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Elden Ring Speedrun Guide

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Elden Ring was released in 2022 and has since shaken the foundations of the gaming world with a new Soulsborne chapter building on the legacy of Dark Souls.

FromSoftware always demands more of themselves with each new release. Innovation is key, and I can say with some clarity that, on this occasion, they have achieved their end goal. The game has sold over 17.5 million copies worldwide and also multiple GOTY awards, so it’s not just me that thinks this game is a smash hit!

elden ring title
Image from Elden Ring Fandom Wiki.

When it comes to gameplay, you can see why so many Souls fans flocked to this title. Easy-to-learn controls, a flashy and interesting open world that always rewards you for exploration, and an incredible amount of classes to choose from. All this makes Elden Ring a true landmark in the gaming industry.

Not surprisingly, this is also a game that has become very popular in the Speedrunning community. With a perfect mix of difficulty and catharsis, it makes for a very satisfying run in various categories.

elden ring classes

As soon as the game came out, in February 2022, many runners started exploring the mechanics and possible glitches and skips that could be found in the game. As many in the speedrun community say, FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazaki, who is also the game’s director, doesn’t seem to like Speedruns his games very much, and soon after the release, a new patch arrived to fix bugs and glitches that the game presented.

This did not stop the runners to continue practicing this way of playing their favorite games, and already in March of the same year, the first runs of the game started to appear on speedrun.com.

wr history elden ring
Image from Speedrun.com


As you can see from the image, there are several speedrun categories in the game. Some are much more complicated as the All Achievements, and others are simpler to learn, as is the case of what I will teach you in this text, the Any%. Before we begin what matters, let’s have a little overview of the categories of the game, because you may end up being interested in others too, and this is always very positive for the community in general.

Any%: Reach the credits of the game. (Can be used Pegasus Glitch, Wrong Warps, and Chainsaw Glitch)

Any% Unrestricted: Same as Any%, but you can also use more skips and some Wrong Warps by turning the game off. The difference for Any% is that there is no limitation at all on the glitches that can be used, and that can totally break the game. The run is, on average, 5m long.

Any% No Wrong Warp: Reach the credits of the game. The use of the wrong warp and Pegasus glitches are banned. Chainsaw glitch can still be used.

Any% Glitchless: Reach the credits of the game without the use of glitches. (No AI break, no Chainsaw, no Pegasus, no zips, no fall damage cancel, no quitout)

All Remembrances: Obtain all Remembrance items in the game by killing the bosses that drop them, then reach the credits of the game. The required list of bosses to be killed are:

  • Godrick the Grafted
  • Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon
  • Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy
  • Starscourge Radahn
  • Morgott, the Omen King
  • Mohg, Lord of Blood
  • Malenia, Blade of Miquella
  • Regal Ancestor Spirit
  • Fire Giant
  • Maliketh, the Black Blade
  • Astel, Naturalborn of the Void
  • Lichdragon Fortissax
  • Dragonlord Placidusax
  • Hoarah Loux, Warrior
  • Radagon of the Golden Order & Elden Beast

All Remembrances Glitchless: Obtain all Remembrance items in the game by killing the bosses that drop them without the use of glitches, then reach the credits of the game. The required list of bosses to be killed is the same as the previous category.

All Achievements: Acquire All Achievements in the game, starting with a fresh New Game save file. (Can be done with Glitches)

Bottom Line Up Front

The Elden Ring Any% runs, using the Chainsaw and Pegasus glitch, are the most optimized in the game so far. The skips and movement glitches are the base of that speedrun, and you just need to defeat 4 bosses to end it.

Before You Begin

In the main menu, turn off the “Tutorials” option; this saves time in the early game. Also, check if your version of the game is 1.02 or 1.03 because most of the glitches here no longer exist in the latest patches. If you have difficulty whit down-patching the game, take a look at speedsouls.com; there will find what you need.

To start off correctly, select the character base as Samurai, choose a character name, and pick Crimson Amber Medallion as your keepsake. This class is excellent for speedrunning due to its weapons, which have faster movement and a clever trick to evade fall damage.

The item will tough you up a little bit more, adding more HP, and will help to do some damage boosts, which is the process of taking damage to reach your destination more swiftly. Take your time with these options because the speedrun only starts when you take control of the character.

elden ring samurai

The Start and QuitOut Strat

Remember to skip the cutscenes. Once started the game, head for the only door in the room. In these heavy doors, where the character will do a little animation to open them, use a strategy called the “quitout,” where you literally exit the game and go back to the menu.

We’ll use this whenever we come across a campfire and when performing some cool glitches that I’ll show you soon. By doing this, since the game’s timer is based on In-Game Time (IGT), you’ll gain a few extra seconds each time you pull off that trick.

elden ring Quitout
Image from Speedrun.com

Opening the door, you will be in the Chapel of Anticipation. Head left and cross the bridge into the ruins up ahead. Normally, you’d have to face a boss named Grafted Scion at this point, but you can skip it by simply going left and jumping off the cliff as soon as the music begins. This is known as Death Warp, and it will automatically transport you to the Stranded Graveyard.

sem titulo

Here, navigate through the catacombs until you reach the elevator. As it ascends, open your inventory and place the “Memory of Grace” item in your pouch for quick access. This item allows you to sacrifice all your runes (similar to souls in Dark Souls) and transports you back to the last visited checkpoint. It proves to be an invaluable tool.

Once the elevator reaches its destination, proceed through the door directly ahead, granting you entry into the lush green fields of Limgrave. Upon leaving the graveyard, head slightly north, following the guidance of the in-game compass. Maintain your grip on the bow and shield, executing bunny hops as you advance.

elden ring tutorial

This is the fastest way to move. Be cautious and avoid aggroing enemies, as it will result in a decrease of stamina when hopping. After approximately 40 seconds, you will reach the Stormgate passage, where you will find the first Lost Grace of the run.

Pegasus Glitch – Part 1

Now engage in a dialogue with Melina, who will provide you with an item known as the Spectral Steed Whistle. Once the conversation concludes, utilize the whistle to summon our mount, which serves as the primary method of locomotion throughout the run.

As you progress forward, navigate through the barricades while continuously mashing the sprint button to maximize your speed. Upon receiving the notification that you have arrived at Stormhill, veer slightly to the right, staying near the stone road. Adjacent to a small wooden building, you will discover another Lost Grace checkpoint.

Activate it and promptly open your world map. Select the Stormhill Shack location and initiate fast travel using your Memories of Grace.

As soon as the loading completes, summon your mount and continue along the path toward the stone road. Follow the curve of the road until you reach the meadows, where you will soon spot a sizable bridge. This is where the first glitch comes into play.

Position yourself on a specific block of the bridge with your mount, using the first-person aim to assist you. Then, a few frames later, dismount from your mount. This is the challenging part: you must execute a quitout before reaching the ground. Upon returning to the game, you will find yourself atop the bridge. If your setup was executed correctly, congratulations! You have successfully performed the Pegasus Glitch.

By summoning your mount while traversing the wall of the bridge, you can exploit a peculiar behavior in the game. The game mistakenly recognizes the presence of solid ground right after the bridge, allowing you to float through the entire canyon.

This glitch operates on the premise that your mount will perish during the quitout process, resulting in your character being positioned at a higher collision plane than usual. This enables you to bypass typical obstacles and navigate in unconventional ways

pegasus glitch
Image from Speedrun.com (Runner: ShakainoGomi)

The First Wrong Warp

Continue moving straight ahead until you reach the Lost Grace of Liurnia and activate it. Once activated, perform the quitout maneuver again.

When you return to the game, quickly initiate a fast-travel to Stormhill Shack using the Memory of Grace. Be mindful of your timing, as this glitch only works if you swiftly navigate the menus with dexterity. Upon completing the loading process, pay close attention to the Stormhill map textures.

It is crucial to execute the quitout with exceptional precision before the map fully loads. If successful, you will experience a “wrong warp,” finding yourself further south in the area. Achieving consistency in executing this glitch, similar to the Pegasus glitch, may prove challenging initially. However, once you have mastered the precise timing, it becomes nearly impossible to miss.

Image from Speedrun.com (Runner: FirstTwoWeeks)

Proceed through the Purified Ruins and make your way to the temple situated in the northern part of the area. Within the temple, you will discover a portal that transports you to another location known as the South Raya Lucaria Gate. Upon arrival, continue forward and locate another Lost Grace checkpoint.

As before, execute the quitout. Once the game reloads, summon your mount and perform a leap over the bridge walls, utilizing your double jump ability to safely land on a prominent rock positioned to the left of the gate adorned with a conspicuous giant blue rune.

elden ring double jump

Once you have landed safely on the ground, proceed westward while keeping close to the wall on your right. Exercise caution as there may be a giant bear in the vicinity. As you continue, you will come across a swampy section of the area, and on your right, you will notice a large pointed rock with a dragon positioned at its base.

Engaging in combat with the dragon is unnecessary; instead, initiate a quitout as soon as the dragon’s animation begins. Upon re-entering the game, swiftly take the item located behind the dragon, as it serves as the key to the gate adorned with the blue rune we encountered earlier.

Subsequently, make use of fast travel to return to the South Raya Gate, as you can now access the Main Academy gate with the acquired key.

Elden Ring tutorial 2

Pegasus Glitch – Part 2

Passing through the gate, you will see a new Lost Grace. Activate it and once again perform the quitout setup. When you return to the game, make your way to this specific corner and replicate the setup for the Pegasus Glitch as before.

pegasus corner

When you return, recall your mount and continue around the castle structure. At this point, you are out of bounds in the game, so be careful not to fall off or die from riding too far.

Mastering this glitch can be challenging, but with practice, it becomes achievable and provides a time-saving advantage of over 2 minutes compared to the glitchless route. To execute the glitch, head straight ahead immediately after summoning your mount and then make a left turn.

Take care not to turn too sharply, as this may result in a fall. Utilize the compass as a reference point and ensure that the gray mark does not surpass the white icon that will appear on it. Only use this reference if you’ve died in that first Death Warp because this mark is where the pile of our lost runes is. Keep riding between the icon and the south. The glitch will look something like this:

pegasus glitch 2
Image from Speedrun.com (Runner: ShakainoGomi)

At that point, you’ll use these huge gears to descend into an area with massive purple crystals. Just to the left, you’ll come across an Abductor Virgin.

Here’s where things get interesting – intentionally let her grab you and, well, let her finish you off. It’s a risky move, but it’s all part of the plan. This “Death Warp” will whisk you away to the scorching hot Volcano Manor area. Remember, you must get grabbed by the Abductor Virgin using her specific attack. So, don’t go messing it up by dying in any other way!

The Second Wrong Warp

In this blazing hot scenario, leap onto the central platform and make your way to the opposite side. Take a daring leap off the cliff, bracing yourself for the impact of both falling and lava burn damage. Move swiftly towards the platform directly ahead and don’t forget to heal yourself once you reach the platform.

elden ring abductor virgin
Image from Speedrun.com (Runner: ShakainoGomi)

Proceed towards the platform on your right and press onward, navigating through the treacherous lava rivers and avoiding encounters with the menacing lava slugs. If you’ve stayed on course, you’ll eventually reach a staircase adjacent to a pillar of blocks. Ascend the staircase, and you’ll find yourself on a modest balcony, accompanied by a door nearby.

Keep in mind that this door can only be opened from the inside, so you’ll need to exhibit some dexterity. Run and jump over the side of the balcony, granting access to another balcony, which in turn allows entry into the building. As you approach the first door within, you’ll spot yet another Lost Grace, ready to be activated.

elden ring tutorial 3

Activate this checkpoint, initiating the dialogue with Melina. Once the conversation is over, do the same thing we did in the first Wrong Warp: use Memories of Grace and, in a very short time, select Stormhill Shack. Again, you will appear in limbo and quitout as soon as possible.

If everything aligns perfectly, not only will you have acquired knowledge of two of the most game-breaking glitches in Elden Ring, but you will also find yourself on Mt. Gelmir, ready to embark on the next phase of your speedrun adventure.

Pegasus Glitch – Parts 3 and 4

When you arrive in this new area, position yourself near the edge of the canyon and once again execute a quitout. However, this time, we will perform the quitout while in mid-air, as you descend off the cliff.

Be mindful not to fall too far, as it may impede the glitch from triggering successfully. If executed flawlessly, you will be transported back to Mt. Gelmir, precisely where you had leaped from, conveniently reunited with your trusted equine companion.

Proceed towards a sizable rock adjacent to a campfire, and as you ascend its summit, make a right turn just before it connects with another rock. If you have executed the sequence correctly you will witness the Pegasus Glitch once more, enabling you to bypass significant portions of the game.

elden ring pegasus 4
Image from Speedrun.com (Runner: ShakainoGomi)

As you walk with the glitch activated, aim for the window situated in the middle of the castle directly ahead. The glitch allows you to access a balcony that offers a breathtaking view of a majestic lava lake. On this balcony, you will discover another teleportation point. Use it.

This portal will transport us to the entrance of one of the most captivating and iconic bosses in Elden Ring, the God-Devouring Serpent.

However, on this particular route, you do not need to confront the boss. Instead, swiftly acquire the Serpent-Hunter, a weapon located to the left upon entering the boss room. Once you have obtained it, fast-travel to the Main Academy Gate.

Upon returning to the academy, we will execute the Pegasus Glitch once again at the same location as before. However, this time, after the quitout, rather than circumventing the structure, head directly to the right and ascend a hill adorned with four towering structures. This ascent will lead you to The Four Belfries, the next destination in our journey.

elden ring pegasus 3
Image from Speedrun.com (Runner: ShakainoGomi)

The Last Wrong Warp

Search for a chest located at the base of the towering structure atop the hill. Inside, you will discover the Imbued Sword Key, a crucial item required to activate a portal situated at the bottom of the first tower atop this hill. Utilize the key at the gargoyle, thereby gaining access to the teleportation mechanism.

Step into the portal, and you will be transported to Crumbling Farum Azula. Once you arrive, employ the same methodology as the previous two Wrong Warps by utilizing the Memories of Grace to fast-travel to Stormhill and again quit before the map loads. If you succeed, you will be better placed in Farum Azula and can proceed to the end of the game.

elden ring ww3
Image from Speedrun.com (Runner: FirstTwoWeeks)

Now you are on top of a bridge. Proceed straight ahead and then make a right turn, executing a daring leap towards the balcony situated below.

This particular section emphasizes the merits of the samurai class, as their proficiency with the bow allows us to mitigate a substantial portion of the fall damage that would otherwise be incurred. To achieve this, simply leap off the precipice, and at approximately the midpoint of the descent, ready your bow and take aim, effectively cushioning the impact.

elden ring jump

Practice this strategy, as it will become a recurring maneuver in this region. Go through the door and keep going left, where there is a large tornado.

Traverse the area, bypassing any unnecessary engagements with the local adversaries. As soon as you pass through the second door, execute a quick quitout to reset the enemy positions on the map. Forge ahead, following the corridors of Farum Azula, until you reach a grand, curved edifice with the tornado now positioned to your right.

Press onward, initiating a battle with the same dragon encountered earlier in the run. AND NOW, once again, ignore its presence and maintain your momentum. Continue sprinting until you come across a narrow passage on the left, which you will enter. Progress through a chamber and face an adversary wielding a shield.

Descend through a door that leads to a large hall filled with rubble. From here, you will spot an exterior balcony with a Lost Grace. If you have attracted excessive attention from enemies, execute another quitout to reset their positions on the map.

Chainsaw Glitch

Leaving the castle, turn to your left and jump to some platforms floating in the sky. These are big drops. At this point, you should have a lot more HP and resources in a casual run so be sure to jump using the bow mechanics I taught you. This will help to save both time and HP as you traverse these platforms. The recommended route is illustrated in the image below.

elden ring tut 3

Upon reaching an area housing yet another Lost Grace, perform a quitout to reset the enemy positions. Proceed into the castle and take a left turn at the first available opportunity. Be cautious of an enemy wielding a spear, as he can prove to be quite troublesome.

elden ring caution

Once you reach the first boss fight against the Godskin Duo, you will utilize the Chainsaw glitch to gain a significant advantage. This glitch, named after the weapon art of Ghiza’s Wheel, allows you to activate the weapon art without physically holding the weapon. The setup for this glitch can be a bit challenging, but with practice, it becomes manageable.

First, position yourself with your back turned 180° to an enemy and equip a weapon with a long animation for its weapon art. This is why choosing the samurai and his katana is recommended. Begin the weapon art animation by pressing the corresponding button, and simultaneously target the enemy behind you.

Immediately after, open the menu and swap the katana for the Serpent-Hunter. While holding down the weapon art action button, if performed correctly, the game will glitch, and your weapon will function like Ghiza’s Wheel with the improvement of having infinite mana.

It may seem complicated to press such buttons in sequence in a short space of frames, but nothing you haven’t done already in some combo of Marvel Vs. Capcom.

elden ring chainsaw
Image from Speedrun.com (Runner: FirstTwoWeeks)

Once you defeat the boss, exit through the door on the left side of the room and continue forward. You will soon arrive at a dark room with a dragon statue.

Turn right at this point and proceed along the platforms. Your objective is to reach the section shown in the image, where you should position yourself on the right side. From there, jump over a small wall and continue towards the final part of the speedrun.

elden ring reff 3

Level Up!

When you jump over the small wall, you’ll arrive in an area with a Lost Grace that you can finally use to upgrade your character’s attributes.

At this point, you have a whopping 170,000 runes to spend on increasing your strength. This choice is crucial because the power of the Serpent-Hunter is directly tied to your character’s strength points, which enhances the weapon’s effectiveness even further.

elden ring levelup

After upgrading, continue ahead until you spot an eagle devouring a corpse. As soon as it begins its attack animation, perform a quitout to avoid dealing with it. Look for a crack in the broken walls behind the eagle, which leads to a platform below. Be prepared for a lengthy fall, so utilize the bow’s jumping technique to land safely.

Once you touch down, enter the nearby building and hop onto the elevator. Take advantage of the ride to recover some of your health. Upon exiting the elevator, you’ll need to execute a very specific movement to navigate through the surrounding scenery. To better understand this maneuver, watch the GIF below for visual guidance..

elden ring movement
Image from Speedrun.com (Runner: FirstTwoWeeks)

As you ascend the stairs, make a left turn at the first door you come across. Proceed straight ahead, and you’ll find yourself on a wide road with sections in ruins, curving upwards.

Follow this road until you encounter the formidable boss, Maliketh, The Black Blade. In a normal playthrough, this boss can pose quite a challenge, but with the power of the chainsaw glitch, it becomes a walk in the park. After defeating Maliketh, execute a quick quitout to find yourself in Leyndell, Ashen Capital.

Image from Speedrun.com (Runner: FirstTwoWeeks)

The End!

In the new area, head south until you come across a curved staircase on your right. It should take you around 30 seconds to reach the stairs. Ascend the stairs to find an elevator at the top. Upon exiting the elevator, take the left path, climbing another set of stairs that lead to a balcony on your right.

From the balcony, carefully jump close to the structure’s wall, utilizing the bow to mitigate any fall damage. Now, you’ll spot a large tree trunk.

Begin climbing the trunk, and when it appears that you can’t ascend any further, utilize small bunny hops while pressing the forward input. This technique will enable you to continue climbing, and guess what? You just skipped a whole boss fight like a gaming ninja.

Image from Speedrun.com (Runner: FirstTwoWeeks)

As you continue your sprint across the majestic golden rooftops, gracefully land on a bridge that leads to another entrance.

Follow the path ahead until you come face to face with a grand staircase, crowned by a boss’s door at the top. Now, if you’re feeling adventurous and up for a challenge, you can step through that mysterious fog and confront Godfrey, yet another formidable boss in this game. Remember, you have the mighty chainsaw glitch at your disposal to make this battle a piece of cake.

Alternatively, there’s a sneaky shortcut for the daring souls out there. Position your character right next to the wall connecting the bridge to Godfrey’s area and cozy up as close as possible. Perform a swift quitout, and as soon as the game finishes loading, start moving forward. With a stroke of luck, you’ll effortlessly enter Godfrey’s arena without triggering his AI.

He’ll be none the wiser, lost in his own thoughts, while you saunter through undisturbed. With that hurdle cleared, it’s time to march onward to the game’s ultimate final boss.

elden ring skip boss
Image from Speedrun.com (Runner: FirstTwoWeeks)

Radagon of the Golden Order presents a formidable challenge with two forms: the human initial form and the fearsome Elden Beast form.

But fear not! You need not fret over learning intricate attack patterns or honing your dodge skills. Instead, focus on perfecting the execution of the renowned chainsaw glitch, and you’ll swiftly bring this boss to its knees, just like a seasoned speedrunner would.

Just remember that after defeating Radagon, you need to re-equip the Katana to redo the glitch on Elden Beast.

elden ring final boss

Congratulations, dear adventurer! You have indeed achieved a remarkable feat by mastering the intricate speedrun of this magnificent game. It is my hope that you have thoroughly enjoyed this exhilarating journey and the thrill of pushing the boundaries of speed and skill.


Question: What’s the fastest speedrun for Elden Ring?

Answer: It is HYP3RSOMNIAC’s 3m and 56s run in the Any% Unrestricted category. Have a lot of wrong warps at it.

Question: Is there a category without Glitches?

Answer: Yes, there are various categories in speedrunning Elden Ring that cater to specific challenges or restrictions.

Some examples include “No Major Skips,” where players attempt to complete the game without utilizing major skip glitches, and “All Bosses,” where the goal is to defeat every boss in the game. These categories provide unique challenges and opportunities for speedrunners to showcase their skills.

Question: Can I speedrun Elden Ring on any platform?

Answer: Yes, you can speedrun Elden Ring on various platforms, including consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, as well as on PC.

The choice of platform typically depends on personal preference and the availability of speedrunning tools and resources specific to each platform. It’s important to note that some speedrunning communities may have platform-specific leaderboards or categories, so it’s worth checking those out if you have a preference.

Elden Ring Speedrun Guide: Conclusion

In conclusion, Elden Ring Speedrun is a must-try for all you Souls fans out there. It’s the newest game in the series, and it brings some awesome new mechanics that make speedrunning a blast. Yeah, there are some crazy glitches you gotta learn, but once you nail ’em, you’ll see your time dropping like crazy. It’s super satisfying.

And hey, you don’t have to be some gaming prodigy to start speedrunning. Just have a passion for the game and a willingness to learn. With practice, you’ll get better and better, and who knows, maybe you’ll even climb those leaderboards.

But it’s not just about the competition. The Elden Ring speedrunning community is awesome. You’ll find folks sharing starts, hosting races, and cheering each other on. It’s like a big family. So, grab your controller, dive into the world of Elden Ring Speedruns, and see how fast you can finish it. It’s gonna be a wild ride, my friend. Good luck and have fun!

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