Arron Kluz

Arron is a featured team writer and lifelong gamer. Ever since he started playing games on his old SNES, he's been hooked. Once the Xbox 360 was released he quickly found himself hunting down achievements and trophies as fast as he could. There are plenty of games that he has only played for the achievements or trophies, but he also plays a little bit of everything, with a particular love for deep RPGs and skillful shooters. Currently, he is working to 100% both Pillars of Eternity games while he waits for the biggest upcoming releases and some standout indies.

Titanfall 2 Speedrun Guide

Titanfall 2 is a science fiction first-person shooter that allows players to control massive mechs and freerunning as nimble pilots. The game features a massive sandbox of gear and mechanics that allow players to fly around levels and decimate all that stand in their way. The sheer freedom that Titanfall 2 gives to players when it comes to …

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Celeste Speedrun Guide

Celeste is a very punishing platformer released in 2018. Upon its release, it was very well received by players and critics a lot thanks to its tight platforming, varied challenges, a fantastic soundtrack, and how its story explores mental health. The developers have also said that they developed the game with speed runners in mind, so …

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FEH Tier List Guide

Fire Emblem Heroes is a mobile gacha game that allows players to collect hundreds of their favorite characters from the massive franchise. These also include variations for unique outfits and abilities; figuring out which ones to use can be very difficult for players. So, to help you piece together the best team you can quickly, …

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Become the Boss – Yakuza Like a Dragon Trophy Guide

Yakuza: Like a Dragon introduced a new turn-based combat system to the Yakuza series. The game’s combat is heavily inspired by a mix of classic and modern JRPG titles, which brings systems like jobs, levels, and party members to the Yakuza experience that fans have come to expect. This means that getting the game’s platinum trophy takes …

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