Football Manager 2023 Achievements Guide

Football Manager 2023 Achievements Guide

The landscape of football has changed quite a lot over the past decade. As a child, the common dream was to become a professional footballer, sign for your boyhood club, and score the winning goal in a cup final. That was the norm.

However, over the last while, we have seen a bit of a change in impetus, especially in the Premier League. It’s often referred to as a ‘coaches league’ due to the incredible coaching talent on offer, such as your Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, and Antonio Conte, to name but a few.

These big names have led to younger managers entering the game, a real fascination with tactics, and the internal practices of club football. A phenomenon that has only made the footballing simulator, Football Manager, all the more popular.

Since 2005, Sports Interactive has been producing incredibly deep, nuanced football management simulators that have blurred the lines between reality, allowing you to get knee-deep in your favorite club’s financial affairs, training schedules, scouting networks, and so much more.

It’s the incredibly wide database, the intricate cause and effect of the player’s actions, and the attention to detail that make this game series so authentic and engaging.

However, while one might come to the series for those reasons, there is one reason that ensures they stay. The need to win. Managers will want to earn every accolade on offer, and while that means lifting trophies, it also means earning gaming achievements.

You may be wondering what FM2023’s latest list of achievements will ask of you as a manager, and you may be wondering, what it will take to call yourself a true 100% completionist in the football world. Well, if you want answers, I’m your man.

In this Football Manager 2023 Achievements guide, we will look at each achievement, break down the requirements and even offer killer strategies to get them done in record time. So get your nicest blazer on, and tighten that tie; it’s time to get to work!

Quick Details

  • Genre: Simulation
  • Number of Playthroughs: 1
  • Number of Achievements: 100
  • Difficulty Rating: 5/10
  • Estimated Playtime: 250-500 Hours

Road to Success

football manager 2023 achievements road to success

The First Season

Let’s begin with the achievements you should aim to earn in your first season in charge. While it’s likely that players will struggle to get all of these within a one-season window.

Provided you are at a team that is doing well and gunning for a promotion, league titles, or domestic trophies, you should find that you gather up most of these in one season. Here are the trophies you should aim to grab first:

  • First Victory
  • Off The Books
  • #Donedeal
  • Clean Sheet
  • I Would Love It If We Beat Them
  • Drilling Down
  • Motivational Speaker
  • One of Our Own
  • One of us, One of Us!
  • Hat-Trick
  • Unbeatable
  • People Pleaser
  • Planned Signing
  • Super Sub
  • The People’s Champion
  • The Player Whisperer
  • Wheeler Dealer
  • Flavor of the Month
  • Cup Glory
  • Team Performance
  • Parked The Bus
  • A Game of Two Halves
  • Goal Machine
  • Unstoppable Force
  • Immovable Object
  • Scoring Streak
  • Park the Tank
  • The Special One
  • You’re On Fire
  • Do The Double
  • What A Goal!
  • Record Signing 
  • Record Sale
  • Superb Strike
  • Splashing The Cash
  • Thumping
  • Star Player
  • Best in The World
  • Cash To Burn
  • Tremendous Trio
  • You Can Buy Happiness
  • The Only Stat That Matters
  • Shots for Days
  • They’re a Natural
  • Squad Goals

Becoming Part of The Furniture

football manager 2023 becoming part of the furniture

You can put yourself on the map across one footballing season, but if you want to become a legend of the game, consistency is key. You must keep winning, keep growing your footballing empire, and achieve minor miracles on the field to ensure that no one ever forgets your name.

If you want to etch your name in your chosen clubs history, then you’ll need to try and earn these achievements:

  • You’re Up
  • National Service
  • Domination
  • Part of the Furniture
  • Trophy Hoarder
  • Best in the Business
  • Freedom of the Country
  • On Top of the World
  • Legend
  • Invincible!
  • The Greatest
  • World Renowned
  • Full Faith
  • Beating Expectations
  • Outstanding Defence
  • Goal Rush
  • World Beater
  • Total Support
  • Irresistible Force
  • On a Roll
  • Top Form
  • You Shall Not Pass
  • Money, Money, Money

Online Achievements and Clean-Up

Then finally, when you are a household name, that doesn’t mean you stop, retire, and inevitably take up golf. There is still much to do to ensure you are the greatest of all time and many online and co-op achievements to add to your collection. Here are the final achievements you’ll need to grab to become the GOAT:

  • Immortality
  • Value for Money
  • National Hero
  • Tête-à-tête
  • Invitational
  • Window Shopping
  • Beat Your Mates
  • Perfect Host
  • The Rich Get Richer
  • 200 Club
  • Draft Dominator
  • Online Rivalry
  • Draft Value
  • Online Streak
  • Bragging Rights
  • Clean Sheet Network
  • Clean Sheet Versus
  • First Goal Network
  • First Goal Versus
  • First Win network
  • First Win Versus
  • Cupset Between Friends 
  • Import to Victory
  • Mini League Champion
  • New Kids on the Block
  • Red Hot Newgen
  • Second-Hand Signing
  • The Unstoppables
  • Versus Anyone
  • Versus Champ
  • We Go Again

Football Manager 2023 Achievements List

football manager 2023 achievements list

First Victory

To earn this one, win your first competitive game with any club.

Off The Books

You’ll need to sell any of your players to get this achievement.


This achievement will pop when you sell your first player to any club.

Clean Sheet

You’ll need to play a full match and concede no goals to earn this one. Solid at the back, lads!

I Would Love it if We Beat Them

For this one, you’ll need to win a game against your rivals. So any derby game will do just fine. El Classico, Old Firm, whatever you like.

Drilling Down

This one pops when you get your first visualization graph from your data analyst. So hire one, go through the tutorial and get knee-deep in those stats!

Motivational Speaker

If you give a team talk that positively affects your team, then this one is all yours.

One of Our Own

This achievement will pop when you award a first-team debut to an Under-23 player. So head into the reserves and take a gamble on a young prospect.

One of us, One of Us!

This one comes when you hire a new member of staff. A new coach, physio, scout, or sports scientist. Whatever the club needs most.


This achievement is achieved when one of your players net a hat-trick (3 goals) in a single match.


You’ll need to go on a winning streak of at least ten games if you want this one. Score goals, keep clean sheets, and this one is in the bag.

People Pleaser

This one will pop when your squad status is ‘Happy.’ So keep that squad harmony in check!

Planned Signing

football manager 2023 planned signing

This achievement will ask you to sign a player that was scouted as part of your recruitment focus. So look at what is required and find your man!

Super Sub

This achievement will pop when you bring on a substitution, and they manage to score a goal. Where’s Edin Dzeko when you need him?

The People’s Champion

This will ask the player to achieve high supporter confidence. This relates to results, team selection, transfers, and a few other factors. To put it simply, win games, and this will take care of itself.

The Player Whisperer

This will pop when you get a positive reaction in a team meeting. Sometimes it’s best to tell them what they want to hear.

Wheeler Dealer

This achievement will require you to negotiate a higher price for a player you intend to sell. Drive a hard bargain, and this one is yours.

Flavor of the Month

Players will earn this when they get their hands on their first manager of the month awards. Four good results should land you this prize.

Cup Glory

This will be awarded to you when you win a top-tier domestic trophy. Think less Papa John’s Trophy, and more F.A Cup.

Team Performance

This one will pop when you get five players featured in the Team of the Week.

Parked The Bus

This one will pop when you go five games on the trot without conceding a goal

Top Tips:

  • Play five at the back for extra cover
  • Make sure you have a very strong defensive line
  • Play a defensive anchor to connect the midfield
  • Play an Offside trap against pacy teams
  • Pray they don’t get a penalty

A Game of Two Halves

This achievement will ask players to turn around a two-goal deficit at halftime and go on to win the game.

Goal Machine

This will be awarded to players if a squad member becomes the league’s top goalscorer at the end of the season.

Top Tips:

  • Have your most prolific striker on penalty duty
  • Work hard to keep them fit with lower-intensity training
  • Keep their morale high through praise

Star Player

This achievement will pop if you have one or more players featured in the Team of the Year

Unstoppable Force

This will pop if your team has managed to score the most goals out of all teams in the league across an entire season.

Top Tips:

  • Play an attacking style and formation
  • Don’t ease off, even when winning comfortably. Go for the kill
  • Rotate players to keep fresh legs in the closing minutes to maximize goals

Immovable Object

This will pop if you conceded the least league goals across an entire season.

Scoring Streak

This will be awarded to the player if their team scores at least one goal in ten consecutive matches.

Park the Tank

This will pop if you go ten competitive matches without conceding a single goal.

The Special One

football manager 2023 the special one

This will pop if you are awarded the manager of the year award. This usually means achieving well beyond your expectations at the start of the year. So if you are predicted relegation and get a promotion, you are just as likely as the manager of the league winners to receive that award.

You’re On Fire

This is given to you when you win ten consecutive competitive games. For this one, attack is the best form of defense. It’s all about outscoring your opponent.

Best In The World

This will pop if one of your players gets into the World Team of the Year.

Do the Double

This is awarded to players if they win the league and a domestic cup within the same season. So consistency in the league, and then a surging cup run. Easy, right?

What a Goal!

This is given to players if one of their player’s goals is voted as the goal of the month. So pray for a worldie!

Superb Strike

This is awarded when your player scores a goal worthy of being crowned goal of the season. So don’t pray for just a worldie. Manifest an Oliver Giroud scorpion kick, or something in that category.

Splashing the Cash

This will pop when you buy a player for £50 Million or more. If you are managing a big club, this is like pocket money for them.


This is awarded when your team wins a match by a margin of five goals or more. A reality check for an overachieving lower-league team on a cup run is the best way to easily pop this.

Cash to Burn

This will pop when you Sell a player for £50 Million or more. Again, if you manage a big club, you’ll have tonnes of assets that demand that kind of fee.

Record Sale

This will pop when you sell a player for over the highest ever recorded sale for the club in its history. So you can either nurture a player at a small club and sell for a relatively big fee, or start as Man City and try to immediately flog Haaland for a big money move.

Record Signing

This is awarded when you sign a player for over what is currently the club’s record fee paid for a player. This one is a lot easier to do than the above. Start with a rich club, like Newcastle, and just about any marquee signing should pop this achievement.

Tremendous Trio

This will pop if you get three players included in the Team of the Year. Ideally, have a standout defender, midfielder, and attacker in your ranks to give yourself the best chance.

You Can Buy Happiness

This will pop if you secure a transfer that the supporters are very happy with. So if you bring in a big name to a lower-league club, that should do it.

The Only Stat that Matters

This will pop when the player wins a game even with XG (Expected Goals) at least 1.00 lower than the opponent. It’s not about the shots you take; it’s about how many actually go in.

Shots for Days

This will be awarded when you achieve more than 5.00 XG in a single match.

Top Tips:

  • Play with tactics that ensure high levels of possession
  • Play pressing football
  • Shooting on sight is probably the way to go
  • Go all out against smaller teams
  • Play offensive formations with at least two attackers

They’re a Natural

This is awarded when you decide to train a player in a new position, and they become a natural in that area. So check the player’s aptitude in their new role, and give them the time to make it their own.

Squad Goals

football manager 2023 squad goals

This is awarded when you achieve a high level of team cohesion.

Top Tips:

  • Include team bonding sessions in the training schedule
  • Try to reduce the number of Cliques in the dressing room
  • Don’t bring in too many players who can’t speak the language that most players speak
  • Try to avoid divisive players

You’re Up

This is awarded when you are promoted to a higher division at the end of the season, whether as winners, in a promotion slot, or via playoffs.

National Service

This is awarded when the player becomes a national team manager. This can either be a solitary role or in tandem with your domestic club duties.


This is given to the player if they win three back-to-back domestic league titles. This requires consistency, a solid squad with depth, and constant attempts to improve upon greatness. However, if you want an easier time, you could manage a great team in a poor league. Teams like:

  • Linfield
  • Rangers/Celtic
  • Real Madrid
  • Bayern Munich
  • PSG

Part of the Furniture

This is achieved if the player stays at one club for ten seasons. This sounds simple, but you must keep everyone happy and hit your targets for a full decade.

Top Tips:

  • Set the lowest expectations offered at the start of the season as a safety net
  • Always be aware of fan expectations and board expectations, and be reactive to their needs
  • Keep control of the finances. Even if results on the field are great, this could spell trouble.

Trophy Hoarder

This will be awarded to the player if they win twenty-cup competitions. This includes league titles, domestic cups, and European cups.

Best in the Business

This is given to the player when they have accrued ten or more manager of the month awards. It might take a few seasons, but this is pretty straightforward.

Freedom of the Country

This will pop when the player leads a country to an international tournament win. This can be the Copa America, the Euros, the Nations League, or anything like that. However, it’s best to aim for the World Cup to take care of the achievement below.

On Top of the World

This is awarded to the player for leading a country to a World Cup win.

Top Tips:

  • Hold out for a country with great players and a deep selection pool
  • Defensive football in an international tournament tends to reap more rewards than more risky attacking strategies


This is awarded when the player wins five manager of the year awards. The key to this is over-achieving every season that you can. So win titles, and you give yourself the best chance of success.


This is awarded to the player if they manage to go a full competitive season without losing a single league game. You’ll need to access your inner Arsene Wenger to pull this off.

Top Tips:

  • A good tactic for consistency is to play attacking-mindedly, but with a stacked defense of 4/5 at the back.
  • You’ll need at least one prolific striker to bang in goals and give you breathing space in case you concede late
  • You need to have a more attacking plan B to turn to if the defensive/counter tactic falls flat
  • If you don’t care about consistency, you can always save before tough games, and reload if you lose.

The Greatest

This is awarded to players when they have officially crowned the best manager of all time. The Hall of Fame dictates this. When the player earns enough points to climb to the top, they are deemed The Greatest.

World Renowned

This is awarded to players when they enter the worldwide managerial hall of fame. This is essentially the top 100 managers of all time. This will take the best part of a decade to pull off, provided you are winning multiple trophies each year.

Full Faith

This will pop when the player gains 90% board confidence or higher. This is dictated by factors like club finances, results, transfers, staffing, club infrastructure, and many other considerations. So you need to be an all-rounder to get this stat up.

Beating Expectations

This is awarded when you achieve 90% or higher in board competition confidence. Unlike the stat above, this relates purely to the results on the pitch and how you are performing regarding expectations set out at the start of the year.

Outstanding Defence

football manager 2023 outstanding defence

This is awarded to the player if they manage to go a whopping twenty competitive matches without conceding a goal. This is pretty unlikely unless you are very lucky, so there is no shame in save-cheesing this one.

Goal Rush

This is achieved when the team scores in twenty consecutive competitive matches. This should be pretty attainable if you are a dominant team with a strong attacking line.

World Beater

This is awarded to players when they win the Club World Cup. The easiest way to win this one is by picking a team that competes in this trophy within the first year, as it’s a very easy competition to win. In 2022, you want to go with Real Madrid to wrap this up quickly. 

Irresistible Force

This is awarded to the player when their team goes thirty matches in a row, scoring at least one goal. Again, this is definitely attainable with a good team and a good attack.

On a Roll

This is achieved when the player’s team goes unbeaten for twenty matches. When completing ‘Invincible!’ this will pop along the way.

Top Form

This is achieved when the player’s team goes unbeaten for thirty matches. When completing ‘Invincible!’ this will pop along the way.

You Shall Not Pass

This achievement will pop when your team goes through thirty competitive matches without conceding a single goal. I will come right out and say it. Unless you want to be playing this game for the rest of your days, do yourself a favor and save-cheese this achievement.

Money, Money, Money

This is awarded to the player when they have earned upwards of £10 million throughout their managerial career. This relates to your wage as a manager. However, if you are working for a big club, this will come relatively quickly and naturally.


This is awarded to the player for earning twenty manager of the year awards. This will take insane levels of dedication and consistency, but if you are the top dog across twenty seasons, this will be yours.

Value for Money

This one is actually much more attainable than the achievement above. To earn this one, you need to play through thirty full seasons of Football Manager. However, you can simulate seasons by going on holiday if you like, as you don’t need to be employed, making this one super easy to get if you have the time to wait.

National Hero

This one is a truly monumental task, depending on the country you decide to manage in. To earn this one, you will need to take a club in the lowest available tier of the country’s league structure, and work to get them promoted to the top tier of the football pyramid. It’s a long old road to the top, so make sure you are ready for an uphill battle.


This is awarded for winning a Head-to-Head competition, which is essentially a multiplayer exhibition match.


This pops when you invite a player to play a network game.

Window Shopping

This pops when you so much as open the in-game shop.

Beat Your Mates

This is awarded to the player if they manage to win a Fantasy Draft Competition against their friends.

Perfect Host

This is given to players when they host a Fantasy Draft game and remain unbeaten. 

Total Support

This is given to the player when they have earned the complete support of your players. 

The Rich Get Richer

football manager 2023 the rich get richer

This is awarded to the player when they earn over £100 Million in their managerial career. 

Top Tips:

  • Always advocate for a better deal when you have achieved big things with the club
  • Working for a huge, rich club will always mean more lucrative contracts 
  • The better the club’s finances, the more they can offer you 

200 Club

This will pop when you earn 200 match points in Fantasy Draft.

Draft Dominator

This is awarded when you win twenty-five fantasy draft matches online. 

Online Rivalry

This is awarded when you have participated in at least ten head-to-head competitions. 

Draft Value

This is awarded to players who manage to win their 4x player Fantasy Draft while also spending the least of all four players. 

Online Streak

This is awarded to players who manage to win every single game of their fantasy draft tournament. 

Bragging Rights

This pops when you beat another network player in a league match. 

Clean Sheet Network

This pops when you keep a clean sheet in a network match.

Clean Sheet Versus

This will pop when you keep a clean sheet in versus mode.

First Goal Network

This will pop when you score your first goal in a network match.

First Goal Versus

This will pop when you score your first goal in a Versus match.

First Win Network

This will pop when you win a Network match. 

First Win Versus

This will pop when you win a Versus match. 

Import to Victory

This will pop when you win a network match with a team that you have imported from a career save file. 

Cupset Between Friends

This will pop if you knock another network player out of a cup. 

Mini League Champion

This will pop if you manage to finish above at least one player in a network season. 

New Kids on the Block

This will pop if you win a match with just imported new-gen players from an imported team. 

Red Hot Newgen

This will pop if one of your imported new gens manages to become the top goal scorer across an entire network tournament.  

Second-Hand Signing

This will pop if you sign a player in a network season that previously played for another network player. 

The Unstoppables

football manager 2023 the unstoppables

This will pop when the player wins five consecutive Versus mode matches. 

Versus Anyone

This will pop if you win a versus match using the quick start function. 

Versus Champ

This will pop if you win a tournament in Versus mode. 

We Go Again

This will pop if you beat a network player five times in a row. 

FAQ Section

Question: Is FM2023 Console Cancelled?

Answer: We can’t say for sure right now, but it was definitely delayed, with no guarantee that it will be making a later release. This was due to ‘complications with Sony’s submissions and approval process’ according to SEGA and Sports Interactive. Fingers crossed, we do get a console version, though. 

Question: What’s New in FM2023?

Answer: There is a tonne of new features that add to the already staggering authenticity of this game series. Here are just a few of the new features:

• Squad Planners
• Experience Matrix
• Revamped Champions League 
• Supporter Profiles
• AI improvements 
• Manager Timelines

Question: What Team Should I Start with in FM2023

Answer: It’s really down to your preference. Do you want to be a big shot right away, work your way up from non-league to the big-time, or maybe somewhere in between? It’s up to you, and all teams have their perks and pitfalls; however, here are some teams I would personally suggest: 

• Newcastle (Premier League)
• Blackburn (Championship)
• Wrexham (Conference)
• Celtic/Rangers (Scottish Premiership)
• Borussia Dortmund (Bundesliga)
• Sporting Lisbon (Primera Liga)
• Sassuolo (Serie A)

Becoming The Gaffer

As you can see, there are quite a lot of things you’ll have to do if you want to become the best to ever do it.

There are so many moving parts to this game that seems to get more and more complex with each passing year, but if you have the passion, the drive, and just a little bit of luck on your side, you’ll be remembered as one of the all-time greats.

Just don’t expect it to happen overnight; Rome wasn’t built in a day! I hope that this guide has helped you become the gaffer you always wanted to be, and as always, thanks for reading Avid achievers!

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