Avid Achievers Team

We, the Avid Achievers Team, are a passionate group of completionists, and speedrunners. We are real gamers who take the time to play every section, earn each trophy, and assess validity. We have gathered up over 500+ Platinum trophies, with an average of about 2,500+ hours of gaming a year. We keep up to date on the latest game releases and streams. We aim to teach you how to run games and achievement hunts. We are here to serve and be a hub for hardcore gaming.

HOTS Tier List

Heroes of the Storm Tier List Patch 2.55 Introduction Welcome to the Heroes of the Storm tier list! This tier list will represent the overall power of each hero. Of course, a victory can be had regardless of which hero you pick. Our goal here is to give you insight into the heroes who have …

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Minecraft Achievements Guide – Advancements

Welcome to a fully comprehensive Minecraft Achievements Guide! This guide is exclusive to Minecraft Java Edition. There are currently 80 individual advancements belonging to one of five categories. For Minecraft Bedrock Achievements, see our other article. The best practice is to do all of these advancements in order, but some exceptions will be mentioned. Advancement …

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