evil dead achievements guide

Evil Dead Achievements Guide

While never reaching the lofty highs of Dead by Daylight, Evil Dead: The Game offers a fresh take on the 4v1 horror genre. This title brings many new ideas to the table and is a real treat for fans of the Evil Dead movies.

Evil Dead offers a unique challenge for Achievement Hunters as players are forced to take their skills online. Battling real players adds a level of randomness you won’t see in a single-player game and makes for a demanding grind if you want the 1000 Gamerscore. If the challenge doesn’t put you off, let’s begin.

Key Info Up Front

  • Genre: Co-op Survival
  • Difficulty: Medium*
  • Average time for 100%: 100 Hours
  • Total number of Achievements: 44

*None of the Achievements are mechanically difficult, but the online landscape is unpredictable. If you’re consulting this guide in the future, a dwindling player count can be a potential problem. If this becomes an issue, check out our guide on Flaunting Achievements. This guide covers several communities you can ask for help in your Achievement hunting endeavors.

A Quick Note on Game Modes

There’s a lot of conflicting information online about what modes can unlock Achievements. This is because developer Saber Interactive changed how Achievements work after launch.

As of mid-2022, you must play online with real players, or Achievements don’t work. Player VS AI is the least stressful mode for solo players, but team skill varies dramatically.

Roadmap to Success

One of the best things about Achievement hunting in Evil Dead is most unlock through natural play. I recommend going for the Survivor Achievements first and then swapping to the Demon, but feel free to mix and match. For Survivors, a few Achievements unlock when specific team compositions are made.

Keep an eye out for these from the start and fill in where you can. In this Roadmap, I’ve split Achievements into several sections, starting with ones you should go for early and finishing with long-term grinds.

Early Game Achievements

evil dead achievements
Image by Anthony

If you’re starting as a Survivor, you can knock out these Achievements through regular gameplay:

  • Back to the Deadlands
  • That’s Gotta Hurt
  • Fully Loaded
  • Knuckle Sandwich
  • Swallow this!
  • Who’s next, huh?
  • Just warming up
  • Books from Beyond
  • Not today, Demon
  • Who’s laughing now?
  • Light-Bringer
  • Never leave a friend behind

Vehicle Specific Achievements

If you fancy yourself as the team’s designated wheelman, you can unlock these during your first few matches:

  • Taxi!
  • I’m driving here!
  • Classic Ride
  • Roadkill

Team Composition Achievements

These are mostly out of your control, but you should always try and grab them early if the occasion presents itself.

  • Medieval Mode
  • Jacksonville, here we come!
  • The Four Horsemen
  • OG Survivors
  • Second Team

Early Game Demon Achievements

When you switch to the Demon, you can earn the following Achievements in your first few hours.

  • I may be bad, but I feel good
  • You can’t outrun Evil
  • Puppetmaster
  • Control Freak
  • Be the boss
  • Hand Shake
  • Make like a tree
  • Join us!
  • One by one, we will take you
  • Dead by Dawn

Late Game Achievements

You’ll make progress toward these through standard gameplay, but the real grind begins when you’ve earned most of the above Achievements:

  • Guiding Light
  • The Deadite Slayer
  • Back from the dead
  • Weapon of Choice
  • Hail to the king, baby
  • Boss of Bosses
  • Truly Amazing
  • We shall begin again
  • Out of the cellar
  • Dark Thirty
  • Effortless Evil
  • Groovy
  • Armageddon

The Achievements

evil dead achievements

I’ve ordered every Achievement in the game based on their completion rating on Steam. It’s an imperfect sorting method, but it gives a great insight into what Achievements are the most difficult to obtain.

Back to the Deadlands

Description: Defeat the Dark Ones
Completion Rating: 51.0%
Player Type: Survivor

The Dark Ones are the hooded figures that spawn toward the end of a match. Once the Dark Ones are in play, hold ‘Y’ to fire your beam at them. As long as you’re shooting when they die, the Achievement will unlock.

That’s gotta hurt!

Description: Perform 10 special attacks
Completion Rating: 48.1%
Player Type: Survivor

While in melee combat, click the Right Stick when the prompt appears. This locks your character into a powerful attack animation. Do this 10 times for the Achievement.

Fully Loaded

Description: Fully upgrade 5 Survivor categories using Pink F points
Completion Rating: 35.3%
Player Type: Survivor

Survivor categories are your stats that start empty each game. You can access them by pressing Down on the D-Pad. Pink F points are the glowing pink bottles that spill out of chests. You’ll get the Achievement if you fill 5 categories in a match.

Knuckle Sandwich

Description: Kill a Deadite with your bare hands
Completion Rating: 29.0%
Player Type: Survivor

Killing a Deadite is straightforward enough, but you must do it without a weapon. As this is your default state when you start the game, just beat down an enemy before you pick anything up. Land the killing blow for the Achievement to unlock.


Description: (Hidden) Drive a car with all your teammates in it
Completion Rating: 26.9%
Player Type: Survivor

This Achievement is simple if you have cooperative teammates. Once your entire team is in the car, you should unlock Taxi! It’s good etiquette online to jump in a car if someone is honking the horn. You can try this, but most players will hop in if you approach them with a vehicle.

Swallow this!

Description: Kill 10 Deadites with headshots
Completion Rating: 25.8%
Player Type: Survivor

There’s not much to say about this one. Finish 10 enemies with headshots for the Achievement. Headshots deal additional damage, so you should prioritize them whenever you can.

I’m driving here!

Description: (Hidden) Honk a car’s horn
Completion Rating: 23.9%
Player Type: Survivor

Press ‘B’ while driving any vehicle to unlock this Achievement.

You can’t outrun Evil

evil dead achievements evil
Image by Anthony

Description: (Hidden) Run over a Survivor with a possessed car
Completion Rating: 20.2%
Player Type: Demon

I wish the rest of the Achievements for Evil Dead were as creative as this one, as it’s a lot of fun. As the Demon, you’ll first need to collect 100 Infernal Energy. Next, you need to possess a car and have it hit a Survivor. Fortunately, you don’t need to kill your target for this Achievement.

It pays to be sneaky, as Survivor gunfire breaks your possession. Be patient and wait for the Survivors to be preoccupied before you make your move.

Who’s next, huh?

evil dead achievements
Image by Anthony

Description: Perform 100 finishers
Completion Rating: 18.3%
Player Type: Survivor

This Achievement is easy; it just takes a while. Finishers are the same as Special Attacks, but your opponent dies at the end. Keep your eye out for the prompt, and consider weakening your targets with regular attacks before clicking your Right Stick.

Just warming up

Description: Kill 50 demon elite units
Completion Rating: 16.6%
Player Type: Survivor

It’s unclear what constitutes a ‘demon elite,’ but it seems to be anything bigger than a standard enemy. These units all have a much larger health bar than usual (The hulking lumberjacks, for example), so take them down with headshots and special attacks if you’re up close.

You must land the final blow 50 times for the Achievement to unlock. It won’t count if you just participated.

Classic Ride

evil dead achievements classic ride
Image by Anthony

Description: (Hidden) Drive the Delta 88 while playing as Ash.
Completion Rating: 16.5%
Player Type: Survivor

Every class has an ‘Ash’ character, so pick one for this Achievement. The Delta 88 is the car pictured above, get behind the wheel, and you should earn Classic Ride.

This is one Achievement I’ve seen a lot of confusion about. As mentioned in the section above, this must be done online and can’t be earned any other way.

Books from Beyond

evil dead achievements books from beyond
Image by Anthony

Description: Successfully collect 20 Lost Pages
Completion Rating: 16.2%
Player Type: Survivor

After the Survivors have collected the Map Pieces, they need to collect the Kandarian Dagger and Lost Necronomicon Pages. After collecting 20 of those Pages, the Achievement will unlock.

You’ll probably get this in 20-30 matches. Games don’t usually go south until the Dark Ones appear unless the Demon player is exceptional.

Not today, Demon

Description: Free 10 possessed teammates
Completion Rating: 14.0%
Player Type: Survivor

Possession is only possible when a player has a full Fear bar. A demon can possess them in this state and start attacking the other Survivors. You can tell this has happened as the possessed Survivor has a bright red outline around them.

To free your teammate, keep attacking them until the Demon loses control of the Survivor. For this to count towards the Achievement, you need to be the one to deal the final blow.

I may be bad, but I feel good

Description: Fully upgrade 4 categories using Infernal Upgrade Points
Completion Rating: 13.9%
Player Type: Demon

This is the Demon version of the Fully Loaded Achievement. As Demons can’t open chests, you earn Infernal Upgrade Points for doing actions like setting Traps and hurting Survivors. Because of this, it’s best to be proactive and harass the Survivors instead of carefully using your abilities. As long as you’re constantly busy, you’ll have enough Upgrade Points before the match ends.

The Deadite Slayer

Description: Kill 500 evil basic units
Completion Rating: 13.4%
Player Type: Survivor

The Deadite Slayer is an easy Achievement; it just takes a while. After you’ve killed 500 basic enemies (most enemies fall into this category), the Achievement will unlock. This shouldn’t take more than 30-40 matches if you’re prioritizing combat.

Make like a Tree

evil dead achievements
Image by Anthony

Description: Possess a tree and hit two Survivors at once
Completion Rating: 13.2%
Player Type: Demon

Demons really do get all the fun in Evil Dead! As a demon, press ‘LB’ to possess a tree and swing at the Survivors when they get close. The tree has a deceptively large range, so this isn’t as hard as it sounds. You can also attack a car, as it counts every passenger being hit.

Join us!

Description: Possess 10 Survivors
Completion Rating: 13.2%
Player Type: Demon

You can possess Survivors with a full Fear Meter. When a Survivor is in this state, they glow red and can be possessed for 50 Infernal Energy. Set up traps in high-traffic areas to quickly terrify your targets.

I found it easiest around item containers and houses where Survivors like to snoop around. Any Survivor foolish enough to stray from the group is easy pickings, as their Fear meter quickly climbs if they are alone.

Hail to the king, baby

Description: Reach the maximum level with a Survivor
Completion Rating: 12.3%
Player Type: Any

When you level any Survivor to 25, you’ll unlock this Achievement. You can increase a Survivor’s level by investing Spirit Points into their Skills Page in the Collections menu. Spirit Points are tied to your User Level, so you’ll earn these through regular gameplay.

As Spirit Points are interchangeable, you can earn them with one character and spend them on someone completely different. This works for Demons too.

Truly Amazing

Description: Unlock all of a Survivor’s unique skills
Completion Rating: 12.9%
Player Type: Survivor

You should unlock ‘Truly Amazing’ at the same time as ‘Hail to the King, Baby.’ The final skill for all characters unlocks at Level 25.

Weapon of Choice

evil dead achievements weapon of choice


Description: Kill 50 Deadites with a legendary weapon
Completion Rating: 11.7%
Player Type: Survivor

The hardest part about Weapon of Choice is actually finding a legendary weapon. These have a gold stats page and do far more damage than their lower rarity counterparts. Drops are random, so be patient with this one.

This is another Achievement I’ve read a lot of conflicting information about. Two Legendary weapons are easy to reach in the first Story Mission. These may have counted at some point, but they don’t anymore.

Medieval Mode

Description: (Hidden) Finish a match with Ash (Army of Darkness), Lord Arthur, and Henry the Red in your team
Completion Rating: 11.5%
Player Type: Survivor

Medieval Mode relies on you having a specific team composition and is mostly out of your control. You can try picking Lord Arthur or Henry the Red yourself, but your team probably won’t know what you’re trying to do. This Achievement will happen eventually, but it will be far easier if you team up with a friend or a communicative group.

One by One, we Will Take You

Description: Kill a Survivor as a possessed Survivor
Completion Rating: 11.1%
Player Type: Demon

You can earn this Achievement quickly if you wait for the right moment. Possession is risky if the Survivors are grouped up. It’s best to wait until one of the Survivors is already hurt and Possess one with a gun if possible. It’s far easier to kill Survivors with a ranged attack, and you’ll be able to do this in a couple of shots if they are already injured.

If the Survivors split up, this should be easy, but as most teams stick together, it’s best to wait until you can pick off a weak player.

Be the Boss

Description: Possess 10 boss units
Completion Rating: 10.7%
Player Type: Demon

All you need to do is become the boss unit you picked at the start of the match 10 times. You can do this by pressing RB + LB, but you must invest points into the ‘Boss’ category in your Infernal Upgrades.

If you’re short on points during your Demon matches, ensure you’re always messing with the Survivors and using your Infernal Energy on actions like Traps and Possessions.

Hand Shake

Description: Hide Ash’s hand in a chest and scare a Survivor who opens it
Completion Rating: 8.8%
Player Type: Demon

This is a fun one. You can Trap chests with either ‘Ash’s Hand’ or ‘Mini Ashes.’ You won’t earn the Achievement until a Survivor springs the Trap, but if you’re following the Survivors around, you should be able to figure out where they are headed and set everything up in advance. Traps are cheap at 35 Infernal Points, so feel free to spam.

Guiding Light

evil dead achievements guiding light

Description: Find 300 items with the flashlight
Completion Rating: 8.7%
Player Type: Survivor

This Achievement will take a while as you need to find so many objects. Press Left on the D-Pad to turn your flashlight on. Doing this in front of surfaces like tables or shelves can reveal items you couldn’t see before. If you find anything, you’ll hear a chime, and the item will appear in your line of sight.

Jacksonville, Here we Come!

Description: (Hidden) Finish a match with Ash (Ash Vs. Evil Dead), Kelly, and Pablo on your team
Completion Rating: 7.5%
Player Type: Survivor

Much like the Medieval Mode Achievement, you need 3 team members to fit the criteria above. As long as there’s an Ash (Ash Vs. Evil Dead), Kelly, and Pablo on the team, the Achievement will unlock.


evil dead achievements puppetmaster

Description: Possess 50 basic units
Completion Rating: 7.2%
Player Type: Demon

Possessing units is one of your most fundamental skills as a Demon. You can summon these yourself with Portals or find them on the map. Press ‘LB’ to possess a basic unit 50 times to unlock the Achievement. This can be done across multiple games.

Control Freak

Description: Possess 25 elite units
Completion Rating: 7.0%
Player Type: Demon

Similarly to Puppetmaster, you can summon elite units with Portals or find them naturally. Elites are much less common than basic units, but you’ll still see plenty each match. You can possess elite units the same way as basic ones. Once you’ve done this 25 times, the Achievement will unlock.

Who’s Laughing Now?

Description: Kill 10 boss units
Completion Rating: 6.8%
Player Type: Survivor

The Demon player will usually become a boss unit towards the end of the match. You should prepare for this after you’ve collected the Pages and Dagger by grouping up with your team, which will make you much harder to kill.

When the Boss attacks, use your best weapons to take them down. Ranged damage is preferable as it’s safer, but you’ll be fine if the whole team is attacking up close. Only the killing blow counts for the Achievement, hence the rarity.

The Four Horsemen

evil dead achievements the four horsemen

Description: (Hidden) Finish a match with four Ashes on your team
Completion Rating: 6.6%
Player Type: Survivor

If all four players pick a version of Ash Williams, the Achievement will unlock. As with all team composition-specific tasks, you don’t need to win the match. This one is likely the rarest, as all 4 players are involved. This is mostly out of your control, so keep picking Ash and communicate with your team if possible.

Dead by Dawn

Description: Kill 10 Survivors as a boss unit
Completion Rating: 5.9%
Player Type: Demon

Your power play as the Demon is to become the boss you selected before the match. Survivors that stick together will make this a pain, but if your opponents are spread out, you can take them down very quickly. If you’re going for 100% and are working towards the coveted ‘Armageddon’ Achievement, you’ll earn this on the way.

If you’re constantly getting outplayed as the boss, you can practice in the Tutorial Mode. There’s a sequence at the end where you must destroy the Necronomicon, but if you ignore it, you can familiarize yourself with boss attacks.


evil dead achievements light bringer

Description: Turn on 50 light sources
Completion Rating: 5.7%
Player Type: Survivor

Light sources in Evil Dead are displayed on the map with Flame Icons. You need matches to activate them, and your fear decreases if you stand in their light. These are essential to general gameplay, so you should use a few in each match. As you need to be the one to activate them for Light-Bringer, this will take at least 20 games.

Effortless Evil

Description: Win a match as a demon without possessing a boss unit
Completion Rating: 5.3%
Player Type: Demon

At the time of writing, this is an obnoxiously tough Achievement as most that still play Evil Dead are rather proficient. Usually, becoming the boss is a Demon player’s trump card, so you’ll need a bit of luck to find a Survivor team weak enough that you won’t need it. This isn’t easy, but there are a few things you can try:

  • Play as the Warlord class as it increases the power of nearby units
  • Don’t waste points on boss skills.
  • Go all in during the Knife and Pages part of the match, where the Survivors have to defend a small area.

Even if you follow these, your chance of success relies on the Survivor’s skill, so take your time with this Achievement.

Back From the Dead

evil dead achievements back from the dead

Description: Resurrect 10 teammates’ souls at an altar
Completion Rating: 5.3%
Player Type: Survivor

After a Survivor has been incapacitated, you have 30 seconds to revive them. Once that time expires, you can collect their Soul from their bodies. When you have a Soul, take it to an Altar and hold ‘Y’ until your teammate is back in the game.

If the team starts dying, the game usually snowballs into an unwinnable situation, so you won’t get to do this every match.

OG Survivors

Description: (Hidden) Finish a match with Ash (The Evil Dead), Cheryl, and Scotty on your team
Completion Rating: 4.8%
Player Type: Survivor

Unless you know the people you’re playing with, you’ll have to rely on luck to get this Achievement. 3 out of 4 players in a team need to be the characters listed above. If you’re playing with randoms, pick late and try and fill in the gaps if you see other players picking the required heroes.

We Shall Begin Again

Description: Reach the maximum level with a demon
Completion Rating: 4.5%
Player Type: Demon

This is a misleading Achievement as the ‘maximum level’ being referred to is actually the Threat Level. This Achievement is a little buggy, and many users report wildly different Threat Levels triggering the unlock. This unlocks around Threat Level 30-35 for most players, and this will happen when you start grinding for the Armaggedon Achievement.

Every action you perform as the Demon builds the Threat Level, from collecting Infernal Orbs to damaging Survivors.

Out of the Cellar

Description: Unlock all of a demon’s unique skills
Completion Rating: 4.3%
Player Type: Any

You need 45 Spirit points to unlock all of a Demon’s skills. These are tied to your User Level and are earned through standard gameplay. 45 is a lot, so this will take some time, but you can earn these just as a Survivor if you wish.

Boss of Bosses

Description: Kill 20 boss units
Completion Rating: 3.5%
Player Type: Survivor

This Achievement is the same as ‘Who’s laughing now?’ with double the required kills.

Dark Thirty

Description: Win 30 matches as a Survivor
Completion Rating: 3.5%
Player Type: Survivor

For such a rare Achievement, there’s not much to say about it. Win 30 matches as a Survivor. Even if you lose, you’ll still earn progress toward the other Achievements and valuable EXP for leveling, so don’t get frustrated if you’re on a losing streak.

Never Leave a Friend Behind

evil dead achievements

Description: Revive an incapacitated teammate 30 times
Completion Rating: 3.2%
Player Type: Survivor

Press ‘Y’ when the prompt displays above a downed teammate to revive them. This Achievement is so rare because if a teammate is incapacitated, it usually means the squad is in serious trouble, and there’s no time to perform a Revive. This action takes a few seconds and can be interrupted.

If you have a friend with you, you can ‘cheese’ this Achievement by letting them fall to weak enemies. It’s much harder if you’re playing with randoms, but it will happen eventually. You only have limited time to revive a teammate before you need to resurrect their Soul instead.


Description: (Hidden) Run over 50 Deadites with a car
Completion Rating: 2.9%
Player Type: Survivor

This Achievement will take multiple games. Just bear in mind vehicles are surprisingly weak in Evil Dead, and crashing into a few walls, even at low speed, will usually destroy your ride. Stick to the roads and only go off-road when necessary.

Second Team

Description: (Hidden) Finish a match with Ash (Evil Dead 2), Annie Knowby, and Ed Getley in your team
Completion Rating: 2.3%
Player Type: Survivor

This Achievement is functionally identical to the other team-specific Achievements. This one is likely the rarest because of the unpopular characters. If you see your teammates choose 2 of these characters, quickly pick the 3rd and hope they don’t swap.


Description: Win 30 matches as a demon
Completion Rating 1.1%
Player Type: Demon

This is arguably the hardest Achievement in Evil Dead: The Game. I always aim to offer tips or sneaky ‘cheese’ strategies for these guides. Sadly, as far as I’m aware, none exist, and all methods the community used to rely on have been patched out.

The only way to get this Achievement is to earn 30 wins the hard way. You’ll get better the more you play, but there is one huge problem.

A well-coordinated Survivor team is brutally hard to beat, even if you’re a decent Demon player. Because of this, try a few Demon matches each session, and hope to get lucky. Loss streaks are demoralizing, and it’s not worth ruining the game for yourself.


Description: Reach the maximum user level
Completion Rating: 1.0%
Player Type: All

Your user level increases each time you finish a match but dramatically slows down the higher it goes. Groovy is the main reason I quoted 100 Hours for full completion. The maximum user level is 100, but this Achievement will unlock at level 50.

Many users theorize the max level during development was 50, and the Achievement was never changed to reflect that. Even halfway into 2023, Groovy still unlocks at level 50. At this point, that’s unlikely to change.

Evil Dead Achievements Guide: FAQs

Question: Are Enough People Playing Evil Dead: The Game to Unlock Every Achievement?

Answer: As the title is cross-platform, player numbers shouldn’t be an issue for a long time.

Question: Why is the Approximate Time to Unlock every Achievement so High?

Answer: You’ll unlock most Achievement within your first 20-30 hours. The rarest Achievements in the game are incredibly grindy, and leveling up is slow.

Question: Why did Saber Interactive Remove the Ability to Unlock Achievements in Specific Modes?

Answer: Sadly, we don’t know for sure, but the general consensus is it’s not a popular change.

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