Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 Trophy Guide

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The first Tony Hawk games were some of the most influential I played in my childhood. Not only did it largely shape my adolescent music taste, but it also took up countless hours of my free time. So, when the remaster was announced, I couldn’t wait to dive back into the game and re-explore the classics. I know many other players felt the same way, and for those who want to chase the platinum trophy to see everything the remasters have to offer, I’m here to help.

Key Info Up Front

Genre: Skateboarding

Number of Playthroughs: 1

Number of Trophies: 36

Difficulty Rating: 7/10

Estimated Playtime: Approximately 75 hours


Step One: A Standard Playthrough

Whether or not you have any nostalgia for these games like I do, I recommend starting your road to the platinum by just playing through both of them usually. This will give you the opportunity to experience the game more organic way, but it will also see you gathering Stat Points. Stat Points are spent to improve your character’s performance, so I highly recommend accumulating some naturally during this playthrough to make some of the more challenging parts of the following steps more manageable.

Trophies in this Step:

  • Summer’s Over
  • The Truth is out There
  • Back to School…Again
  • Mess with the Bull…
  • Medallion
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 2 Trophies Medallion
  • 4 for Four
  • #10 Downing Street

Step Two: Completing Goals and Competition Parks

Once you’re done with your first playthrough, the next step is to revisit each of the levels and complete the goals for each one. The goals for each level are detailed below, but you’ll find that some are shared throughout all levels, like collecting letters or reaching a certain score, and others that are unique to the level. Once you’re done doing that, you should be ready to move on to the six Competition Parks. Each of these is comprised of three one-minute-long rounds that challenge you to get the highest score you can. You’ll need to complete all six with gold medals before moving on.

Trophies in this Step: 

  • Grand Tourer
  • Valhalla
TH Trophy Valhalla
  • Can’t Judge me

Step Three: Challenges and Clean-Up

A big part of the progression in the game is the challenges. Challenges are split into lists of easier Rookie challenges, more challenging Veteran challenges, and difficult Legend challenges. There are many of these across the games, and you’ll have to complete them to unlock the platinum. These will see you traveling throughout the levels to complete them, and while some may be challenging, the majority of them are not. One helpful note is that you can flag the ones you are currently working on, allowing you to bring them up at any time by pressing the triangle button to refresh your memory. This helped me keep track of the various challenges I was working on, and will likely help you as well.

As you complete the challenges, you should also work toward cleaning up the other trophies that you still haven’t unlocked. Many of these will not be directly tied to challenges, but you should get them out of the way before getting to the worst parts of completing the game.

Trophies in this Step: 

  • Legen-Dairy
  • Going to the Vet
  • Donut mess with a Cop
  • Combination Blow
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Creative
  • Creator
  • Statted
  • You Broke the Scoreboard
  • Combo Total
  • Shoot and Score
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 Trophies Shoot And Score
  • Ouch!
  • Paint the Town
  • … Get the horns
  • Shattered
  • Score Total
  • The Truth is In Here
  • High as a Kite
  • Bought the Farm
  • Horsin’ Around
  • Piece by Piece
  • Matchup

Step Four: Gaps and Get-Theres

Every level has its Gaps and Get-Theres. Gaps are jumps or grinds that players have to complete, while Get-Theres are harder chains of gaps that must be completed in a single attempt. For the associated trophies, only the Hard ones are required, but I recommend doing all of them to help you get to level 100. This stage can be very punishing for some players as they can be adamant in later levels. That is why I suggest waiting until this point in your playthrough so that you have accumulated many Stat Points and have better Stats to help you along.

Trophies in this Step: 

  • Gap Master
  • Got There

Step Five: Grinding, but Not That Kind

The last step of getting the platinum trophy here is to reach a career level of 100. This takes extreme time, even though it has been made slightly easier throughout post-launch updates. Completing all the other trophies before this one will get you relatively close, but you should still expect a healthy amount of grinding. My preferred method to do so is repeating skate tours to re-complete goals with additional skaters and complete additional challenges that were added to the game to help alleviate the grind.

Trophies in this Step: 



Summer’s Over

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 Trophies Summer's Over

Rarity: Bronze

Description: You’ll unlock Summer’s Over after unlocking the School level in Pro Skater 1.


Rarity: Bronze

Description: You will unlock Medallion the first time you earn any medal in a competition park.

The Truth is Out There

The Truth is Out There

Rarity: Bronze

Description: You’ll get this trophy after unlocking the Roswell level in Pro Skater 1.

The Truth is In Here

The Truth is In Here

Rarity: Silver

Description: This one requires you to collect all 19 plush alien collectibles across both games.

Tips: Every level has one alien collectible for players to collect. The locations for each one are below:

  • Warehouse: On top of the quarter pipe in the higher deck.
  • School: In the shadowed corner to the right of the starting area.
  • Mall: A dark corner at the bottom of the stairs was found by going through the glass by the car garage.
  • Skate Park: Turn around at the start and get on the ledge above the quarter pipe. Wallride to your left to reach the door and go through to find it.
  • Downtown: Get onto the walkway roof and go to the pool. Get to the small ledge above the top-right corner of the collection.
  • Downhill Jam: Behind you at the start of the level.
  • Burnside: Above the quarter pipe by the supports beneath the bridge.
  • Streets: Behind a sign on top of the diner’s roof.
  • Roswell: Get on top of the pool in the room with the UFO and look to the right of the nearby door.
  • Hangar: Grind the helicopter to open the secret area and find it in the left corner.
  • School II: Get over the small wall by the library and use the short slope to get on top of the awning. The alien is in a corner if you follow the awning heading away from the library.
  • Marseille: Open the wooden pole secret area and head to the left.
  • NY City: On the ground next to the backside of the quarter pipe near the building with the Upper Bank sign.
  • Venice Beach: At the end of the wooden path near the beach, reached by using the tagged quarter pipe.
  • Skatestreet: On the right skinny wall in the secret area, reachable using the rightmost quarter pipe beneath it.
  • Philadelphia: Beneath the steps behind a half pipe that is part of the skatepark.
  • Bullring: In the lowest level of the stands.
  • Chopper Drop: On the lower platform of the half pipe.
  • Skate Heaven: Grind the blue rail to activate the volcano and jump into it. The alien is behind the quarter pipe that is near the half pipe.

Grand Tourer

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 Trophies Grand Tourer

Rarity: Silver

Description: This trophy is earned by finishing every goal and gold medal in Pro Skater 1.

Tips: Each level in the first game has its own goals, most of which are unique. You will unlock some of these during your first natural playthrough but will undoubtedly need to return to each level to get the rest out of the way. The hardest ones are usually getting high combos and scores in the level. If this proves difficult, find a long rail to grind until the end before jumping off and manualing to return to the start of the rail and being the whole process over again.

Back to School…Again

Rarity: Bronze

Description: You will get this trophy after you unlock the School II level in Pro Skater 2.

4 for Four

Tony Hawk's Trophy 4 for Four

Rarity: Bronze

Description: 4 for Four is unlocked by earning medals in four competition parks, which you will do during your initial natural playthrough.

Mess with the Bull…

Rarity: Bronze

Description: You will get this trophy when you unlock the Bull Ring level in Pro Skater 2.

… Get the horns

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 Trophies Get The Horns

Rarity: Bronze

Description: This trophy is unlocked by allowing the bull to run into you in the Bull Ring level.


Rarity: silver

Description: To get this trophy you have to complete every goal and gold medal in Pro Skater 2.

Tips: See Grand Tourer above.


Rarity: Bronze

Description: You will unlock this trophy by finishing your first multiplayer game.


TH Trophy Beep Beep

Rarity: Bronze

Description: To unlock this trophy you have to get run over by a car on the NY City, Downtown Streets, Philadelphia, and School II maps.


Rarity: Bronze

Description: You get this trophy for making a custom skater.


Rarity: Bronze

Description: To get this trophy, make a custom skatepark and upload it.

Bought the Farm

TH Trophy Bought The Farm

Rarity: Silver

Description: You will earn this trophy by spending a total of $10,000 in the in-game store. You will earn plenty more money than is needed for this trophy, and some boards even go for more than $10,000.


Rarity: Bronze

Description: You earn this trophy by getting every Stat Point for a pro skater.

Tips: To get this trophy, select a pro skater and go through every level with them. Each level will have two Stat Points, the placement of which depend on which type of skater you are playing, ensuring that you can always get both of them.

Donut Mess with a Cop

TH Trophy Donut Mess With A Cop

Rarity: Silver

Description: You will get this trophy when you unlock the secret Officer Dick character.

Tips: Officer Dick is unlocked by completing the 24 challenges specifically made for custom skaters. You’ll have the easiest time achieving them if you play in free skate, and don’t forget to turn on as many game mods as you can if you’re working on a challenge that doesn’t specifically say they can’t be used.

Rookie of the Year

Rarity: Bronze

Description: You will get this trophy upon finishing all 12 Rookie challenges.

Tips: These challenges are very straightforward and simple, so you shouldn’t have trouble completing them.

Going to the Vet

TH Trophy Going To The Vet

Rarity: Silver

Description: You will be awarded with this trophy for finishing all 10 Veteran challenges.

Tips: These challenges are a bit more demanding than the Rookie challenges, but you should complete just about all of them while completing the other trophies on this list.


Rarity: Gold

Description: You will unlock this trophy when you finish all 6 Legendary challenges.

Tips: Here are the six challenges and the easiest method that I have found to complete them:

Legendary Challenge Completion Method
Eldest This challenge requires you to complete three of the four highest tier challenges. I recommend these: 


  • Multi-Platinum: Complete platinum score challenges on two regular maps. These are around 1,000,000 points and shouldn’t pose a challenge at this point.
  • Medium Count: This challenge is for playing 100 multiplayer matches. You can achieve this while working on the other multiplayer trophies.
  • Par for the Course: Par for the Course requires you to finish three speed runs of classic maps. The easiest to do are Warehouse, The Hangar, and School. 
Rags to Riches Rags to Riches is for finishing the challenges for custom skaters. You will get this challenge out of the way while unlocking the Donut Mess With a Cop trophy above.
Pro-Ficiency Pro-Ficiency requires you to finish all of the challenges for three premade professional skaters. You can do any three that you prefer, but Nyjah Huston, Rodney Mullen, and Tyshawn Jones were the ones I found the easiest to complete.
THPS1 This challenge is for getting all gold medals from the first game without using game mods, which you will have already done for the Grand Tourer trophy above.
THPS2 THPS2 is completed by getting all gold medals in the second game’s tour mode, which you will have done already for the Valhalla trophy above.
Legend Badge This challenge is completed upon finishing the five above challenges.

Got There

Rarity: Gold

Description: You will get this trophy when you complete all Hard-rank Get-Theres.

Tips: Get-Theres are strings of Gaps that all have to be completed in a single combo. They can be found in the challenge menu if you want to try and figure them out for yourself. However, I recommend following a video like this one that does a great job of showing exactly how to achieve each one.

#10 Downing Street

TH Trophy Downing Street

Rarity: Bronze

Description: You will unlock this trophy when you reach level ten.

Tips: See ONE HUNDRED! below.


Rarity: Silver

Description: This will most likely be your final trophy, and is for reaching level 100.

Tips: The grind to level 100 is a very long and arduous process. However, it used to be worse until a post-launch patch increased the rate at which players earn experience. There are a few different methods for achieving this that you can choose between. The first is to complete all of the challenges for each of the game’s pro skaters as well as other general challenges. Additional challenges were added to the game in the same update that adjusted the experience given to players, meaning that there is now plenty of challenges to work toward. A second method is to complete multiplayer matches. While this is far from the fastest way to reach level 100, it is a fun way to deviate from the grind of other methods for a bit or to do it with friends.

The third and final method, however, is power leveling through a highly optimized combo string. This will allow you to get up to 1,000,000 points very quickly in a skate session, allowing you to get 300 experience points very quickly. It boils down to getting through the string quickly by taking full advantage of the game mods before ending the run and restarting it to repeat the combo again. There are many methods out there that fans have found to do, so you can pick whichever one works the best for you. However, I recommend using this method from the YouTuber RatchetRaindop because it has such simple inputs. However, this method still takes a long time to reach level 100 with.

Paint the Town

TH Trophy Paint The Town

Rarity: Bronze

Description: Paint the Town is for tagging 100 objects in Graffiti mode.

Tips: This is possible to unlock in online multiplayer or local split screen. Which way you prefer to do so will largely depend on your personal preference.

Horsin’ Around

Rarity: Silver

Description: You will get this trophy when you give your opponent a letter in the Horse mode 50 times.

Tips: Similarly to Paint the Town, this trophy can be completed in either multiplayer or split screen, depending on your personal preferences.

Combination Blow

TH Trophy Combination Blow

Rarity: Bronze

Description: This trophy is earned by landing a combo of at least 50,000 points.

Shoot and Score

Rarity: Silver

Description: You can get this trophy by reaching a score of at least 1,000,000 points in one of the game’s standard maps.

High as a Kite

TH High as a Kite

Rarity: Silver

Description: You get this trophy when you land a combo of at least 1,000,000 points.

Tips: The easiest way to get a combo this high is by finding a large rail to grind. Then, grind down the rail, jump off at the end and enter a manual, then back to the start and repeat the process until you reach the desired score.

You Broke the Scoreboard

TH Trophy You Broke The Scoreboard

Rarity: Gold

Description: This trophy is unlocked by reaching a score of at least 10,000,000 on any normal park.

Tips: Currently, this trophy is glitched and can be unlocked on custom skate parks as well as traditional parks. If that gets patched, or you want to unlock the trophy without using a custom skatepark specifically made for unlocking this trophy, I recommend grinding a long rail on a map you’re comfortable with and manualing back to the start of it to make a massive combo.

Gap Master

Rarity: Gold

Description: You will unlock this trophy when you accomplish every gap in the game.

Piece by Piece

Rarity: Bronze

Description: You can get this trophy by putting down 500 objects in custom skate parks.


TH Trophy Ouch!

Rarity: Bronze

Description: This trophy is unlocked by wiping out during a combo worth at least 100,000 points.

Score Total

Rarity: Silver

Description: You will get this trophy when you get at least 5,000,000 points in the Trick Attack mode.

Tips: This is another trophy that can be unlocked online or local multiplayer. All the points can be earned across multiple play sessions as well.

Combo Total

Rarity: Silver

Description: You will unlock this trophy when you get at least 2,000,000 points in the Combo Mambo mode.

Tips: This trophy can also be unlocked during online or local multiplayer matches. The points are also cumulative, so you can build up to it across multiple matches if necessary.


Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 Trophies Shattered

Rarity: Silver

Description: To get this trophy you have to break through glass 20 times.

Tips: You can find glass to shatter during your runs of levels like Warehouse, Streets, Hangar, Downtown, and Mall.

Can’t Judge Me

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 Trophies Can't Judge Me

Rarity: Bronze

Description: You unlock this trophy by scoring 99.9 in a competition run.

Tips: Getting a score of 99.9 is done by completing a competition run with very high combos and no bails. There is a good chance you will get this trophy out of the way while working on getting gold metals, but if not, you can go back to one and just focus on getting one long combo the entire time.


Question: How Long Does the Platinum Trophy Take for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2?

Answer: It is estimated to take 70 to 80 hours for most average players to get all of the trophies.

Question: Does Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 Have a Campaign?

Answer: The game does not have a story campaign like many other games but does have a linear progression of levels for players to go through to complete and unlock additional content.

Question: Can you get Off your Skateboard and Walk in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2?

Answer: No, the original Tony Hawk games did not give players the ability to get off their skateboard, and the remasters preserve the gameplay elements of the original and keep players restricted to their board.


As a long-time fan of this series, going back through the original two games to get the platinum trophy was an enjoyable and rewarding experience. I expect it also to end up being an enjoyable experience even for newcomers to the games, even with the brutal grind toward the end. I cannot recommend picking it up, especially if you are a fan of arcade-like sports games or incredible soundtracks to relax with.

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