Best Games for Beginner Trophy Hunters


By its very nature, the art of trophy hunting and seeking out every single achievement within a game is the behavior of a dedicated and hardcore gaming veteran. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to be a complete gaming aficionado to trophy hunt. We all have to begin somewhere, and while you can begin just about anywhere you like, there are some games out there that act as great starting points for achievement hunting novices.

These games can either be exceptionally easy to 100%, offer a very straightforward roadmap to success, not take very long to fully complete, or offer a relaxing and rather satisfying completion experience. So with that in mind, we want to kick off your completionist journey the right way and have devised a list of the best beginner trophy hunts that you should try before you take on something larger and more challenging. By taking these baby steps, you’ll become a trophy hunting master in no time.

Selection Criteria

Before we get into our extensive list of the best beginner hunts, we want to give you an idea of how we came to these decisions. So here are our selection criteria that helped us decide which games belonged on this list:

  • Games on this list may be very straightforward games to 100% with little to no need to consult a guide
  • Games on this list may be very short experiences that don’t take long to completely finish
  • Games on this list may have a very easily achievable trophy list
  • Games on this list may only require one playthrough or less
  • Games on this list will have an overall achievement hunting experience that is stress-free

The Best Trophy Hunts for Beginners

Now that you have an understanding of how we came to our decision, here is our comprehensive list of the easiest trophy hunts for beginners to check out. We have included twenty options to get you started. After you complete these, you should be more than ready to take on some bigger games with harder challenges:

My Name is Mayo

my name is mayo

Genre: Cookie Clicker Game

Number of Trophies: 51 trophies

Average Completion: 97% of players go on to complete this game

Time to complete: 1-2 hours

Playthroughs: 1

How could we start this list with anything other than My Name is Mayo? This cookie-clicker-style title, which is set to become a fully-fledged trilogy, offers perhaps the easiest platinum trophy of all. This game is incredibly simple. You are presented with a jar of mayo on screen, and your job is to pound one button repeatedly to tickle the mayo. Is it pointless and juvenile? Absolutely it is, but it also doesn’t require a guide to complete, and it doesn’t take long to platinum. That much is showcased by the average platinum percentage of 97% that this game boasts. So if you want something that is easy, mindless, and bumps up your trophy count, try this one out.

Donut County

donut county

Genre: Puzzle Game

Number of trophies: 21

Average completion: 83%

Time to Complete: 2-3 hours

Playthroughs: One

Next up, we have a game that offers a little bit more substance than the one listed above. Donut County is a puzzle game where players will have to use a small hole to swallow up items in each level, making your hole bigger and allowing you to eventually swallow everything in sight. Most of the trophies on this list are gained through simply finishing each level, and the more rare trophies are often achieved by players through natural play.

Along with an easy trophy list, this game also happens to have a wonderful scene of humor, a quirky art style, and gameplay moments that will genuinely make you smile. So for an easy platinum and a chill, fun puzzle adventure, you could do a lot worse than this excellent indie game.

Life Is Strange

life is strange

Genre: Narrative Adventure

Number of trophies: 61

Average completion: 45%

Time to Complete: 10-20 hours

Playthroughs: one

If you are familiar with games like the Telltale series, Heavy Rain, and other titles that focus on branching narratives that ask players to make difficult choices. Then we assure you, Life is Strange is a game that will be right up your alley. This game may be one of the longer platinum procedures on this list but fear not, as the time spent with this game isn’t taxing, and the trophies aren’t difficult to get, so long as you explore and remain vigilant.

In this game, you play as a photography student called Max who discovers she has the ability to rewind time. So you will have to use this to your advantage, play through the gripping story this game offers and come out the other side with a shiny platinum trophy. You can do this in on playthrough, so long as you don’t miss any of the photo opportunities within the game, and don’t worry, as long as you explore thoroughly, you shouldn’t miss any. However, it never hurts to have a guide open. So for an easy plat and a great narrative experience, check out Life is Strange.

Until Dawn

until dawn

Genre: Narrative Horror

Number of trophies: 19

Average completion: 17.5%

Time to Complete: 12-15 hours

Playthroughs: 1.5 

Speaking of narrative games that force players to make decisions that will shape the outcome of the overall story, Until Dawn is another great game of this nature. This game offers a story that sees you play through a stereotypical horror storyline that uses all the usual horror tropes to great effect, blending true atmospheric horror with cheesy, jump-scare horror with a great deal of success.

The game is a great option for horror fans, but it’s also a great option for trophy hunters. All you have to do is play through the game once, saving everyone, and then play through again, making sure that all the characters die. Plus, a little bit of cleanup depending on your decisions. We would urge you to have a guide handy as you play through, or if you don’t mind playing a few times, try and complete this achievement list naturally.



Genre: Platformer

Number of trophies: 15

Average completion: 96%

Time to Complete: 30 minutes

Playthroughs: 1

You’ve played games like Super Mario, Metroid, and Sonic, right? Well, how about a game that borrows assets of these games and puts it all together to produce a game that is significantly more underwhelming. Not selling it, are we? Well, what if we told you that for a mere thirty minutes of your time, you could pick up a shiny new platinum trophy.

To earn 100% completion in this game, all you have to do is play through at least the first twenty levels and do a few extras like defeat enemies, pick up items, and clear levels without dying. Most of the difficulty here comes from the rough around the edges nature of the game, but we assure you. If you donate half an hour to this game, you will definitely have seen 100% of this game.

Road Bustle

road bustle

Genre: Infinite Runner Game

Number of trophies: 22

Average completion: 99%

Time to Complete: 5-10 mins

Playthroughs: 1

Depending on which generation of gaming you happen to belong to, you’ll either look at this title and immediately compare it to ‘Frogger’ or ‘Crossy Roads.’ Well, in either case, you are absolutely right and also being very kind to this game. Road Bustle is an infinite runner game where the player crosses busy highway after busy highway, timing their run to perfection to avoid being smushed by oncoming vehicles.

On paper, this sounds like a fun little indie game. However, the game is very underwhelming, buggy, and full of exploits. However, thanks to these exploits, you can earn a platinum trophy in a mere five minutes. Just run until the score reads 16,000, and you’ll see that lovely trophy pop in the corner of the screen. The games can’t all be seminal, but all trophies matter.

Goat Simulator

goat simulator

Genre: Action Simulator

Number of trophies: 31

Average completion: 24.5%

Time to Complete: 2-4 hours

Playthroughs: 1

Reading this now, you may just see this game as one in a long line of funny and weird simulation games, like Surgeon Simulator or I am Bread. However, many would argue that Goat Simulator was the catalyst for all of these games, and we are inclined to agree with them. This game may be an in-joke within a development team that got a little out of hand, but surprisingly, this game offers some fun, wacky gameplay and some genuinely funny moments.

Alongside this unique brand of gameplay and quirky mechanics, the game also offers a rather manageable trophy list. So long as players explore the levels on offer, master the intentionally awkward mechanics and engage with all the aspects of the world, you’ll pop that platinum. The only trophy that will give you some trouble is the rather dated ‘Flappy Goat’ achievement. However, if you can manage this, then you’ll have another 100% to add to your resume.

Day Of The Tentacle

day of the tentacle

Genre: Point and Click

Number of trophies: 58

Average completion: 37%

Time to Complete: 4-5 hours

Playthroughs: 1

Back in the 1990’s, largely thanks to the game Escape From Monkey Island, point and click games were all the rage. Admittedly, the demand for these kinds of games has wained significantly since, but the classics of the genre still have their place in the annals of gaming history and still offer a fun gaming experience. That much is very true when referring to Day of the Tentacle.

This game is a great beginner hunt as you can collect all the trophies in one playthrough; you will pick up the vast majority of trophies through natural play. Plus, the more elusive and missable trophies are easy to pick up with a guide handy. Plus, best of all, it will only take you a few hours. So if you want a blast from the past with a lenient achievement list, this is definitely an option.

Grim Fandango

grim fandango

Genre: point and click

Number of trophies: 48

Average completion: 21.5%

Time to Complete: 12-15 hours

Playthroughs: 1

If we played through Day of the Tentacle and you’re hungry for more of Tim Schafer’s point-and-click adventures, then you should absolutely check out Grim Fandango. This is a game that has the same format, the same exploration-driven gameplay, and a gripping story to tell.

We will admit, this one is a good bit longer than the above entry, which goes some way to explaining the lower average completion percentage. However, the trophy list is just as straightforward and simple to complete. This is a great title, an easy platinum, and one you should absolutely add to your collection.

Infamous: First Light

infamous first light

Genre: Action RPG

Number of trophies: 25

Average completion: 22%

Time to Complete: 15-20 hours

Playthroughs: 1

Ever since Cole McGrath burst onto the scene in the first Infamous outing, Sony has been keen to keep this series alive and produced a trilogy of games to do so. The third of which, Infamous: Second Son, which incidentally happens to be another easy platinum, stars the charismatic hero (or villain) Delsin Roe. However, the entry on this list, First Light, stars the rebellious Conduit, Fetch.

This game is one of the longer platinum journeys on this list. However, the good news is that the action gameplay is cathartic and engaging, you don’t really need a guide to complete this one, and the story isn’t half bad either. The only tough aspect of this achievement list is the end-game challenges, but with a little perseverance and relative mastery of the mechanics, and you’ll have another platinum for your collection.

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

everybody's gone to the rapture

Genre: Walking Simulator

Number of trophies: 19

Average completion: 18%

Time to Complete: 8-10 hours

Playthroughs: 1

Now for something a little more relaxed. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is a walking simulator that sees you casually stroll through the tranquil and eerily empty Shropshire countryside. You’ll be tasked with exploring the quaint British village, uncovering stories and secrets, and hopefully, find out exactly why everyone has done as the title suggests and goes off to the rapture.

This game offers a pretty simple and low-maintenance trophy list for those that love to explore and have a hunger for finding every aspect of this game’s narrative. However, if you want to do this one in just one playthrough, you’ll need to have a guide out in the open to make sure to find all the branching stories. For the incredible visuals alone, this is a must-play, so don’t hesitate to add this one to your library.



Genre: Survival

Number of trophies: 18

Average completion: 25%

Time to Complete: 1-2 hours or 40 hours

Playthroughs: 1

Now, we move on to a survival title that will leave you stranded in the middle of the ocean and task you not only with surviving but thriving in this hostile, nautical environment. This game can offer a lot of challenges, some tricky obstacles to overcome, and a rather hardy bunch of dangerous sea creatures to tackle. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

You see, the game offers a ‘developer mode’ which gives you access to any in-game assets you need with no restrictions or any need to gather resources from under the sea. This means that you can race to each trophy, pop them with ease, and before you know it, this platinum trophy will be yours.

Conan Exiles

conan exiles

Genre: Survival

Number of trophies: 37

Average completion: 25%

Time to Complete: 1-2 hours

Playthroughs: 1

Speaking of games that offer a huge, grueling campaign that can inexplicably be beaten in a couple of hours, we introduce to you Conan Exiles. This game offers a survival adventure that is meticulously crafted, incredibly challenging, and filled to the brim with dangerous foes. However, through the power of console commands, you’ll be able to zoom through this game at breakneck speeds.

These commands allow you to become an immortal god, travel to the most dangerous areas in the game from the first moment, and teleport any item into your inventory in seconds flat. This cuts this game’s platinum playtime down from about 50-60 hours to a mere 1-2 hours. So if you have a few hours to spare, this is a great option.

The Wolf Among Us

the wolf among us

Genre: Narrative Choice Game

Number of trophies: 36

Average completion: 39%

Time to Complete: 8-10 hours

Playthroughs: 1 + Various Chapters

In truth, we could have included just about any of the Telltale Games on this list, as most of these games simply require you to play through the story. However, we thought we would go with the game that started it all, The Wolf Among Us. This game offers an incredible story, branching narrative choices, and of course, an easy 100% completion journey.

You will have to play through aspects of this game more than once, as there are some opposite decisions that you will have to make, allowing you to see all possible outcomes. However, this doesn’t take that long, thanks to the chapter selection options. So be sure to work your way through this one for another platinum to add to your cabinet.

Sly Racoon

sly raccoon

Genre: Platformer

Number of trophies: 36

Average completion: 51%

Time to Complete: 5-8 hours

Playthroughs: 1

You may remember this one if you were gaming back in the PS2 era. Alongside the big hitters like Jak and Daxter, or Ratchet and Clank, Sly was every bit as good of a Playstation mascot as those guys. This game provides a straightforward playthrough that asks you to complete all the levels, collect all the unlockables and finish the story, avenging your family and restoring the Thievious Racoonous.

Honestly, we would say that just about any game in the trilogy would be a good fit here, but because this game has a very high 100% rate of 51% of players. So if you want to jump back into a timeless platformer and get your just rewards for doing so, this is your chance.

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor’s Legacy

jak and daxter precursor's collection

Genre: Platformer

Number of trophies: 39

Average completion: 38%

Time to Complete: 10-12 hours

Playthroughs: 1

The nostalgia train just keeps on chugging, and this time, it’s Jak and Daxter making the list. While the sequels in the series offer a more adult, gritty, and difficult roadmap for success, the first game in the series is about as straightforward as they come. In this game, all you have to do is collect all of the possible collectibles, which means all of the precursor eggs and orbs.

The hardest part of this platinum journey is the egg hunt and cleanup. Some of those bad boys are well hidden. However, while this can be a little frustrating, with a guide by your side, this shouldn’t be an issue. So for yet another blast from the past, try this one on for size.

The Order: 1886

the order 1886

Genre: Horror

Number of trophies: 22

Average completion:

Time to Complete: 5-8 hours

Playthroughs: 1

The Order 1886 is a game that has one of the most incredible game settings of the eighth generation. The story is wonderful to boot, and while the gameplay was a little underwhelming despite the hype for this game, it’s still serviceable, if a little quick time event heavy. Plus, thanks to the very short runtime, it makes this game a brilliant beginner platinum.

This one can be completed in an afternoon and can be done in one fell swoop. However, if you want to avoid multiple playthroughs, you’ll want to keep an eye out for collectibles throughout. As for the more miscellaneous trophies, you can clean them up with the chapter selection function. Be sure to give this one a try and be sure not to dwell on the groundbreaking game that this could have been.

Astro’s Playroom

astro's playroom

Genre: Platformer

Number of trophies: 46

Average completion: 57.5%

Time to Complete: 5-6 hours

Playthroughs: 1

With the handful of retro platformers that we included above, it’s only fair that we give you a more modern, next-gen option. Astro’s Playroom may only be a technical demo to show off what the PS5’s hardware is capable of, but boy, it’s still a treat to play. With the wealth of callbacks to classic Playstation moments, nods to exclusive titles, and incredible platforming gameplay bliss. It’s hard to believe that this game was only developed to showcase the new features of the Dualsense controller.

Sony’s task of fine-tuning the haptic feedback and adaptive trigger functions may have been a tough task. However, your task is a much simpler one. All you have to do is collect all the goodies hidden within the four sections of this game, complete the game and do a handful of fun, miscellaneous tasks; then, you will be the proud owner of many other players’ first PS5 platinum.

Also, fun tip. If you leave the ‘you got a trophy achievement until last, your platinum screenshot will show Astro literally holding a platinum trophy aloft. You can’t say no to that opportunity.

Rocket League

rocket league

Genre: Racing/Sports

Number of trophies: 88

Average completion: 19.5%

Time to Complete: 10-30 hours

Playthroughs: 1

We are all for a game that offers a free platinum and when Rocket League is concerned. It’s not only a free-to-play game but a staple of the Esports community, a game that galvanized sports games as a whole and a very easy platinum to achieve. To 100% this game, you’ll need to master the mechanics of driving a rocket-propelled battle car and use it to put a ball into a net. Can you imagine something more chaotic and fun?

The only downside to this one is that, without microtransactions, this platinum can take a while to get. However, the good news is that you can jump in and out of this game when you feel like it, gradually chipping away until you pop every trophy on the list. Plus, this one is super addictive. So for an easy multiplayer option, this is top of the pile.

Untitled Goose Game

untitled goose game

Genre: Action Puzzler

Number of trophies: 25

Average completion: 30%

Time to Complete: 5-6 hours

Playthroughs: 1 + Time trials

Then lastly, on our list, we have the spiritual successor to Goat Simulator and arguably, the best indie game of 2019, Untitled Goose Game. This title sees you travel through a quaint little village, causing chaos in a way that only a terrifying goose can do. You’ll need to use all of your honking power to solve puzzles, cause mischief and ultimately, scare the living daylights out of the village residents.

Along with being unadulterated fun, this game is a straightforward 100% achievement journey that you can get done in an afternoon. The only tricky aspect of this is the time trial tasks. Especially the one in the back gardens, but if you can overcome this, you’ll have another platinum for your collection, and your goose will get a fancy crown to wear as well, which is a lovely bonus.

Rack Up Platinums With Ease

As you can see from our handy list above, there is a tonne of easy-to-achieve platinum trophies out there that are ripe for the taking. We admit there are hundreds more potential candidates that we could have included here, but we feel that this list will act as the best foundation for success, allowing you to strive for bigger and more challenging tests down the line. So get out there, rack up those trophies, and always strive for 100%.


Question: What is The Easiest Platinum?

Answer: From this list, we would have to go with a title that is not only short but also offers little to no difficulty. So with that in mind, we would have to give this accolade to either My Name is Mayo, Road Bustle, or Donut County. Or, if you want some other suggestions from outside this list, we would suggest games like Slyde, Mr. Massagy, or 36 Fragments of Midnight.

Question: Do All Games Offer Platinum Trophies?

Answer: While just about all the games of the modern era offer an achievement list, that doesn’t mean that the game has a platinum trophy for players to earn. You see, Sony has a team that will vet the games and their trophy list before launch and decides if these games and their 100% process warrant a platinum trophy.
It’s also worth noting that while most games of the PS3 era do offer trophy lists and platinum trophies, some games were released before the launch of this achievement collecting function.

Question: Does Every Platform Offer Achievement Functionality?

Answer: Sadly not. PlayStation is widely considered the king of gaming accomplishments and rewards, then Xbox also offers achievements where players earn GamerScore, and Steam offers in-platform achievements too. However, not all platforms offer this luxury. For example, Nintendo does not offer anything of this nature.

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