Easiest Platinums Of 2022

Easiest Platinums Of 2022: Manageable Titles to Boost Your Trophy Rank!

Achieving platinum can sometimes be grueling, depending on the game you aspire to conquer. That’s why some never attempt in the first place. Not everyone has the energy to dump countless hours into earning the ultimate trophy, and I’m here to make the hunt much more effortless.

I am your trusted platinum expert here to give a comprehensive list of the easy-going platinums from 2022 so you can quickly breeze through them while boosting your trophy rank. After this, you’ll know what to expect from each and gain the confidence to shoot for the ultimate achievement.

I’m accustomed to earning tricky trophies, but I also understand the value of swiping a few easy ones for the books. Even though these are easy to obtain, you’ll still be met with a rewarding and fun experience. The games listed won’t take much time and are genuinely satisfying. A few moderate challenges still give the rewarding feeling of accomplishment once that elusive platinum pops up after a few hours.

A game shouldn’t be created to provide a ridiculously easy platinum. Therefore, games like “My name is Mayo” have been excluded from this list because they require almost zero effort and are utterly lackluster. Trophy hunting should still be a fulfilling adventure with much to offer you on your road to lesser accomplishments. Let’s explore some of the most accessible platinums from last year and see what experiences they offer!

Selection Criteria

Before we set sail on this smooth voyage toward increasing your trophy rank with the most accessible platinum trophies of 2022, let’s explore how I choose these. Even though they are all easy to achieve, they aren’t created equal. If you’re wondering how these games made it onto the list, let me shed some light on the issue so you understand my choices better. The criteria for these easiest platinums of 2022 are:

  • All games must be relatively easy to complete but not laughably easy
  • All of them were released or re-released in 2022
  • All games are popular and exciting
  • All must give a sense of achievement despite being leisurely

Martha Is Dead

Martha Is Dead

  • Creator: LKA
  • Difficulty Rating: 3/10
  • Rarest Achievement: The Fool

We are starting this list with a psychological thriller game that will be a joyride for horror enthusiasts. The story of Martha Is Dead keeps you guessing with disturbing twists while not brutalizing the player’s seeking to obtain the platinum. It covers the subjects of depression, anxiety, and psychological trauma. However, I assure you it won’t be the same when earning the platinum.

Remember that this game might have occasional crashes, so always conduct manual saves when hunting. Many of the trophies involve scrounging around for collectibles and performing miscellaneous tasks. Thankfully, none are missable because of the convenient auto-save feature at the beginning of each chapter. When you finish Martha Is Dead, you can play individual chapters. This aids significantly in your journey to completion and can be accessed through the menu.

When you reach the end, you’ll probably have some trophies missing. These can be completed by looking up the chapter in which they are earned and then proceeding to unlock them. You’ll achieve this in no time by completing the story and cleaning up the remaining trophies with an online guide informing you of the locations.

The Artful Escape

The Artful Escape

  • Creator: Beethoven & Dinosaur
  • Difficulty Rating: 2/10
  • Rarest Achievement: How’d you get up there?

The Artful Escape was initially released in 2021, but in 2022 it came to the PS5 & Nintendo Switch. Here you’ll dive into the mind and heart of a prestigious folk singer named Johnson Vendetti. He has personal issues and doubts about his abilities, but that won’t translate to your playthrough.

The singer then is opened up to a whole new world of musical possibilities as he explores his true desires for the stage after living in the shadow of his uncle for decades. There are no hard difficulty settings to worry about when playing the game, making trophy collecting much more manageable.

Most trophies are earned by playing through the story, but you’ll probably have miscellaneous ones to clean up in the next step. I advise keeping an eye on the Amp Jammer achievement even though it’s difficult to miss these.

Some luminous blue circles are in plain sight when playing through the main story, so look out for those. It’s time to wow the crowd with Johnson’s epic rock abilities and new spicy persona that’s true to himself! This is an excellent easy platinum for music lovers that’s easy on the ears and mind!

A Plague Tale: Requiem

A Plague Tale: Requiem

  • Creator: Asobo Studios
  • Difficulty Rating: 3/10
  • Rarest Achievement: Sneaky

A Plague Tale: Requiem is another excellent choice for your collection, but I recommend playing the first one before it. It is driven solely by the story, and that’s good news because those trophies tend to be more accessible. It’s an action-adventure game that emphasizes stealth. However, you will strategically perform offensive actions against enemies to progress through the rat-infested locations.

The combat system dwarfs the first game and expands the possibilities. You can expect to spend 20 hours completing this, and the road is smooth with few red lights. You will need to play through the game and then replay for a few hours to max out skills to obtain the platinum. Many of the trophies are obtained through collectibles, and I recommend playing in Narrative mode to ensure things are more straightforward.

For your first run, use a guide to ensure you don’t miss anything, and then complete the skills required in the second. This is primarily a linear game with a comprehensive achievement list that is easy to follow. You’ll find it’s not a plague to earn the platinum, so hop to it if you enjoy an excellent story with dark undertones!

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

  • Creator: Traveller’s Tales
  • Difficulty Rating: 2/10
  • Rarest Achievement: Power! Unlimited Power!

I’ve always enjoyed LEGO games, especially Lego Star Wars, because it’s easy yet immensely satisfying. This release of the Skywalker Saga was a dream come true, and they are known for being easy games. However, it will take a long time to unlock the platinum finally. I would consider this the most impressive Lego game ever created, and it graced the gaming scene back in 2022 with great success for die-hard fans like myself.

It takes longer because it spans all nine films containing many worlds to explore endlessly. Most notably, the innovative new combat system caught my eye, and it’s a fresh take on the LEGO series. So what does it take to get this platinum? Well, expect tons of adventure while completing 45 epic levels and then revisiting in free play to gather the miscellaneous collectible items such as mini-kits and take on the level challenges.

There are numerous space trinkets to collect across the various worlds, but I don’t want that to frighten you. It’s a joy to find them all while being easy to follow if you use a guide. There are some other achievements to earn that won’t get in your way. You’ll need to replay the levels often, taking around 70+ hours to reach the platinum, but it will feel far less. It’s an excellent time killer that essentially plays itself when trophy hunting.

Deliver Us The Moon (PS5 Rework)

Deliver Us The Moon (PS5 Rework)

  • Creator: KeokeN Interactive
  • Difficulty Rating: 3/10
  • Rarest Achievement: Environmental Analysis Part IV

I’ve always been over the moon for space games, and this was no exception. Deliver Us The Moon is an engaging story-driven narrative that puts you in an apocalyptic scenario where the Earth’s natural resources are scarce. An astronaut is sent to decipher puzzles and hopefully remedy the situation.

This science fiction thriller is horrifying because it depicts an actual possibility based on where we are headed as a species if certain things don’t change. Even if you despise puzzle games, I’m confident you’ll enjoy playing through this tense adventure while earning the platinum without a sweat. It’s possible to snag every trophy in one run, but I suggest you take things at a comfortable pace and then complete the rest later because of the unlockable chapter select feature.

It would be best never to let trophy hunting get in the way of thoroughly enjoying a game your first time. Deliver Us The Moon is about taking in the incredible atmosphere while uncovering the story. After the rolling credits, pinpoint which trophies you missed and hunt for them according to each chapter. 

Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers

  • Creator: Sonic Team
  • Difficulty Rating: 2/10
  • Rarest Achievement: Threats Identified

Sonic is back with a jaw-dropping new adventure, and the platinum is definitely easier than expected. You will face cool enemies in Sonic Frontiers while accelerating through the challenges of Starfall Islands, collecting chaos emeralds, and earning some rewarding trophies. You have an easy ride ahead that won’t make your head spin.

That’s because most achievements are related to the story or involve scooping up some coveted collectibles. You can earn everything while playing the game in easy mode, a breath of fresh air. However, finding all the collectibles will require you to complete some challenges to unlock their exact locations across the various islands.

These are not difficult, and you can easily get everything on your first playthrough. This is a highly satisfying experience because it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before from Sonic The Hedgehog. The open world is fantastic and fun to explore while unlocking each trophy. Collecting everything will take around 20 hours, and none of the medals are missable.

Plenty of robotic enemies are waiting to be hammered into oblivion by the legendary speed master Sonic. To unlock, you must complete the story, challenges, and side stories and defeat each guardian type. It’s the perfect easy platinum for leisurely gaming and a nostalgic trophy road.

Return To Monkey Island

Return To Monkey Island

  • Creator: Terrible Toybox
  • Difficulty Rating: 2/10
  • Rarest Achievement: Speed Runner

If you’re looking for an enriching and easy adventure game, Return To Monkey Island is calling your name. This is a point-and-click adventure game set in 2D where you solve puzzles based on the narrative to progress. You find yourself on some Caribbean islands during the piracy golden age again, much like the past games.

There are many choices in dialogue while you explore and interact with your surroundings. As you might expect, a few story-related trophies will unlock automatically, and some require more attention. There are some hidden achievements, but they’re comprehensive when you have a guide.

You may be able to complete this platinum without a guide since there is a convenient hint system that discourages gamers from looking up the answers in a walkthrough. There are achievements for the main story, prelude, and individual parts with some secrets to uncover.

I appreciate the style of this game, and I’m confident you will love it too. Even more encouraging is how easy the trophies are to earn for a rewarding time! Even though there are hints in-game, I still recommend you reference a guide due to the many trophy categories found here.

Goat Simulator 3

Goat Simulator 3

  • Creator: Coffee Stain North
  • Difficulty Rating: 3/10
  • Rarest Achievement: Try Hard 2

So I know this is a weird one, but it is still an exciting game, in my opinion, with an easy platinum to take home. Goat Simulator 3 is an action game on the Island of San Angora. You control the goat and perform some unique stunts around the world.

The achievements should be completed in three phases: completing the main story, miscellaneous trophies, and then focusing solely on collectibles. There are countless ones to collect, which might get slightly taxing, but it’s easier than many other platinums.

You’ll be so amazed and distracted by the quirkiness of this game that the trophy hunt will go by fast. I suggest playing this game, even if the original wasn’t your cup of tea, because it has a new story mode that keeps you more engaged instead of just throwing a strange concept at you.

There are different goals to accomplish in this goat simulation adventure, and I guarantee it will make you smile at many points. The multiplayer is also worth checking out, and the platinum name is G.O.A.T. which is pretty hilarious. It’s better than the original and worth the effort for an easy platinum that takes around 25 hours to complete.



  • Creator: Team Hindsight
  • Difficulty Rating: 3/10
  • Rarest Achievement: Technically A Meteor

If you’ve ever wanted to look through the window of the past, then Hindsight is a game you don’t want to miss, mainly because it’s easy to pick up. This is an exploration game based on a woman’s life narrative as she makes sense of the passing years from birth to the present.

You will be sorting through her belongings to piece the puzzle together while visiting memories suspended in time. With this game, you will pay close attention to the more minor details and absorb each memory to develop perspective while exploring the past.

With only 16 trophies to collect, you shouldn’t have any problem getting this platinum quickly and easily. The first step is to play through the game normally and then focus on the main collectibles with any other trophies you missed. This is a unique game with some relaxing vibes that make you think about each scenario while hunting.

Also, it’s superb for increasing your player rank fast, with nine gold trophies in total. Each memory and dream will be explored, but you must return to reality eventually and collect your platinum!

Little Orpheus (PS4 & PS5)

Little Orpheus

  • Creator: The Chinese Room
  • Difficulty Rating: 2/10
  • Rarest Achievement: Dressed For Extinction

Little Orpheus is a platforming adventure game that was previously released before coming to PS4 & PS5 in 2022. The game centers around the protagonist Ivan Ivanovich who is an actual test dummy sent to the Earth’s core by Soviet Russia to confirm theories of a hollow earth and confirm the existence of Little Orpheus.

This one shines with the visuals and overall sound design with some comical elements. It’s a side-scrolling platformer emphasizing the story, and the gameplay isn’t bad either. I suggest following a guide for this one because some of the trophies are tricky but easy when you know the details.

Once again, I recommend playing for fun before tracking down the trophies. There are 27 total, including story-related, collectibles, and others. You will complete the game in approximately six hours, with a few more to achieve the platinum.

I’ll admit, playing this game on a console is much better, and it is worth the trouble to score the plat! Dressing for extinction will be the most challenging achievement, but it’s not too strenuous. Little Orpheus is a beautiful platformer to consider adding to the collection with stunning visuals and a smooth ride.

Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed (PS5).

Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed

  • Creator: Pandemic Studios
  • Difficulty Rating: 2.5/10
  • Rarest Achievement: This Is Earth Ratio

This re-release of Destroy All Humans 2 for the PS5 is worthy of this list because it’s a beloved classic reimagined to create a rewarding game. Pox & Crypto are back to wreak havoc on the Earth with a more modern flare. The first game’s platinum was difficult, and this title is a sharp contrast with surprisingly easy achievements that await you.

It will take you around 15 hours to complete, and there are no missable trophies. One exciting reality of this game is that the developers want you to use cheats, which have no bearing on the award unlocks. Some are story-related, along with other miscellaneous medals.

Expect to play many side missions and skate quickly across maps. The collectibles include collecting art, songs, posters, and eradicating a public toilet on each map. Your first step will be to play through the story as you conquer the optional objectives and acquire gene blender upgrades.

You will then need to focus on S.K.A.T.E. routes and find all the collectibles throughout each location. Next, you’ll accomplish odd jobs and some Arkvoodle missions while earning any other missed achievements.

Saints Row

Saints Row

  • Creator: Volition
  • Difficulty Rating: 3/10
  • Rarest Achievement: It’s a Bird!

The classic Saints Row made a comeback in 2022, and it was pretty epic. This action-adventure game was rebooted successfully with amazing graphics and gameplay. It centers around the familiar story of four friends who forge their gang of outlaws to expand beyond their limits by usurping rival crime organizations. You can’t miss any of the trophies, and everything can be completed in easy mode.

The only challenge might be if you lack patience because it will take some time to complete. After you complete the first mission, the whole world becomes accessible, and you can choose whatever completion method you want. However, I recommend you play the story first, for time’s sake.

This is because you will gain access to the VTOL plane when you complete the campaign. It streamlines the process so you can get around quicker to the various districts to satisfy them fully. This is where the bulk of your trophies are found, along with completing venture missions.

You will find that Saints Row has some very lenient trophy requirements, making it a breeze for beginners. Not only that, but it’s fantastic to play the story that lasts around 10 hours. After you finish the ventures and districts, it’s time to get the collectibles, vehicle upgrades, challenges, & all perks. It sounds like a lot, but this game is so fun it won’t feel like work. It’s a refreshing reboot of the original with an exceptionally easy plat.

Cult Of The Lamb

Cult Of The Lamb

  • Creator: Massive Monster
  • Difficulty Rating: 2/10
  • Rarest Achievement: Peace

Cult Of The Lamb is a distinct roguelike indie game that was a fascinating concept where a possessed lamb is saved from death by a mysterious, powerful stranger with god-like qualities who then demands you to build a cult following to repay him. You must explore the regions and search for followers while gathering resources, perks, & weapons to increase your power.

It’s a compelling resource and community management blend that results in a unique experience. The platinum is highly attainable and consists of a few concrete steps. As with most games, you have to complete the main story first. I suggest you collect the Doctrines known as the “Ritual of the ocean’s bounty” and a “ritual of enrichment” to significantly speed up this platinum journey.

The most difficult challenge of earning this is to defeat every bishop without getting damaged. The cleanup phase will be easy because you will have made significant progress toward this goal by completing the main story. It will take around 15 hours to complete Cult Of The Lamb.



  • Creator: Isometricorp Games
  • Difficulty Rating: 1/10 with a guide
  • Rarest Achievement: Too Cute To Smash

Tunic is a fascinating action-adventure game in a decimated fantasy world that follows a brave fox on a mission to free the soul of another fox locked inside a crystal prison. What I like most about this game is the mysterious quality with a shrouded backstory that leaves you guessing. One thing is sure, though, the platinum is easy to earn.

However, it would help if you used a guide for this one, or it will be far more complex. A tempting no-fail mode can be turned on, which doesn’t prevent trophies from being unlocked. This is great for nerves and makes it easy to earn every achievement. If you’re a fan of Zelda, you’ll love this indie game. Take care not to use any money bank items during your playthrough because there is a limited quantity.

Within Tunic is something known as the “Golden Code,” where you enter patterns into the ground, objects, & walls. During the game, the day will switch to night, and you won’t be able to access certain areas because of a dense fog. From here, you can rest in the bed to change to day again to explore them. Complete the game first, then focus on the collectibles. The final step is to start a new game to get the gun before the sword.

Honorable Mentions

These honorable mentions didn’t make the final cut but are still worth considering if nothing on the main list catches your eye. These are also shorter attainable trophies that are fun to earn. For example, Gris is a game recently re-released for the current console generation and offers an exceptionally easy platinum. Consider these additional games as alternatives because they’re fun and rewarding.

  • Gris (PS5)
  • The Devil In Me 
  • Syberia The World Before
  • Super Chicken Jumper
  • Save Room
  • Hatup
  • Finding The Soul Orb

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are any of these games challenging?

Answer: Some games will challenge you, but you won’t pull your hair out or break your controller. They have just the right amount of difficulty while maintaining a smooth journey to completion. Every game has a degree of challenge, but with this list, it’s low.

Question: Which platinum will take the longest to complete?

Answer: Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is definitely the longest on this list. It clocks in at around 70-80 hours to complete fully. Keep in mind that the time it takes to complete any platinum trophy will vary, depending on your knowledge and skill level.

Question: Are there any platinums to finish in under an hour?

Answer: Outside this list, you can earn many ridiculously short platinum trophies to boost your level quickly. One of the shortest ones on this list is the Artful Escape if you want to snag a quick one and still get a rewarding experience. Return To Monkey Island is a notably short game that still offers something worth playing. For your sanity, I don’t suggest excessive tapping games, even if they give you the platinum in under an hour.

No Shame In Taking The Easy Road

If you prefer manageable platinum trophies, there’s nothing wrong with that. You’ll find some challenges among these games, even if they are easier than others. These are some of the most accessible games from 2022, and you’ll have a lot of fun playing them. Many of these titles are lighthearted and innovative, with creative qualities that stand out in the industry.

My goal was to give you a diverse selection where you can find something suitable no matter what. Gaming doesn’t always have to be a teeth-clenching challenge; some are made for pure enjoyment with a stellar award to show your dedication. All these games are excellent for increasing your level to show off while reducing anxiety during the process. Give one of these titles a shot, and you won’t regret it after earning a few undemanding platinum trophies for your profile!

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