Hardest Platinums of 2022

Hardest Platinums of 2022 – a Taxing Year for Completionists

There is a certain breed of gamers out there, not cut from the same cloth as your typical gaming consumer. Some gamers out there will pop in and out of games at their leisure, maybe buy a handful of games a year, or sink all their time into a game that has no end, like FIFA, Call of Duty, or in my case, Genshin Impact.

However, there are those rare few out there who consider themselves to be completionists. Gamers that will stop at nothing until every trophy has popped, and they have endured every trial that each game sets before them.

I view you gluttons for punishment as the purist form of gamer, someone that gets their money’s worth and revels in every sweet victory.

However, not all games are built equal, and for every game that will practically hand you every trophy on a silver platter, there is a game that will grind you down to a fine powder and leave you a shell of the person you once were, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

2022 has been another year where there has been a smorgasbord of amazing titles to choose from, each with their own quirks and oddities. You had wonderful indies like Neon White, Stray, and Rollerdrome.

We also had highly anticipated AAA games in the form of God of War: Ragnarok and Elden Ring. Plus, if you have been paying attention, you may have noticed that AA games have made a comeback in a big way, leading to some very credible games like Sifu, Thymesia, Evil West, and many more. The question remains, though.

Which of these games posed the biggest challenge to the trophy-hunting community? Well, since you are gamers who endlessly seek a worthy challenge, I want to answer that question for you.

In this list to the Hardest Platinums of 2022, I aim to highlight some of this year’s most monumentally challenging games, and explain exactly why these titles serve as 2022’s most difficult titles.

So whether you want to use this as a checklist of games to tackle, or use it as a precautionary list of games to avoid, I aim to help you out nonetheless. Enough dilly-dallying; this is Avid Achiever’s Hardest Platinums of 2022! Enjoy!

Selection Criteria

Before handing out accolades in cruelty to gaming’s most difficult titles, we need to establish what warrants a spot on this list. Is it general game difficulty, is it the trophy lists, the individual trophies, or all of the above? Well, allow me to clarify. This is the criteria that we ran with:

  • All games listed must be relatively hard games. So no easy games with one impossible trophy
  • All games must have been released in 2022
  • All games must have a sizable trophy list. No gimmes on this list

Okay, let’s dive into the frustration head first. No rage quitting, folks. Here we Go!

Elden Ring

elden ring shardbearer malenia trophy

Okay, let’s get the obligatory FromSoftware game out of the way. We all know it’s going to be on this list, and to be fair, rightfully so. This game may not be one of the hardest platinum trophies within FromSoftware’s catalog of difficult adventures.

However, even a relatively easy Souls game is a hard game when compared to practically any other. I would argue that this game is quite easily one of the most accessible Souls games out there, due to the open-world setting, and as a result, this platinum journey is a tough, but a very refreshing one.

I myself managed to complete all that was asked of me in The Lands Between in about 92 hours, and from start to end, it was a grueling pleasure.

Aside from some clean-up at the end of the game, where players will have to go and collect some of the rarer weapons and items within the game, it’s a relatively intuitive trophy list that essentially boils down to beating all the terrifyingly strong bosses.

It’s a worthy winner of the coveted game of the year, and if you are one of the few gamers out there that haven’t given the Souls genre a try, this one is the best place to start!


  • Developer: Roll7
  • Difficulty: 7/10
  • Rarest Trophy: Glutton For Punishment

Arcade-style gaming has made a comeback in a really big way. Single-player games which have only one online aspect, a global leaderboard. There have been a few great examples, but none, in my opinion, are quite as impressive as Rollerdrome, a roller disco deathmatch that’s painfully addictive.

This game has you play the Role of Kara Hassan, a new combatant in the Rollerdrome. To win this competition, you’ll need to adorn a pair of rollerskates, do some fancy tricks and rack up a healthy multiplier. If you think Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, you won’t be too far off.

But wait, THPS isn’t inherently hard, so why is this game on this list? Well, what if you also had to dodge a cavalcade of bullets, take down a laundry list of powerful enemies, and complete a series of tricky challenges in record time?

Then when you consider that the Out for Blood mode that serves as the New Game Plus content makes you extremely brittle, you have the perfect, devastatingly brutal storm. Thankfully though, this game is high-octane, addicting fun, and even though the platinum is a long shot for most, it’s a game you have to try nonetheless.


sifu prodigal child trophy

  • Developer: Sloclap
  • Difficulty: 5/10
  • Rarest Trophy: Prodigal Child

Okay, so I want to preface this by saying, this listing is purely based on the difficulty of the platinum when the game was released.

For you see, under the immense pressure of the ‘it’s too hard’ brigade, Sloclap decided to make this game much easier, and as a result, the platinum is pretty common by all accounts, with 30% of players earning the platinum.

However, even with this taken into account, this kung-fu classic is far from a walk in the park. So if you want to make it through this game without becoming an old, withered warrior, you’ll need to be on your A-game.

Sifu, in a nutshell, is a roguelike where you will have to use your martial art prowess to fight through hordes of enemies and avenge your father’s death. Is it a little cliche? Sure, but it’s great nonetheless.

The combat within this game is fluid and satisfying; the visuals are striking, and it always feels like you are learning and refining your craft, much like the lifelong journey of a martial artist. You can be a veteran black belt, but there is always a lesson to be learned. Overall, Sifu is a thrilling, grueling kung-fu epic you need to finish!

Ghost Song

  • Developer: Old Moon
  • Difficulty: 8/10
  • Rarest Trophy: Make haste

I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t like Metroidvania games. Well, at least not the ones that stay pretty close to the tried and tested formula. However, there are a few exceptions to the rule, and one of those is Ghost Song.

This 2D Metroidvania adventure sees you awaken on a desolate moon, and naturally, you’ll have to explore, gain new powers, backtrack to explore some more, and in turn, uncover the secrets of the mysterious Moon of Lorian.

It’s a game that has a horror meets sci-fi feel, not unlike Dead Space or The Callisto Protocol. However, the combat is much more reactive and responsive, not unlike mainline Metroid entries, or games from the Souls series.

That comparison doesn’t end there, though, because this game is just as hard as games in the souls genre, with high-octane combat that will ask you to master the core mechanics, and refine your twitch reactions to optimal levels. If I was to make a direct comparison, it’s like a perfect blend of Metroid, Hollow Knight, and Salt and Sanctuary.

Completionists will have a tough time achieving 100% with this one, though, because even if you do become a pro in all things Ghost Song, the game will expect incredible feats like speedrunning the game in 3-hours and completing the game without dying. In short, a very enjoyable Metroidvania, but one hell of a slog if you want the platinum. 

Session: Skate Sim

session skate sim ultimate skate nerd trophy

  • Developer: Crea-ture Studios
  • Difficulty: 5/10
  • Rarest Trophy: Ultimate Skate Nerd

This is one of the platinum trophies on this list that I am personally chasing right now. Those who may have heard rumblings of a new skate sim and thought, ‘oh, a game like EA Skate.’ Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but this is a game with its roots in realism.

A game by skaters, for skaters. This means that to even do the most basic of tricks and put together rudimentary lines, you’ll need to know your stances, understand the unique movement required to flick each trick, and depending on your settings, you might have to manual-catch tricks, lock in grinds, and much more.

In short, this skate sim will make you work hard for every little win while on four wheels. 

The difficulty lies in becoming aware of all the nuances of skating, and overcoming the rather steep learning curve right off the bat. However, cruising, grinding, and owning spots become second nature after the initial struggle.

For completionists, though, the added difficulty comes from challenges like completing all the historical challenges within the game, or beating the story mode with auto catch turned on. It’s a platinum that will take a while, believe me, but every land, every new learn, and every sick line along the way make it a satisfying and rewarding endeavor. 

The Callisto Protocol

  • Developer: Striking Distance
  • Difficulty: 4/10
  • Rarest Trophy: The Protocol is about Life

I feel like I also have to add a disclaimer to this entry, because while The Callisto Protocol is, in general, a pretty challenging game. A lot of the difficulty comes through shoddy design, awkward mechanics, and factors outside of the player’s control. That’s not to say it’s not a game worth playing, but let’s be clear, Dead Space, this is not.

The Callisto Protocol sees you play as Jacob Lee, who finds himself locked up in Black Iron Prison and needs to make it out with his life.

The problem is, there is a mutant virus turning prisons and guards into horrifying monstrosities; go figure. To do that, you’ll have to slowly meander through narrow, dark hallways, and mutilate hundreds of freaky Biophage. 

In truth, 90% of the trophies are easy to obtain, as all you have to do is engage with the game’s combat, do a few specific tasks like find secret rooms, and collect Bio Implant entries. Then the rest are directly tied to story completion. However, those who want the platinum will need to play on Maximum Security difficulty.

This will mean players need to master the borderline terrible melee mechanics, and navigate a much more punishing environment with far fewer resources, and more enemies that hit way harder.

This run is an exercise in patience more than anything else, with frustrating bosses serving as the pinnacle of the run when it comes to enraging moments. Overall though, it’s a decent Sci-fi adventure for those seeking a survival horror challenge. 

Overwatch 2

overwatch 2 simple geometry trophy

  • Developer: Blizzard
  • Difficulty: 8/10
  • Rarest Trophy: Simple Geometry

Now, this might feel like a bit of a cop-out, because this trophy list is largely the same as the one that existed for the original Overwatch. However, it’s a new platinum for players to earn, there are some new trophies that feature, and it’s still just as monumentally hard as it was before, so I say it deserves a mention.

Overwatch 2 is the sequel to the massively successful hero-shooter from Blizzard. Although it’s a sequel in name and pretty much nothing else as, aside from a few changes to the meta, the game remains almost identical.

However, when you have a game format that is so beloved within the esports community, you can’t go messing with the formula too much, for fear that you might lose some of the magic. 

Completionists will be aware of how situational and downright tricky almost every trophy within the original Overwatch trophy list was, and that remains the case here.

To become an Overwatch 2 platinum holder, you will need to become a genuine expert with practically every single hero within the game; you will have to play lots of matches, you will have to win a lot of those matches, and you will, have to become pretty ace at all the different match types too.

In short, unless you are a player that is willing to master every playable character in Overwatch 2, you might as well write this one off now. 

Neon White

  • Developer: Ben Esposito
  • Difficulty: 6/10
  • Rarest Trophy: White’s Heaven and Hell Rushes Complete

Before you ask, no, the irony isn’t lost on me. Ben Esposito, the creative mind behind one of the most notoriously easy platinum trophies out there, Donut County, has gone and followed that up with one of the hardest plats of 2022. You have to say; the boy has range.

In this game, you will play as White, an assassin who resides in hell and is given a golden ticket to heaven, provided he can outclass all the other competing Assassins that stand in his way.

Think The Condemned with Vinnie Jones and Stone Cold Steve Austin, but with that peculiar brand of Gen-Z humor that Ben Espositio delivered in Donut County. 

The game itself is much like Rollerdrome in a lot of ways. You start off playing this deck-builder meets FPS platformer, and you are just happy to clear stages and progress. However, as you become more adept and fine-tune your skills, you’ll be trying to shave milliseconds off your time to become to fastest assassin around.

If you want that platinum, you’ll need to be pretty fast indeed, because it will essentially task you with getting a gold medal time in every stage the game has to offer, plus clear all the devastatingly tough Heaven and Hell Rushes.

For many, this game was the surprise package of the year, and if you feel like you have been left in the dark, there’s no time like the present to jump in and see what all the fuss is about! 


olliolliworld radside trophy

  • Developer: Roll7
  • Difficulty: 5/10
  • Rarest Trophy: Radside

A second spot on this list for a skateboarding game, and a second spot on this list for developers, Roll7. It seems that they are a fan of inflicting pain and punishment on their player base. Those who have followed the indie scene since its genesis in and around the late 2000s will at least be aware of the OliOli series.

This is a skating game that plays out with a 2D perspective and leans into arcade-style, high-octane action. Well, there’s no departure from that with OliOliWorld, and if anything, the wackiness, the pageantry, and the sick combos have only been amplified.

It’s a game, again, much like Rollerdrome, where you’ll have to balance chasing high scores with avoiding obstacles, completing side quests, and achieving technical perfection when it comes to nailing grinds, grabs, and flips.

A lot of the trophies are quite grind-heavy, with players needing to perform X amount of tricks, or complete X amount of challenges. However, the biggest mountain to climb for completionists is, by far, the Radysus challenges, which serve as the end-game boss of this vibrant and fast-paced skating epic.

If you are someone that just wants an addictive arcade experience, this is one to play and not finish. However, if you really buzz off high scores and leaderboards, then you need to tighten those trucks and bomb down that hill. Get going!


  • Developer: Retro Forge
  • Difficulty: 9/10
  • Rarest Trophy: Master Soldier

You already know my feelings when it comes to Metroidvanias, but it seems that 2022 has been a year determined to change my point of view.

Souldiers is another uber-challenging Metroidvania title that has you travel across picturesque landscapes, defeat a litany of behemoth bosses, and master, not one, not two, but three diverse and nuanced combat systems.

In this game, you can be either a Scout, Archer, or a Mage (Caster), and with this choice comes a playthrough which will vary with each new game. The variety and depth of gameplay have to be praised here, but what is just as impressive is the overall combat experience and the level of complexity packed into this pixel-perfect romp. 

The game is a slog to finish as a casual player, yet alone chasing all the achievements. However, for you sadistic few, what this game will ask of you will break your spirit, only to ask you to peel yourself off the ground and do it all again.

You’ll have to clear the game on the hardest difficulty, beat New game Plus, beat the game with all character classes, and you’ll need to beat all the standout bosses, clear all the quests, and collect all the collectibles. If you choose to take on this challenge, let it be known, I don’t envy you. 

Trek to Yomi

trek to yomi no, that's not possible... trophy

  • Developer: Flying Wild Hog
  • Difficulty: 5/10
  • Rarest Trophy: No, That’s Not Possible…

Next, we have a game that, amongst this star-studded lineup, arguably wins in a landslide when it comes to visual prowess. Trek to Yomi is a striking 2D cinematic epic that takes its lead from the golden age of Japanese cinema.

It’s genuinely like playing a much more hands-on role in a retro samurai flick, and the presentation does a lot to immerse you in the action.

The gameplay, however, isn’t quite as refined as it could have been, and when you take into account that this game was released in very close proximity to a comparable game on this very list, Sifu, and you have to say, that does serve to highlight some core issues. 

The combat, in principle, is fun to play around with, and is deep enough to provide a sizable challenge that will ask players to fine-tune their skills to become an untouchable Samurai of legend.

However, completionists, beware, the difficulty at higher levels feels a little artificial, as enemies don’t get smarter; they just come in bigger volume, and hit harder.

Then when you couple that with inconsistent mechanics at times, and the repetitiveness of the fights themselves and it can feel not too unlike a Dynasty Warriors entry, and don’t misunderstand me, that is not something that anyone wants.

All in all, though, it’s one of the more accessible platinum listed here, and well worth a try for the visuals and story alone. 

The Knight Witch

  • Developer: Super Mega Team
  • Difficulty: 6/10
  • Rarest Trophy: A Job for a Goddess

I mentioned surprise packages of the year when discussing Neon White above. Well, The Knight Witch was mine for this year.

This is a Metroidvania that has made me view the sub-genre in a whole new light, and it’s because it approaches the medium in a brand new and exciting way. The game includes a cleverly implemented card-builder combat system.

The game offers accessibility for less-able players with the inclusion of auto-firing, without making the game a doddle.

The Knight Witch has the player float around to make the game more combat-focused, but still manages to implement pseudo-platforming sections, and the game also looks great, sounds great, and tells a surprisingly well-written story throughout. 

It’s a Metroidvania that tells a fantastical, very child-friendly story, but the game doesn’t hold your hand at all, providing difficulty on par with the likes of Hollow Knight and Metroidvanias of its ilk.

Completionists will need to collect and craft killer decks to get the most out of their magical attacks, master the art of twin-stick shooting, and, to top it all off; you will have to take down a series of powerful bosses, most notably, The Hextinction. It’s a Metroidvania that flips the script in the best way possible, so consider this my endorsement. 

Honorable Mentions

god of war ragnarok trophy

Then to top things off, we have all the games that served as reasonable challenges, but didn’t quite do enough to be considered the biggest gaming mountains of the year to climb. However, they all get a quick mention down below, just in case you want to check these out too:

FAQ Section

Question: What’s the Hardest Platinum of 2022?

Answer: It really depends on your skillset, and your parameters for what constitutes a hard game. However, in my personal opinion, of those listed above, it has to be Souldier, Ghost Song, or Rollerdrome. I can’t pick between them, but it’s one of those three for sure. 

Question: Which of these is the Easiest?

Answer: Let’s get one thing clear, none of those games listed above are easy. However, out of all the games above, the ones that will offer the least amount of challenge would probably be Trek To Yomi, The Knight Witch, or The Callisto Protocol. 

Question: Which of these Platinums will take Longest?

Answer: Again, this depends on your skill level, and if you stick rigidly to a guide or not. However, of those included on the list, I would say those that will take you 100+ hours would be Session: Skate Sim, Souldiers, Overwatch 2, and maybe Elden Ring if you take things a little slow. 

Finally, a Worthy Challenge

If you are someone who has been waiting for a game to come along that would truly test your resolve and push you to the very limits of your ability, then I’m sure you are overjoyed to know that there is an abundance of options, and they all arrived in 2022!

I reckon that even the most skilled gaming veterans out there would take quite some time to 100% all of these. Heck, you might just about clear this list by the time we revisit this topic for 2023. I’ll see you there, and as always, thank you for reading Avid Achievers!

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