near 2-4, just to the left of it. This boss is tucked away under the cliffs and requires you to bounce on the wrestling ring you’re put in.
  • Tank is found directly above Sumo and right next to 2-4. You fight this boss after being swept away in a massive tornado, requiring you to time your homing attacks not to get hit by the jets.
  • Strider is the hardest to miss. You can find it near the start or on the leftmost Island, also near 2-4! (But closer to 2-5.) First, you need to grind on the rails it creates, turn them all blue, and dodge the projectiles it sends.

Chaos Island Guardians

You have likely encountered them already since most of them are next to challenges, but Chaos island brings four more guardians.

  • Fortress is the one you have seen at least once. He’s on the Island in the top right of the map, hovering above the portal there, and if you get near the portal, he will be alerted to you and start flying away, give chase and hop on the rails once they spawn. Hop on the rails and avoid projectiles until you can homing attack and wail on him.
  • Spider is one you might remember from the trailers and is located in the top right of the central Island. Just find the bridge you did that weirdly difficult skydiving challenge on, head inwards from there, or go down from 3-4. Next, you need to cyloop its legs, then hit the middle, launching you into a short skydiving segment. Then, hit all the rings to do some massive damage.
  • Excavator can be found right to the left of 3-4 and is a repeat of the Tower boss fight, just a bit more complicated.
  • Shinobi is the upgraded version of Ninja and can be most easily found at the bottom of the center of the map, near the Hermit Koco.

Ouranos Island Guardians

Ouranos offers the most varied amount of new guardians out of any of the islands, and it may take some time before you’ve found all of them.

  • Red Pillar is another retread of the Tower boss and is found right at the start, to the right of the Elder Koco on the bottom of the map.
  • Caterpillar is right to the left of the same Hermit Koco and is easily fought by grinding on rails, touching the blue orbs and dodging the red ones, then homing attacking the springs that appear and wailing on the boss.
  • Kunoichi is the 3rd in the Ninja line and can be found right above 4-8. This one requires no extra strategy and makes you wonder how they got away with repeats of this and tower so often.
  • Ghost is up and to the left of the Hermit Koco on the bottom of the map. This boss fight gets tricky, but it is just a test of the platforming you’ve been doing this whole game while constantly draining your rings. So go through its obstacle courses quickly and cyloop the pillars it activates.
  • Master Ninja is, somewhat obviously, an even more challenging Ninja. You can find it to the right of 4-4 or above the fishing portal. The only thing to watch out for is that it is usually better to dodge or run away than parry, as the boss expects you to parry and will counter it. This is the hardest guardian in the game and my favorite of all of them.
  • Silver Hammer is, if you can believe it, yet another more complex version of the Tower boss, found on the lower leftmost side of the map, up and to the left of 4-8. There isn’t much to say about these guys anymore; the same strategy of just running up and homing attacking it still works, and with stomp attack spamming, you can clear it quickly.

Easy Prey

  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Player Earned %: 15.4%

Again, the DLC added Battle Rush mode, which will have you encounter every enemy in a mode unlocked after beating the game. But again, if you want to complete it before the final boss, you’ve likely met every overworld enemy by the time you’ve finished Threats Identified.

The only ones you can miss for the sake of this trophy are those that inhabit Cyberspace, such as the Motobug or Egg Robo. If you don’t have this one yet, explore more Cyberspace portals.

Combo Crackerjack

Sonic Frontiers Trophy
Image by Monica Phillips
  • Rarity: Bronze
  • Player Earned %: 10.1%

If you don’t have any bosses or formidable enemies left to Phantom Rush, go to Ares and mash the attack button (with Auto Combo turned off) on the spring enemies. They cannot die unless you stomp attack them, so you can get in a million Phantom Rushes for free.

Unrivaled Aptitude

  • Rarity: Silver
  • Player Earned %: 18.9%

Once you’re near the end of the game, you’ve almost definitely unlocked everything the skill tree has to offer. If not, go ahead and do so, including auto-combo, which you can turn off if you don’t like.

Hope Across Ages

Sonic Frontiers Trophy
Image by Monica Phillips
  • Rarity: Silver
  • Player Earned %: 17.6%

Bet you forgot we were playing a game with a story other than “Hedgehog runs around doing busywork” for a minute. Change your game to Hard mode if it’s not there already (don’t worry; it’s not exactly Dark Souls), and go ahead and grab that 6th Chaos emerald in Ouranos. Supreme is an absolute joke of a fight at this point, and I wish he were more difficult.

The only thing to watch out for is sometimes he will do a spin slash, and it’s better to fly away rather than parry since parrying puts you in a long cutscene. Once you destroy him, you’ll notice the game isn’t exactly over yet, but you will get the trophy.

A Land At Peace

  • Rarity: Gold
  • Player Earned %: 17.4%

The End is both literally the end and also just named “The End.” It’s a return to the Ikaruga-style Shoot Em’ Up segments from the hacking games. If you’re good at arcade shooters, you should be completely fine. However, those who are like me and only really play Galaga on occasion may have some trouble, and no amount of upgrades change the fact that you only get two lives, and every hit is an instant kill.

I personally switch shot types by holding down the Light shot and then switching to the Dark shot whenever I see dark bullets on the screen. If you didn’t know, your ship is invulnerable to whatever color of shot you’re currently shooting, and hitting those colors also builds up the meter, which you can use to either get a ton of easy damage in or as a panic button in tough situations.

Either way, you should destroy the end with brand-new quick-time events and get your trophy. Shoutouts to the poor .2% that thought Supreme was the true final boss.

Trophies Completed!

  • Rarity: Platinum
  • Player Earned %: 6.7%

As the name implies, this trophy is earned once you’ve gotten every other achievement, and if you’ve followed the guide until now, then you have! Great job.

Questions and Answers

Question: Is Sonic Frontiers hard to platinum?

Answer: No, but it is tedious and somewhat time-consuming.

Question: What’s the hardest part of getting every Sonic Frontiers trophy?

Answer: Grinding a ton of Koco for fishing, then exchanging them at the Elder Koco, one at a time, 198 times.

Question: Do I need to play every Cyberspace level in Sonic Frontiers to get every trophy?

Answer: No, but you need to play enough to encounter every unique enemy.


And that’s that! You should now have all 41 achievements in Sonic Frontiers. I think this game is enjoyable to complete, especially if you don’t do the Hermit Koco achievements.

Hunting down every enemy is pretty satisfying, especially since, for some of the Tower and Ninja variants, I didn’t even realize they existed until I went looking for the achievement.

Seeing all the great character interactions, absolutely demolishing every enemy at strength level 99, and completing the map is pretty satisfying. I think we can all enjoy some fishing from time to time.

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