Gran Turismo 7 Trophy Guide

Gran Turismo 7 Trophy Guide: Reaching the Finish Line with a Platinum in the Trunk

Gran Turismo 7 is one of the outstanding modern driving-simulating games developed by Polyphony Digital. It is the first game in the series to be released on next-generation consoles, and it looks pristine. There are excellent new features, such as 3D audio, ray tracing, & fast load times.

They took the best from the modern racing game standards and combined it with old elements that fans of the series appreciate. Gran Turismo 7 has a smooth visual experience and lightning-fast cars, but I can’t say the same about the platinum road.

I’m your trustworthy, experienced backseat driver to guide you through each trophy while giving some inside tips you don’t want to leave in the trunk. There’s something about a genuinely polished racing game that is a breath of fresh air away from other genres, and this particular one is highly addicting.

Many players have struggled because it’s a grinding expedition with some speedbumps on the road that could shake you up. Don’t be discouraged, though, because in this Gran Turismo 7 Trophy guide I’ll explain all the subtleties and take you down the easy track. Buckle up and floor it because we are about to race into the details behind each trophy so you can unlock the Gran Turismo 7 Platinum!

gran turismo 7

Bottom Line Up Front

You must be patient to get the Gran Turismo 7 platinum trophy because we are discussing a few months of continuous dedication to succeed. The first step involves focusing on the license tests and completing the Cafe Menu. From there, you will complete time trials, sport races, & circuit experiences.

After that, you’ll need to fill the remaining potholes with various other tasks. The last step is the most grueling, with an extensive grinding campaign for credits, mileage, & obtaining the elusive Legendary vehicles.

  • Genre: Racing Simulation
  • Difficulty: 6/10
  • Average 100% Time: 100+ Hours
  • Total Trophies: 54 Trophies
  • # Of Required Playthroughs: 1

Before You Put It in Drive

  • The assist settings can be used for the duration of your platinum run except for the No Assistance Required trophy. You can choose between an easy or difficult road, and the settings can be changed at any time,
  • Please watch in your rear-view mirror for the Three Legendary Cars trophy and scroll down to study that achievement before continuing.

A GPS to Guide You on the Right Route

gran turismo 7 trophy

Step 1: Earn Your Wheels While Focusing on the License Tests & Cafe Menu until Complete

This is where you will learn how everything works and what it takes to be a skilled driver. Paying attention and passing with flying colors is essential because it will chart the course for your platinum run. The Cafe can be viewed as the campaign, with 39 menu books that must be done. As these are gradually completed, you will unlock the other tracks necessary for earning more trophies.

Ten menu books should be purchased as you progress to clean up some of the miscellaneous tasks. License tests will be grueling, but think of them as your driver’s education course so you can apply them later during tough challenges. Prioritize these modes first, and don’t buy any other cars until you have completed them, except for the Legendary vehicles.

Trophies You’ll Earn

  • Living with a Legend
  • Student of Motoring History
  • Moving on Up
  • Clean Racer
  • Done in 60 Seconds
  • Formula First Timer
  • Podium Fixture
  • Rain Royalty
  • Fully Licensed
  • Hard Work Pays Off
  • All-Rounder
  • Looking Good!
  • Squeaky Clean
  • Warning: Wide Load!
  • A Taste of Tuning
  • Going the Distance: Angeles Crest Highway
  • Motor Mania
  • Finale

Step 2: Put the Pedal to the Metal with Time Trials, Circuit Experiences, & Sport Races

Now it’s time to start your grind with the following races. It will take some time, but the process is comprehensive and won’t be long compared to other steps.

  • Complete 100 time trials with any car
  • Complete 50 sport races
  • 15 Full-circuit experiences with a provided vehicle
  • 10 Dirt Track Wins

Trophies You’ll Earn

  • The First Step to Mastery
  • Circuit Apprentice
  • Circuit Master
  • Digging the Dirt
  • Sport Mode Debut
  • In-Depth Mastery
  • Time Attacker

Step 3: Cleaning Up the Other Various Trophies

Gran Turismo 7 Trophy audi ultra

A few of these have likely been unlocked by playing the game naturally, but you’ll have some to pick up. These trophies require you to buy a part ten times or snap 100 photos while in Scapes. For this step, you should have 4,450,000 Cr. The Memento cars aren’t cheap at 3,450,000. My advice is to save your credits to spare you the grind.

It would help if you had enough to get the extra vehicles like a safety car, electric car, & pickup truck. This is part of the game that will cost you a shiny penny, much like many cars do in real life. Scoop up any other additional trophies, and you’re one mile closer to the finish line!

Trophies You’ll Earn

  • By a Whisker
  • By a Country Mile
  • No Assistance Required!
  • Fill Her Up
  • New Treads
  • Running on Empty
  • Toughening Up
  • A Bit of a Boost
  • Snap-Happy
  • A memento from Le Mans
  • Memento from the Nürburgring
  • Heavy Haulage
  • Safety First
  • Let’s Go Carbon Neutral!
  • Wheely Good Fun
  • Firm Favorite
  • Smoking Hot
  • Join the 200-mph Club
  • Speed Demon
  • Speed Archdemon

Step 4: Test of Your Patience while Grinding for Mileage, Credits & Legendary 24-Hour Vehicles

This is where the real grind begins in the end game, so brace yourself and don’t expect speedy results. It would be best if you started grinding in the world tracks with arcade mode and GT races to the cap of Cr between each legendary purchase. This is because legendary cars are costly and are rarely found in the ever-cycling legendary shops.

For mileage, a patch allowed for single-player progression to count online, so it shouldn’t be too bad. Your main issue in this step is obtaining the Legendary 24-hour vehicles, which will require much patience.

Trophies You’ll Earn

  • Going the Distance: Route 66
  • Going the Distance: 24 Hours of Le Mans
  • Going the Distance Together: The Atlantic
  • Going the Distance Together: The Autobahn
  • Living with a Legend
  • Three Legendary Cars
  • Gran Turismo Platinum Trophy

Grand Turismo 7 Trophy Guide

Gran Turismo Platinum Trophy

Attain all the awards in Gran Turismo 7

  • Grade: Platinum
  • Player%: 10.42%

This platinum trophy for Gran Turismo 7 is unlocked when you earn every other achievement.

Living Your Car Life

Begin the first menu book

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 95.76%

The menu is your main driving quest and is found within the Cafe. There are multiple objectives; starting the first one will unlock this trophy. Go to the Cafe and begin Menu Book 1 by hitting start, and the achievement is yours for the taking.

Student of Motoring History

Gran Turismo 7 Trophy student of motoring history

Complete the first menu of car collecting

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 93.16%

These are the quests that you acquire from the Cafe. Check out the pavilion and hit the menu icon. The first menu will require you to attain three different Japanese cars. To collect them, you must venture to the world map and find the yellow icon that marks which region.

Travel there and then get at least third place to unlock the cars in the first menu. After acquiring them all, head back to the Cafe to obtain a snapshot of them all. Doing so will earn you the trophy.

Moving On Up

In a single lap, move up five or more positions

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 97.86%

You will likely unlock this by simply playing the game because there are many opportunities. This is the only trophy that can be earned offline and is best unlocked through the easier races found in the beginning. After starting the menu books, you’ll have a good enough vehicle to power through and pass five cars in a single lap with no sweat.

Clean Racer

Gran Turismo 7 Trophy clean racer

Complete a race without any collisions or leaving the track

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 94.77%

You should search for a race with only 1-2 laps for this trophy and choose the Sunday driver option so the other racers aren’t causing any trouble. Take your time and drive while exercising caution around other cars when passing or taking sharp turns. When passing drivers, try to stay outside because they are programmed to stay closer to the corners. Completing the race without any collisions or quitting will unlock the trophy.

By a Whisker

Complete and win a race with a lead of .5 seconds or less

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 75.26%

This trophy can be earned through any of the races and might take some time to unlock if you aren’t lucky. When starting the race, get to first place and stay there while taking it easy on the gas sometimes so that second place is right behind.

Slow down accurately when approaching the finish line so you’re still in first, but the second car is very close. This might take a few shots if you’re intentionally going for it, but in all likelihood, it will unlock by itself after so many races.

By a Country Mile

In a race with at least two laps, win with a lead of 10 seconds or more

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 86.79%

Before going for this trophy, ensure the tuning shop is unlocked first. This is acquired by completing menu book three. You should upgrade a vehicle to 400+ PP before starting the next race. Now head back to the World Map and select Americas: Blue Moon Bay Speedway.

Choose the Sunday Driver mode; they will be no match for your fine-tuned car that can speed past and eventually lap them. On the left panel, a number for second place informs you of the lead you have. Ensure it stays at 10 seconds or more and win the race to unlock the trophy.

No Assistance Required!

Gran Turismo 7 Trophy no assistance required

Finish a race without using any assisted settings

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 51.38%

Before you begin this challenge:

  1. Make sure all the assist settings are off or defaulted.
  2. Remember that ABS & Traction Control are by default turned on, and having them on will not void the trophy.
  3. Essentially, default your settings and complete a race.

You don’t need to win. Finish it, and your award will unlock.

New Treads

Change your tires in a pitstop during a race

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 43.77%

When you reach a pit stop during a race, there will be a notification flashing in red that signals you to stop and refuel or change tires. Select “Change Tires,” and the trophy will unlock. Some reports of this trophy require a few tire changes to kick in.

The First Step to Mastery

Within Circuit Experience, complete a track of all sectors

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 55.72%

Please reference Circuit Master for this trophy

Circuit Apprentice

Within Circuit Experience, complete five tracks

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 29.79%

Please Reference Circuit Master for this trophy

Circuit Master

Gran Turismo 7 Trophy circuit master

Within Circuit Experience, complete 15 tracks

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player%: 22.46%

Each track has different options to choose from when you select one, such as time trial or circuit experience. Select Circuit Experience, and then you’ll need to do each of the sectors within each track if there’s only one lap. Note that you only need a bronze rating in these time trials for it to count.

Done in 60 Seconds

In under a minute, drive a lap of the Tsukuba Circuit

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 34.51%

The Tsukuba Circuit will unlock for you after completing Menu Book Two. Go to the Asia-pacific/oceanic location to race the Tsukuba Circuit. On the bottom, you must select Circuit Experience and then “Full Lap.” The Lancer Evolution will be your car, and it’s lightning-fast to accomplish this challenge quickly. Try not to turn while braking, and pay attention to your speed around corners. This will probably take you a few shots to get it because it’s a tight window with barely any breathing room.

Formula First Timer

Gran Turismo 7 Trophy formula first timer

Took a Formula car for a drive

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 41.51%

As you go through the various license tests, this will unlock organically during your playthrough when you reach Super License Test 7. Finish the lap on the Weathtech raceway in under 1:07.4, and the trophy will unlock shortly after. Restart this test as necessary until you get the requirements.

Podium Fixture

Finish a race on the podium ten times

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 85.14%

For these to count, you must finish the top 3 in races that aren’t menu books or missions. They can be the same ten races, and you have two modes: Sunday Drive and GT. After you have been on the podium ten times total, with third place as the minimum, this trophy will unlock.

Rain Royalty

Earn your rain license

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 44.54%

Three license tests with some wet roads must be completed with a bronze trophy for this achievement. Here are the required driving licenses you need to earn in the rain. Please note that the S license group doesn’t count because it isn’t raining.

  • National A License: Cornering in the Wet as a Beginner
  • International B License: Cornerning in the wet as an Intermediate
  • International A License: Cornering in the wet as an expert

Fully Licensed

Gran Turismo 7 Trophy fully licensed

Acquire all licenses

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 33.51%

Please reference Hard Work Pays Off for this trophy.

Hard Work Pays Off

Acquire Gold across all licenses

  • Grade: Gold
  • Player%: 18.62%

There are five licenses to acquire, each with ten challenges, which can be found in the License Pavilion. Here you’ll go through various time trials to test your driving abilities. This will be difficult because no one is a master of anything without practice. Think of it as your opportunity to get a handle on things and make the rest of the game much easier with your newly acquired knowledge.

The catch is that you must earn Gold in every license test to earn this trophy, which isn’t easy. Study the example patterns and learn where to apply various tools like braking properly; your mind will eventually adapt and overcome each.


Win races across ten separate tracks

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 79.93%

This trophy will likely unlock itself as you progress through the collector menu books. You need to win ten different races on separate tracks, and they can be on or off-road. After winning your tenth race, the trophy will unlock immediately.

Digging the Dirt

Win ten races on dirt tracks

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 19.92%

This trophy isn’t strict because you can complete ten races on dirt tracks. You can play the same race on a dirt track ten times and easily unlock this award. Remember, you must win each race to count toward this trophy. This is more of an end-game task because you must advance for them to unlock. Here are all the dirt tracks and where they open:

  • Colorado Springs: Unlocked after completion of Menu Book 25
  • Fisherman’s Ranch: Unlocked after completion of Menu Book 36
  • Sardegna Windmills: Unlocked after completion of Menu Book 36

Fill Her Up

Gran Turismo 7 Trophy fill her up

In a race that has fuel consumption, take a pitstop to refuel

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 40.42%

Like the trophy earned for getting your wheels changed, this achievement might take a couple of tries because of some reported glitches. When you play a race with fuel consumption featured, you can take a pitstop and select refuel. Doing this will unlock the trophy, simple as that.

Running on Empty

Run out of fuel in a fuel consumption race

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 44.00%

I suggest creating a customized race to speed up this achievement at the Blue Moon Speedway. Select Fuel Consumption and set it to 50% before starting. This will ensure that your fuel runs out much quicker. When you get the warning after passing a pitstop that it’s time to refuel, ignore it, and the trophy will unlock when you run out of fuel. It’s fun when you get awards for bad decisions.

Looking Good!

Gran Turismo 7 Trophy looking good

Buy some aerodynamic parts and equip them

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 68.25%

You can purchase these aerodynamic parts within GT Auto to enhance a vehicle. This will be unlocked after you finish menu book 7. Aim for equipping them with sports cars instead of your standard ones. You can also continue in your menu book progression, and it will eventually unlock naturally. Buy the inexpensive parts and equip them with the appropriate vehicle to receive the award.

Toughening Up

Increase your car body’s rigidity a total of ten times

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 21.58%

All you need to do for this one is purchase the rigidity upgrade for ten cars. The price of the upgrade will vary, but it’s generally affordable. Rigidity is found by selecting the Semi-Racing option.

Squeaky Clean

Wash any car ten times

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 31.22%

You can wash your car in GT Auto, and you’ll need to rack up ten total washes to unlock this trophy. It might be glitched if you notice it isn’t unlocking, so keep washing it until it earns you the award. From what I’ve observed with other players, it shouldn’t take more than 15 times if you’re glitched.

Warning: Wide Load!

Gran Turismo 7 Trophy warning wide load

Widen any car’s body once

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 61.75%

Go to the GT Auto shop and select “Maintenance & Servicing,” where there’s a list to the right of various services. Scroll down to the bottom to fit your car with a broader body. Don’t waste credits on a larger vehicle because that will be more expensive.

A Taste of Tuning

Buy some tuning parts and equip them

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 85.90%

The tuning shop will become available after you complete menu book 3. You’ll have many chances to equip tuning parts; some are tied to other trophies, so this one will unlock naturally in your playthrough since you’re going for the platinum.

A Bit of a Boost

Purchase turbo or supercharge ten times

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 37.12%

After you get through the collector menu level 6, the Racing tab will unlock. Purchase turbo or supercharge ten times in this manner; the trophy will be yours after the final one. The best method is to purchase one upgrade per car to save much-needed credits later.

Sport Mode Debut

Complete a race while in sport mode

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 39.23%

Please reference In-Depth Mastery for this trophy

In-Depth Mastery

Gran Turismo 7 Trophy in-depth mastery

Complete fifty races while playing Sport Mode

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 14.25%

After completing menu book nine found while in the Cafe, Sport mode will be available to you, create an account to race with and give the necessary information before starting. Accept the terms and then start your sport mode excursion. Here you play against other humans worldwide and must complete fifty total. You need to achieve them, and it’s skill-based matchmaking.


Snap 100 photos in races or scapes

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 18.68%

Unlock snap by completing collector book 7. Snap 100 photos, and this trophy will unlock. They can even be the same photo to speed things up.

Memento from the Nürburgring

Gran Turismo 7 Trophy memento from the nürburgring

Take a Scapes photo of a BMW Gr.3 car while on the Nürburgring.

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 21.23%

Add the BMW GR.3 to your garage first and opt for one of the cheaper options. From there, snap a proud photo on the Nurburgring, and the trophy will unlock.

A Memento from Le Mans

Take a Scapes photo of an Audi R18 TDI on the Circuit de la Sarthe.

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 16.91%

Purchase the Audi R18 TDI for a high price and then go to the Scapes pavilion at Circuit de la Sarthe to snap a photo, and the trophy will unlock.

Heavy Haulage

Purchase a pickup truck

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 58.11%

Winning trucks don’t count toward this achievement. You must purchase one of the two available trucks to unlock the trophy immediately.

Let’s Go Carbon Neutral!

Gran Turismo 7 Trophy let's go carbon neutral

Buy an electric car

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 37.44%

These aren’t too expensive; to earn the trophy, you only have to purchase one electric car, and you’re doing the environment a favor.

Safety First

Buy a safety car

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 31.00%

Make sure you purchase the car from the shop because winning it doesn’t count. Just buy one safety car, and the trophy will unlock after.

Living with a Legend

Go to the Legend Cars Dealership and purchase a car

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 40.78%

Grind credits so you can afford this and then purchase one of the legendary cars when the shop is available to earn the achievement.

Wheely Good Fun

Purchase 10 sets of wheels from GT Auto

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 25.41%

Note that these AREN’T the wheels you would generally purchase from the tuning shop. Buy ten sets of wheels from GT Auto, and the trophy will unlock easy peasy.

Firm Favorite

Gran Turismo 7 Trophy firm favorite

Purchase the same car ten times

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 23.68%

Ensure you have 100,000 Ct and head to the Asia-Pacific/Oceania within the Brand Pavilion while selecting Gran Turismo. There is a Kart for 10,000, so purchase it ten times to save money and earn this trophy.

Smoking Hot

In Drift Trials, earn 10,000 points.

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 35.79%

On any given track, select Drift Trial. Dirt tracks are suitable for this for a high score because of minimal wheel traction. However, you can choose any tracks you want to earn 10,000 points on, which unlocks the trophy.

Join the 200-mph Club

Gran Turismo 7 Trophy join the 200-mph club

Attain a speed of 200 mph

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 67.62%

Please reference Speed ArchDemon for this trophy

Speed Demon

Get to a speed of 311 mph

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 30.99%

Please reference Speed ArchDemon for this trophy

Speed Archdemon

Reach a speed of 373 mph

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player%: 26.82%

For all speed-related achievements, I highly suggest using the Dodge SRT Tomahawk VGT. Before purchasing it, ensure the Special Stage X track is open. When you reach seven-speed, hit the turbo to push you above 373 to unlock the trophy.

Time Attacker

Gran Turismo 7 Trophy time attacker

Complete 100 laps within Time Trials

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 23.10%

When selecting a track in the world map, please choose a time trial and complete 100 laps within them to unlock this trophy.

Round and Round

Drive 500 miles while on Oval tracks

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 20.71%

Grind out 500 miles while racing on the Oval tracks, and this trophy will unlock.

Going the Distance: Angeles Crest Highway

Drive the distance of Angeles Crest Highway: 66 Miles

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 86.52%

All the miles from any mode will count for this trophy, so keep driving, and it will unlock early on.

Going the Distance: 24 Hours of Le Mans

Drive the complete 24-hour distance of Le Mans

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 47.29%

Please reference Going the Distance: Route 66 for this trophy

Going the Distance: Route 66

Drive the entire length of Route 66

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 33.88%

This trophy will unlock naturally, given that you’ll be grinding for other awards and quickly racking up the length of Route 66. Check your profile to examine the distance traveled for tracking your progress.

Going the Distance Together: The Atlantic

With players online, match the distance of the Transatlantic Flight

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 30.91%

Please Reference Going The Distance Together: The Autobahn for this trophy

Going the Distance Together: The Autobahn

With players online, drive the distance of the German Autobahn network

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player%: 21.50%

All mileage from every player will count toward this goal when you’re playing multiplayer. Play online with others until you reach the goal and unlock the trophy.

Motor Mania

Have 50 cars stored in your garage

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 59.05%

You’ll collect a lot of cars while completing the menu books, and when you reach 50 in your garage, it will unlock this trophy.

No Car, No Life!

Store 100 cars in your garage

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 31.94%

Keep purchasing and collecting cars while storing them in your garage until the total reaches 100 to unlock this trophy.

Three Legendary Cars

Attain three legendary race cars that were once fated to win 24-hour races

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player%: 13.56%

The Legendary car shop isn’t always available because it randomly spawns. You’ll have to wait a few weeks between rotations to get three. There’s nothing you can do about this. Stay diligent and play every day until it unlocks and keep your eyes peeled for the shops. You need these Legendary cars and should always have enough CP to purchase them when the shop appears.

  • Ford Mark IV Race Car
  • Jaguar XJ13 Race Car
  • Ferrari 330 P4 Race Car


gran turismo ending

Complete all requirements to get the ending

  • Grade: Gold
  • Player%: 43.49%

This trophy will unlock when you complete the final menu book within the Cafe. It’s a massive chunk of the platinum road and is considered the campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Gran Turismo 7 a time-consuming platinum?

Answer: This platinum will test your patience because it requires extensive multiplayer devotion and grinding. If you enjoy racing games, it won’t seem as long. I wouldn’t try to rush through it because it will probably take you a few months to unlock. Enjoy the ride and pay attention to your goals; it will be yours in no time.

Question: Is this a problematic platinum to obtain?

Answer: I’ve observed that you are either good at racing games or have much to learn. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t improve. Overall, this is a more complicated and demanding platinum, but once you get used to the mechanics, it is a classic racing game that will give you some rewarding challenges.

Question: What’s the most challenging part about unlocking every trophy?

Answer: Aside from the grueling trials, the most frustrating aspect of unlocking the platinum is finding a decent lobby to race in. Another major hurdle will be the trophy revolving around obtaining the three legendary cars due to the spawns out of your control.

Gran Turismo 7 Platinum Trophy Completed!

gt 7 platinum trophy
  • Title: Gran Turismo Platinum Trophy
  • Grade: Platinum
  • Player%: 10.42%

Congratulations! You’ve revved through this platinum guide and clutched a trophy to be proud of. Many players give up due to the intense grind, but you’re made of more prestigious parts than that!

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