Little Nightmares Trophy Guide

If you survey the horror gaming landscape right now, it’s fair to say that there aren’t a lot of big hitters still around. While Dead Space is set to be given a remake, there hasn’t been a fresh game from that series in the best part of a decade.

Apart from a teaser in the form of P.T., There haven’t been any whispers to suggest a new Silent Hill game is in the works, and while the Resident Evil series has essentially carried the genre on its back for years now, it’s a series that is now flirting with a more paranormal narrative like that of Resident Evil V and VI. So what happens when all the big shots retire and hang up their boots?

Well, it means that indie titles can rule the space and that they have. Indie horrors have arguably been the most prolific of all the indie genres out there, and one such game that epitomizes this viewpoint is the Little Nightmares series.

The first game in the series would be a smash hit, offering creepy, Tim Burton-esque horror that put you in the shoes of a young child just trying to survive in a world filled to the brim with gluttonous and terrifying monsters. It’s the blend of juvenile and cute scenery and the grotesque horrors within that really make this game stand out. Not to mention the gameplay that takes what popular side scroller titles like Limbo and Inside have done and then doubles down on production value. It’s a stellar series and one that horror fans should absolutely look into playing, and if you are a horror game completionist, this is a great challenge too.

In this guide, we aim to make your completionist journey a little easier by going over the various achievements that the player can earn within this game. We aim to give you some helpful pointers on how to beat this game efficiently, and we also will help you breathe easily as the spooky nasties are attacking you every which way. So without further delay, here is our Little Nightmares Trophy Guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Genre: Horror, Puzzle

Number of Trophies: 22

Difficulty: 4/10

Playthroughs Recommended: 2

Time to Complete: 4-6 hours

Roadmap to Success

Step One: The Leisurely Run

Little Nightmares Trophy Guide

It almost feels like a joke calling the initial run in this 100% attempt leisurely, but when compared to the second required playthrough, it really is. In this run, your sole focus will be exploration and completion of the story. If you die, who cares. If it takes you forever to do some tricky platforming or solve a puzzle, again, who cares? It’s better to make those mistakes now than in the later runs; trust me on that. In this first run, you will collect five story-related trophies for clearing various sections of the game; these are as follows:

  • The Prison
  • The Lair
  • The Kitchen
  • The Guest Area
  • The Lady’s Quarters

These will be awarded at the end of each chapter, and these cannot be missed throughout the run. However, as you work your way through the various chapters, there are a handful of missable collectibles which the player will need to collect throughout their run. It is worth mentioning that there is a chapter selection function available after you complete the game in full, but in the spirit of efficiency, we would urge players to collect these on their way through the game the first time. These are little gnomes that can be found throughout the spooky world of Little Nightmares. To collect these gnomes, you just need to run up and grab them, giving them a hug and putting them at ease.

There is another set of collectibles that the player needs to be on the lookout for as well. There are small, black statues that look like the main antagonist of the game, the Lady. You must find these throughout the world and smash them. This is rather cathartic in truth, and there are ten to find in total, so not a ludicrous amount, thankfully.

Image from Fandom

You would think this would be all the collectibles within this game, but if you count the lanterns which serve as checkpoints, then you would be wrong, and as you would expect, the trophy list sure does count them. There are 22 checkpoint lanterns in the game. Some are pretty much unmissable, whereas others are quite well hidden. So you will need to explore every nook and cranny to find them all. These are the various trophies relating to the collectibles, respectively:

  • Little Lost Things
  • Rascal
  • Light Up Your Life

Then lastly, you have a variety of situational trophies where the player will need to do some strange, odd jobs, interact with the world in certain ways and evade capture from the variety of brutish creatures within the world. These can all be done rather simply along the way, so long as you know how to make these trophies pop when these situations present themselves. Here is a quick list of these trophies below:

  • Kitchen Hand
  • Highly Sprung
  • Elusive
  • Six’s Song

Step Two: Hard to the Core

So now you have every single trophy on the list bar one, you might be thinking that you are mere moments away from 100% completion, and in a way, you are. You are about an hour away from walking away victorious, but the problem is, it could easily take you much longer depending on your knowledge and mastery of the game. This is why we urge you to really get familiar with the game‘s mechanics, layout, puzzles, and bosses in the first run. Why do we say all this? Well, to pop this final trophy, the player will need to run this game from start to finish in under one hour, which is hard enough on its own, but you will also have to do it without dying even once. Here is the trophy below:

  • Hard to the Core

This means that you will have to move fast and efficiently through the game‘s various areas. You will have to battle the various bosses and never be caught napping. You will have to solve puzzles in a rapid fashion, and you will have to master the movement mechanics and platforming, which sounds like the least of your worries, but truthfully, this is probably what will cause you the most issues if you know the game quite well. It would be a lie to say that this game‘s movement and platforming are super refined. I can’t tell you how many times my lack of depth perception in this game let me down. However, if you can do all of this, you will be a 100% Little Nightmares completionist!

Breaking Down the Trophies

So, you have the roadmap that will guide you to success, but it’s the finer details that will truly help you accomplish your goals here. We want to give you some key tips on how to get over each hurdle and keep these nightmarish monsters chasing shadows. So here is a breakdown of each trophy on offer:

Little Lost Things

Rarity: Bronze

Percentage Earned: 13.66%

Missable: Yes

We begin with the trophy that sees the player try and hunt down all the cute little gnomes scattered throughout the world. There are thirteen of these Gnomes within the game, and while you might run into a handful of these Gnomes through natural play, when hunting for trophies, you can’t leave things up to chance, so here is a rundown of each Gnome’s location:

  • Gnome One (Chapter One) – Right of the Refridgerator when you open the door, through the hole in the wall
  • Gnome Two (Chapter One) – Hiding in Box after crank door, will run ahead. Then after lightroom with the big eye, climb the cages and halfway up, jump off to the right, climb some boxes, and there they are
  • Gnome Three (Chapter One) – In cage near blue filing cabinets, will be freed when you flick the switch
  • Gnome Four (Chapter Two) – Up a large set of stairs in the room on the right. Will run away three times before being able to capture them.
  • Gnome Five (Chapter Two) – Hiding in the vents near the brown suitcase, use the ladder to make your way up and follow them to the right.
  • Gnome Six (Chapter Two) – In a room with stacks of books under table. Will hide behind books before being captured
  • Gnome Seven (Chapter Three) – In the Bathroom after you get the key and wake up the creepy chef
  • Gnome Eight (Chapter Three) – In the pantry, trapped in a jar. The player must throw the jar and smash it to free the gnome. Just be aware; this will alert the chef, so hide before hugging the Gnome.
  • Gnome Nine (Chapter Three) – Under the table with the sausage machine
  • Gnome Ten (Chapter Four) – Secret door right at the beginning of chapter four. This should be earned through natural play, as the chapter select has the player begin slightly further along in the level and doesn’t allow for backtracking
  • Gnome Eleven (Chapter Four) – A hidden pathway to the right before climbing up onto the counter with the monsters eating
  • Gnome Twelve (Chapter Four) – In front of some screen doors messing around with a bucket. Watch out for monster sitting nearby
  • Gnome Thirteen (Chapter Four) – This last Gnome is story related and must be collected. It’s also pretty unsettling

Kitchen Hand

Rarity: Silver

Percentage Earned: 17.33%

Missable: Yes

This trophy is a situational one that the player will achieve if they help the chef prepare their meal. There is no exact science to this; all you have to do is wander around the room and get three food items. This might be a fish head, a carrot, cheese. Rest assured, whatever you can find will do. Then you must carry these food items and throw them in the cooking pot in the middle of the room on the fire, all the while evading capture from the hulking chef in the room. The best practice is to try and do this as quickly as you can while he is occupied with other activities like chopping his Fish or looking in the pantry for other ingredients. You may be tempted to aggro them out of the room, but in my experience, this isn’t necessary.

Highly Sprung

Rarity: Bronze

Percentage Earned: 54.25%

Missable: Yes

Next, we have a trophy that showcases the juvenile and lighthearted charm of this terrifying game. You get this trophy by simply jumping on a bed a few times. This seems to work on any bed within the game but an ideal area to do this and get it out of the way is in Chapter One. There is an area where you must climb on a bed to reach an opening and progress. However, before you do, test the springs on the bed and pop that trophy, then continue on your journey.


Rarity: Bronze

Percentage Earned: 15.35%

Missable: Yes

Back to the collectibles, and this time it’s the little black statues we mentioned earlier. You will need to smash ten of these statues, and to do so; you’ll need to pick up and throw these items. Easy, right? Well, only if you know where to find them. So with that in mind, here are their locations below:

  • Statue One (Chapter One) – Up a large set of stairs and in a dark backroom
  • Statue Two (Chapter One) – After Eye Room, climb up the cages and in the room, to the left, you’ll find a statue
  • Statue Three (Chapter Two) – In the room where you have to climb the tall furniture. On the highest shelf on the left of the room.
  • Statue Four (Chapter Two) – Under the floorboards when evading long-armed enemy, in the open area with some boxes
  • Statue Five (Chapter Three) – In a hidden room which is accessed by opening a hidden vent near the dumpsters with dead bodies
  • Statue Six (Chapter Three) – In the rooms above the sausage machine
  • Statue Seven (Chapter Three) – In the back left of the room, after you have fallen down the trash chute
  • Statue Eight (Chapter Four) – On a table with a box after you descend from the pipe, this is soon after smashing the mirror
  • Statue Nine (Chapter Four) – Left of the area where The Lady enters an elevator, resting near a barrel
  • Statue Ten (Chapter Five) – On a vanity table with a broken mirror

Light Up Your Life

Rarity: Bronze

Percentage Earned: 27.51%

Missable: Yes

Then lastly, for the collectible style trophies, we have the lantern checkpoints. Now, we aren’t going to list every single checkpoint present in this game, as quite frankly, a lot of them are out in the open. They are checkpoints, after all, so that would make sense. If you are thoroughly searching the levels looking for the other collectibles listed above, you will find the vast majority of these. Plus, you don’t even have to collect all of these lanterns, just twenty of them. Our advice here would be to explore the first two chapters very thoroughly, as this is where you will light the majority of these lanterns. However, we assure you, this isn’t as daunting as it might seem.

The Prison

Rarity: Bronze

Percentage Earned: 76.33%

Missable: No

This is the story-related trophy that will pop when you clear the first chapter. The biggest threat here is the large eye that can turn you to stone, so watch out for that. Otherwise, the first chapter is a cakewalk.

The Lair

Rarity: Bronze

Percentage Earned: 62.98%

Missable: No

This is the story-related trophy that players will earn when they complete the second chapter of this game. This chapter features the long-armed man. So be prepared for lots of climbing, hiding under floorboards, and when you get trapped in the small room, don’t hide, chop his arms off!

The Kitchen

Rarity: Bronze

Percentage Earned: 57.92%

Missable: No

This is the story-related trophy that players will earn when they complete the third chapter of this game. This is the area where the player will have to evade the two creepy chefs and get out of the area without being served up as a tasty morsel.

The Guest Area

Image from Fandom

Rarity: Bronze

Percentage Earned: 56.40%

Missable: No

This is the story-related trophy that players will earn when they complete the fourth chapter of this game. Here, you will have to make your way through the area where all the gluttonous guests are chowing down. The real challenge here is sharing a table with their meals without becoming one yourself.

The Lady’s Quarters

Image from Fandom

Rarity: Bronze

Percentage Earned: 55.69%

Missable: No

This is the story-related trophy that players will earn when they complete the fifth and final chapter of this game. Here you will take on the Lady after solving some puzzles to access her room. To beat her, you must use a mirror to redirect her attacks, and when you defeat her, you will have finished the game, aside from your victorious walk towards the surface.


Rarity: Bronze

Percentage Earned: 46.82%

Missable: Yes

This is a trophy that players will likely pop through natural play, especially if you are lagging behind a little and can feel the monster’s breath on the back of your neck as they chase you. This trophy is earned by evading capture with five ‘Near misses.’ We can’t give an exact description of what qualifies, but if you slid under a table just as an enemy was swiping to grab you, that was probably one in the bank. This can be done a lot throughout the game; however, the easiest place to do this is definitely in the Kitchen area where the chef is cooking. There are lots of places to hide in close proximity, and the chef is very slow, and their pattern of movement is very predictable. So try to couple this one with the Kitchen Hand trophy and kill two birds with one stone.

Six’s Song

Rarity: Silver

Percentage Earned: 20.86%

Missable: No

A surprisingly rare trophy, considering how easy it is to pop this trophy. To obtain this trophy, the player will need to hop onto the piano in chapter two. This is along the path the player will naturally follow, so you won’t miss it. However, many will simply hop on and off this piano without thinking twice. However, if you are an astute trophy hunter, you will know that if you tickle those ivories a little, a trophy will be added to your cabinet. So before you move on, run up and down the keys and play a little tune.

Hard to the Core

Rarity: Gold

Percentage Earned: 4.91%

Missable: Yes

Now, we have the real challenge of this entire trophy list, the Hard to the Core trophy. This is the trophy that asks the player to beat the entire game within one hour and do so without dying once. That sounds like a ridiculous challenge, but if you know how to solve the puzzles, how to evade the bosses, and have no more collectibles to find, the only potential issues that can arise usually come down to platforming issues or human error. However, even if you do make a mistake, as long as you don’t die, there are about five minutes of grace where players can make small fumbles, as a perfect run takes somewhere between 50-55 minutes. This is a difficult task but a manageable one, so here are a few tips that players can use to make this as stress-free as possible:

  • Make sure you use your collectible and story run to get to know the game well. Analyze the bosses and their behaviors. Memorize the puzzle solutions and learn the fastest routes
  • If you are having trouble with a certain section, use the chapter select and do this section over and over again. Eventually, the muscle memory will carry you through.
  • Watch a walkthrough or a speedrun of each section and then mimic this as best you can, pausing the game between each key section
  • Use the five minutes of grace the game gives you on platforming sections. These are the areas where you are most likely to die
  • If you want to cheat the system, if you download a saved file to the cloud, you can then delete your existing data, redownload that saved file, and then your death never happened.

Is there a Platinum Trophy for Little Nightmares?

So you have completed all of the trophies listed above, and you didn’t get a shiny platinum trophy at the end, right? Well, that’s because there isn’t one for this game, sadly. Some games of this nature, especially those with a limited number of trophies such as this, aren’t granted a platinum. It’s a little rich when games like Mr. Massagy or My Name is Mayo are given this without any inquiry, but as much as we protest, this is the reality. However, if you can boast popping the Hard to the Core trophy, those that understand the value of individual trophies will appreciate your efforts. after all, that trophy pretty much warrants a platinum on its own.

Embracing The Nightmare

As you can see from this detailed rundown above, Little Nightmares is a superb game, and while it may not offer that shiny platinum for trophy hunters at the end of proceedings, you’ll still have some great trophies to show for your efforts and for many, its the rarity of the trophies that count. Plus, 100% completion, platinum or not, is a must. We hope that this guide gives you all the necessary tips and tricks needed to blast through these trophies in no time at all, and we wish you luck on your 100% attempt. As always, thank you for reading!

FAQ Section

Question: Is Little Nightmares II Better?

Answer: This is obviously a subjective question, but I’ll give you my personal opinion. Little Nightmares II does a lot of cool new things. It gives you the ability to use melee attacks; it offers more complex puzzles more open areas. It also has better visuals, and in terms of horror, I personally feel that Little Nightmares 2 steps things up, with the Mannequin area being a super spooky highlight. However, I still feel like Little Nightmares is a much more charming and complete adventure, and in terms of revolutionizing the genre, the first game did so much, whereas the sequel just feels like more of the same. Both are great games, but the first is my favorite of the two.

Question: What Games are Like Little Nightmares?

Answer: If you have played both of these excellent horror titles and you are looking for something new to play that has the same look and feel, you will be hard-pressed to find a perfect match as this game series is so unique. However, there are some titles out there that share a lot of similarities with this series. So with that in mind, here are a few fun alternatives to try out:
7th Sector
Among the Sleep
Hollow Knight

Question: How Long is Little Nightmares?

Answer: It depends if you want to complete this game in full and then does the zero deaths speedrun as well. However, if the player is just playing this game casually and isn’t using a guide, we would estimate that the average player would complete this game within 3-4 hours.

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