Call of Duty Warzone 2 Weapon Tier List

Call of Duty Warzone 2 Weapon Tier List – Ranking the Tools of the Trade

Warzone 2 is one of the biggest Battle Royale games on the planet, offering 150-player brawls across the desert map Al Mazrah. Competition is fierce, and even when you’re brand new, you’ll be thrown into games against brutal players wielding the best weapons.

Curiously, Warzone 2 lacks any in-depth ways to test guns. There are no damage cues like numbers in Fortnite either, making it hard to figure out what’s good. With this Call of Duty Warzone 2 Weapon Tier List, I hope to change that.

Bottom Line Up Front

Warzone 2 is dominated by a small handful of weapons right now. The most prevalent being the RPK and Fennec SMG. Most weapons you’ll find across Al Mazrah are viable, but niche weapons like shotguns are a hard sell in most situations.

Infinity Ward occasionally tweaks numbers behind the scenes, so I encourage experimentation. Right now, the guns in S-Tier on this list are the best in the game.

The Tier List

call of duty warzone 2 weapon tier list

I have graded every weapon in the game from best to worst. To make this distinction, I’ve looked at usage data as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon.

As the time to kill (TTK) is so fast in Warzone 2, even the lowest-tier weapons can win fights, but they will do so less consistently. Ultimately, any tier list is opinion-based, so if you’re capable of shredding the competition with a gun I’ve rated poorly, keep doing what you’re doing!


Weapons in S-Tier are meta-defining. These weapons stand head and shoulders above everything else and are strong contenders for your custom loadouts.

call of duty warzone 2 weapon s-tier
The dominant force in close-range combat – Image by Anthony

Fennec 45 – Class: SMG

Well, this is one way to start a tier list! The Fennec is the best close-range weapon in Warzone 2, boasting an incredible fire rate that can delete players before they can even react.

As it’s an SMG, it has unrivaled mobility allowing you to push engagements into extreme close range. At point-blank, the Fennecs TTK is unmatched. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Fennec gets a nerf in the future but right now, enjoy using one of the most broken weapons in the game!

RPK – Class: LMG

The RPK is a strong contender for the best gun in the game. Where the Fennec dominates the competition at close range, the RPK does the same everywhere else. The RPK has low recoil and a massive magazine, allowing you to engage at range and be a threat even with poor aim.

This weapon hits hard across the board and can wipe entire squads if you catch them in the open. There’s a reason you see everyone, including pro players using the RPK. It’s a beast.

TAQ-56 – Class: AR

If you want a damage profile like the RPK but prefer extra mobility, let me introduce the TAQ-56. Out of every gun in the game, the TAQ-56 feels good at any range and for almost every situation.

It will lose to the Fennec up close, but it can compete outside that one niche scenario. The TAQ-56 has such low recoil it feels like a laser gun, and if you struggle to control other weapons in the game, I urge you to try this one.

X12 -Class: Pistol

Yes, you read that right. A pistol in S-Tier, but this comes with a few caveats. The X12 shines if you use it Akimbo. If you have these with laser sights, you can run rings around people and delete them from impressive ranges.

As you’ll be using two pistols, you can only hip-fire and can focus on making yourself a hard target to shoot. It requires decent movement, but the X12s can work miracles.


Weapons in A-Tier are tremendously powerful and well worth using as ground loot or as part of your loadout.

call of duty warzone 2 weapon a-tier
The Sakin MG38 is a bullet hose – Image by Anthony

MX9 – Class: SMG

The MX9 is well deserving of A-Tier thanks to having recoil so negligible it feels like an afterthought. It does take the MX9 plenty of shots to secure a kill, but you’ll easily be able to land however many you need.

Many players rate this weapon lower thanks to its small magazine. It’s not a problem in solos but may become an issue in squad play.

Lachmann Sub – Class: SMG

The combination of Low recoil and fast TTK makes for a solid room-clearing SMG. The Lachmann loses out to the Fennec at extremely close range.

Still, you’ll win plenty of engagements if you’re engaging down a hallway or across a street. As long as you can keep out of point-blank range, the Lachmann Sub is a superb choice for indoor battles.

Minibak – Class: SMG

I love the Minibak. This dangerous SMG has a powerful combination of low recoil and an enormous magazine. Against multiple targets, it feels excellent, barely having to reload, and you still have the SMG class mobility. You’ll lose at point blank to the Fennec, but against anything else, the Minibak is more than capable.

Vaznev-9k – Class: SMG

The Vaznev-9k is excellent for close and medium-range combat, standing toe to toe with other SMGs and even assault rifles. The weapon boasts low recoil and deals decent damage even at peak range. A great, reliable weapon even if you get caught out of position.

RAAL MG – Class: LMG

LMGs are known for their consistent damage, usually balanced by high recoil or low bullet velocity. With the RAAL, it feels like they forgot to put those last parts in. The RAAL is a bullet hose capable of mowing down enemies at range without any real drawbacks.

The only thing keeping the RAAL in A Tier is that the RPK exists and is simply the better LMG. If the RPK gets nerfed, expect to see plenty more RAALs.

Sakin MG38 – Class: LMG

The Sakin is a fantastic option for long-range combat thanks to its low recoil and chunky damage, even if your targets are miles away. A huge perk of this weapon is its magazine size.

You can throw 100 bullets at your opponents before you need to reload. As the Sakin is an LMG, it’s a little clunky to move around with, but it’s only a minor drawback.

Kastov 74U – Class: AR

This dangerous assault rifle can take down targets at a distance but is particularly good at that awkward range, just where SMGs become less effective.

The Kastov 74U can comfortably duel SMGs in their suited range while still being a threat to distant targets. A strong contender in any situation, only narrowly missing a spot in S-Tier.

M4 – Class: AR

I wanted to put the M4 in S-Tier as it sports everything you want in an Assault Rifle. Sadly, it loses out to the dominance of the RPK. The M4 is easy to use, has low recoil, and is powerful at mid-long range.

Even in low-skilled hands, the aiming reticule barely moves, making this assault rifle dangerous no matter who’s using it. A fan favorite with the versatility of a Swiss army knife.

Kastov 762 – Class: AR

call of duty warzone 2 kastov 762
The deadly Kastov 762 – Image by Anthony

The Kastov 762 and M4 share many similarities. Even without attachments, the Kastov 762 has manageable recoil and is extremely easy to use. If you’re able to land a few headshots, this weapons TTK goes from respectable to downright scary. A brilliant weapon if you enjoy the AK platform.

P890 – Class: Pistol

The dual P890s are terrors in Warzone 2 and are very popular to boot. They lose out to the X12s but only slightly, as they fire quicker. If your aim is on point, the P890s may be the better choice, but for most players, I have to hand the S-Tier to the X12.

TAQ-V – Class: BR

The TAQ-V is a solid battle rifle capable of hitting hard at ranges other weapons can only dream of. It’s weapons like this that make me weary of using Sniper Rifles because the TAQ-V can hurt players miles away and still punish them up close.

Signal 50 – Class: Sniper Rifle

The Signal 50 is the best Sniper rifle in the game. Since we can’t kill with one headshot, the Signal 50 excels in something different, fire rate. If you can land a couple of hits, you’ll be able to knock down plenty of targets at speed.

The Signal 50 is the most niche weapon in A-Tier, but I feel it deserves the spot as it’s demonstrably better than the other Sniper Rifles, most of which sit in B-Tier.


B Tier Weapons are solid choices but come with some caveats. Nothing in this tier is terrible, but these may be worth swapping out if you stumble across an A or S-tier weapon out in the field.

call of duty warzone 2 weapon b-tier
Hey, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! – Image by Anthony

556 Icarus – Class: LMG

The Icarus is a ton of fun to use with its crazy rate of fire, making it a decent option for close to mid-range combat. LMGs are slow to move with, but the insane amount of damage you can throw out more than makes up for it.

RAPP H – Class: LMG

There are striking similarities between the Icarus and RAPP H. The RAPP H has an extremely fast fire rate with a decent effective range capable of taking close fights and poking at enemies in the distance. Its only real drawbacks are the slower movement speeds that affect every LMG.

HCR 56 – Class: LMG

There’s not much to say about the HCR 56. It’s a solid weapon but doesn’t do anything special that the higher-tier LMGs don’t do already. It’s a capable mid-range weapon with a large magazine balanced by slow ADS and movement speed. Completely fine early on, but not so much later.

FSS Hurricane- Class: SMG

The FSS Hurricane is fine at close range. Its biggest drawback is that it’s unremarkable in a class full of meta-defining weapons you could take to win the game. Early on, the Hurricane is a great weapon to find on the ground, but you’ll quickly want to replace it with something like a Fennec or Vaznev-9k.

PDSW 528 – Class: SMG

call of duty warzone 2 weapon pdsw 528
Can we stop pretending this isn’t a P90 yet? – Image by Anthony

The PDSW 528 feels good, thanks to the SMG class mobility and generous magazine size. It’s a solid weapon up close, but sometimes it feels like it needs a few too many shots to kill. Don’t get me wrong, you definitely have those few extra shots, but you risk losing fights against other weapons in the class.

VEL 46 – Class: SMG

The VEL 46 is a serviceable SMG capable of winning close-range battles. In the early game, it shreds when everyone is still hunting for their favorite guns. When players start buying their loadouts or finding Fennec’s on the ground, the VEL 46 gets left behind.

BAS-P – Class: SMG

Every SMG in Warzone 2 is decent, as they are the best for indoor combat. The BAS-P is arguably the weakest, as it only offers mediocre damage. Make no mistake, the BAS-P is great for storming buildings and stairwells, but plenty of guns offer more.

Lachmann-556 – Class: AR

The Lachmann-556 is an average assault rifle that feels overshadowed by weapons like the M4 and Kastov 762. It excels at mid-range combat and can net you kills in the early game scramble. Sadly, the Lachmann-556 doesn’t offer anything special and feels like it lacks stopping power compared to Warzone 2’s hard hitters.

STB 556 – Class: AR

Like the Lachmann-556, the STB 556 is an average assault rifle capable of competing in mid-range gunfights. It’s a versatile weapon that’s easy to use, and its only downfall is it doesn’t bring anything special to the table. Still, a solid starting weapon while you’re scrounging for your loadout.

M13B – Class: AR

I have a love/hate relationship with the M13B. On the one hand, the weapon has such low recoil it feels like a laser gun. On the other hand, the gun feels like it fires marshmallows. Fortunately, the M13B is accurate, so follow-up shots are easy to pull off. Not a bad weapon; I just wish it killed a little faster.

Riot Shield – Class: Misc

The Riot Shield is relegated to meme builds, but it’s staggering how many players freeze up when you rush them. Unless your opponent has some throwables, you can shuffle toward them and either beat them down or throw something yourself.

If you play with a friend, you can set up some degenerate situations that catch most players off guard. You won’t win every fight, but you’ll have fun!

EBR-14 – Class: Marksman Rifle

If you’ve got a steady hand and can land your shots, the EBR-14 can comfortably go into A-Tier. It’s a dangerous weapon and does a ton of damage per shot.

On top of respectable damage, the EBR-14 has minimal recoil making it a menace to deal with out in the open. The caveat is that you have to be a good shot. If you’re not, something more forgiving, like the RPK or M4, are better choices.

SP-X 80 – Class: Sniper Rifle

This Sniper Rifle sees plenty of use despite the class’s shortcomings. The SP-X 80 has a decent rate of fire and works well as a closer-range ‘brawler’ type rifle. I’d still pick a decent assault rifle or LMG over it, but if you want to make sniping work in Warzone 2, this is a strong candidate.


Weapons in C-Tier are below average, and many are here because they are outclassed by other guns of the same class. As with anything in Warzone 2, you can kill players with these, but it can be an uphill struggle.

call of duty warzone 2 weapon c-tier
I wish shotguns were better – Image by Anthony

Kastov 545 – Class: Assault Rifle

For many high-tier weapons, I mention low recoil as a massive bonus. If you land more of your shots, you win more fights. The Kastov 545 is a perfect example of a gun with high recoil, and as a result, you will lose battles you’d win with many other Assault Rifles.

The extra recoil doesn’t mean harder-hitting shots either, putting the Kastov 545 in an awkward position.

RPG – Class: Launcher

The RPG is a niche weapon at best, but its ease of use makes it better than the other launchers. You’ll lose gunfights if you’re wandering around holding the RPG, but if you’re able to shoot down from a roof, you can do a ton of damage that’s easy to follow up with your secondary weapon.

The RPG is adept at blowing up vehicles trying to escape the gas, and in the late game, this situation comes up more often than you might think.

X13 Auto – Class: Pistol

I see a few players running around with dual X13s and can safely say I win more engagements against them than if they were using the X12s. You probably know how a single X13 performs, as they are common in the Gulag. The damage is fair for a pistol, but you want to swap this gun out when you can.

Victus XMR – Class: Sniper Rifle

Once upon a time, the Victus XMR could kill with a single bullet to the head. That time has passed, and with it, this weapon’s viability has dropped significantly. As it stands, the Victus XMR isn’t much better or worse than any other Sniper Rifle.

MCPR 300 – Class: Sniper Rifle

The MCPR is one of the game’s longest-range rifles, so if you’re into sniping, this is a weapon to check out. Thanks to how Sniper Rifles work in Warzone 2, you’ll always need at least 2 shots to kill, so this weapon demands a steady hand. Fortunately, the MCPR can attack at such range your opponent probably won’t shoot back.

LA-B 330 – Class: Sniper Rifle

I’m pretty sure this is the rarest sniper rifle in Warzone 2, and I never see anyone bring it in. The LA-B 330 is a decent sniper rifle that falls victim to the same thing every weapon of the class does in Warzone 2. It takes multiple shots to kill and doesn’t boast the same long-range poking power as the MCPR 300.

call of duty warzone 2 weapon la-b 330
Scopes are optional – Image by Anthony

SP-R 208 – Class: Sniper Rifle

The SP-R 208 is more effective at a closer range than most other Sniper Rifles. This makes it a prime candidate for quick scoping, and it can be built for faster ADS speed. It’s a fun weapon to use, but there are better environments for this playstyle than Warzone 2; hence you rarely see it.

SA-B 50 – Class: Marksman Rifle

The SA-B 50 has an identity crisis. It’s a marksman rifle but lacks the range of other weapons in the class. It can be used as a niche long-range weapon and has a decent ADS speed. Unfortunately, it loses without a very steady hand, and much better options are available for distance combat.

TAQ-M – Class: Marksman Rifle

There are dozens of forum posts declaring the TAQ-M as the worst gun in the game. That may be a little dramatic, but it’s certainly not good either. The TAQ-M feels like a worse EBR-14 with a slower rate of fire.

It can kill if you have a steady hand but has no standout features. Rifles already fill a niche role leaving the average player very little reason to use them.

Bryson 800 – Class: Shotgun

Unfortunately for the Bryson 800, it fills the same role as every other shotgun. That role is to be swapped out when you find any other weapon. The Bryson 800 can secure a few cheeky kills as it works well when fired from the hip, which scrapes the weapon into C-tier.


With so many powerful weapons in Warzone 2, it’s hard to recommend anything in D-Tier. Each gun has severe drawbacks, and using them can be frustrating. Pick these up if you have no choice and swap them out as soon as possible.

call of duty warzone 2 weapon d-tier
Welcome to D-Tier – Image by Anthony

.50 GS – Class: Pistol

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. We all know this is meant to be a Desert Eagle, but it doesn’t feel like one. With how quick most weapons can kill, the .50 GS can’t keep up and is horrible in fights unless you get lucky.

You need solid aim to net kills thanks to its small magazine size, and that’s hard when your opponent is spraying an SMG in your face.

Basilisk – Class: Pistol

Unfortunately, the Basilisk shares many problems plaguing the .50 GS. Each shot deals respectable damage, but with a slow rate of fire and painful reload time, it’s hard to recommend the Basilisk for any situation.

SO-14 – Class: Battle Rifle

As a battle Rifle, the SO-14 falls into an even smaller niche than Sniper Rifles. Decent at a specific range providing you’re accurate with your shots, but you can get far more value with less effort from countless other weapons.

Lachmann 762 – Class: Battle Rifle

You’re sorely mistaken if you saw the ‘762’ in the name and thought this gun would compare to the mighty Kastov 762. The Lachmann 762 is a dreadful battle rifle that needs consistent headshots to be effective. It’s laughable if you’re relying on body shots. If any weapon requires that level of accuracy to be decent, it’s not worth using.

FTAC Recon – Class: Battle Rifle

I could write a shopping list of reasons not to use the FTAC, but the standout ones are its tiny magazine size and hefty recoil. This Battle Rifle never dishes out damage appropriate to how much it kicks. As a result, the FTAC pales compared to other solid long-range weapons that require much less effort to take down players.

LM-S – Class: Marksman Rifle

The LM-S is one of the least-used guns in the game. In practice, it’s fine for a single-shot rifle but doesn’t fill any role well enough to make an impact. I may sound like a broken record regarding rifles in Warzone 2, but this is another weapon that simply doesn’t do enough.

M16 – Class: AR

I try far too hard to make burst weapons work in COD games. Sadly, there’s no saving this one. The M16 demands a steady hand and good tracking in a game full of weapons that can do the same with automatic fire. The M16 doesn’t hit hard enough to justify the effort it takes to use.

call of duty warzone 2 weapon lockwood 300
The Lockwood MK2’s biggest weakness – Image by Anthony

Lockwood 300 – Class: Shotgun

The Lockwood 300 hits hard up close but has one enormous flaw. It only holds 2 shells. If you don’t kill in those 2 shots, you will die before you can reload, and you can forget about taking on multiple opponents. There’s something to be said about how satisfying a double-barrel shotgun is to use, but that doesn’t win fights.

Expedite 12 – Class: Shotgun

The Expedite’s quick rate of fire makes it an attractive choice early on, but this thing is a hit marker machine! If you can close the distance or get the drop on someone, it’s a lot of fun riddling them with holes, but it needs more consistency. If you end up toe to toe with an SMG, the deck is stacked against you.

Bryson 890 – Class: Shotgun

The Bryson 890 has the smallest effective range of all the shotguns, making it hard to score kills unless you sneak up on your opponent. Much like the Bryson 800, you want to hip-fire this weapon, but it’s risky when every SMG and even most shotguns beat it at the only range it can compete in.

Lockwood MK2 – Class: Marksman Rifle

The Lockwood MK2 is nasty in Modern Warfare 2, but sadly, that dominance doesn’t transfer over to Warzone 2. At its most effective range, the Lockwood MK2 demands a steady aim where the competition only needs to hold down the trigger and spray.

Joka –  Class: Launcher

Unlike Shotguns, rocket launchers aren’t in a weird spot and do everything they are supposed to. The big problem is you’re sacrificing damage at either long or close range to carry one.

If blowing up vehicles is the name of the game, launchers like the Joka are absolutely fine. If you’re running around Al Mazrah with your buddies to back you up, you can score plenty of entertaining kills.

Pila – Class: Launcher

As with the Joka, there’s little to say about this weapon. It’s a launcher that’ll net you kills if you shoot a vehicle with it. If you want to blow stuff up with your friends, I recommend the RPG over this, but if this is all you can find, it’ll do what you need it to do.

Strela P – Class: Launcher

Once again, there’s not much to say about the Strela P. It’s another weapon with limited uses outside of blowing vehicles up. Still, the Strela P will serve you well if that’s what you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the Best Weapon Combo in Warzone 2?

Answer: The RPK and Fennec complement each other perfectly and make the deadliest loadout in Warzone 2. The RPK hits like a truck and shines at mid-long range. The Fennec is a bullet hose that dominates up close.

Question: You Rate some Sniper Rifles Poorly. Does that Mean I shouldn’t Use them?

Answer: If you enjoy using sniper rifles and get value from them, don’t let me stop you! Sniper rifles offer little value to me, but I am an aggressive player and like to force engagements. If your play style differs from my own, a Sniper Rifle may have uses.

Question: Can I Customize Shotguns to Make them Better?

Answer: I’ve tried to build shotguns for increased range, but nothing makes a big enough impact to let them keep up with SMGs. Maybe that will change in the future, but for now, They are good when you hit the ground and not much else.

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