Games We Wish Had Platinum Trophies Guide

As someone who can’t begin a game without looking at the trophy list and deciding if it’s a realistic goal to achieve, I know how important trophy lists are for players, even before you start playing. There is a certain level of gratification that a platinum trophy offers. A fuzzy feeling in your tummy that games of a past era can’t measure up to. Sure, you might have got a 100% bonus or access to a secret cheats menu back in the day, but nothing compares to that satisfying sound when a Platinum trophy pops.

This brings me to my point. Trophies and in-game achievements are a pretty new phenomenon, and if you look back to the mid-2000s, you’ll find that no games had trophy support. In fairness to Sony, quite a few games have received re-releases, ports, and remasters that allow fans of more retro titles to enjoy these titles and add to their digital trophy cabinet. However, some games didn’t get this treatment, and between you and me, it’s a disgrace.

So I thought I would take some time to express my grievances in listicle form and document the games out there that don’t have trophy support but absolutely should. If any of you big wigs at Sony happen to have stumbled upon this article, please, for the love of all that is good, take note. Without further delay, here is our list of games we wish had platinum trophies.

Selection Criteria

Okay, so some housekeeping before we get into things. We won’t just be selecting any old game here. We want to ensure that we are picking games that would benefit from trophy support, games with strong fan bases that would enjoy trophy support, and games with realistic options. So here are my selection criteria:

  • All games selected will be at the very least 70% on Metacritic or have received a favorable reception upon release
  • All games will be realistic options for trophy support. So for the sake of this listicle, we will only be including PS3 games that could be easily patched
  • All games chosen will have a gameplay format that would accommodate a trophy list.

#1 – The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Image from Fandom

Developer: Bethesda Softworks

Released: 2006

Metacritic Score: 94%

We begin with what is hands-down my top pick on this entire list. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was the game that truly introduced me to the potential of open-world RPGs, and for that reason, I owe this game a lot. I would go as far as to say that this game played a huge part in my becoming a games journalist. It was the sheer enormity of the world before me and the magical, mystical content waiting to be uncovered. It was captivating from start to end and believe me. I made sure I saw and discovered all this game had to offer.

So imagine how saddened I am that we are in the year 2022 and still have yet to see a version of this game that offers trophy support. Before Xbox fans come after me, I know this game has GamerScore achievements, but it’s just not the same, and you guys know it. All I’m asking for is a simple patch, another excuse to play this game from start to finish. Fingers crossed that we get some sort of remastering or patch in the future, but after over fifteen years of waiting, I’m not holding my breath.

#2 – The Darkness

The Darkness
Image from Fandom

Developer: Starbreeze

Released: 2007

Metacritic Score: 80

Now we move on to a title I would classify as a hidden era gem. Many might have passed on this one due to its dark and gritty appearance, perhaps mistaking this one for a horror title, but rest assured, this game is dark but not horrifying. In terms of narrative, I would say it’s quite like the modern Venom titles with Tom Hardy. An internal struggle with the monster inside, and it’s up to you whether you embrace the darkness or use your powers for good.

Based on a comic of the same name, The Darkness is a superb story, and Jackie Estacado is a very well-written character. I’ll admit, the gunplay is a little janky by today’s standards, but if you can look past this, you’ll have a blast. No trophies to be had here, though, and it’s a dying shame. Trophies aside, though, you have to give it a try if you haven’t played this one.

#3 – F.E.A.R.

Image from Fandom

Developer: Monolith Productions

Released: 2006

Metacritic Score: 88%

If you are an FPS fan, you will know how devastating it is that F.E.A.R doesn’t have a trophy list. This game was revolutionary not only because of the creepy setting, the gripping narrative, and the varied gameplay but also because of the intelligent AI. The enemy AI was much more advanced than anything seen in other FPS titles of the era. Even by today’s standards, it is still seen as a benchmark to aim for.

Players would have to deal with flanking enemies, using tactical knowledge to hone in on their position, making you feel like a genuine military operative who is using their training to manage a sticky situation. The series would get a few sequels, so there are trophies to be had where the series as a whole is concerned. However, as the original is still so beloved by the FPS community, it would be amazing to see this one patched up with a trophy list.

#4 – Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix

Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix
Image from Fandom

Developer: EA Games

Released: 2007

Metacritic Score: 71%

As someone that was very fond of the older Harry Potter games as a kid, the idea of exploring a more modern and technologically advanced imagining of Hogwarts has always been an exciting prospect. It’s why I’m so excited for the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy title. However, from the Goblet of Fire onwards, the time under the EA umbrella was far from favorable, and the HP games gradually worsened.

Money-grabbing movie tie-ins to milk the franchise dry as the movies wrapped up. However, the fifth licensed title was a departure from that poor form and a game that offered the most expansive and detailed Hogwarts overworld yet.

This game would mirror the events of the fifth movie, as you would expect. However, the beauty and the appeal of this game were in the attention to detail, the natural discoveries made along the way, and the fun departures that one could make from the main storyline, like a barbaric game of Wizard’s Chess, for example.

Now, full disclosure, the game had pacing issues. There is a lot of running aimlessly around Hogwarts involved, but if there were a full trophy list, the sheer beauty of the school and the little trophies would have been more than enough to make up for this. Regardless, I would still say that this is the best modern Harry Potter game, at least until Hogwarts Legacy hits shelves, so be sure to give this one a try anyway!

#5 – Heavenly Sword

Heavenly Sword Game
Image from Fandom

Developer: Ninja Theory

Released: 2007

Metacritic Score: 79%

Next up, we have a fast-paced, beat-em-up, hack-and-slash adventure that doesn’t get nearly as much love as it should. Ninja Theory is best known for its work on Senua’s Sacrifice. Still, they have some pedigree in the hack and slash genre and Heavenly Sword, even all these years later, as a testament to why those guys got the call up for the DMC reboot.

This game has an incredible storyline, graphics that wouldn’t have looked out of place in the PS4 era, never mind the PS3, and gameplay that is reminiscent of the God of War titles pre-2018. All in all, an action-packed and satisfying combat-heavy title, which would be one of the first exclusive titles that made it worthwhile to invest in a PS3 over an Xbox 360.

Now, the game wasn’t perfect, as its combat left much to be desired. In terms of depth, the combat system was pretty shallow, and by the end of the game, the fighting lacked any variety and offered little challenge. Then add that the game was only about 5-6 hours long, and suddenly the ‘value for money’ angle is a hard sell. However, in the light of 2022, this game stands up well to the scrutiny, all things considered, and with a trophy list implemented, this would be a quick, easy and satisfying platinum. Come on, Sony, why spoil our fun?

#6 – Motorstorm

Motorstorm Game
Image from Fandom

Developer: Evolution Studios

Released: 2007

Metacritic Score: 84%

This just so happened to be the first PS3 game I ever played, and I remember it rather fondly. I spent my first few races distracted by how mesmerizing the realistic mud textures were. However, these feelings of awe and wonder soon turned to frustration because this game was damn hard. I’m no stranger to racing games, but this game was no slouch, even if you were a flawless driver.

The AI drivers punching you off your bike would make sure that first place was an absolute triumph if you did manage to cross the finish line intact. However, putting that to one side, it was a great introduction to the seventh generation of gaming and showcased the power of the new hardware.

Now, on the flip side, this game did showcase just how useless the Sixaxis controllers were when it came to motion controls, but even then, it was a fun gimmick for a race or two. This game would be enough to inspire a handful of sequels like Pacific Rift and Motorstorm: Apocolypse, but this game would sadly not get a dedicated trophy list like the others, and it’s a shame. If this game did have a trophy list, getting this platinum would give the player huge bragging rights, and isn’t that what it’s all about?

#7 – Need for Speed: Carbon

Need For Speed Carbon
Image from Fandom

Developer: EA Games

Released: 2006

Metacritic Score: 75%

My cousin and I often debated whether this racing title or Need for Speed Underground 2 was the best the long-running series had to offer. To which he would always reply, “Need for Speed: Carbon, best game, don’t care.” I still don’t agree, but I can respect his point of view because this game brought a new approach to the racing genre.

The game offers a team dynamic to races with Blockers and Drafters, the ability to take shortcuts and create obstacles for other racers, and the drifting races. It was a much grittier and cinematic approach to a racing title and one that paid off. It didn’t have Riders of the Storm on the soundtrack like NFSU2, but not all games are made equal, I guess.

This game would have benefited greatly from a trophy list, with the catalog of cars you could collect throughout, tonnes of customizations to be made to your garage full of vehicles, and the linear story offering regular bursts of trophy-related serotonin throughout, but alas, this game would never get a trophy list patched in. You could be like me and take out your frustrations by getting the platinum in another ground-breaking racing title of the era, Burnout Paradise, but I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s not quite the same.

#8 – Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Image from Fandom

Developer: Team Ninja

Released: 2007

Metacritic Score: 88%

Now, if you liked the hack and slash fun involved in Heavenly Sword listed above and still want something more challenging, then allow us to introduce Ninja Gaiden Sigma. This game is like Devil May Cry with Dark Souls’s brutal and unforgiving nature. In this title, you will play the role of a ninja seeking vengeance after your clan is brutally massacred by the Vigor Empire.

So with the agility of a cat and a sharpened katana, you set off to settle the score. Not only does this game have an incredible narrative and varied, rewarding gameplay. This game also has some of the most challenging levels and bosses seen within the genre, and even to this day, this serves as one of the hardest games on the market. The path of the ninja isn’t for everyone, but with patience, discipline, and a whole of button-mashing, you too can become a warrior of the shadows.

Now, we debated if this one was a ‘realistic choice’ as even if this game did have a trophy list, we would wager that only a very small percentage of players would have done enough to warrant this platinum, as just finishing this game is a struggle. However, we decided to include it as there is a small collective of dedicated, borderline sadistic trophy hunters who would love nothing more than to grind away at this one and master the deep, intricate combat mechanics of this game. So this one is for you guys.

#9 – The Orange Box

The Orange Box
Image from Fandom

Developer: Valve

Released: 2007

Metacritic Score: 89%

Okay, so this one might not seem like a realistic choice as, one, this set of games was all made before the PS3 was even a rumor. Two, this is a set of games and therefore adds even more logistical complications. However, when making a list of the games that don’t have a platinum trophy but deserve one, all three of the games included here belong on this list.

The games in question here, for those unaware, are Half-Life 2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2. These games, even in 2022, are still beloved titles and serve as a constant reminder of what Valve is capable of if they decided to develop a title. This bundle would allow console players to enjoy these standout titles in all their glory. As a huge fan of Portal myself, this was very much appreciated.

However, what was not appreciated was that these three games would come with no trophy support. This is particularly painful as I know firsthand via Steam Achievements that Half-Life 2 has some truly iconic moments that lend themselves beautifully to trophies/achievements. We all remember being asked to pick up the trash right at the start of the game, right? Well, picture that but with a lovely trophy sound when you throw it right in that guard’s face. Potential core gaming memories lost; what a shame.

#10 – Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction

Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction
Image from Fandom

Developer: Insomniac Games

Released: 2007

Metacritic Score: 89%

So, with the recent release of Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, a certain generation of gamers may not be able to imagine a time when this duo wasn’t killing it within the gaming landscape. Well, believe me, that time existed, and the PS3 era was that time, and a little of the PS4 era, too, if you weren’t a fan of the 2016 movie reboot, that is. Now, you would think that these games were bad with that preamble, and that is far from the case. They were technically well-made platformers, followed the Ratchet and Clank formula to the letter, and tried to introduce fun new characters and stories.

However, two things were very clear during this period. One was that Ratchet and Clank had lost their edge, as the writing seemed to pander to kids more than ever, and the other was that the tried and tested formula had been milked dry. This would be much more clear to see in Quest for Booty, and that’s why I consider Tools of Destruction the pick of the two for this list.

While not the most incredible game where the series as a whole is concerned, this is still a very competently made platformer and one that any Ratchet and Clank fan will adore. You still have the abundance of weapons, Clank’s witty one-liners, and the ability to cause wacky and whimsical mayhem; what’s not to love? Well, a lack of a trophy list is certainly one thing we can’t get behind. This game, much like the other Ratchet and Clank titles, would have been a fun, simple platinum trophy, and to be denied that is just criminal. Can’t a Lombax get some love?

#11 – Skate

Developer: EA Games

Released: 2007

Metacritic Score: 85%

If you know me, you know that I am a skateboarding game connoisseur, and double up as a legitimate skater in reality despite my immediate family telling me I’m an old man. I’ve played all the Tony Hawk’s and EA Skate titles and poured loads of hours into other modern skaters like Skater XL, Session, and OlliOlliWorld. I love them all, and it’s hard to play favorites.

As a series, EA’s Skate series stands alone as the best skating franchise ever, in my humble opinion. The game marries the high-octane stunts of the Tony Hawk’s series with the realistic physics of real-world skating, culminating to provide an all-encompassing skating experience in one of the most skatable environments known to man San Valelona.

Now, when compared to the likes of Skate 2 and the pinnacle of the series, Skate 3, the original is a little primitive. However, you can see that this game was the blueprint that would help shape future installments. By all accounts, this game still holds up as a stellar skating experience that leans into modern skate culture, instead of the TH series’ tendency to highlight the old days of Bones Brigade and Dogtown. However, without a dedicated trophy list, there is little reason to revisit this title when much more refined and fleshed-out games like Skate 3 exist on the same platform. However, I urge you to open this skating time capsule and try it.

#12 – Silent Hill: Homecoming

Silent Hill: Homecoming
Image from Fandom

Developer: Double Helix

Released: 2008

Metacritic Score: 71%

As someone who considers themselves a little bit of a horror game snob, my general opinion is that anything regarding the Silent Hill series post-Silent Hill 3 isn’t worth mentioning. However, the professional journalist in me has to set that bias to one side and admit that Homecoming, while not a world-beater, was a serviceable Silent Hill game that did some interesting things.

The story was well-written, the spooky environment was unsettling, and the creatures you encountered had the potential to serve up psychologically scarring events for anyone who dared to return to Silent Hill. However, the key issue here was Alex Sheppard, the protagonist of this game. He was a military-trained soldier and therefore was able to fight back competently against the horrors hidden in the fog, neutering the overall experience and making sure the player never really felt like their back was against the wall.

That being said, the narrative is well worth witnessing at least once, and the visuals and audio are just as good and as ominous as ever. So this is well worth playing, but without trophies supplementing this experience to attract players to one of the more lackluster Silent Hill titles, we realize that this might be a hard one to fit into your busy gaming schedule.

#13 – Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog
Image from Fandom

Developer: Sega Interactive

Released: 2007

Metacritic Score: 43%

Yes, I broke my own rules because this game did not review well. In fact, I would go as far as to say that this is one of the objectively worst games of all time. However, I think that due to the cult status and the meme-worthy content that this game offered earned it a spot on this list. You see, even though this game had some of the most laughable bugs and glitches in a Sonic game to date, some really uncomfortable human-on-hedgehog romance. Some brutal load times, people still return to this game and play it regularly.

It’s like watching a car crash. It’s objectively horrible, and the consequences are often deadly, but you just can’t help but watch it all play out. It’s this morbid curiosity that attracts people to this game, and if you haven’t witnessed this tire fire of a game, in a way, you’re missing out.

Now, if the developers were smart enough to include a trophy list in this game, it might have softened the blow a little bit and made people all the more determined to persevere to beat it. However, we can only assume that most of the trophies would have been glitched too.

#14 – Tony Hawk’s Project 8

Tony Hawk's Project 8
Image from Fandom

Developer: Neversoft Entertainment

Released: 2006

Metacritic Score: 76%

Ah, the Birdman. He had quite a run within the world of gaming. From the epic highs of the Pro Skater era to the devastating lows of Tony Hawks: Ride. It’s been quite a rollercoaster for fans of the series. Aside from the recent Pro Skater remaster, I would say that the last time that the TH series had a successful run-out was back in 2006 with Project 8.

This game would have you battle it out to become an esteemed member of Tony’s eight-man pro squad; to do that; you would have to tear up the city and truly earn your spot. The game would also introduce a slo-mo ‘focus’ mode that would have the player bust out some intricate footwork when airborne to perform late-flips and extra rotations to really stoke the crowd.

However, the skating masses were not stoked when this game launched with no trophy support, meaning that players would have to settle for the gratification of winning the favor of the Birdman in-game, but with all respect to Tony, nothing compares to that sweet Platinum in your cabinet.

#15 – Resistance: Fall of Man

Resistance: Fall of Man
Image from Fandom

Developer: Insomniac Games

Released: 2006

Metacritic Score: 86%

Then lastly, we wrap things up with the marquee launch title for the PS3, Resistance: Fall of Man. For the record, while Sony seems keen to favor Killzone over this series as their first-party FPS game that deserves top-billing, I have always considered the Resistance series leaps and bounds ahead in terms of gameplay and narrative.

Fall of Man is a great example of why this game deserves more respect. This title offered visuals that outshone anything present on the market at that time. It offered varied gunplay and intelligent AI that rewarded smart decisions on the battlefield. At the time, the multiplayer functionality was a sign of things to come for console players.

Now, I recognize that this game would probably have a slightly less full trophy list as the game’s servers have been shut down for quite some time, but no one really likes trophies that require online features, so I think this works out great in theory. The gripping campaign offers more than enough trophy-worthy moments, and if this game wasn’t a launch title, maybe we would have got a chance to platinum this game. Oh, what could have been.

Sony, Hear My Plea

As you can see from this cavalcade of incredible games listed above, there are loads of games out there that don’t have trophy support, but by all accounts, they should do. Trophy support and the ability to earn rewards for mastering your favorite games is common in modern gaming. A retrospective update for all the games above would not only appease the long-time fans of these games but would also attract new players to these titles. It’s a no-brainer. We hope that this shines a spotlight on a problem that needs to be solved, and as always, thank you for reading Avid Achievers.

FAQ Section

Question:  Why Do Some Old Games Not Have Trophy Support

Answer: So long story short, Playstation Trophies weren’t always a thing. When the PS3 launched, it would take over a year before Sony would implement a reward system to mimic that of Gamerscore to compete with Xbox. All games released after this implementation would get a trophy list unless the developer opted against it. Some older games would even get a patch that retrospectively added trophy support. However, some games would remain trapped in video game limbo as games of the seventh generation that would never get trophy support.

Question: When Did Sony Implement Trophies?

Answer: Sony would introduce the trophy system on the 2nd of July 2008, over a year and a half after the launch of the PS3 on the 11th of November 2006.

Question: What Was The First Game With PS Trophies?

Answer: The first game to ever get trophy support was one you may not be too familiar with. It was a game called Super Stardust HD, an Astroids-Esque arcade game developed by Housemarque, the eventual developers of Returnal. This would soon be followed by AAA titles like Burnout Paradise and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. 

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