EU4 Achievements Guide

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Europa Universalis IV is one of the most comprehensive and sprawling strategy games in the industry. Dedicated fans can put hundreds of hours into the game across dozens of save files. The game is so deep and mechanically complex that every game feels different with nuanced political maneuvers, military strategies, religious intervention, and plenty of betrayal and intrigue. Some fans even decide to take on the incredible challenge of getting all of the more than 300 achievements in the game. If that’s you, or if you just want to look to pick up one or two that have some great pictures, you’ve come to the right place.

Key Info Up Front

Genre: Strategy

Difficulty: 8/10

Time to complete: Approximately 300 hours

Number of achievements: 334

Simple Trophies

EU4 Achievement

These trophies are the most simple in the game to get that don’t need much explanation:

  • Mary of Lotharingia
  • On the Rhodes Again
  • Kingdom of God
  • Stern des Südens
  • Inner Turmoil
  • Global Hegemony
  • Everything’s Coming Up Mulhouse
  • Napoleon’s Ambition
  • Consulate of the Sea
  • Abu Bakr II’s Ambition
  • The Sudanese Expeditin
  • Rozwi Empire
  • Core-0fu
  • Fanatic Collectivist
  • Cities of Cibola
  • Combined Arms
  • Gentle Persuasion
  • Hoarder
  • AAA Credit
  • Quen of Conquest
  • A Blessed nation
  • Not Just Pizza
  • Pick Your Poison
  • We Bled for this
  • The Levant Turnabout
  • Narcissism
  • Hard Bargaining
  • Around the World in 80 Years
  • The Prince of Egypt
  • Pandya Empire
  • Protect the Secret
  • Avar Khaganate
  • Bunte Kuh
  • The Five Colonies
  • In the name of the father
  • Shahanshah
  • Marshy March
  • My True Friend
  • That’s a silk road
  • This revolution was crushed
  • Total Control
  • The Iron Price
  • One King to Rule!
  • Sinaasappel!
  • Sons of Carthage
  • A pile of gold
  • Queen of Mercury
  • Je maintiendrai
  • Four for Trade
  • The Great Khan
  • Meissner Porcelain
  • A Fine Goosestep
  • Lucky Lucca
  • The Bohemians
  • Better than Napoleon
  • The Buddhists Strike Back
  • The White Elephant
  • An Industrial Revolution
  • Colonial management
  • Take that, von Habsburgs!
  • Hessian Mercenaries
  • This is Persia!
  • Imperio Español
  • Even Better than Piet Heyn
  • Knights of the Caribbean
  • Ultimate Military
  • Mansa Musa
  • That’s No Mon
  • Quizquiz Pro Quo
  • The Power of Three
  • To the Bone
  • Spice Girls
  • Rekindling the Flames
  • For Odin!
  • Terra Mariana
  • Tatarstan
  • Frozen Assets
  • Lazarus
  • Great Perm
  • Back to the Piast
  • The Burgundian Conquest
  • The Uncommonwealth
  • Where am I?
  • The League fo mayapan
  • An Unlikely Candidate
  • Basque in Glory
  • Forever Golden
  • You get a new home, and you get a new home
  • Trophy Hunter
  • The Pheasant Strut
  • Cotton Kandy
  • Pirate Bay of Janjira
  • True Heir of Timur
  • Maharana Pratap
  • Ganges Khan
  • Sweet Home Qaraqorum
  • The coin is stronger than the sword
  • Industrial Powerhouse
  • Dude, where’s my boat?
  • Philippine Tiger
  • Sleepless in Seattle
  • Home and Away
  • The 52 Garhs
  • Lessons of Hemmingstedt
  • Laughingstock
  • Mass Production
  • Breaking the Yoke
  • Dovmont’s Own
  • Gold Rush
  • I’ll graze my horse here… And here…
  • Rise of the White Sheep
  • Where the heart is
  • The first Toungoo Empire
  • Sakoku Law
  • Tear down this wall
  • Live long and prosper
  • Just Resting in my account
  • Time Bandit
  • Dracula’s Revenge
  • Over a thousand!
  • Raja of the Jajput Reich
  • Albania or Iberia
  • Barbarossa
  • Gothic Invasion
  • Auld Alliance Reverse
  • Bengal Tiger
  • Foremost Servitor of Jagannath
  • Switzerlake
  • Turning the tide
  • Nobody wants to die
  • Just a little patience
  • Trade Hegemon
  • Sunset Invasion
  • jihad
  • The Three Mountains
  • market Control
  • African Power
  • Norwegian Wood
  • Poland can into space
  • An Early Reich
  • The pen is mightier than the sword
  • Sweden is not overpowered!
  • Master of India
  • Not so sad a state…
  • The Fezzan Corridors
  • Czechs and Balances
  • Spaghetti Western
  • A Tale of Two Families
  • Turkish Delight
  • Parisian Pasha
  • Sworn Fealty
  • David The Builder
  • Good King René
  • Die Please Die
  • Center of Attention
  • A Manchurian Candidate
  • The Princess is in this Castle
  • The Grand Armada
  • All Your Trade are Belong to us
  • Komnenoi Empire
  • A decent reserve
  • Subsidize my love
  • Bleed Them Dry
  • Voting Streak
  • This is my faith
  • On the Edge of Madness
  • A Sun God
  • Australia-Hungary
  • Fugger Banking
  • Wonderful
  • Factionalism
  • The continuation of Diplomacy
  • Trustworthy
  • The Third Way
  • Dar al-Islam
  • One Faith
  • Strait Talk
  • Grand Duchy
  • Never Say Nevers
  • Sikh pun
  • Tiger of Mysore
  • Populists in Government
  • Foul Mouthed
  • Fine Financials
  • Mewar Never Changes
  • Anglophile
  • Redecorating
  • Back in Control
  • Turtles Down
  • The Navigator
  • Disciples of Enlightenment
  • Qing of China
  • Absolutely
  • A Golden Empire
  • Networking
  • Kushite Restoration
  • Kuban Cigars
  • Mare Nostrum
  • The Spice Must Flow
  • Georgia on my mind
  • Prester John
  • Guarantor of Peace
  • Lion of the North
  • Krabater
  • King of Jerusalem
  • Holy Trinity
  • Grand Coalition
  • Winged Hussars
  • World Conqueror
  • Definitely the Sultan of Rum
  • No trail of tears
  • A Kaiser, not just in name
  • Aggressive Expander
  • Basileus
  • The Chrysanthemum Throne
  • At Every Continent
  • All belongs to mother russia
  • Traditional player
  • This navy can take it all!
  • Brothers in arms
  • Truly Divine Ruler
  • That is mine!
  • Until death do us part

Europa Universalis IV Trophy Tips

For the Glory

For the Glory

Tips: Once your nation gets a Vassal state, you’ll have to wait ten years to get this achievement. You’ll need to keep their following true and get your relationship with them up to at least 190. If you need to raise your relationship with them, you can arrange royal marriages with them and give them gifts. It will be even easier if they have the same religion as you.

You’ll also need to be at peace with them, and it will be easier to convince them to be annexed if they are small with only a few provinces. Once the conditions are met, you can send a diplomat to your vassal and start the annexation process. This may trigger a war, and if that happens, it is paramount that you defend the vassal’s provinces. Otherwise, they may back out.

That’s a Grand Army

Tips: You should get this achievement during your very first game of Europa Universalis IV. Keeping your military up to your military force unit is smart for almost any nation and playstyle, so you’ll likely do this often.

That’s a Grand Navy

Tips: This has to be done when playing as a country with a province on the coast. Then, you just need to build enough ships to reach your maximum force limit, which you can get out of the way while working on other, more specific, achievements.

Defender of the Faith

Defender of the Faith

Tips: The title can be purchased with only 500 gold. Once you have the funds, go to the Religion tab and press on the title’s icon. If you go to do so and another ruler in the game has already claimed it, just wait for them to die and then quickly grab it for yourself once it’s vacant.


Tips: Going to war is one of the most extensive parts of any game of Europa Universalis IV. You’ll play through countless wars, and once you win and accept the terms of the losing country.

The Emperors new clothes

Tips: You can’t do this if you start in Austria, so Bohemia is the easiest nation to do this. When you play as Bohemia, defeat Austria, and you’ll be able to claim the title for yourself.

Down Under

Tips: You can’t do this with New Zealand or any other nations that start in Australia. You can do this with any other nation, but you’ll need to get Exploration Idea and a string of colonies to reach there.

Isn’t this the Way to India?

Isn't this the way to India

Tips: Start a game playing as Castile. From the start of the game, try to make an alliance with Portugal and Aragon so that you don’t have to worry about France as much. You’ll also want to focus your resources on raising your administration to level five. When you can pick your first idea, choose Exploration Idea and change your focus to diplomacy. Once, you can hire an explorer and do so and put them in charge of a fleet of at least three light or heavy ships. Then, send them exploring to the west. Once they find the Caribbean, you’ll get this achievement.

Azur Semé de lis or

Tips: When you start the game France immediately go to war with England. Then, you can take back the four provinces in France that they control. Just keep your troops on the mainland and avoid sending any of your ships out of the harbor so that you don’t have to deal with their massive navy.


Tips: You will get this pretty easily when you play as a large nation and go to war with any other large nation. You’ll likely get this while playing as France and going to war with England for the Azur Semé de lis.


Tips: For this achievement, you’ll want to play in Russia. Then, fight in battles and explore to increase your prestige and make St. Petersburg the Capital. Then, keep your heirs strong and stable, and you’ll get this one eventually.

True Catholic

True Catholic

Tips: For this game, start as any Catholic nation that begins with no more than one Cardinal, meaning you can’t get this achievement with France. Castile is the best to start with because of its large size. You’ll start with one Cardinal, will get a second when you win the war against Granada, and you’ll get a third through an event.

Italian Ambition

Tips: Start the game as a country with a Latin culture other than the Papal State and the Holy Roman Empire. I recommend starting as Florence for the strength of its starting ruler. Make sure to secure Austria as your ally and then conquer the remaining Italian territories and find the nation of Italy when available.

Cold War

Tips: This achievement is easiest to get when playing as a nation with a large army. Then, go to war with a small nation with a minimal army. Their armies should run away from yours because of the size distance. Then, blockade their ports, and they will ask for peace without engaging you in a single battle.

Royal Authority

Tips: Start your game off playing as Austria and become close allies with Bohemia. Then, offer them a royal marriage the next month and follow that up by claiming the throne. Then declare war on them. Then, win the war. If you have a hard time with the war, you can also get Saxony to join your side by promising them land at the end of the war.

Viva la Revolución!

Viva la Revolución

Tips: Start the game playing as Tondo. At the start of the game, rival Pangasinan declare war against them using Humiliate Rival. Sit your army in their capital to increase the nation’s war exhaustion until you can support the Animist rebels there. Just before the uprising takes place, declare white peace. The rebels will then uprise and have their demands met immediately.

No Pirates in my Caribbean

Tips: Start the game playing as Portugal and block Spain from colonizing Africa or any islands in the Atlantic Ocean. That should give you enough time to establish colonies on every island in the Caribbean and achieve this achievement.

My Armies are Invincible!

Tips: This is done by researching military techs and investing in ideas that increase military morale and keep your prestige high. You should do this by playing as France and take advantage of their national idea, “Élan!”

It’s all About Luck

Tips: Start playing as the Ottomans and move your armies close to Albania. Once you can declare war do so and fight an army of theirs with a general without using a leader. Your army should be much bigger than theirs, making this achievement more doable.

Spain is the Emperor

Spain is the Emperor

Tips: Start a game playing as Aragon and ally yourself with Austria in 1444. This will abandon your Personal Union with Naples, returning two of your provinces to Sicily. This is good because it will drop you below 200 development, allowing you to join the Holy Roman Empire. Raise your Administrative Technology to 10 and after the Iberian Wedding event has happened so that you can form Spain without going to war. Then, you’ll gradually become the Emperor by advancing your country.

World Discoverer

Tips: This is easiest done by playing any European nation. You don’t have to uncover the entire map yourself, so making allies and trading maps with other nations will make this much easier.

One Night in Paris

Tips: Start playing as England and immediately move to establish a core in Paris and take control of it. If you wait to do this during your game, make sure not to form any other countries besides Great Britain.

Ruina Imperii

Tips: To take apart the Holy Roman Empire, you have to either ally electors or capture their capitals while controlling the capital of the Holy Roman Empire. You will also get this achievement if the Holy Roman Empire disbands of its own accord while you play.

Luck of the Irish

Luck of the Irish

Tips: The most accessible nation to get this achievement with is Desmond because they can get their military running quickly. At the start of your playthrough, conquer the rest of Ireland and get into an alliance with Scotland to go to war against England in your own time.

Double the Love

Tips: Start your game playing as Castile and secure a royal marriage with Aragon. Then, when the king of Aragon dies without an heir, you will inherit the company and get the achievement.

Liberty or Death

Tips: When you start playing as the United States with the 1776 bookmark, you will be at war with England and have a few other nations jump into the war. most of the nations won’t send troops against you, so play defensively until you can get control of all the cores and then declare white peace with all of them.


Tips: You can do this quickly by going to war with Arabia and vassalizing them in the peace deal. Then, make Yemen your ally and trade with them for maps of the horn of Africa and establish one of your Coptic minors as a tributary.

The Sun Never Sets on the Indian Empire

Tips: You cannot get this achievement when playing in a random new world. You should also know that Ottawa is called Arendaronon if not owned by the English and L’Orignal if owned by a french country.

Victorian Three

Victorian Three

Tips: Start as any of the three nations and focus on spawning Renaissance, Colonialism, and Printing Press. Make sure not to expand your nation too thinly and build manufactories and universities to get other useful institutions.

The Animal Kingdom

Tips: At the start of the game, you’ll want to focus your attention on conquering either Kachar or Tripura, but not both. When you beat them, take it as a vassal and then get an OPM vassal in India. Convert them both to Animism, and then turn your attention to the nations to your north like Assam, Sadiya, Mong Kawg, and Koch. You’ll have to move quickly to get them; otherwise, Bengal or Ming will take them as tributaries. Avoid becoming a tributary to Ming if you can, but if you can’t, use it as an opportunity to head eastward. Then, focus on religious ideas to convert provinces more quickly. The provinces that will likely present the most significant challenge are those following Islam, so save those for last.

Golden Horn

Tips: Start your game playing as either Adal or Ajuuraan. Right at the start, set your National Focus to administrative and try to conquer your neighbors as quickly as possible. Then, improve the product development in provinces like Kaffa and Damot to earn enough gold. Make sure to convert them to your state religion to increase their gold production with less development.


Tips: The available nations for this achievement are the only ones that count as Ruikovich. So, ally with one of them and then methodically go through and conquer them when you feel confident in doing so.

Choson One

Tips: When you start your game as Korea, it is best to become a tributary to Ming. That will allow you to benefit from its immense size while also keeping them from attacking you while you’re at war with the other nations you need to conquer. Then, when you rival Ming in size and power, you can turn your attention to them last to wrap up this achievement.

Sailor Mon

Sailor Mon

Tips: For this playthrough, focus on controlling coastal provinces and increasing their product development. This will allow them to continuously add sailors to the pool even if your sailor maximum has been reached.

The White Company

Tips: To get this achievement easily, wait for an ally to ask you to join a war with them. Then, you’ll have a few months to accept so before you rent some condottieri out to your ally’s enemy in the war and then declare war on them after the deal goes through.

With a Little Help..

Tips: Since you have to be larger than the Ottoman Empire to guarantee its freedom, the most efficient way to get this achievement is to take lands away from the Ottomans and make them your vassal until they are more significant than them.


Tips: The most reliable way to get this one out is to make a Jurchen tribe your vassal. Then, complete their Unite the Jurgen Tribes mission, and it will reward you with a three-star general that will unlock this achievement.

These Banners need a Saga

These Banners need a Saga

Tips: This is best done with a custom nation. Make one that holds all Jurchen provinces and most developed states in eastern Asia. Build it to have a lot of states, minimize its culture conversion cost, and get its diplomatic power as high as possible. Start the game with at least 1200-1250 development, and then make everyone near you pay tribute with diplomatic power. You should be able to convert everything to Manchu before hitting 1500, which will get you this achievement.

Sweet Harmony

Tips: This is easiest done by starting a game as Ming, as they start with Mahayana already harmonized for you. Then, you can conquer the nearby Hindu, Sunni, and Shinto lands to give you a strong start. Another option is to make a custom nation that focuses on harmonizing ideas.

Carthago Delenda Est

Tips: Start your game playing as Naples and fabricate on Djerba while declaring a conquest war for it. Do this before Tunis enters an alliance with the Ottomans to make this easier on yourself. Then, conquer all but the war goal to prevent a call for peace within your nation and continuously loot the area to keep increasing the devastation.

Three Trivial Tributary Tribes

Tips: Start your game as Ming and as an Ironman game. This will unlock the achievement immediately.

Made in Japan

Made in Japan

Tips: Start your playthrough by colonizing the west coast of North America as quickly as possible to get Colonialism. When you are offered to enforce, Sakoku rejects the idea and focuses on Global Trade.

Relentless Push East

Tips: Start the game playing as Muscovy. When you can form Russia, do so and use their Siberian Frontier idea. You also only have to start colonies in the provinces. They don’t have to be completed for this achievement to unlock.

It’s All Greek To Me

Tips: The easiest way to get this achievement is to start playing as Greece and conquer Byzantium. Then, allow Greek cores to form and get your Admin Tech to rank 20 so that the Greek Separatism event triggers. Then, release Greece as a vassal and gave it the provinces needed for the achievement. Once the provinces end up cored by Greece, you need to diplomatically annex Greece and then release it immediately, but choose to play as Greece this time.

Sun Invasion

Tips: For this achievement, you need to have cores in each province, making it more complicated. The easiest way to do this is to move your capital city to North America before a colonial nation begins to form.

Empire of Mann

Empire of Mann

Tips: Start playing as England and immediately release Mann as your vassal. In ten years, you’ll be able to annex them again. As the annex progresses, repeatedly give them all of the island provinces you control, including moving your capital to mainland Europe so that you can give them London. Once the annexation is complete, burn all of your monarch points to boost the provinces Mann controls before you re-release it and decide to play as it to conquer the remaining islands.

Bright Spark

Tips: Start your game playing as Florence. Focus on advancing doctrines and technology while accepting every event that rewards you with innovativeness. Keep picking the same leader during elections, and you can get this done by 1550.

Chop Chop

Tips: Play as an Anglican nation and get a young ruler. Use your church power to divorce your consort and enter a royal marriage or marry a local noblewoman. Then, repeat the process until you get the achievement, and make sure to kill any heirs if they begin to threaten to overthrow your ruler.

The Ostenders

Tips: As early as possible, either charter or invade Bengal Delta. Add the province to a trading company and save until you have 1,200 Ducats. Then, go to your territory tab and but the second building of the Foreign Influence line.

Eat your Greens

Eat your Greens

Tips: Start your playthrough by becoming an ally with the Shan minors for the mission of Unite the Shan. Then, form Tibet and completed the Steppe Politics mission to form a horde and invite Khalka Mongols to switch their culture back to Shan. Work to conquer Indochina to form Siam for ideas and take the Horde Ideas followed by Expansion and Diplomatic and colonize Siberia as soon as possible.

Emperor of Hindustan

Tips: Avoid the event to free Sirhind at the start of your playthrough by choosing to place a relative on the throne. Then, make that relative royal to you by developing their land and focusing on expanding to your south and northwest.

Østindisk Kompagni Te

Tips: Use exploration ideas to reach Southeast Asia as early as possible. Then, either wait for the Mingsplosion or stake a claim in Ayutthaya.

Forgive me, for I Have Sindh

Tips: Conquer the island of Suqutra as it is the nearest Christian province to your starting location. Then, provoke the rebels until they demand your provinces convert to Christianity and accept their demands.

Yarr Harr a Pirate’s Life For Me

Yarr Harr a Pirate's Life For Me

Tips: This is easiest done by making a custom nation with the Bahamas as its core. Then, work on conquering the Caribbean as quickly as possible to get it out of the way before the European powers start arriving and form New Providence immediately when you can.

Why is the Rûm Gone!?

Tips: Begin your playthrough as the Ottomans. Take Castille and conquer the province of Vizcaya before releasing Asturias as a vassal. Conquer the Iberian provinces to get Vizcaya to the Mediterranean and then enough provinces to connect Ibera to every province in the Rum area. Give Asturias all of the provinces through peace deals, re-integrate it as a vassal, and then let it go again and select to play as them. Then, establish the holy order to get the achievement.

Spanish Fly

Tips: At the start of your game, take a Spanish province and release it as a vassal. Place a dynasty member on its throne and annex the vassal. Give them their core back and remove them as an independent nation. Claim their throne back, declare the union’s restoration, and enforce it.

Rags and Riches

Tips: Start your playthrough in Norway and stay a vassal under Denmark. This will help protect you as you focus on getting expansion ideas and exploration after reaching the diplomatic tech level of seven. Colonize Newfoundland to trigger the grand banks fishery to power your colony of Vinland. Then, release Vinland and choose to play as them to avoid Denmark integration. Then, expand and continue building manufactories and swap into the ideas of Canada or Quebec.


Tips: At the start of your playthrough, get the Ottomans to guarantee your independence. Then, declare independence from Byzantium and give land to the Ottoman if needed for the guarantee. While you wait to get your tech rank to 11, work on exploration and expansion ideas while upgrading Athens. Generate enough ducats to but level one advisors. Once your tech rank reaches 11, colonize the Caribbean, prioritize its trade centers, and move your capital there to prevent a colonial nation from forming. Then, expand your colonization efforts to the east coast of the United States.

Blood for the Sky God!

Blood for the Sky God!

Tips: Start your playthrough as a Jurchen tribe and develop exploration ideas first. Use them to conquer the provinces of eastern Siberia and use colonies to reach Mesoamerica.

Pyramid of Skulls

Tips: Start your game as Uzbek and increase the development of the Qaraqalpak province. Release it as a Khiva vassal and declare war against it to conquer it again. Then, raze the province.

From Humble Origins

Tips: Start your custom nation with the Timurids provinces and a duchy government with a 0/0/0 ruler and an heir with bad traits. At the start, take the Enthrone Timurid Prince decision and get an advisor to improve relations with your Vassals. Then, declare on Transoxiana for Samarkand and Merv, followed by Afghanistan for Kabul. Declare on Ajam and take as much of the land as you can, but focus on getting Teheran. Take the decision Claim Timur’s Legacy and integrate vassals until you can form the Mughals. Take provinces in India until the achievement unlocks.

Ideas Guy

Tips: Start your custom nation in the Americas and take the Siberian Frontier tradition. Then, focus on expanding your colonization efforts as rapidly as possible.

First Come, First Serve

Tips: To easily conquer the Americas, allow the colonial nations to expand and then conquer them, as their parent nations won’t defend them in a war. To get this achievement, you have to ensure that none of the provinces in either continent are empty.

Keep the Flame Burning

Keep the Flame Burning

Tips: Start playing as Timurids and integrate your vassals. Then, convert them using rebels.

New, New Deli

Tips: Focus on getting as many allies as possible before vassalizing a one province minor next to Delhi like Garhwal or Simur. Then, conquer Delhi and give every other territory you have to vassals and lose your capital of Riau.

Golden Wind

Tips: Enter a royal marriage with either Songhai or Mali to get an alliance with one of them. Afterward, look for weak nations nearby and build your army over your force limit by hiring a free company. Then, rush enemy capitals to take them, and once you get a number of them, sell units to bring down your monthly costs and get your positive balance to 50.

Where are the Penguins?

Tips: After you take over Madagascar, become friends with Kilwa. Focus on Exploration followed by Expansion and colonizing the provinces inside the Cape of Good Hope. Then, focus on the Atlantic islands and South America to get to them before Portugal does. Station troops across Australia, and you should get this achievement.

This is Fine

Tips: Start your game playing as England and declare war on two of the Irish nations. White peace them as soon as possible, which should cause them and Scotland to create a coalition against you. Delete all of your armies and block the strait at Ayshire when they declare war on you. Then, work to occupy Scotland.

Shemot is Not

Tips: Start as the nation Mamluks. Conquer Semien in Ethiopia and send a missionary to switch the rebels to Jewish Zealots. Then, let the rebels spawn and allow them to convert the country to religion. Once Judaism becomes the primary religion in the area, they will demand a conversion, which you need to allow.

One Nation to Rule Them All

One nation to rule them all

Tips: Start playing as the Ottomans and aggressively expand until you have approximately 1200 development. Release Saruhan as a vassal, wait ten years and start to annex the region. Feed it lands of yours and finalize the annexation before re-releasing them and selecting to play them. Work towards obtaining the vassals by conquering and then releasing them.

Swahili Persuasion

Tips: Try to keep European nations out of the area so that you don’t have to convert them and take full advantage of Propagate Religion.

I Don’t Like Sand

Tips: Start playing as Ajuuraan and complete missions to get the Hydraulic Rights estate privilege.

Surfing USA

Tips: Colonize the mainland of North America and move your capital there without colonizing the islands nearby your starting area.

Imposter Syndrome

Tips: Stay a subject of Morocco and use your two diplomats to build a spy network in any country. If the three nations discover your spies and are still positive, insult them until they declare war on you.

Atwix Legacy

Tips: Play as either Hungary, Bohemia, or Austria, spread your dynasty through personal unions, and focus on maintaining them.

Arabian Coffee

Arabian Coffee

Tips: Start playing as Mali to have the easiest time forming Arabia. Conquer the lands of Ethiopia and Mali and build manufactories.

Magellan’s Voyage

Tips: Use colonies along the route before attempting it. Then, a position fully repaired ships at those colonies and had them join the fleet as they reached them.


Tips: This can be quickly done against the Mamluks while playing as the Ottomans.

Kirishitan Japan

Tips: Start as Otomo. Waid for the Spread of Christianity incident to occur around 1600. Take the pro-Christian options until you have the option for all of Japan to become Catholic.

Full House

Tips: Can be done by starting to play as France, Muscovy, or Timurids.

Baltic Crusader

Tips: This is easiest done while playing as Teutonic Order. Become an ally to Muscovy, Austria, and Polan as fast as possible.

Neither Holy Nor German

Tips: Release one province minors that are republics and make sure they dislike you before doing so.

City of Cities

Tips: This is quickly done as the Ottomans by focusing on Constantinople.

One Family to Rule Them All

Tips: Pass the Revoke the Privilegia as the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and put your dynasty on the throne whenever a vassal has a regency.

Big Blue Blob

Tips: As early as possible, quickly attack Balkans or Scandinavia to pick up many small provinces.

Black Jack

Black Jack

Tips: The Chinese Emperor best achieves this achievement with their tributaries or Ashikaga’s daimyos.

The Six Nations

Tips: Start as Onondaga and invite two more nations to your federation at the start of the match.

A Protected Market

Tips: Play as Aragon and move its capital out of the Valencia trade node. Send a merchant to Valencia to collect trade and then grant the Burghers the Exclusive Trade Rights before recalling your merchant from Valencia. Repeat this process again and again until reaching 100%.


Tips: This is much easier done by annexing Mainz while having good relations with the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

Vasa or Wettin?

Tips: Keep a good relationship with Poland and invest heavily in a high diplomatic reputation. Once Poland enables its elective monarchy, use diplomatic actions to get a member of your dynasty elected to its throne.

Venetian Sea

Venetian Sea

Tips: As fast as possible, make Byzantium a vassal and give them back their cores, become an ally with Austria and Hungary, and go to war with Ottoman. Conquer the trade nodes in Constantinople and give them to Byzantium and Bulgaria. Keep your vassals as happy as possible and use Plutocratic, Influence, Diplomatic, and Innovative ideas to help. Take the Trade idea group and get rid of Crete, Corfu, and Dalmacija while picking up Milan and Ragusa.

Land of Eastern Jade

Tips: The official achievement description says the province has to be in Central America, but players have reported it actually has to be in Mexico.

The Rising Sun

Tips: Start a game as Spain. Once you can reach the East Siberian Coastline, get colonies in one of the Americas and use those to invade Japan.

The Re-Reconquista

Tips: From the start of the game, start expanding northward by attacking Tlemcen and Tunis. Secure an alliance with ottomans and mamluks and colonize North America.

Turn the Table

Tips: Start your game as Temate. Colonize Australia until a colonial nation forms. Release the colony and choose to play like it.

Saladin’s Legacy

Tips: Avoid allying with the Ottomans but ally with Ajam and Mamluks. Go to war against Qara Qoyunlu.

Great Moravia

Great Moravia

Tips: Start as Bohemia and release Moravia as a vassal and select to play as them. Give two privileges to each of your estates to increase the size of the Crown Land.

A Hero’s Welcome

Tips: Ally with Mamluks and Timurids as early as possible. Expand east and keep the Ottomans from expanding to the sea. Then, strike with your allies once the Ottomans are weak from trying to expand into Europe.

Voltaire’s Nightmare

Tips: Start as France and work to become the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Inherit Burgundy adds as many provinces to the Holy Roman Empire as possible and releases the French and Dutch minors. Then, focus on capturing low-development provinces once client states become available.

Early-Modern Warfare

Tips: When playing as Ming, go over your force limit and then drill them for ten years.


Tips: When starting as Ming, dismiss advisors until you have one Vajrayana, Theravada, and Animist advisor.

Cowardly Tactics

Tips: This is best done when playing as the Mamluks or Three Leagues since they start with a mountain fort that produces livestock.

All That’s Thine Shall Be Mine

Tips: The nations that start with a greedy ruler are Otomo, Lüneburg, Khandesh, isshiki, Hatakeyama, Cologne, Amago, and Cleves.

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Tips: Either focus on developing your provinces that produce wool with diplomatic points or annex Bitlis.

God Tier

Tips: Start playing as Holland and convert to Protestantism as soon as you can.

Don’t be Cilli

Tips: Vassalize Bosnia and Herzegovina to compete with Hungary for provinces. Royal marry both Austria and Hungary early on in the game and later entered an alliance with Poland and Bohemia to defeat Hungary entirely. Then, culture shift and form Croatia.

Stiff Upper Lippe

Tips: Start by playing the Holy Roman Empire campaign. Before passing the Revoke, the Privilegia make sure that Lippe exists. Then, give all Britain’s cores to Lippe as your vassal and pass the final reform Renovatio Imperii. Release Lippe as your vassal and choose to play as them.

Holiest Roman Empire

Tips: Start the game as Austria and annex the Papal State completely. When it is given a province in the Empire, you’ll be able to grant them elector status.


Question: How Many Different Nations are There in Europa Universalis IV?

Answer: There are over 500 different nations that players can choose to play in.

Question: How Much Does the DLC for Europa Universalis IV Cost?

Answer: If you buy all of the game’s content packs, it costs over $250. However, you don’t need all of them to get all of the achievements, and there is a subscription you can buy for $5 a month that gives you access to all of it.

Question: Is it Easy to Learn How to Play Europa Universalis IV?

Answer: Because the game is sprawling and mechanically complicated, it takes a lot of patience to learn how to play it. If you decide to learn how to play it try to take it slowly, and don’t be afraid to look up wikis and forums whenever you have questions.

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