Arron Kluz

Arron is a featured team writer and lifelong gamer. Ever since he started playing games on his old SNES, he's been hooked. Once the Xbox 360 was released he quickly found himself hunting down achievements and trophies as fast as he could. There are plenty of games that he has only played for the achievements or trophies, but he also plays a little bit of everything, with a particular love for deep RPGs and skillful shooters. Currently, he is working to 100% both Pillars of Eternity games while he waits for the biggest upcoming releases and some standout indies.

Multiversus Tier List

The newest and hottest fighting game out this year is Multiversus, a new platform fighter from Player First Games that takes full advantage of the massive roster of characters and properties owned by Warner Bros. This has allowed the title to launch with an incredible roster of iconic characters like Harley Quinn, the Iron Giant, and …

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Paladins Tier List

Since Paladins was first released, the team shooter has been privy to frequent updates introducing new champions and balancing tweaks to its roster. This makes tier lists particularly helpful for keeping track of which characters are the most feared during matches at the time. It also makes them useful for picking a character to play …

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Injustice 2 Tier List Guide

Injustice 2 is one of the most robust DC universe games ever released. Developed by NetherRealm studios, the game allows fans to play as a varied cast of heroes, villains, and crossover characters. The game’s mechanics are highly reminiscent of NetherRealm’s blockbuster Mortal Kombat franchise with meter-based fighting action that is accessible but deep. When …

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Mech-Dinosaurs and Gliders: Horizon Forbidden West Trophy Guide

Guerilla Games explored entirely new territory when it made its first open-world game, Horizon Zero Dawn. Now, the sequel Horizon Forbidden West has been released to give fans more of the series’ world to explore, new tools to experiment with, a brand new story with Aloy at its center, and a shiny platinum trophy to chase …

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Surviving Camp: The Quarry Trophy Guide

Ever since the breakout success of Until Dawn, developer Supermassive Games has continued to iterate on and improve their interactive horror formula. They have worked to include multiplayer, evolve interesting new mechanics, and expand the diverging plotlines that can emerge from the performance and decisions of players. The most recent of these titles is The Quarry, a …

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