Hades Achievements Guide

Hades Achievements Guide – Escape With The Underworlds Most Coveted Rewards

Hades is an indie darling that should need no introduction. It’s a beloved rogue-lite with an incredible story set amidst a backdrop of ancient Greek Gods. It’s a game that leaves an impression on many people and is a masterclass in storytelling and world-building.

hades achievements
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Hades is one of my favorite games of all time, so much so that I even Speedrun it! Many of the Achievements encourage you to explore the lore of Hades. If you’re invested in the Underworld and its inhabitants, it feels like time well spent.

With Hades 2 on the horizon, there’s never been a better time to dust off the original and nail every Achievement the game has to offer. Welcome to a Hades Achievements Guide.

Key Info Up Front

  • Genre: Roguelite
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Number of playthroughs required: 100+ (This may look excessive, but with each escape attempt being under 30mins on average, it’s not too bad)
  • Total number of Trophies: 49

Roadmap To Success

It’s hard to offer absolutes with Achievement progression in Hades because you’re not supposed to beat the game on your first few attempts. It took me over 30 tries to defeat Hades, but I’ve read of many players doing the same in half the time.

Your Achievement hunting opportunities open up after your first win, with many being unobtainable until you do. Still, these are the earliest Achievements you should chase, and you can do all of these on the way to your first victory:

  • Escaped Tartarus
  • Escaped Asphodel
  • Escaped Elysium
  • Is There No Escape?

You will earn the above Achievements by beating each floor in the Underworld. These are guaranteed in a successful escape attempt which will be your first significant milestone.

‘Free’ Achievements

You can earn both of these Achievements at your leisure, but it makes sense to deal with them early as you can grab both whenever you have a bit of free time between escape attempts.

Three-Headed Boy

All you have to do for Three-Headed Boy is pet Cerberus 10 times in the House of Hades. Walk up right next to the best boy in the Underworld, and the button prompt will appear.

Skelly Slayer

For Skelly Slayer, as the name suggests, you need to slay Skelly in the Training area. After you’ve done so 15 times, the Achievement is yours. You can use whatever weapon you wish and can choose to do this all in one go or split it between escape attempts.

Early Run Achievements

These are Achievements you can squeeze into your first few runs of Hades. All are easy to obtain and require little preparation.

Well Stocked

Well Stocked requires you to buy nine items from Wells of Charon in any run. Items in the Wells are usually quite cheap, but as you need so many, you may have to skip a shop or two so you have enough Obuls. 

Friends in High Places

Grab the first boon that offers you a ‘Call’ and use it during combat in the next available room. To charge the Call meter in a room with few enemies, you can purposely take damage to fill it faster. As long as you activate the Call when the meter is completely full, you’ll unlock the Achievement

Long-Term Achievements You Can Begin Early

The rarest Achievements in Hades are usually time-consuming or ask you to go out of your way to fulfill a task. These two tasks will take a while to finish, but you can start working on them immediately to speed things up.

Tools of the Architect

You’ll usually run into at least one Daedalus Hammer, even if you can’t complete an escape attempt. You need to take 50 different Hammer upgrades to unlock Tools of the Architect. As long as you remember to pick upgrades you’ve not used before, you can make great headway on this Achievement early on.

Blessed by the Gods

As long as you’re experimenting with different boons, you can make short work of this rare Achievement. To earn Blessed by the Gods, you need to take 100 unique boons. Remember to mix things up with your boon choices, and you can make a significant dent in these lofty requirements.

What To Do Next?

Many of the rarest Achievements in Hades are based on Zagreus’ relationships with other characters in the underworld. You can only advance a relationship a single step each run, and meeting each character isn’t guaranteed every time.

With so many variables, I suggest you talk to everyone you see and give them whatever Nectar you have to boost their affinity.  

Nyx, in particular, is a part of many Prophecies, so she’s a great candidate for Nectar early on. Megaera is another good choice, as your relationship with her will go towards both Grown Close and Rare Collectible Achievements

The Achievements

No matter what system you play on, these Achievements/Trophies are the same. The only exclusive unlock is the PlayStation platinum trophy, God of Blood, awarded for earning all other 49 Achievements. I’ve used data from Steam to order these Achievements from the most obtained to the least.

This information is listed below as a Completion Rating. This isn’t an exact science, but it means most of the harder Achievements are towards the bottom of the list. Please beware that as Hades is story-driven, we will quickly fall into spoiler territory, so browse at your own peril!

Escaped Tartarus

  • Description: Clear Tartarus
  • Completion Rating: 83.7%

This will be your first of many Achievements during your time in Hades, and it is awarded for clearing the first floor of the game. Once you’ve beaten Megaera and exited the floor, the Achievement will unlock.

Escaped Asphodel

  • Description: Clear Asphodel
  • Completion Rating: 75.1%

There’s little to say about this one. Beat the 2nd floor of the game and defeat the Bone Hydra. Once you leave the floor, the Achievement will unlock.

Arms Collector

arms collector

  • Description: Unlock each of the Infernal Arms
  • Completion Rating: 66.1%

You’ll earn plenty of Chthonic Keys during your escape attempts. You can spend these in the Training Room to unlock weapons (Infernal Arms). You’ll need 24 keys in total to obtain every Infernal Arm. This won’t take long, especially if you always go for keys when you see them.

Friends in High Places

  • Description: Use Greater Call to invoke an Olympian’s aid
  • Completion Rating: 64.6%

All Gods, except Chaos and Hermes, can offer you a ‘Call’ as one of their Boons. Take one of these and use it to trigger a Greater Call when its bar is full.

Escaped Elysium

  • Description: Clear Elysium
  • Completion Rating: 62.2%

Beat the 3rd floor, and the boss battle against Theseus and the Minotaur. Once you leave the floor, the Achievement will unlock. This duo marks a wall for many new players. Ensure you’re investing your resources into the Mirror of Night to make subsequent encounters easier.

Chthonic Colleagues

chthonic colleagues hades
Image by Anthony
  • Description: Fulfill the ‘Chthonic Colleagues’ Prophecy
  • Completion Rating: 59.2%

For each Prophecy Achievement, you need to have the prophecy table, which you can purchase from the house contractor. For Chthonic Colleagues, you need to interact with every Chthonic God in the Codex. These are:

  • Alecto
  • Chaos
  • Charon
  • Hades
  • Hypnos
  • Megaera
  • Nyx
  • Thanatos
  • Tisiphone

These aren’t all available right away, and some take a few runs to show up. Make sure to talk to everyone in the House of Hades with an exclamation mark above their heads, as this will speed up the rate some of these Gods appear.

Is There No Escape?

  • Description: Clear an escape attempt
  • Completion Rating: 49.2%

A massive milestone for every player is defeating Hades himself. He’s tough until you learn his attacks, and even then, he’s no slouch! You’ll unlock this one eventually.

Ensure you’re investing in your Mirror of Night upgrades, and most importantly, don’t get disheartened. Less than half of Steam users have beaten Hades. If you’re struggling, you can check out my boss guide here.

Death Dealer

  • Description: Beat Thanatos by 15 kills or more
  • Completion Rating: 44.5%

Thanatos can show up during escape attempts after roughly ten runs. It’ll be much easier to beat him by 15 kills if he shows up in Tartarus, as the enemies are weaker.

Unfortunately, Thanatos’s appearance is totally RNG based. Make sure you’re on top of your Mirror upgrades so when the opportunity comes, you can beat him.

Skelly Slayer

skelly slayer hades
Image by Anthony
  • Description: Slay Skelly 15 times
  • Completion Rating: 43.2%

It warms my heart to learn that only 43.2% of players have beaten Skelly to a pulp 15 times! This one is straightforward. Beat up Skelly in the Training Room until he dies 15 times, feel like a school bully and collect your Achievement.

Well Stocked

  • Description: Buy 9 ‘Well of Charon’ items in one escape attempt
  • Completion Attempt: 40.0%

For Well Stocked, simply buy nine items from Wells of Charon during a run. It’s best to skip a few shops if you’re going for this Achievement to ensure you have enough Obuls.

Three-Headed Boy

three-headed boy hades
Image by Anthony


  • Description: Pet Cerberus 10 times
  • Completion Rating: 37.3%

What monster hasn’t petted Cerberus 10 times?! This one is easy, interact with Cerberus in the House of Hades 10 times, and the Achievement will unlock.

Back to Work

  • Description: Earn access to and enter the Administrative Chamber
  • Completion Rating: 37.0%

After several escape attempts (roughly 30), you’ll receive a prompt to go to bed in your chambers. Doing so will trigger a flashback where Zagreus shows up late for work. After this cutscene, you can buy access to the Administrative Chamber from the House Contractor. It costs 2 Diamonds to unlock.

Day-or-Night Trader

day-or-night trader hades

  • Description: Trade 20 times with the Wretched Broker
  • Completion Rating: 36.7%

The Wretched Broker is the green/blue Shade sitting in its office in the House of Hades. Trade 20 times with them to unlock the Achievement. This will likely happen naturally, but you can prioritize trading after each run to speed the process up. 

For this Achievement, there are multiple reports of it not triggering immediately. If this happens and you’re sure you’ve completed 20 trades, completely shut the game down and restart.

Blessed by the Gods

  • Description: Choose 100 different Olympian Boon effects
  • Completion Rating: 35.6%

This one is simple, but to achieve it, you will need to diversify and collect boons you may not usually use. Blessed by the Gods will eventually unlock through time, but if you want to see what boons you still need to use, you can do so by looking at the Fated Lists.

Blood Bound

  • Description: Max any Weapon Aspect
  • Completion Rating: 34.4%

Once all weapons are unlocked, you can reveal four different Aspects for each. Upgrade any Aspect 5 times, and the Achievement is yours.

The only thing to be aware of is the currency you’re using; Titan Blood. Titan Blood isn’t common in Hades. You’ll get some from beating the game with different weapons and on different Heat levels. It’s always worth checking the Wretched Broker, as it’s sold there occasionally.

Urge to Sing

  • Description: Compel Orpheus to sing again
  • Completion Rating: 34.3%

Before you can start working on this one, you must ‘free’ Orpheus. You can buy his sentence from the House Contractor for 1 Diamond. After that, you need to gift him 5 Nectars.

It’s reported that speaking to Eurydice multiple times is necessary to get Orpheus to sing, but exactly how many times is unknown. Most players visit Eurydice whenever they can, as she offers exceptional items.

Grown Close

  • Description: Forge a bond with any character
  • Completion Rating: 28.0%

This Achievement is poorly worded as even though it says ‘any’ character, Olympian Gods don’t count. The best way to do this is to pick a character in the House of Hades and gift them Nectar every chance you get. Charon is also a viable option, as you see him during every escape attempt.

River Denizens

  • Description: Catch a fish from each region 
  • Completion Rating: 27.0%

You’ll be surprised how quickly you complete this once you’re looking for fishing spots (a shiny glint in pools of water/lava). Simply catch a fish in every region. 

If you’re not having much luck, you can buy a Skeletal Lure from Wells of Charon, forcing a fishing location to spawn in the next viable room. You can fish in Tartarus, Asphodel, Elysium and the Temple of Styx. You also need to catch a fish from Greece, which can only happen after you’ve defeated Hades.

Home Makeover

  • Description: Pay for 50 jobs from the House Contractor
  • Completion Rating: 26.2%

Home Makeover is an easy Achievement to complete naturally. If you’re after an optimal strategy, buying all the Decor upgrades first increases how many resources you will find in future runs. This Achievement can take many escape attempts to complete, so focus on other objectives in the meantime.

The Family Secret

  • Description: Complete the main quest in the story
  • Completion Rating: 24.7%

Hades’ true ending is revealed upon ten successful escape attempts. Doing so concludes the story finishing off with a beautiful credit crawl. The Achievement will unlock shortly after.

Had to Happen

  • Description: Fulfil any 15 Prophecies
  • Completion Rating: 24.1%

Some of these will occur naturally, but you can keep an eye on your prophecy progression by opening the Fated List in Zagreus’ chambers. This is easy but takes a long time, as many Prophecies have multiple parts.

To Charon’s Credit

to charon's credit hades
Image by Anthony
  • Description: Earn a Loyalty Card
  • Completion Rating: 23.4%

Oh boy, this is a tricky one! After beating the game at least once, a bag of Obuls can spawn behind Charon in his shops.

Charon will challenge you to a battle if you attempt to steal it. Charon is the only secret boss in the game and has a set difficulty. Because of this, it’s easier to beat Charon if you battle him in Elysium since you’ll be stronger at that point. 

If you’re feeling brave, face Charon early, but you have a much better chance if you wait. Once you’ve defeated Charon, he will leave a Loyalty Card as a reward.

Tools of the Architect

  • Description: Choose 50 different Daedalus Hammer Enchantments
  • Completion Rating: 22.1%

Tools of the Architect is time-consuming as you usually only encounter a Daedalus Hammer a couple of times each escape attempt. This Achievement forces you to use every weapon and pick enchantments you may not be a fan of, but if you’re constantly experimenting, you’ll earn this one eventually.

Rare Collectible

rare collectible hades
Image by Anthony
  • Description: Equip a Chthonic Companion
  • Completion Rating: 22.0%

In Hades, you can summon companions to help you in battle. It’s just a shame this system is so deep into the endgame that few people get a chance to use it. Several characters will give you a ‘Chthonic Companion’ once their affinity gauge is high enough.

You can increase a character’s gauge by giving them Nectar and talking to them every chance you get. These are the characters you can complete this Achievement with:

  • Achilles
  • Dusa
  • Meg
  • Sisyphus
  • Skelly
  • Thanatos

Pick whoever you like, but Meg is often in the House and has the most powerful Companion in the game, making her a solid choice.

Master of Arms

  • Description: Fulfil the ‘Master of Arms’ Prophecy
  • Completion Rating: 21.4%

To earn the Master of Arms Achievement, complete an escape attempt with each of the Infernal Arms. The Aspect doesn’t matter.

Trying to beat the game with a weapon you’re uncomfortable with can be frustrating, so I recommend doing this with zero heat if you’re struggling.

Weapon of Fate

weapon of fate hades
Image by Anthony
  • Description: Clear an escape attempt with a hidden Weapon Aspect
  • Completion Rating: 20.8%

This Achievement is confusing, and there’s a lot of conflicting information on how to earn it. 

Each weapon has a hidden Aspect, but no matter what, you have to unlock the one for the Spear first. To obtain the Aspect of Guan Yu, the Spear Aspect, you need to unlock any other 5 Aspects. After you’ve done that, battle Hades, then speak to Achilles in the House. 

If you’re a spear player, you can go right ahead and use your new Aspect. If you’d prefer to use another Weapon, you can find a list of every hidden Aspect along with their unlock conditions here.

Something for Everyone

  • Description: Unlock each standard Keepsake
  • Completion Rating: 18.6%

You can unlock Keepsakes for many characters in Hades by gifting them a single Nectar. Doing this allows you to equip their Keepsake from the cabinet in the Training Room. The hardest Keepsake to unlock is the one from Hades himself. 

You can only do this once you’ve beaten the game ten times and earned the true ending. Once you’ve done that, give Hades Nectar, and he will provide you with his Keepsake, the Sigil of the Dead. 

Hold the Onions

  • Description: Clear an Infernal Gate without taking damage
  • Completion Rating: 18.4%

Infernal Gates can only appear if the Pact of Punishment is unlocked and set to at least five heat. You’ll also need to purchase Alternate Exits from the House Contractor. 

Infernal Gates grant rewards if you beat them without taking damage. In practice, they function the same as standard rooms, but you’ll have the easiest time if you go into an Infernal Gate early in an escape attempt.

Well Versed

  • Description: Fully Unlock the Olympians’ Codex entries
  • Completion Rating: 16.6%

Well Versed is a time sink, but fortunately, you can track this Achievement in the Codex.

There’s no concrete strategy here. Make sure you take every different boon available for each God and gift them Nectar whenever possible. Remember, you can use Keepsakes to ensure specific Gods appear in your escape attempts.

War-God’s Bloodlust

  • Description: Fulfil the ‘War-God’s Bloodlust’ Prophecy
  • Completion Rating: 14.9%

There are two parts to this Achievement. First, you must gift Ares Nectar until you unlock the Prophecy. After that, you need to kill 10,000 enemies across your escape attempts, so this is definitely one to work towards in the background.

You can check your progress by examining the pool in Zagreus’ chambers. Once you’ve made the quota, You’ll get the Achievement when you next speak to Ares.

Musician and Muse

  • Description: Fulfil the ‘Musician and Muse’ Prophecy
  • Completion Rating: 14.1%

This is another infamous Hades Achievement, and there’s a lot of conflicting information online. The goal is to reunite Orpheus and Eurydice. You need to increase your affinity with Orpheus, Eurydice and Nyx as much as possible by gifting them Nectar. 

As long as you have access to the Administrative Chamber, a dialogue option for Nyx will eventually appear, allowing you to free Orpheus. At this point, you need to go into the Administrative Chamber and interact with Orpheus’ Contract on the wall. 

The House Contractor will alter the Contract for 3 Diamonds. After you’ve done all of this, one final dialogue option should be open for Orpheus when you return from your next escape attempt.

Champion of Elysium

Champion of Elysium Hades
Image by Anthony
  • Description: Clear Elysium with the ‘Extreme Measures’ Conditions
  • Completion Rating: 14.0%

This is the toughest Achievement in the game. You need to bump up Extreme Measures to level 3 and escape. This modifier makes every boss, except for Hades, much harder.

The sisters will fight you all at once, the Bone Hydra is in a much smaller arena, and Theseus rides a chariot with a Gatling gun on the front. I’m not kidding. 

I have written an in-depth guide for every boss. You can check it out here

Haste of Hermes

  • Description: Get 20% dodge chance with the Lambent Plume
  • Completion Rating: 13.2%

This Achievement likely has a low Completion Rate because the Lambent Plume is pretty awful.

For this Achievement, you must clear rooms quickly to trigger Lambent Plumes effect. If you do this enough times, you get a slight increase in your dodge chance. The increase is tied to the Keepsakes level, so it’ll be easier to level up the Keepsake first before attempting.

The Useless Trinket

  • Description: Earn the first of Skelly’s Prizes
  • Completion Rating: 13.1%

To earn this Achievement, you need to complete an escape attempt with at least 8 Heat which can be a tall order. Ultimately, it would be best if you experimented to see what modifiers you can manage, but for 8 Heat, this is my go-to setup:

8 heat hades setup

Bad Call

  • Description: Use an Olympian’s Greater Call against them in a Trial
  • Completion Rating: 12.8%

This Achievement is easy, but it’s up to chance if the opportunity arises. Once you have the Call of your choice, you’re looking for a room with two boons.

One of those boons needs to be from the God that granted you the Call. When you enter the room, pick the boon from the other God, wait for your Call meter to fill and attempt to use it.

Thanks, But No Thanks

  • Description: Purge a Legendary Boon
  • Completion Rating: 12.4%

When you get a Legendary Boon, sell it at a Pool of Purging. These pools are always in the room at the start of each floor. You do need to meet some prerequisites to get Legendary Boons to appear. You can view all of them here.

Slashed Benefits

Image by Anthony
  • Description: Fulfil the ‘Slashed Benefits’ Prophecy
  • Completion Rating: 12.3%

To get this Prophecy to appear, you need to defeat Hades with at least one heat. After that, turn on Benefits Package on the Pact of Punishment.

This modifier causes some enemies to appear with additional perks. These perks are random, but once you’ve defeated an enemy with each (there are 11), you will fulfil the Prophecy.

Nyx’s Mirror

  • Description: Have at least one rank in each Mirror of Night Talent
  • Completion Rating: 12.0%

This one is self-explanatory. Invest in every Mirror of Night Talent, and remember, there’s a purple and a green option for every single one. This task is resource-heavy, but if you’re going for all of the Achievements, you’ll be amassing plenty of Darkness and Keys.

Night and Darkness

  • Description: Fulfil the ‘Night and Darkness’ Prophecy
  • Completion Rating: 10.6%

Fulfilling this Prophecy takes forever, explaining its low completion rate. First, increase your affinity with Nyx and Chaos as much as possible. 

Pay attention to Nyx’s dialogue, as you need her to mention the Eldest Sigil. Once she’s done that, you can repair the Sigil with the House Contractor for the tidy sum of 3142 Darkness.

This Prophecy is aggravating because many aspects seem to unlock at random. Prioritize speaking to Nyx and Chaos, but you will want to work on other Achievements in the meantime.

End to Torment

  • Description: Fulfil the ‘End to Torment’ Prophecy
  • Completion Rating: 10.2%

We’re entering endgame territory now. This Prophecy has a ton of prerequisites. If you’ve been working your way through the Achievement list, you’ll have some of these already, but here’s what you need:

  • Administrative Chamber access.
  • Spoken to Meg about Sisyphus; this dialogue unlocks when you have five hearts of affinity with her.
  • At least five hearts of affinity with Nyx

With all of these prerequisites met, wait for Nyx to mention Sisyphus in conversation. She will tell you that his Contract is in the Administrative Chamber.

Grab it and buy the Knave-King’s Sentence from the House Contractor. The next time you visit Sisyphus and speak with him, the Achievement will unlock.

Infernal Arms

  • Description: Unlock all Weapon Aspects
  • Completion Rating: 9.3%

This one is time-consuming because it includes every hidden Weapon Aspect. For the Weapon of Fate Achievement, you’ll at least have the Hidden Aspect for the Spear unlocked. For every other weapon, you can view their unlock requirements in detail here

Dark Reflections

mirror of night hades
Image by Anthony


  • Description: Fulfil the ‘Dark Reflections’ Prophecy
  • Completion Rating: 9.1%

Once you’ve beaten Hades, you can unlock this Prophecy. All you have to do to fulfil Dark Reflections is defeat Hades with each Mirror of Night perk active. 

Technically, you can do this in just two runs, but Stubborn Defiance is an absolute stinker of a perk and makes the whole game harder as it replaces Death Defiance.

Divided by Death

  • Description: Fulfil the ‘Divided by Death’ Prophecy
  • Completion Rating: 8.4%

Like every other relationship-based Prophecy, you’ll need to gift Nectar to all parties involved. In this case, that’s Nyx, Achilles and Patroclus. Once everyone is at six hearts of affinity, you’re waiting for Nyx to mention Patroclus and his Contract. 

Grab the Contract from the Administrative Chamber, pay the House Contractor 5 Diamonds, and you’re all set! You must meet Achilles and Patroclus in Elysium for the Achievement to unlock.

One for the Ages

  • Description: Reach the epilogue of the story
  • Completion Rating: 8.0%

You can reach Hades’ epilogue by fulfilling two Prophecy with Persephone, The Queen’s Plan and Family Reunion. 

The Queen’s Plan involves getting maximum affinity with at least 6 Olympian Gods. For Family Reunion, you need to talk to each Olympian until a dialogue where you invite them to the House triggers. 

To max out affinity with the Olympian Gods, they require you to fulfil particular quotas. You can view all of those here.

Harsh Conditions

  • Description: Fulfil the ‘Harsh Conditions’ Prophecy
  • Completion Rating: 7.6%

This one is easier than it sounds. You need to complete an escape attempt with each Pact of Punishment condition turned on. Fortunately, it doesn’t matter how many you activate each run, so take your time.

Skelly’s Last Lamentations

  • Description: Earn the second of Skelly’s prizes
  • Completion Rating: 7.1%

For Skelly’s Last Lamentations, you must complete an escape attempt with 16 heat. You’ll have to get your hands dirty and play with modifiers you won’t enjoy. I encourage you to experiment, but this is my setup. 

As I Speedrun, please bear in mind that I’m comfortable playing with the time restriction, but you may want to swap that one out.

pact of punishment hades
Image by Anthony

Thorn of Thanatos

  • Description: Get 30% bonus damage with Pierced Butterfly
  • Completion Rating: 7.1%

This Achievement is relatively easy, but setting it up will take time, as I strongly recommend you attempt it with a max rank Keepsake. 

You can get this by taking the Pierced Butterfly through 75 encounters. With the max rank Keepsake, you need to beat 15 rooms in a run without taking damage. The Adamant Rail is a solid choice, as you can play passively and avoid most threats. 

Complete Set

  • Description: Earn all Chthonic Companions
  • Completion Rating: 6.5%

Complete Set is tricky because It’s not explicitly explained how to unlock these Companions. After reaching six hearts of affinity with select characters, you’ll be able to earn their ‘favour’ by completing a request from them. These are the characters you need to do this with:

  • Achilles
  • Dusa
  • Megaera
  • Sisyphus
  • Skelly
  • Thanatos

Some of these requirements are complex, and you can view them in detail on the wiki here.

Achilles, in particular, is incredibly long-winded as it involves reuniting him with Patroclus, which in itself nets you one of the rarest Achievements in the game. 

Friends Forever

Seriously, this will take a VERY long time… Image by Anthony
  • Description: Max-rank each standard Keepsake
  • Completion Rating: 5.9%

Last but not least, we have Friends Forever, the rarest Achievement in Hades.

All you need to do is take each Keepsake through 75 encounters. The issue is there are 25 Keepsakes, meaning you must complete 1875 encounters in total!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long does it take to earn every Achievement in Hades?

Answer: Earning every Achievement should take 60-80 hours but if you’re enjoying the story first, your mileage will vary.

Question: What’s the hardest Achievement in Hades?

Answer: Without a doubt, Champion of Elysium. This Achievement tasks you with beating several bosses with Extreme Measures turned on, which makes them much more deadly in combat. 

Question: I am certain that I should have got an Achievement, but nothing happened. What did I do wrong?

Answer: One long-standing issue with Hades Achievements is how unreliable they are if you save and quit mid-run. The Quick Resume feature reportedly prevents some Achievements from activating, so your best bet is to do your runs in one sitting or let yourself die if you need to turn the game off. How dare you have a social life!

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