Trevor Abbott

Trevor is passionate about all gaming genres and enjoys survival horror and action role-playing. He has conquered some of the most challenging game obstacles in various genres and is a dedicated completionist who treasures an enriching emotional story. He also enjoys laid-back nostalgic multiplayer like Minecraft. When not pressing countless buttons on the keyboard or controller, Trevor spends his free time composing on piano and aspires to write professional music for video games. He is also a gaming Youtuber, Chess player, and outdoor enthusiast.

KH3 Speedrun Guide

KH3 Speedrun Guide: Soaring Through Sora’s Journey

Kingdom Hearts 3 is the masterful third main release of the fantastic RPG slashing series from Square Enix. It brought new mechanics to electrify the experience and is intensely rewarding to speedrun. Sora’s journey consists of many distinct worlds contributing to the overarching story. Because of this, speedrunning KH3 becomes like playing multiple games with engaging …

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